Tutoring from My Favorite Professor Ch. 08


Note: All characters are fictional and over 18

The next morning came far too early. I had lain awake for quite a while thinking. The past month had been surreal. I went from afraid of Liz kicking me out of the theatre for a drunken email, to confessing our love to each other; from never having kissed a girl to routinely having sex with one; from not knowing polyamory was a real thing, to making out with a married couple.

My thoughts were full of Liz: loving her, wanting to protect her, wanting to have sex with her again. My thoughts were full of Craig: an amazing first date, him taking it slow, wanting to have sex with him. The combination of both felt like too much for one brain. I was overwhelmed with the wonder of it all.

When I had finally fallen asleep, my dreams flitted between a flurry of sex scenes and pictures of what my future could be. Now it was morning, and I was supposed to be able to concentrate on my statistics class. Today was going to require a lot of coffee.

Checking my email at lunch, I was delighted to see a message from Liz,


Do you want to come over for dinner tonight, just the two of us? I want to chat about last night.



I quickly wrote back,


I would love to have dinner with you tonight. Last night was wonderful.



My heart soared when I signed off with “love”. I was head over hills for this woman. I couldn’t believe she loved me too.


Evening found me knocking on her door once again. It was far less nerve wracking than last night. I was excited to see Liz, even though a small part of me was nervous that maybe last night wasn’t as good for her.

She opened the door, giving me the sudden rush of butterflies that I always get upon seeing her. She quickly let me in and closed the door before embracing me. How was it that she fit in my arms so perfectly? She gave me a kiss, then took me by the hand and led me to the couch.

“I hope you don’t mind. I decided to order pizza,” Liz said.

“Perfect,” I replied. “You must be as tired as I am”

In reply, Liz yawned, which made me yawn, and we both laughed. Liz got out her phone.

“Now is the moment of truth,” she said in a mock serious tone. “Do you like pineapple on your pizza?”

“Oo the big relationship question,” I said, holding back a laugh. “I am decidedly pro pineapple.”

Liz let out an exaggerated sigh of relief, “Whoo. I’m team pineapple, too. We don’t have to break up.”

We both laughed, and Liz ordered the pizza.

“The pizza guy will be here in about 20 minutes,” she said, hanging up the phone. “Now that that is taken care of, let’s talk about last night.”

She paused for a second, and I became nervous. Did last night not go as well from her side?

Then she gave me a huge smile.

“It was amazing!” she said.

“For me too,” I said, letting out the breath I didn’t realize I had been holding. “Craig is hot!”

Liz laughed, “He is, isn’t he. I don’t know how I ended up with two such beautiful people.”

I blushed at the compliment, “You are pretty damn beautiful yourself, but I meant more than just his looks. The way he asks for consent for every little thing is so sexy.”

“I know, right.”

“I was so nervous to meet him, and to kiss you in front of him, and about the whole night in general.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said. “I should have discussed poly dating expectations with you beforehand. I usually keep my displays of affection small in front of Craig, but you and I are more than just a fling. Plus, you have intentions of sleeping with mobil porno both of us. So, I decided it was different with you.”

“That makes sense,” I replied. “So you’re both ok with me making out with the other one, while we are together?”

“Pretty much, and if something becomes uncomfortable, we will talk about it, OK?” she said, “How do you feel about displays of affection between Craig and me, when you’re around?”

“Um, you’re married. So I kinda figured that it’s your right to make out.” I said, then added quietly, “Besides, it sounds hot.”

Liz blushed, “Watching you kiss Craig certainly got me excited, as you may have noticed, given that I was all over you after that kiss.”

I blushed even deeper, “I really enjoyed that, and was hoping for more tonight.”

“Of course,” she said. “Though I don’t know if you want to stay over. Craig is going to come home around midnight tonight.” She looked down at her lap. “Of course, the bed is big enough for three,” she said and bit her lip.

“I would love to stay. I’m probably going to be asleep long before Craig gets here though,” I said, yawning again.

“I don’t have any morning classes on Wednesdays. Do you?”

“Not until one.”

“Perfect. You will stay then. I’ll text Craig and let him know,” she said.

“It might be a nice surprise for him,” I suggested.

