Trouble with the Landlord


We were married less than four months after we met and during that time, we had a whirlwind romance. I never dreamed of marrying anyone as beautiful as April or as sexy. Certainly no has ever called me movie star handsome and even I know I’m not close to what is known as manly, but April said I was cute and cuddly and just what she wanted in a husband.

We rented half of a duplex from an agent who informed us that our landlord lived in the other half. He was out of town when we looked at the place and the agent told us he was a bachelor who was away most of the time. As we would be sharing both a driveway and a backyard with someone who was seldom home we thought this place was perfect and rented it on the spot. We moved in as soon as our honeymoon was over and on Monday, I went to work for the first time with someone waiting for me to come home to.

I couldn’t wait to get home to be with my bride and to start the rest of our lives. When I pulled into our driveway there was a monster truck parked there taking up way more than half of the room. This was one of those pickups with the huge tires making the truck stand about two feet off the ground. I wondered to myself how a lady would ever be able to climb into such a vehicle and maintain her modesty. I was barely able to squeeze my Prius in next to it and then had little room to get out of my car. When I opened my door, I bumped it into a chrome step on the side of the truck.

“Hey what the hell do you think you’re doing hitting my baby?”

I walked around to the driver’s side noticing a Simper Fi bumper sticker I shuddered as marines always scared me. They were always big and arrogant and seemed to be ready to fight. On the other side of the truck, a man was down on one knee polishing a chrome rim.

“Hi you must be Mr. Mann, our landlord; I’m Charles Simms your new tenant…”

“You won’t be my tenant very long if you keep slamming your god damn door into my truck.”

“But you, you parked so far over the middle you left me no room.”

He looked at me and then stood, and it was then that I saw how big he was, way over six foot with big shoulders and muscled arms protruding through a sleeveless sweatshirt. He was not a young man, he had to be at least in his forties, but he sure was in excellent shape. He stood close, towering over my slight five foot nine frame,

“So now you’re saying it’s my fault you banged your door into my baby.”

There it was again, he called his truck baby, a strange name for such a behemoth of a vehicle.

“No, I didn’t mean to imply…”

“And just look at that little toy you’re driving, do you have to pedal that thing? You don’t need any more space.”

“Ye, yes, of course you are right I will be more careful in the future.”

I walked to my door trembling with fear, of course, I was in the right, but what if our confrontation escalated into a fight, he would break me in half. As soon as I walked in my door, April was waiting for me,

“Ooh, our landlord is such a brute; he had the nerve to comment on my rear end today. Charles I want you to talk to him right now, the nerve of him.”

“Now sweetie, he is our landlord, I’m sure once he finds how good and innocent you are he will leave you alone.”

“There he is now coming into our back yard and without his shirt on; oh my he sure has a lot of muscles. Do you see all those bulges Charles he sure is all man.”

“Dear, how can you talk like that…”

“Now honeybunch don’t get all jealous, you’re my little man and I love you.” türkçe alt yazılı porno

I was not sure I liked the way this conversation was going, so I asked her what she would like for dinner and then went to the kitchen to prepare our meal. When I came out to serve, I was still in the apron I wear so as not to dirty my clothes, and there was April still starring out the window at our landlord. I asked her what he was doing and I could have sworn she said, ‘Making my panties wet,’ but I wasn’t sure. When I mentioned that dinner was ready, she looked at me, and then stood up practically dragging me to the bedroom.

“But dear what about dinner, it will get cold?”

“I don’t care I need you now.”

She didn’t even take the time to let me take off my apron and clothes, just pulling my trousers down off my hips. I’m sure it was an accident but when she pulled up my apron, she put it over my face. She sat astride me pinning my arms under her legs, then she merely pulled her dainty little panties to the side to give me entrance to her slit. As I am not real large, in the manhood department and with all the clothes between us I was unable to penetrate her very deep. Add that to my problem with premature ejaculation and I was finished leaving April frustrated and wanting more.

