Trail Cam Surprise


It was Saturday, September 8th when Ted Watson drove up to his cabin at the end of the hollow. He had just taken early retirement at age 55. He was divorced, financially comfortable, and now able to pursue his hobbies of hunting and fishing all year round. Ted walked toward his cabin and noticed that something was not right. The porch furniture was positioned differently from how it usually was.

“I bet those damn deer have been here.” He said to himself.

Then the thought crossed his mind that maybe a bear had visited his cabin. Ted put the furniture back where it should be and went inside. Once he was settled in, he decided to hike into the woods and check the trail cams he had place there. He was hoping to catch a glimpse of the ten-point buck that some of the neighbors down the road claim to have seen.

Ted changed out the memory cards in all of his trail cams and made his way back to the cabin. He downloaded the images and videos to his computer. He saw doe, raccoon, watched a video of a squirrel running around, and saw a 4 point buck but nothing else. After a weekend of cutting firewood and getting the cabin ready for bow season in a couple of weeks, Ted loaded up his truck and started down the road to go home until next weekend. About a mile down the road he saw Jerry Lancaster by the road working on his fence.

“How’s it going Jerry?” Ted said.

“Okay, I came out here to fix the rail on the fence. Bobby wrecked his 4-wheeler into it yesterday.” Jerry replied

“Is he alright?” asked Ted.

“He’s fine, 4-wheelers fine, but he’s not allowed to ride it for a week. Old lady thinks I’m being too hard on him but he has to learn.” said Jerry.

“How is Connie, I haven’t seen her for a spell?” Ted asked.

“She is doing well, inside right now. That is why I’m out here. She is mad as hell at Jenny. She found a cigarette in her purse and is threatening to kick her out. I don’t think those two will ever get along. Jenny turns eighteen tomorrow and Connie wants her out. I convinced her to give Jenny one more chance; after all, I don’t know where Jenny would go. Her real mom doesn’t want her, never has any contact with her, and she sure as hell has never sent a fucking dime in child support.” Jerry complained.

“Well once she graduates in May she can go get a job or join the service and take care of herself. That should help.” Said Ted

“Graduate? Jenny already been held back a year and may be held back another. She is just like her mother, pretty and built like a brick shithouse but has shit for brains. Oh, I shouldn’t talk about her like that but she pisses me off sometimes.” Jerry said

“Well I hope things get better for all of you. By the way have you seen that big 10 point lately?” asked Ted.

“About a week ago I thought I spotted him in Jenkins field, but he was too far away to be sure. But I will tell you what, when I bag him in a couple of weeks I will call you to come down and get a close up look at him.” Jerry grinned.

“No, I will be calling you to come up to the cabin and see him. I have already got a place above my fireplace just waiting on him.” Ted laughed.

“We will see. You take care Ted.” Chuckled Jerry.

“See ya!” said Ted

The next Saturday Ted arrived at the cabin to once again find the furniture out of place. “I’m going to find out what is going on.” Ted went into the woods and a short while later he came back carrying two of his trail cameras. He positioned them on trees in his front yard point toward his porch. He sat one to take a picture every 30 seconds and another was set for video. He stayed the weekend and just like before had no images of the 10 point buck. He left on Sunday afternoon.

Driving down the road he saw Jenny Lancaster raking grass. Her dad was right; she was built like a brick shithouse. She was about 5’5″ 125lbs, blonde hair; green eyes, tight ass, and those tits had to be about a 34 D.

“Hi Jenny, Happy Birthday!” shouted Ted as he stopped the truck.

“Today is not my birthday. It was last week.” Said a puzzled Jenny.

“I know, but I didn’t see you last week. Are you being good?” asked Ted

“Depends on who you ask. I am trying my best. You going home now?” Asked Jenny

“Yes but I will be back Thursday, I have mowing to do. You take care.” Ted said as he started to drive away.

“Bye Mr. Watson!” Shouted Jenny

Thursday afternoon Ted arrived at the cabin with the mower in the back of the truck. He immediately noticed the porch furniture was out of place again. Curious he went straight to his cameras and removed the cards. Maybe that big buck has been here. He downloaded the images and video to his laptop. The first few images were birds and squirrels. How ever the next image was not what he was expecting. The first image was Jenny Lancaster and a tall boy walking onto his porch. The next image showed them and another young man, shorter and stockier than the first. Ted thought he recognized the tall kid as the Bradley boy, a twenty yr old punk from the next hollow over. As Ted began clicking through the images he saw both boys place his chair cushions on the bench and Jenny began removing her clothes. The next images showed Jenny on her knees, naked with her back to the camera sucking the tall guys cock while stroking the cock of the shorter guy.