“Yes, but you will likely be asleep, and I’m sure he would be uncomfortable climbing into bed with us, without your consent,” she explained.

“I love how important consent is to him. Let him know that it’s ok to cuddle, even if I’m asleep.” I said.

“I take it, you would like to sleep in the middle then?” she asked.

“If that’s ok. I mean, it’s your bed, and your husband. I think you get first dibs.” I said nervously.

She smiled, “I love the idea of both Craig and me snuggling you all night.”

“So do I,” I said, blushing as I pictured more than snuggling happening. I bit my lip, unsure of how to say the next part, but wanting it out there.

“Uhm,” I said and swallowed.

Just then the doorbell rang, interrupting my sentence.

“That must be the pizza,” Liz said

I spent the couple of minutes that Liz took to answer the door and pay the pizza guy, to get up the courage to say what I was thinking.

When Liz closed the door, I promptly blurted out, “How about a threesome?” Then I panicked and started babbling, “I mean if we are all going to be sleeping together, and if it’s ok that we do things in front of….”

Liz’s laugh interrupted me, and I looked up to see the blush on her face. “I would love to have a threesome with you and Craig. I can’t imagine anything sexier. I love both of you and you are both such amazing lovers.”

She sat the pizza down on the coffee table, and joined me on the couch again, kissing me, and leaning into me. I leaned back sideways on the couch, pulling her on top of me. She kissed me passionately, before pulling away and sitting up.

“I don’t want the pizza to get cold,” she said. “Let me get a couple plates. Do you want beer or a coke?”

I sat back up. “I’ll take a coke, please.”

Liz came back in with two plates, some napkins, and two cokes. She put them on the coffee table and sat down beside me. Her phone chimed and she picked it up.

“That’s Craig. He says he loves the idea of cuddling you tonight, and that he has no plans in the morning either.”

“That definitely has possibilities then,” I said, smiling.

“It does. Let’s surprise him with that possibility. I’m sure he’ll like the idea,” Liz replied.

We started dishing out the pizza, and settling into the alman porno couch.

“That brings up an important but kinda awkward subject; protection,” Liz said. “I don’t want you to be worried about things, if you end up having sex with Craig in the morning.”

I blushed and swallowed the bite of pizza in my mouth, taking a drink of Coke to help wash away the lump that had formed in my throat. Of course, I needed to be thinking about safe sex, but the idea hadn’t occurred to me.

Liz took my hand saying, “it’s a hard conversation the first time, but it’s going to be ok.”

Liz went on to explain what they did to stay safe, and what risks I needed to consider. We discussed everything, and by the time we were done eating the pizza, I wasn’t embarrassed anymore. I was glad they were looking out for me. I was especially glad to not need to have this conversation in the middle of things happening. It wasn’t sexy, but was necessary.

We put away the leftover pizza and put the plates in the dishwasher. There was something comforting in doing mundane tasks with Liz, as if the chores help cement the fact that we were now a couple.

Liz took my hand and led me back to the couch. She put on a movie, and leaned into me. I put my arm around her, and inhaled the scent of her hair, before kissing her on the forehead. After a few minutes of cuddling, I felt Liz’s hand playing with the hem of my t-shirt.

She slid her hand under my shirt, and started tracing lines on my stomach. It tickled slightly, but the anticipation building kept me still. She was in no hurry, her lines gradually getting higher, then dipping down again. I started tracing similar lines on her neck, gradually getting lower. We both teased and traced, prolonging the anticipation. It became a kind of competition to see who was going to break first and go under a bra, both of us pretending that nothing was going on. We were innocently watching a movie.

I felt the lace edge of her bra and traced along it, as far as I could reach, then back again, while she traced along the bottom edge of mine. My panties were getting wetter and wetter. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer and pushed my finger under her bra. I reached down to find her rock hard nipple, and traced lines across it. I felt her hand quickly slide out from under my shirt, and I whimpered. She pulled away, making me remove my hand from her chest. I leaned forward, not wanting to break contact. Liz took advantage of this to quickly remove my shirt, my bra following seconds later. Her shirt and bra quickly joined mine on the floor.

