TonightCamille walks into the door of her new apartment. She walks into her bedroom and found a note on her bed. Curious as to how it got in the house and who else is in here she walks over to read the note. “You will go to the Riverfront Park. Look for the park bench next to the Carousel.”Figuring that this could be fun, she jumps in the shower and relax a bit before going on her adventure into the unknown. Later she jumped into the car and heads to the park. As she walks around she feels like someone is following her, watching her every move. Camille walks toward the instructed bench and looks behind her. The feeling that someone is following her is gone. On the bench a gift box is there with another note. Curiously she picks up the note and reads it. “Now that you’ve arrived open your gift.” She puts the note down and begins opening her gift. Inside the box is a small envelope with another note and a plastic card inside. The plastic card reads “Doubletree Suites”. She reads the second note which gives her another set of instructions.“Room 414, Doubletree Suites, 10:00 p.m.”“This is getting a little strange, I wonder if….No he had to go out of town to visit his mother.” She thought to herself. She picks up her cell phone to call and make sure her fiancé’s flight was alright. After a couple of rings he picks up.“Hi beautiful. What’s up?” Marcus says.“Nothing baby, I was just making sure you got in safely.” She replies. “I got in only 30 minutes ago I’m actually on my way to Columbus now. Are you sure you’re alright? You seem a little edgy”She stammers “Umm…nothing is wrong I…I was a little agitated wondering if you got in alright.” She looks at the clock on her cell phone and notices it’s almost 10. “Baby I got to go; I’m late for a movie with Kara.” “Ahh ok. Well you two have fun. I love you baby” he says. “I love you too.” She hands up the phone and starts on her way to the hotel to figure out what’s going on. When she arrives in the hotel, she walks to the front desk and ask the clerk. “Hello, can you tell me where room 414 is? I’m supposed to be meeting someone here.”The clerk looks at her then secretly looks behind the desk at a photo, which was left by the mystery person. “Mrs. Donovan, I was asked to give this to you.” The clerk hands Camille a small box with a bow on it. “Who left this for me?” she asks. The clerk looks at her and smiles, “I do not have an answer for this madam I just came on shift and the instructions were left here. You will find room 414 by taking the elevator to the 4th floor and make a left.” She takes the gift and starts her way to the room. On her way up to the fourth floor, she opens the box, which contains a small bottle of perfume. The elevator door opens and she walks toward the hotel room. She begins to feel someone türbanlı batman escort behind her again. Slowly she reaches for the door handle not sure if she should do this. Quickly she turns around startled by a woman who walks by.Her hand touches the door knob still quivering in fear of whom, and what’s behind it. “This is crazy but what the hell.” She slide card into the slot and turns the knob slowly pushing the door open.“Hello?” no answer. As she walks into the room she smells something sweet in the air. The lights in the room begin to come on to a slow dim. She becomes more interested as to what this smell is. She looks down wondering what she is stepping on. Rose petals. She closes the door and starts to look around. She walks around to see candles around the room and something on the bed. She looks at the box on the bed with another note on it. “Put this on…don’t forget the perfume”She opens the box and sees a beautiful black silk evening gown. She walks to the bathroom to put the evening gown on. When she comes out of the bathroom, she wonders what she’s supposed to do next. She sits down on the bed with the bottle of perfume in her hand. She sprays a little on her neck and is amazed by the scent of it. She lays down on the bed thinking to herself…before she knows anything she passes out.The lights in the room dim and a shadowy figure enters the room. His eyes look upon his prey u*********s as he planned. He walks next to the bed and opens the drawer to pull out what looks to be silk ropes and a blindfold. Limb by limb he begins to tie her to the bed. He then takes a cloth and wipes her neck of the very potent perfume. After he blindfolds her he walks inside the bathroom and starts to undress. The strange figure walks into the shower… Moments later, she wakes up and begins to struggle realizing that she’s bound and blinded. She starts screaming in fear for who and why they are doing this too her. The figure walks up to her ear and whispers “Do not fear what you walked into.”“LET ME GO YOU BASTARD! WHO ARE YOU!!” she screams.He begins to run his hands over her body. She still continues to struggle and scream. He knows her, he knows how she feels, he knows where and how to silence her. He kisses her softly on her neck pressing his tongue into her flesh. Her screams begin to soften into moans. “Please don’t do this to me, I’m begging you, who are you? TELL ME!” she says with a shudder of fear. The man begins to caress her shoulder and begins to kiss her soft lips. His hands start to slide down her body softly touching the inside of her legs but not the spot that Camille hopes he would not touch. Then he starts to unclasp the gown from behind her to remove the front the gown to give him access türbanlı batman escort bayan to areas only her one true fiancée had access to. He softly runs his hand over one of her breast. She starts to moan more, but with not as much fear as she once