Two is Better than One


I was reversed on top of Aidan’s body, his cock deep down my throat — much deeper than comfortable because I was so horny I just didn’t care. His fingers, tongue, and lips were wrecking havoc between my legs. My knees were on either side of his broad shoulders, spread wide to give him easy access to my heated core. The sensations of it building so high that I knew an orgasm was so very close.

Two thick fingers smeared with cold lubricant easing inside of my ass pushed me over the edge. I screamed around the thick cock in my mouth, but both sets of fingers were relentless.

The fingers continued, driving me closer to another orgasm. The fingers in my ass suddenly were removed, and I felt the head of Talon’s hard penis pressed against my rectum. The angle seemed wrong and I realized he was positioned slightly sideways across one buttock.

Strong hands on my hips forced me to stay still, as he pushed slowly inside of me, spreading my rectum until it burned. I must have stopped sucking on the cock inside my mouth because Aidan rolled up his hips, fucking my face gently to keep up the sensations. The cock in my ass was at such an angle that it hit unusual places stimulating me further.

Suddenly, my arms were grabbed from behind and my back was pulled flat against Talon’s hard chest, changing the angle, making it much sharper. He had stopped the gentle in-and-out movement and begun to pound deep inside of me. I came again.

Screaming, I whipped my head around because it was the only thing not restrained.

When I came back to myself, I felt Aidan push himself deep in my pussy. I must have lost time because I didn’t remember him moving. He joined Talon’s pounding rhythm, despite the fact that I was still tight, but oh so wet. They alternated by both pounding inside and withdrawing simultaneously, then alternating so one was coming out while the other went in. I could feel the heads of their cocks rubbing against each other inside of me which threw me into another orgasm.

Their rhythms began to falter and I knew that they were close as well. Moving my hips to meet each of their thrusts, I fucked them back hard, bringing them deeper inside of my body. Almost simultaneously, they grabbed my breasts, one for each — Talon squeezed hard from behind, Aidan pinched my nipple between his teeth, pulling it out away from my body. He slid his other hand down my belly, over my mound, to my clit, which he pinched in time with his thrusts.

My eyes shuttered close and I began to chase the big orgasm — the one that would bring them in its wake. With hands, cocks, and tongues, they had brought me so close to something very large and I was almost afraid of exploding when it came. Aidan bit down on my nipple, just this side of pain.

That was all I needed to throw me over the edge. Screaming, I came so hard I saw stars, dimly I heard them echo my screams filling me with their hot cum after several hard thrusts. It felt like the orgasm would last forever, my body spasming around the two hard cocks inside my body, bringing them again. I opened my eyes and saw Aidan smiling down on me.

He lowered his head, kissing me fiercely, feeding at my mouth with lips and tongue. Breaking the kiss, he whispered against my mouth, “God, I love you.”

He kissed me again, briefly, before slowly pulling out of me. Only Talon’s grip on my wrists kept me from falling forward.

Talon kissed the back of my shoulder, “I agree with that full-heartedly.”

Slowly he slid out of my sore rectum, drawing another whimper from me. I could feel warm liquid begin to trickle down my thighs.

“Come on beautiful, let’s get you cleaned up.”

I shook my head, “I don’t think I can stand.”

They each took an elbow and pulled me to my feet. Mostly supporting me, we staggered into the bathroom.

Talon swept me into his arms while Aidan knelt down on his hands and knees fiddling with the faucets on the huge recessed tub.

Talon whispered against illegal bahis my cheek, warm breath tickling, “I never got a kiss.”

I turned my head and our lips met, his tongue sliding against mine, entwining them. Breaking the kiss, he nibbled at my bottom lip, drawing another moan out of me.

The sound of the water turning off caused us to look at Aidan. He stepped into the tub, Talon following close behind. They settled me between their bodies, helping me stay propped up. I rested my neck on the side of the tub, closing my eyes basking in the heat and the feel of the two warm bodies next to me.

Talon, on my left, shifted and suddenly the smell of roses permeated the air. He gently soaped my front, Aidan holding me up, since the room was still spinning. Drawing one leg out of the water at a time, he languorously washed each one, starting with the foot, and caressing upwards, until he brushed the sensitive juncture between my legs.

I groaned, closing my eyes. I was still very horny, the gentle cleaning only added to the arousal.

I felt Aidan move, and Talon took me into his arms. The smell of roses grew stronger, and Aidan began to wash my back, using strong fingers to massage away the aches and stiffness.

“If you don’t stop that we’re going to have to go another round, and then we’re going to end up needing to clean up again.” I moaned, turning to face Aidan.

Aidan grinned at Talon, who was still supporting me. “I think I can live with that, what do you think?”