I reached out and pulled her into me. She responded by straddling my legs, sitting on my lap, facing me. God she was sexy. She kissed me for the first time since greeting me an hour ago. Her kiss started out soft and gentle, but I pulled her into me, grabbing the back of her head, and deepening the kiss. I licked along her lips before pressing my tongue deeper into her mouth. She moaned in appreciation, dancing her tongue along mine.

I ran my hands firmly down her back, and under her waistband, so I could grip her ass. I pulled her tightly against me, messaging her butt, as we continued to kiss. I loved having her weight on top me, feeling her body against mine.

She pulled her mouth away from mine and started kissing my neck. She nibbled and licked, intensifying the wetness between my legs. I ran my hands up her sides, and gently pushed her backwards, so I could get access to her breast. I moved my mouth down to take one nipple between my lips, licking and nibbling her breasts the same way she was doing my neck. I grabbed her other boob with alexis texas porno my hand, working it like it had her ass.

“I need you now,” she said, and stood up, then pulled me up with her.

We both hurried down the hall into the bedroom, before striping off our pants and underwear as quickly as possible. She shoved me down onto the bed and climbed on top of me again, this time straddling one of my legs. She started rubbing her pussy against my leg, and I followed suit. All of the anticipation and build up meant our orgasms came quickly. We continued rubbing against each other, slowing down as the orgasms swelled and crashed.

Liz rolled off of me, and we lay there, catching our breath. Liz found my hand and intertwined her fingers with mine. I rolled over on my side to kiss her. The kisses quickly built from soft, comfortable kisses, into needy, passionate ones.

I rolled Liz over onto her back, turned around to line my head up with her pussy, and climbed on top of her. Liz immediately grabbed my ass, pressing me hard against her mouth. I started by gently licking up the wetness that had accumulated during Liz’s orgasm, but she went straight for my clit. I wasn’t expecting that, and yelped in surprise. She laughed, sending thrills through me, both because the sound of her laugh was so sexy, and because of the feeling of the sound waves hitting my pussy.

I continued gently licking Liz, as if I was a cat, cleaning up her juices. She went back to attacking my clit, flicking it ferociously with her tongue. I felt the pressure starting to build, then she surprised me again, by sticking two fingers into me. She bent them and found my g spot. I was quickly overcome by the combination of her tongue on my clit and her fingers flicking my g spot. I came with a yell, feeling all the pressure leaving my body in a rush of liquid.

I continued with the gentle licking as I came down from my orgasm. Then, I switched to her flicking her clit. I flicked it with my tongue a few times, then backed off and circled the base of it with my tongue. I alternated between flicking her clit, circling the base of it, and darting my tongue into her hole, letting her build slowly.

“That’s so good. I need to cum,” Liz said.

Liz moaned, shoving my head down into her, and grinding my face. I stopped touching her clit all together, concentrating solely on the space between her clit and her vagina, forcing the buildup to stay slow. She gripped my hair and steered me back to her clit. This time, I relented. I flicked her clit as quickly and firmly as I could. Within seconds, my efforts were rewarded with a gush of fluid, and a scream of pleasure. I gently licked up the fluids as Liz rode the wave of her orgasm.

We were tired and happy. I turned around, so I could lie next to Liz, and hold her. We snuggled for a while, giving some gentle kisses and stroking each other’s hair. I had started to doze off, when Liz spoke.

“Do you want to borrow some PJ’s?”

“You don’t want me to stay naked this time?” I asked, puzzled

“I love it when you’re naked,” she said, running a hand along my side, “but Craig will be home in a couple hours.”

“Oh,” I had completely forgotten that Craig existed. “I do want to be awake for the first time he sees me naked.”

“I thought so,” Liz said, getting up.

I watched her walk across the bedroom, reveling in her gorgeous nakedness. She opened a couple dresser drawers, and tossed me one of her nightshirts and a pair of Craig’s boxers. A thrill ran through me as I thought of spending the night in his underwear. As I put them on, Liz got out a nightshirt and boxers for herself.

We kissed and snuggled back into bed. I was so comfortable cuddling up with Liz. Yet, I felt the well known tingling between my legs, thinking about the fact that Craig would be joining us. We drifted off to sleep, holding each other as we slipped into the world of dreams.

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