Travelling To Maine


It was a rainy fall night. The water wasn’t coming down to hard but it was freezing at night compared to the warm days of the month. The rain slacker he had worn was hardly keeping the cutting cold air off his skin while he rode through the night. The windows on his truck were permanently open, that tends to happen when someone steals them out of your dorms to use with an art project. Then again, his sister was a crazy person. The wind rushed in pulling the rain with it. He had to find a place to stay warm. A grown in his stomach helped guide him to his destination.

A cute little dive called “The East Corner” shown on the dark highway ahead. Even from here it looked like a cozy all night dinner although there wasn’t a single car in the customer parking lot and only one sticking out from employee section. Still, a warm place with nice food was an attractive proposition. He turned the truck off the highway and into a parking space just by the front door. He pulled his color up over his neck and rushed from his truck as soon and he could lock and slam the door shut behind him. As he ran to the front door he came to a sudden surprise as he tried to pull the door open and it held shut. He pulled again and all he found was that he wasn’t getting in and was getting more and more soaked.

He panicked for a second not sure if he should knock or if he should just return to the truck and maybe find another place to settle down for an hour or two before he spotted someone inside. Through the rain soaked door he couldn’t see her all too well; a large figure wearing a blue uniform, but that was all. He knocked a few times before she turned toward the door and started walking toward it. A click later and the door was being pushed outward towards him. He took a step back before he turned and took a good look at the woman who answered the door.

She was a beautiful full formed gal, with lush tanned skin and long hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her figure was large, quite round under her blue uniform shirt and down to lower calf skirt. Her smile was nice and wide, although her eyes had a sense of being apologetic in them. For a big girl out in the middle of nowhere, she was quite gorgeous.

“Oh my, sorry dreary! Debora must have locked it on her way out and you’re the first customer since she went off shift,” She said in a slightly deep female voice as she lead me inside. The place inside was just as nice outside. Lots of booths lined the side wall and a few round tables sat just off the bar. I took a seat at the counter however. No one else here so might as well sit near the T.V.

“That’s alright,” I said, sliding onto the stool as the waitress went behind the counter. “I’m no witch so I won’t melt with the water.”

She giggled for a bit before handing me a menu.

“So dear, what can I get you to drink?”

I glanced on the back of the quickly photocopied menu and picked a hot fresh tea. She quickly brought me a steaming cup of water and a tea bag.

“I’ll be right back Hun. Gotta go see if George got the stove on. See if he can get your grub fast. Meanwhile, you take the time to spot what you’d like alright?”

“Sure thing, I will be hear.” She winked and then headed to the back of the building. While she was off I did as she suggested, looking through some appealing food items such as a fresh omelets or hamburger while ignoring some fresh things that made me grown such as cold foods such as sandwiches. By the time she came back I voted on a fresh double chicken burger with some fresh fries, a meal affectionately called the “Big Bird”.

“Alrighty there sweetie, George is all ah ready to get’cha what you need. So, what’ll you have?” She had a big sweet grin on as she came out. She looked very beautiful on this cold night and her smile looked very inviting. “Honey? You alright? Have I got something on my face?”

I caught myself then, guess I must have been staring for a moment.

“Oh yeah, I’ll have the big bird, no tomatoes though thanks.”

“Sure thing,” she said, “Fries or chips? I’d recommend the fries myself, but I’m biased as I cut the current batch myself.”

“Fries then.”

She jotted down my request then huge it on the dial behind the counter and it was pulled back to the kitchen.

“Alright sweet. So what are you doing on our lonely stretch of road at this time of night? That pick-up doesn’t look like a trucker hauler so I’m guessing you’re not one of them.”

“Nah, just traveling the highways before heading off to a new job out in Maine.”

“Oh really? Maine? That’s a bit far away. Why by truck?”

“Ah that’s just the truck I need for the job. Don’t want to buy a brand new one. Can’t afford that.”

She smiled at that, “Yeah, I hear you on that. This business isn’t well paying either. So what are you heading out there to do?”