“Charles don’t tell me you’re done already, I didn’t even feel you inside me. I’ve got to have some relief, sweetie do you think you could kiss me down there, that always feels so good.”

“But honey I’ve already, well you know made a mess in you.”

“Sweetie, please, just some kisses on my little nub, you’re just so good at that, and I need you.”

How could I tell my bride no and so while she lay on the bed I got down between her legs. First, I pulled her panties off and right away, I noticed the gusset was full of my discharge. I carefully put my lips to that little place that gives her pleasure. As I began to lick, she became overly excited and when she grabbed my head and rubbed herself on me, I ended up covered in my own milky fluids.

April had now had her orgasm but she wanted more and she lay back relaxing as she held my head to her womb. By now, I had already cleaned out my deposit from her and I was enjoying a lot more than before. She had her thighs tight against my head and her hand in my hair to hold me in place, so I couldn’t be sure but I thought she was saying something. I think she said something like,

“I bet I could tell if he was inside me and I just know he wouldn’t finish early and leave me hanging.”

Whom was she talking about, the landlord? Wasn’t she just telling me what a brute he was? Maybe I didn’t hear her right and I turned my concentration back to the task on hand. Finally, after one more orgasm that shook her body and left her like a limp rag, she pushed my head away. I crawled up next to her to cuddle and kiss, as we always like to do après sex but she pushed me away saying my face was all messy and that I needed a shower. I took a shower like she suggested but when I came back to the bedroom she wasn’t there.

I found her back in the dining room starring out the back window and I just knew she was looking at Chet Mann again. I startled her when I walked up next to her she then turned around and asked me what we had to eat. I told her our dinner was ruined by now so she suggested we try the barbecue in the back yard.

“But isn’t he still out there,” I asked?

“Oh he will probability go in soon, let’s not worry about him.”

In doeda porno fact, he didn’t go in but hung around talking to us and starring at April’s long legs while I cooked. I tried not to listen but I did hear her say that I did all the cooking and that I was just the sweetest husband around. His answer to that was,

“Well I wondered what you saw in him.”

Next, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,

“Why don’t you join us Chet I know we have plenty, why Charles eats just like a bird, we have more than enough.”

Just like that, Chet Mann was at our dinner table eating most of our meal and he didn’t even put on a shirt. April kept telling him he looked so strong and even asked him how much he could lift. After we ate, Chet and April went to the living room while I cleaned up the mess from dinner. When I finished I went to find them in such a rush I forgot to take off my apron. This got a big laugh from Chet and turned my face red and even my wife giggled at my embarrassment.

“The little lady tells me you two are newlyweds, so how’s everything going in the bedroom for you guys?”

I couldn’t believe the nerve to ask such a personal question and I almost had a good mind to tell him off but my bride beat me to it.

“Well actually my hubby is having some problems, he just gets so excited he can’t wait for me to finish.”

“April, you can’t talk that.”

“But Charles sweetie it’s true you know it is.”

“Well chucky maybe you need old Chet to teach you how to please your wife?”

“Listen Chet I already know how to make love.”

“You see there’s your problem, she don’t want you to make love, she wants you to fuck her.”

I couldn’t believe he could talk like this in from of my bride but when I looked over to her, she was nodding her head in agreement.

“You just lean back and watch the master work.”

He leaned over and kissed her hard as he held her close by her hair. When he broke their kiss I noticed my wife was panting, next he ripped open her blouse with such force he popped most of the buttons off it. He pulled her bra up exposing her pert breasts and began to pinch her nipples hard. I kept waiting for her to tell him to stop but all I heard say was yes, yes. I knew it was up to me to save her but what could I do against this brute of a man. Besides, I found I was becoming excited as I watched him tease and arouse on my wife.

He laid her back against the arm of the couch and pulled up her skirt, exposing her vulva still naked from when I had pulled off her panties.