“I can definitely accept the idea of having you scream around my cock. I missed out earlier.” Talon said, hands sliding upwards to cup my breasts in his large hands.

“You two are incorrigible.” I leaned my head back on his shoulder.

“We know, and we love every minute of it.” Aidan said, sliding his knee between mine, spreading my legs.

Talon’s gentle hands were caressing my breasts, his thumbs brushing over my sensitive nipples.

I moved my hand under water until my fingers found his thick erection, and began to slowly glide my fingers up and down it.

“You could be the death of me. I can just tell.” He groaned into my ear.

I smiled as he began to press kisses along my neck and jaw. “Payback is a bitch.”

Aidan ran his hand up along my thigh, until he reached my slick core. I whimpered when he thrust a finger deep inside me. “In that case we’ll just have to fuck you doggy-style until you can’t growl anymore.”

“You’ll just have to try.” My bravado didn’t sound all that convincing, since at the end of my sentence he curled his finger and brushed my G-spot, stimulating it with the pad of his finger.

One of Talon’s hands left my breasts and he pulled the plug in the tub, letting the water slowly run out, while we began to intensify our caresses until we reached a fever-pitch.

They moved so fast and in perfect symmetry that I barely had a chance to register before I was brought to my knees. Aidan shoved deeply inside my ass, already stretched from Talon’s ministrations.

Talon eased in front of me and I lowered my mouth to his turgid cock, so hard it looked painful. He groaned as I slid my lips around his bulbous head, reveling in the taste that was uniquely Talon. Flicking my tongue to tease the slit at the top of the head caused him to throw his head back.

I loved the control that I had over him, I loved knowing what would bring him to an orgasm, knowing that his clever fingers and talents could do the same to me.

To not to be outdone, Aidan redoubled his efforts deep inside my ass, while reaching around to rub my aching clit with clever fingers that slid wetly over my folds.

When my eyes slid close, Talon took the opportunity to reach to our nearby ‘toy chest’ and pulled out two nipple clamps. Grabbing a stiff nipple in his fingers, he attached one clamp, pinching the clamp closed gently. Wetness flooded my already sodden cunt. He reached for the other one, but casino siteleri the element of surprise was lost, and the second clamp caused a brief swell of pain that accompanied the affixing.

Placing his hands on either side of my face he lowered me back down to his cock, tilting my head to elongate my throat to better accommodate his girth. I let him completely lower me down until he cock was deeply lodged in his throat. I knew that he had a weakness for deep-throating, and wanted to use it to my advantage, because after the hard orgasm not too long ago I didn’t want him to last forever. With his size, longevity with oral sex was not exactly something I wanted.

He began to thrust with his hips, fucking my mouth gently, while occasionally tugging on the chain leading to the nipple clamps causing a flare of pleasure/pain to flood my body.

Aidan was pounding deep inside of me, each thrust causing his balls to hit my sensitive slit, his fingers pinching and tweaking my hard clit. Pinned thusly, between them I began to chase an orgasm that I knew was only going to stem some of the intensity that I was feeling. The loud sounds of slapping flesh against flesh in the echoing bathroom intensified the arousal.

I was so close to orgasming, fucking my hips back to draw Aidan deeper into my body, meeting his thrusts eagerly, while widening my mouth so Talon could continue to fuck my mouth.

Almost as one we orgasmed explosively, Talon grabbed the nipple clamp chain and pulled, causing another orgasm from the flash of pleasure that washed over my body. We collapsed on the cold floor, finally noticing the temperature of the tile.

When able, we staggered into the bedroom and onto the bed. Laying on top the covers, breathing hard, we tried to recover from the intense sex.

Talon recovered first, as usual. Rolling over, he kissed me deeply, hands caressing my breasts, tugging gently at the nipple clamps which were still attached, causing me to whimper.

I felt the bed shift, and Aidan’s face came into focus, and he was smiling. It took a couple seconds to figure out what he was holding: a cloverleaf clit clamp.

“Since you’re already feeling naughty today, might as well see how far you’ll go.” He smiled again, knowing that there wasn’t much – that wasn’t illegal – that I was unwilling to do with the two of them.

Unconsciously, at the sight of the clamp I had spread my legs. He reached between my legs and stretched the hood back over her clit to expose the pink nub and attached the clamp, causing me to hiss with pain. Kissing my mound gently he stood back up, his cock already almost completely erect.

Talon grinned wickedly, “I do believe we told you we were going to fuck you doggy-style. On your hands and knees at the end of the bed.”

I obediently rolled over on my knees. Talon stood, circling around the bed to stand behind me. He reached between my thighs, and ran his fingers between my labia, testing my wetness.