The night worked on as the half hour of waiting for my food ticked by. I found her name was Susie, and she was a local girl who had worked here at “The East Corner” for about five years since she was 25. She’d had two kids too, but lost Betturkey one at birth and the other lived with her ex way out in Florida. In all she was a sweet gal. I told her a bit about myself as well. As I was heading from Arizona to Maine to start new work in construction for my brother out there, and about how driving so far has been a lot of fun, save of course the recent stormy night.

By the time my food came, the place had filled a bit more, and Susie had to take care of a few more customers but eventually things settled down and Susie returned to me. Guess I was more interesting than her regulars.

“So what are you doing later?”

“Pardon?” I asked.

“You know, what are you doing after you head out of here? You’ve been driving all night and that windowless truck isn’t going to let you drive much more today. The Television just said that the storm was gonna get worse.”

I thought for a few. “Well, damn. That’s going to put me back a day. Well, any good motels or hotels around here?”

She nodded.

“Sure thing Hun. Heck I’ll even point it out to you if you’d like. Gonna get off my shift in about five and if you don’t mind could use a ride.”

“Nah nah, I don’t mind. Although you’ll have to deal with a wet seat.”

“Heh, that’s okay Hun. Your truck seat will just have to deal with a greasy butt. After all, this is a diner.” She turned her waist slightly pulling her rear end a bit forward and giving it a good slap. It was a nice large booty and jiggled a bit under the skirt. It did have some nasty grease over the skirt but it was nothing worse than what had been placed on the seat before.

“Okay, well let me go take care of the bill and then clear off that seat for you.”

“Sure dear. Let me get that check for you.”

She returned with the check and I dropped a few bills before heading out to the truck. The seats where soaking wet and so were the bag I had placed on the right seat. I grabbed it and tossed it behind the seats and pulled a towel from the floor bed. It was already a bit damp but enough to dry the seat slightly. By the time I was done and had climbed in to key the engine, I heard someone reach into and unlock the right door and as I turned I spotted Susie climbing in. She was a little cramped in the truck but she found some comfort.

“Well, we heading to the motel first or do I drop you off and you’ll give me the directions?”

“Well, the two places are right next to each other, so it’s not a problem. Take a right up here.”

It took us a few minutes to head to the place until we were finally on the road with her place and the motel on it, only I didn’t see a motel.

“So where’s the place? Is it behind those trees there? Oh is that your place there?”

“Yeah that’s my place, pull on in.”


As I pulled into her drive way and she climbed out the truck, I was getting a bit confused as she hadn’t mentioned where the motel was. Already the skies had turned from a pitch black to a slightly illuminated purple, indicating the sun was coming up. I called to her as she stepped out and she pressed herself against the side of the truck with the pouring rain coming down around her matted her hair to the sides of her head. Her uniform was now a deep purple with being soaked from the rain coming in from the drive and it was a little easier imagining the edges of her hefty breasts as she pressed them against the side of the door.

“Yeah Hun?”

“Uh, where’s the motel?” I asked confused.

She giggled at this and replied, “Don’t be silly sweetie. I’m not gonna let someone as kind as you is pay for a motel room. Come on in.” With that she slide off the side the vehicle and walked toward the door. I was a bit shocked by the turn of events but I thought sleeping on a couch in a stranger’s house might be better than forking over a couple of dollars at a motel for a half rated room. I pulled the key out of the ignition and headed to her front door after her.

Her place was a little small compared to how it looked on the outside. The front door lead straight into the kitchen dining room which was over stuffed with old boxes full of who knows what and afterwards was the living room which was small with the dresser, TV stand, and sofa cramping the space. Afterwards I saw the slightly illuminated tiles of a bathroom afterwards. I noticed however, there was no bedroom, just another door that I could spot a washing machine through.

“You need a towel Eric?” She called from the bathroom.

“Sure,” I said. I guess it would be nice for me to dry off a bit before sitting down. She came back out the bathroom while rubbing her hair dry with one towel and holding another one out for me to take. I followed suit with her in drying my hair blinding myself for a minute. As I pulled the towel away from my eyes I noticed something rather interesting catch my eye. Susie had finished drying her hair and was in the process of pulling off the top of her uniform. As the wet cloth peeled off the skin, the shirt pulled the soaked sports Betturkey Giriş bra she wore with it, her two breasts plopped out and jumped up and down before me. She had a nice round belly and her two nice melons fit perfectly over her cute pierced belly button. I stared shocked as she continued to not care at me watching her as she kicked off her work shoes then took hold of her skirt and unzipped the back of it. Her legs were plump and full but I could still make out the green underwear she wore over her nice pale skin. As she turned away from me and walked into the room with the washer, I received a good view of her ass as the panties were pulled into her ass crack. While she walked she pulled the panties out of her soft ass crack.