Ted decided to open the camera that had video. It started with Jenny pulling her shirt over her head, sliding off her shorts, and then removing her bra. She did have beautiful natural gravity defying tits. Her areolas’ were as big as silver dollars. As he slid out of her panties he noticed a small tuft of blonde bush. Yes the carpet matched the drapes. She dropped to her knees and pulled down the tall guys shorts and grabbed his cock she immediately engulfed it with her mouth and began sliding her lips its full length. That was all he got. The video shut off.

Ted reviewed more of the images and saw her suck one guy while the other took her from behind. The guys apparently switched positions with each other. Then the tall guy sat on the bench while Jenny sat on his cock. The next images showed Jenny lying on top of the tall guy with his cock in her pussy, while the shorter guy was trying to put his cock in her ass. The next few series of pictures appeared to confirm that he succeeded from the pained look on Jenny’s face. Both guys must have came in her or on her because the next images showed them getting dressed.

Ted went back to the first image and noted the time and date of the image; Tuesday 3:45pm just after school, while Jerry was at work. If Ted remembered right, Connie was taking classes at the local community college and he bet the classes were Tues and Thurs afternoon.

Ted thought about telling Jerry what was going on but then he got a better Idea. He drove down the road and left a note on the Lancaster’s front door.

“Jenny, a buddy of mine picked me up and we went fishing. I will be back around 6:30. Could you please check on my truck for me when you get home? Thanks, Ted Watson”

Ted finished showering, drying off, and getting dressed. He looked at the clock and the time was 3:25. At 3:30 Ted looked out his cabin window and saw the pretty blonde girl walking up the road by herself. Jenny was wearing short jean shorts, a bright yellow t-shirt and a pair of sandals. Ted had locked the door and tried to remain as quiet as possible. As if on cue, just as Jenny walked into the driveway he heard the sound of 4 wheelers approaching from the woods.

Ted saw the tall boy from the other day on one ATV and two other young men in their late teens or early twenties on the other. Once the engines were silent he heard the tall boy loudly say. “I hope you don’t mind I brought Josh and Danny.” Jenny replied “That’s okay, the more the merrier!”

“Move those cushions onto the bench.” The tall boy commanded the other boys.

Jenny immediately began undressing, tossing her clothes off the porch.

“Wow! Look at those titties!” exclaimed Danny

The tall boy already had his pants off and his rock hard cock ready. A now naked Jenny knelt down and began sucking his cock. Danny started feeling Jenny’s tits as Josh stated feeling her ass.

“What the hell is going on here!” shouted Ted as her tore open the door.

The Boys jumped back and stared wide eyed at this old man holding a shotgun.

Jenny slowly stood up attempting to cover herself with her hands.

“You boys get the fuck out of here and don’t ever come back or else I’ll put some buckshot in your ass!” Yelled Ted.

“Jenny you stay just where you are.” He ordered.

All three boys mounted their ATV’s and quickly drove off they way they came. Ted could hear the sound of their engines growing fainter in the distance.

“Jenny, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“Mr. Watson I didn’t know you were home, I thought you were fishing.” She said.

“I came back early. This is not the first time you have done this is it?” He remarked

“No sir.” She sheepishly replied

“Come inside girl, I have something to show you.”

“What about my clothes?” she asked

“Leave them, and come inside.” He ordered

They both walked over to his computer with Jenny still trying to cover her breast with one arm and her pussy with the other.

Ted opened the file and displayed the pictures of Jenny from the week before. Jenny appeared confused and scared.

“I never took those pictures Mr. Watson, I swear! I don’t know how they got there.” She exclaimed.

Her daddy was right, she does have shit for brains thought Ted.

“I have half a mind to call your dad and Connie and tell them what happened today and show them these pictures. What do you think I should do?” asked Ted

“Oh please don’t, they will kick me out for sure and I have nowhere to go, please don’t tell them, please!” begged Jenny

Ted currently had a picture on the screed of Jenny getting double penetrated by both boys. “Jenny, did you like what those boys were doing to you in that picture?” he coyly asked.

