Twisted Step-sister Xll


Twisted Step-sister XllThe last chapter was short so it was put on my blog sorry for that.Starting back on Friday AM I was up at 7:30 short run and then found Jen heading to the tennis court so I joined her. We hit for about an hour. We took a quick shower and jumped in the hot tub for around 30 minutes. Jen took my clippers to my hair so it would short for to nights game then another shower. Time for food so I had an apple and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Just messed around until they dropped me off at school at 5 pm and they went out to eat before returning for our first game and it was at home too.Lets move forward a bit, we were playing a playoff team from last year but they lost some good players to graduation. Final score 35-9 we were awesome if I say so my self. I got to run the ball five times for 18 yards and had a two yard TD on a 4th and a foot. I played well at linebacker too. two QB sacks one cause a fumble that we recovered, had a pick for a twenty yard return that we later scored on. Our QB was great he had a string of eight completions in a row in türbanlı bilecik escort the first half.After the game I was planning to just go home the family was waiting for me but so was Donna one of the cheerleaders and one of her friends so I jumped in the car with them Yelled at Mom I would be home later and I had my key. We drove around and Donna and I were in the back seat and within minutes were nude she was hot and wanted to fuck but no condoms so we settled on oral as we road around. We even went through a burger joint drive through gave the girl at the window a show. I learned later she failed to charge us for half of the order. We found a place to park and ate then continued this time it was a threeway in the back seat.They dropped me off about one AM and they went home.Jen was waiting for me I had to wake her up she was in my bed, she wanted details so I gave her a blow by blow description of the night. She was happy and went to her bed I was asleep in minutes.I got up around eight and was hungry so I went to türbanlı bilecik escort bayan the kitchen and fixed some cereal with a banana in it. As I walked around I noticed Mom and Dan were gone, Kim was at work and no one else was awake. I went out to the pool to finish my food. I decided to blow off my exercise today and planning to just lay around as long as could get away with it. Around 10 Jen the only other person in the house came down still sleepy looking for me and for food, she planned to be lazy today too.I get a call from Donna she and Lori the other girl from last night are coming over. They arrive in five minutes and it is clear they are still horny and I guess I am too. We fool around in the game room for a while then hit the hot tub, about 30 minutes later Jen comes out and tells us Mom and Dan just called and they are bringing lunch home will be in about 30 minutes. The girls are nervous so they get ready and left, we both tried to get them to stay they were bring enough food for an army but türbanlı escort bilecik no luck. It is 2 pm and we are eating pizza for lunch and Dan shows me the sport section and I see I made the headlines. They do a short piece on stars of the week our QB and I were in that column. After we are finished Jen asked me to go riding with her, we go down to the barn and saddle up she kisses me and says I still smell and taste like pussy, even after pizza????? Really! We head down the trail she has made, it is about three miles and circles back to the barn only about half of it is on our property but we almost never see anyone. After we get back and care for the horses we decide to use the barn shower to clean up too. A bit of fooling around goes on before we head back to the house. We walk in the door to find we are alone again a note tells us Mom and Dan will be out late and they have their key. I got the feeling this was mom making fun of my comment from last night. Kim had been in and out for the night. Kathy was out with Lisa they would be back but late. I am too tired to do much but watch TV Jen was into being lazy too. The rest of the weekend was a lazy one for all, school starts on Monday so we got away with it.Thanks for reading as always. I will have some good stuff for you in the Halloween chapter coming up soon. As of now looks like about five more chapters and will end with the Hawaii trip. Some of the best stuff is yet to come.

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