I kind of shock my head a bit as I heard the water from the washing machine kick on. I started to dry my face again before I heard her come back in.

“So? You gonna rip off those cloths so I can toss them in the wash or you gonna sit around soaking wet?”

I looked up at her. She had pulled on a white cotton robe over herself. She looked nice with her hair matted down and the great cleavage she was showing. I didn’t notice she had the type of breasts that shoved against one another and wearing that robe really exposed that fact.

“Oh uh yeah sure.” I pulled off my shirt. I wasn’t exactly well built myself. I had slight man boobs and large love handles but it didn’t matter much to me. I handed her the shirt in her exposed hand and she waited patiently for me to hand more. “Uh, I kind of don’t have any boxers on.”

“That’s okay Sweet. Just here,” She said as she handed me a large old beach towel. I unbuckled my belt and dropped the pants quickly as I wrapped a towel around my crotch. It wasn’t that I had anything to hide I just didn’t always feel like exposing myself. Not that my 6″ was a problem, although some have said my bag is rather large. I handed her the jeans and the socks that followed. She took them and threw them in the wash and closed the lid behind her. When she came back in, she tossed the pillows off the couch and then pulled out a folding bed from in it. She then climbed onto the bed and pulled the pillows back on then grabbed a set of covers from behind the couch’s bed board.

“So, where do I sleep?” I asked.

She giggled, “Don’t be silly and get in here with me.” She clicked on the TV and I shrugged to myself as I tightened the tuck-in on the towel before climbing in next to her.

We sat and watched some morning kid’s show but it wasn’t before long before I felt a hand slide down the covers next to my side. Soon, I felt a slight weight on my leg over the towel. In a moment the hand slipped into the towel and around my balls which had already swelled slightly from seeing her breasts and ass earlier. Her hand was soft, yet firm as she put a slight pressure in her grip as she massaged my testicles. Eventually her hands slipped away from my enlarged sac and around the base of my shaft. She moved slowly up and down the beam, but avoiding the head. Her hands moved with the sounds from the T.V., dancing with every word and song that came on. It was enough to excite me but not enough to climb to orgasm.

As the minutes passed in silence, I felt the weight of the bed shift as she moved from her resting position and pulled away the towel around my waist. Soon I found both her hands at my crotch; one wrapped around my shaft the other massaging my balls. Then the weight shifted again and I felt hair around the skin of my dick and then the warm breath on my head. The tongue that slipped down my urethral slit knew its work and danced around the head both across and at the base of it. Soon I found myself deep in her mouth, her lips touching the base of my shaft and my cock feeling the pressure of the back of her throat. As her mouth moved up and down my member I hardly noticed the fingernail slide down my chode until it poked my anus. The finger slipped in a little as she played with my prostate with the edge of her fingernails, teasing me enough to bring me to climax. I wasn’t sure how much I produced as I was a chronic masturbator these days, but however amount I did she swallowed as she had swallowed the head of my dick. She sucked for a bit more while massaging my balls working her tongue up repeatly from the base of my cock to the end of my urethra getting as much semen as she could from me. As she pulled herself off me I got a good look at her grinning face as a thread of semen still clinged between her lips and the head of my penis. She dapped it with her finger and slowly licked her finger greedily as she smiled at me.

“Feeling better?” She asked as she shifted her weight back up to lying next to me. As she did so, she untied her robe. Either the robe had shrunk or, more than likely her breasts had become larger because she was aroused because as soon as she had untied it and laid down on her side, the left breast plopped right out. Her nipple was huge, standing an inch and a half off her body with an aurora of about four inches. While she Betturkey Güncel Giriş lay down, she leaned her head down and took a bite around her nipple, pulling the enlarged breast along with her. I watched her with excited eyes as she licked her breast before my eyes started down her body a bit. The right side of the robe hide most of her body but her large hips pulled it up a bit at her waist and it was easy to get a good view of her red haired bush. It was a thick mess of hair and I couldn’t see anything beneath it, but I imagined soon I would.