“Yes, I guess I did. I can’t help it I like boys and what they do to me.” She said

“How long has this been going on and did they make you do that?” Ted asked

“About a year and no they didn’t make me, I asked them to sex me.” She answered.

“Why?” asked Ted

“Sherry Smith was bragging at school about how good at sex she was with her boyfriend, and I thought I would practice with a bunch of boys and get better so I could brag to her.”

A sly thought came to Ted and he said “Well you are never going to get better by practicing with a bunch of young punks that are as inexperienced as you. You need someone older and more experienced. Now I might be willing to help you but you can’t go telling anybody.”

“You would teach me? And not tell my dad and Connie?” Jenny asked

“Yes I would but you also have to stop messing around with those other boys. What do you say?” Asked Ted

“Okay, I guess. What do I do?” Jenny asked

“Well you can start by putting both arms down to your side.” Ted replied.

Jenny stood in the middle of the cabin naked and on display for Ted Watson’s pleasure.

Jenny had greasy blonde hair hanging loosely down to her shoulders, her D-cup sag free breasts that most women over the age of 25 will never naturally have again, her creamy athletic legs, and of course the pretty little slit with stubble on the side and a small blonde tuft topping it off. “Very nice, very nice indeed.” Remarked Ted.

“The first thing I want you to do is march into that bathroom and take a shower. Make sure you wash your hair and scrub yourself all over, especially your pussy, tits, and asshole. When you are done dry yourself off and come back out here.”

While Jenny was in the shower Ted called her dad Jerry. The answering machine picked up and Ted said. “Hey Jerry, it’s Ted. Jenny is up here with me at the cabin. I saw her walking up the road and asked her if she would like a job helping me clean up around here. If you need her down there call me back, otherwise I will send her home in a little while.”

Jenny emerged from the bathroom dry (except for her hair) and with a towel wrapped around her.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” Ted suggested.

Jenny followed him into the room, and Ted shut the door.

Ted walked over to Jenny and stood close.

“Lesson one, you just don’t dive in to sex, you ease into it first. Starting off with a kiss is always good.” Ted said

He leaned down and gently kissed the young girl on the lips He could tell that although she had been fucked many time she had never kissed much. A few light kisses gradually became one long kiss with his tongue lightly probing the inside of her mouth. She began to respond by using her tongue to probe his mouth too.

While they were kissing he grabbed the towel she had wrapped around her and let it fall to the floor. She reached down and started to unbutton his jeans.

“Not yet. Let’s lay you down on the bed first.” He insisted.

Jenny lie back on the bed and Ted stood between her ankles and slowly spread her legs. Her puffy pink treasure lay before him.

Ted dropped to his knees and began gently kissing and licking the inside of Jenny’s knees, slowly sliding up to her inviting slit. He licked her pussy inside and out before inserting a finger and concentrating on licking her clit.

“Oh, I feel funny!” remarked Jenny

“Has anybody ever licked your pussy before girl?”

“Yes but usually just before they stick their thing in me, and never where you are licking me.” Replied Jenny

Ted continued to lick the young pussy, sucking and swirling her clit until he could hear her breathing harder and moaning louder. He began thrusting two and then three fingers in pussy as he continued to attack her clit. Suddenly Jenny tensed up her body and moaned loudly “Oh fuck, I mean fudge Mr. Watson, I ….I …I…Oooooh….”

Ted could feel a small amount of liquid squirt from Jenny’s pussy into his hand. Jenny placed her hand on top of his head and nudged him off of her. Ted smiled to see this girl have her first orgasm from oral sex.

“How did you like that young lady?” Ted asked.

“That was awesome! Now what do we do?” asked a smiling Jenny.

“Now it is your turn to take care of me like I took care of you.” Said Ted

Jenny sat up and unbuttoned Ted’s jeans. Ted slipped off his shirt as Jenny pulled down Teds boxers to reveal his semi flaccid cock.

“Something is wrong Mr. Watson; it is not hard like they usually are.” Remarked Jenny.

“I’m a man, not a boy; you have to make it hard with your mouth and hands. Go on; put it in your mouth.” Ted informed her.

Jenny took his soft cock all the way in her mouth as she gently rubbed his balls with her hand. Ted had to admit that this was one are that Jenny knew what she was doing. He could feel himself grow in her mouth as she licked the shaft and engulfed him again and again. After a few minutes his 6 ½” cock was fully hard. Jenny stood up and pushed him back toward the bed.