“Oh you little slut, not wearing panties, I like that, you should never wear them it will give me easier access.”

He spread her legs harshly and then pulled them over her head instructing her to hold them there. She was spread wide open and even from where I sat, I could see inside her folds covered with her juices. He began to paw at her with his large fingers, easily bigger than my manhood. She began to writhe about almost uncontrollably and it was easy to see she was experiencing an orgasm. Chet looked at me,

“Come here sissy hold her legs back for her.”

Like a robot, I did as instructed and after holding Aprils legs back for her he told her to play with herself, as he got ready. I don’t even think she knew I was in the room as she spread her delicate flower open with one hand and used her other to vigorously rub her privates. She began to lubricate profoundly and then suddenly a vigorous stream almost as if she had urinated came out of her. She screamed and went limp but then she began to manipulate herself again repeating the procedure. Our couch was soaked in her fluids and I stood there amazed at the woman I had married.

I looked to Chet who had disrobed and he stood there completely naked with his turgid manhood sticking out obscenely in front of him. He looked magnificent and I couldn’t wait to see him plunge inside April. He made her turn around to face the other end of the couch and then to get on her hands and knees. This put poor Aprils face right in the wet spot she had made but it didn’t seem to bother her. With her rear end hanging off the end of the couch, he walked up behind her and plunged himself deep inside her. The way April screamed I was sure he had ripped her apart but then I realized it was a scream of passion not pain. I watched as this man pummeled my bride with an assault that I was sure would ruin her for all time. She met each of his trusts with one of her own and she was so aroused she began to babble incoherently. I have no idea how long he brutalized my poor wife but finally while still buried deep inside her he shot his ilk. When he pulled out, I saw her raw and split open with his issue dripping out of her onto our couch. Chet walked to where her head was bowed and he grabbed her by the hair, picked up her head, and put his, his thing in her face for her to clean. She licked him clean with a devotion that scared me and when she was done, she kissed the tip with reverence. He then put on his pants and picked up his shoes, leaving without saying a word.

April sat on our ruined couch and she was aglow with the look of a satisfied woman. I knelt before her and I knew that I had just lost my wife forever, stolen right before my eyes. I am sure I had those sad puppy dog eyes that losers like me always get when they lose the girl to the he-man.

“Sweetie don’t look so sad you can’t help that you’re not the man Chet is, or that when he takes me I have to give myself to him. You’re still my hubby, my little man and I need you too. Like right now, I’m so messy down there, why don’t you clean me with that magic tongue of yours? Nobody can lick me as good as you can.”

She swung her leg over my head putting my face right in the middle of her slit. She was right I was a good licker and so what if I had to clean up Chet’s mess. I ran my tongue up her slit and came away with a mouthful of his pungent discharge.

“Umm, that’s a good little sweetheart, yes right there keep going.”

It was so thick and gelatinous I had to make myself not gag but as I kept going I slowly got use to the taste and I did my job with pride. When I told April how aroused, I was and that I wanted to make love to her she giggled and said no but she offered to let me masturbate. She suggested I ejaculate on her breasts as they were sore and maybe my sissy juice would sooth them. Did she say sissy juice I started to tell her it was not sissy juice but then I spurted on her bosoms. Any way the good thing is she allowed me to rub it in for her. We went to bed, we cuddled and kissed, and my face all messy with Chet’s issue did not seem to bother her in the least.

As Chet had a key to our place, he would come and go as he pleased and so she had me move to the guest bedroom so as not to disturb him. At first, this really humiliated me but as she said, she always called me in after he left so she could feel my tongue cover her sexy parts. April got use to having a man take her for his pleasure whenever he felt like; and I began to take on more of a sissy role as she called it. When she began to call me her girl friend I was so use to the idea I didn’t even mind I mean what can I say I always knew I wasn’t a real man and as soon as I accepted this fact my whole became a lot easier.

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