“Much better actually. Enough to share the love.” I slide my left hand over her belly and under her robe to her back as I slipped my right over her exposed breast. I pulled her towards me with my left hand until her belly was pressed against mine and I could feel the edges of her pubs push against my enlarging head. I took hold of her right nipple between my fingers and pinched it between my fingers. I then moved my lips around her neck and bit into it slightly. Her skin tasted of rain water and sweat. As she moaned from the pleasurable pain, I used my left hand to pull her robe back. I couldn’t see what I was doing but I soon found hold of her ass. I rubbed the check gently while continuing to nibble her neck and begun to rub her left breast with my hand. As I did this I then pulled my hand to her bush and begun to rub it around until I found the top of her clitoris bulb. She started to moan as I pressed her button. Stopping my massage for a minute, I took hold of my cock and begun to massage the end of my head onto her clit, using the moisture and pressure from my hardened dick to excite her more. She was becoming more and more excited but somehow I knew her orgasm was far off. I began to nibble on her right nipple while pulling more and more violently on the left. I resumed massaging her clit with just my fingers for a few more minutes and again her excitement rose but not enough.

Soon after I found myself bored of this position and I then moved myself to an upright position. I took hold of her legs and pulled them up to my shoulder, with one knee on either side of my neck resting on the bottom of my shoulder blades. I pushed back the damp bush of hair over her crotch exposing her plump and inflated pussy lips. She had some slight brush burns here but I dared go where other had gone before. She had no smell save the smell of sweat from her legs and layers and when I begun to lick around her pussy lips I found she hate little to no taste. I used my right hand to continue to dance around her clit while using my tongue to slip further and further inside her lower lips. Her pussy tried to grab my slick tongue as hard as it could as I tried to reach deeper and deeper into her. It was a bit too hard with her thigh being so large, so I did the next best thing and slide a finger into the top of her shaft. It took me a minute but I soon found her spot and she started to moan louder and faster and louder and faster until she screamed in orgasm.

Her juices flowed freely as I tried to drink her up with my tongue. She took a minute or two to dry somewhat and before she fully did, she took hold of my hair and pulled me out from under her. Soon I found myself lying on top of her with my arms wrapped around her grabbing hold of two flabs on her back and kissing her neck deeply. She avoided it every time I tried to kiss her lips but she seemed to enjoy kissing each other’s neck and chest. Soon I found myself having my dick jerked off again, allowing it to become nearly completely hard. In exchange I started to massage her pussy again and soon she was comfortable enough to take my dick and slid it inside her. Soon I found myself on my knees with her legs loosely wrapped around my waist. I began to thrust into her as she began to grind my cock inside her. She was easy to stay inside of and the only reason I slipped my hand down was to begin playing with her clit as I fucked her. We begun to move faster and faster until she suddenly slowed down extremely fast.

“Some… thing… wrong?” I asked as I was reaching my halfway point.

“Not inside… there… Let me flip… Over.” She then unlocked her grip on my waist with her legs and slide off my dick. My member felt cold without the warm embrace of her twat. I masturbated for a moment as she flipped herself over, sticking her ass in the air at me. “I don’t want to risk another kid. But you need a hole to plug, so,” she then got up on her knees and pulled her ass checks apart. Her anus looked open and welcoming over her juicy pussy lips below. “Take a shot in there. I don’t mind too…” Before she could finish those words I poked my cock head into her ass. It wasn’t too tight of a fit at first but then she clutched slightly. She eased off a bit as I slipped in more and more, expanding her asshole. When it felt comfortable enough and I was sure she was, I began to push and pull, regaining the momentum I had before she expressed her no pussy cumming wishes. Deep sounds of squishing came from her rear as the juices from her pussy that had enveloped my penis now allowed me to move back and forth in her ass. Obviously Susie loved ass sex because soon before I had even picked up plenty of speed, she orgasmed, dripping a bit down her legs. “Finish… it” She screamed as she orgasmed. I pushed harder and faster until I reached my own orgasm and unloaded inside her.

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