had at the beginning.He softly begins kissing one of her breasts and he takes her nipple in her mouth and starts to softly bite it. As her pleasure builds she begins go no longer worry about who this person is. She craves more of what this man is giving her. She realizes that this is familiar to her, it’s almost as if it were her fiancée but so different. He grabs the remaining portion of the evening gown and rips it off of her. She starts to become afraid of what he will do to her. He reaches over to the nightstand and grabs a piece of ice and start trailing it across her neck, as he does this he licks up every drop behind it causing her to moan loudly. The ice moves slowly down to her breast and around her nipples causing them to rise to attention. He licks over her nipple realizing how sensitive she’s become. “Ohh, please tell me who you are…..mmmmm, God please!” Camille moans. As the ice melts he starts trailing the rest of the way down to her pussy with his tongue. Softly, he breaths over it causing her to shiver in pleasure. His fingers softly touch her clit spreading it apart as he pokes his tongue out licking it. Her moans become louder and louder with each lick get gives her. After playing with her clit he starts sliding his tongue inside her pussy getting a taste of what she felt didn’t belong to him. He now climbs on top of her taking her breast in his hands squeezing them violently. He bends down and whispers in her ear “You are mine, and no one will stop me you little slut. You shouldn’t have come here.” He takes his now hard cock and places it on her pussy. She starts trying to pull away from him, but he chuckles at her struggles and slides his cock deep inside her wet pussy. He begins fucking her pussy fiercely and for each stroke inside her she screams and tries to fight him off.She screams, “OOOO PLEASE DON’T…DON’T DO THIS TO ME! I CAN’T PLEASE! NOOOOO…” Her screams start to fade as she begins to enjoy the punishment she’s receiving from this person. “Don’t stop plllleeeeeeeeaaaassssseeeeeee, fuck me yes, yes!!” He pulls out of her and starts to untie one of her legs. He now takes her leg and throws it over his shoulder while sliding his dick back insider her now wanting pussy. Slowly he starts to sink deeper inside her. Her moans start to match with the rhythmic strokes of her captor. Viciously he bites her thigh and starts to pound his cock deep inside her. She starts to scream because of how painful and pleasurable this is to her türbanlı escort batman wishing her very fiancée was just as violent as this. It is this that she’s wanted from her lover for so long but he would never give it to her. “Fuck me, fuck me harder you fucker! You brought me into this, do it right! FUCK ME!! AWWW YES, YES, FUCK ME, YESSSSSSS!!!” As she starts to cum he pulls out of her and throws her leg down to the bed. “NO!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS! DON”T STOP! ANSWER ME!”He takes one of her arms and unties it from the bed, but then ties it to the other arm turning on her side. He picks up her free leg once more and puts it behind him and he puts his cock next to her pussy once more. “Yes…yes slam it into me bab- AGHHHH!! NO DON’T”He grabs her head and pulls her hair and grabs his cock and slides it into her ass. Her body quivers in intense pain as her captor’s thick 9½ inch cock slides inside her ass fucking it raw. He pulls out of her knowing that he hurt her enough and dips his cock inside her still wet pussy. As he gets it wet enough he puts his cock back insider her ass gently until she begins to moan pleasurably to his soft strokes. His hands reach around to her pussy to softy caress her throbbing clit. Her body no longer feeling pain gives in more and starts to move her body into the strokes that her captor gives her. His hands begin to rub her breasts, softly squeezing them. He begins see that she is giving into him. As he pumps his cock inside her he reaches over and unties her hands with just a simple pull of the silk rope. Her free hand slides over her breast softly pinching the nipple. Then she moves her hand toward her captor and pulls his head toward her lips wanting to kiss this man. She no longer cared who he was; she no longer cared why this was being done to her. She only cared about how good it felt, how it was so new, how she wanted…more.She tried to reach for the blindfold, but he caught her hand and bent it behind her back. For that he started to pull her arm and fucked her harder slamming into her deeper, more violent. For minutes he continued what looked to be punishment to the mere eye, but to her it was 100% pure pleasure.He then slid his cock out of her ass and climbed on top of her. He slid his cock inside her pussy once more. He looked at her and could only smile at her at her face. Slowly he pumped inside her being gentle, being compassionate, and being romantic. She now began to get close. He felt this and he was beginning to feel the same way. “Do it, cum inside me, OHHHHHHHH YYYYYEEEESSSSSS!!!!!” she screamed. Together they came. Their screams filled the room and the captor removes the blindfold from her eyes. As she tries to recover from her orgasm, she opens her eyes only to see that it is no other than her fiancé, Marcus. He looks at her smiling and says “I love you baby, I love you.” She takes him into her arms squeezing him close to her and gasp in his hear “You pull a stunt like this again…I’ll break both your arms.”Together they lay in bed holding each other. They stare into each other’s eyes as they fall asleep to what was the best night of their lives.The End

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