Ted lie on his back as Jenny crawled up between his thighs and licked his shaft from tip to base. She gently sucked on his balls and licked all around them. She lifted his leg and licked all the way back to and around his anus. She spent a minute or two giving is asshole attention that it had never received before. Ted let out in involuntary moan of pleasure. He couldn’t believe how good this felt and how skilled Jenny was.

Jenny made her way back to Ted’s cock and began stroking it with one hand then thrusting it to the back of her mouth as she deep throated it over and over. Ted could feel the fire in his balls as his load was building. His breathing intensified and then out of nowhere he felt Jenny slip a finger partially inside his anus. Jenny began to suck harder and faster. Ted could take no more and exploded as never before into Jenny’s mouth. Stream after stream of his seed drained onto her waiting tongue. Ted looked up and saw Jenny using her hand to milk more his load into her already full mouth. Jenny looked back at him smiled and then swallowed. Ted had never had a finger in his ass before but the strange sensation had made his own orgasm even more powerful.

“Where did you learn to do that?” He asked her

“I always swallow, I like the taste, and besides Ryan Pearson said that if a girl swallows, she won’t get prostate cancer. I don’t ever want to get that it can kill you.” Jenny said confidently.

“Sweetheart, the way you swallow I can promise you 100% that you will never get prostrate cancer, but I was talking about how you learned to put your finger in me?” Ted laughed.

“Oh that, a girl at school told us about it one day at lunch. A few guys don’t like it when I do it. Did you like it?” She asked

“I believe I did like it.” He replied.

Ted pulled Jenny up to him, kissed her again and massaged her breasts. He broke away from the kiss and lowered his mouth to her right nipple. Jenny’s nipples were hard and as he sucked on one, he gently twirled the other between his thumb and index finger. He went back and forth between nipples, lightly biting and pinching. Jenny ran her fingers through his hair as she lay there and moaned.

Ted could feel himself getting hard again. He positioned himself between the teenager’s legs and placed his hard cock at the warm wet entrance to her pussy. Ted pushed himself into her wet velvety slit. Jenny had bigger cocks in her before but none of them took their time or had the skill of Ted. As he lay on her kissing her deeply and thrusting into her until his balls were slapping against bottom. Jenny managed to flip Ted over without ever letting his cock leave her. She straddled him and rode his throbbing cock.

Ted reached up and grabbed Jenny’s hand and placed her fingers on her clit. “rub your clit while you fuck me.”

Jenny did as she was told. Ted reached up and kneaded her breasts, and played with her nipples. Jenny could feel that familiar feeling from earlier. She began to gyrate faster on his hard cock. Her hand bean rubbing her clit harder. Ted watched as she threw her head back and actually stop breathing for a second before screaming “Oh yes! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” before letting out a guttural growl of satisfaction.

Jenny leaned forward and kissed Ted deeply. Ted moved out from under Jenny. He pulled her over to the side of the bed and had her bend over with her ass facing him and her elbows on the bed. He then sank his still hard cock deep in her wet hole. Ted thrust into her over and over. He looked down at his cock sliding into the beautiful neighbor girl, and noticed her little brown button staring back at him.

Ted reached over to his nightstand, with his cock still firmly planted in Jenny, and grabbed the lubricant. He poured lubricant onto Jenny’s anus and using his thumb worked it inside. He continued to apply lubricant and then inserted his index and middle fingers into her, slowly at first, until his fingers were buried in her ass.

“Oh that feels so good.” Jenny cooed.

“If you think that feels good wait until you feel this.” Ted said as he withdrew his cock from her pussy and pushed it against her anus.

Surprisingly it slid in easy at first, and then Jenny pushed herself back toward Ted until he was buried to the hilt in her tight ass.

Ted could not believe how hot this girl was. He began slow strokes into her and then increased his pace.

Ted was now thrusting into her with reckless abandon.

“You like my cock in your ass? Do you?” Ted shouted

“Yes I love your cock in my ass! I want to be your slut. Tell me I’m your little slut!” cried Jenny

“You are my dirty little slut! You will only do as I say. Your mine!” Ted screamed.

With one final thrust Ted exploded inside Jenny. Jenny moaned and quivered with pleasure.

They both collapsed beside each other.

“Listen up Baby.” Said Ted. “I told your dad that I hired you to help me clean up the cabin. I will tell him that you did such a good job that I want you to come up every time I am here to help me clean. I don’t want you fucking anyone else except me ok.”

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