“Wait.” Aidan said. I heard the sound of a box open, and when he came back to the bed, he was holding a spiked leather collar with a chain.

I looked at him suspiciously, one eyebrow raised. “How long have you been planning this?”

He kissed me. “A while. Now hush. Good doggies aren’t allowed to talk.” He fastened the collar, making sure it didn’t constrict my breathing. He must have given a signal to Talon because he pushed inside of me as soon as the collar was attached around my throat.

Because of my wetness, Talon didn’t have to be gentle, and was able to pound deeply inside of me. Aidan positioned himself in front of me, and allowed me to suckle him. Running my tongue and lips around his balls and cock I was able to enjoy the silky warmth of him, loving just being able to revel in the feel and taste of him.

Talon reached around my hips and began to flick the clit clamp causing me to groan.

I removed Aidan’s cock from my mouth long enough to beg, “Please… poker siteleri Fuck me. Hard. I need it so bad. Fuck me.. please.”

I heard Talon’s strained voice. “Oh I will. Trust me.” He began to pound into me, and I began to see stars. I redoubled my efforts sucking Aidan’s cock, to try to get them to finish simultaneously.

It didn’t take long for his poundings to throw me over the edge. I sucked hard at Aidan’s cock, my cheeks hollowing to increase the sensations. His cock swelled in my mouth as he bucked against my face, coming with a yell. One of his flailing arms caught the chain connecting my nipple clamps causing a spike of pleasure throughout my whole body, starting from my womb and working upwards, which threw me deeper into the orgasm.

Talon’s thrustings began to become uneven, a sign that he was close as well. Tightening my muscles to grip him, he began to cum even while still pounding deep inside of me.

We collapsed in a heap on the bed breathing heavily, Talon still deep inside, my head laying on Aidan’s thigh next to his softening cock. I was careful not to dig the spiked collar into Aidan’s leg.

Aidan began to stroke my hair. He reached down and removed the nipple clamps one at a time with his other hand. I hissed in pain as blood began to flow into my now slightly deformed nipples. Once the clamps were removed, he gently drew the nipple into his mouth, suckling away the hurt.

Talon slid his hands around my hips and removed the clit clip, drawing another hiss from me, his fingers rubbing away the soreness, but increased the surprisingly still powerful arousal I was feeling. I moaned.

Aidan’s eyebrow rose. “Again?”

I nodded slowly. The tingling in my nipples and my clit had only increased after the clamps were removed.

He smiled. “I guess.. if you insist.” He leaned down and kissed me, then stood up.

They repositioned my body so I lay on top of Aidan, his cock plunging deep inside.

Talon stood between my legs, caressing my ass. All of a sudden his hand cracked down on my buttocks causing me to cry out. Aidan echoed my cry because I had unwittingly tightened myself around his cock.

Talon spanked me again, this time on the other cheek with another loud smack. Spreading my cheeks, he exposed my rectum, already slightly gaping from the ass fucking earlier.

He slid inside of me, slowly but forcefully. I felt his pubic hair pressed against my ass and knew that he was completely inside.

They began to move, a rhythm that plunged deep and bottomed out each time. Since both holes were well used at this point, there was no worry about hurting me.

Each thrust caused my sore breasts to jiggle and bounce, Aidan took advantage of this by bringing first one nipple then the other into his mouth suckling them eagerly.

SMACK! Talon spanked me again, repeating the alternating smacks to my buttocks when he pulled out. I could feel the heat coming off my ass from the spanking.

I was trembling, the orgasm going to hit soon and hard. I began to buck and writhe, coming for what felt like hours, the two of them roaring their finish as well, filling me once more with cum. I lay on Aidan’s chest, Talon’s comforting heat on my back, trying to remember how to breathe. Dimly I felt Talon pull out of my now gaping ass, gentle hands soothing my reddened ass.

Aidan looked up with me, kissing my forehead softly. “Better?”

I nodded, still unable to form words. The collar was removed, as it was very uncomfortable to lay with it digging into my throat.

Talon helped pull me off Aidan and carried me back to the bathroom. Aidan opened the door to the shower and turned on the water. I tried to wiggle out of his arms, but Talon’s arms just tightened around me.

He stepped in, the hot water sluicing all the dried sweat, and other fluids off my body. They alternated washing me off, then holding me while cleaning themselves.

Aidan shut off the water while Talon grabbed a towel. Drying me off, I was carried back to the bedroom, and laid on the bed.

They climbed in on either side of me, and I snuggled close to their warm bodies.

A hand was stroking my hair. I fell asleep safe and warm, if only a little bit sore.

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