I was happily married, I’m sure I was, but there was always something missing. I knew it was something to do with our sex life, but quite what it was, I didn’t know.

Then the fantasies started. We’d been married for about five years, and had a good sex life, or so I thought, but there was something that wasn’t quite right. I had this nagging feeling that I wasn’t fully satisfying my beautiful and sexy wife.

I had no wish to ruin my marriage, but I felt that I needed to explore this aspect of our sex life. I would have to risk it and ask her whether I was everything she wanted and needed sexually, or if I needed to change in some way.

I kept putting it off. We were happy, why would I spoil it?

Then the unthinkable happened. Steph was coming on to me, she’d got my trousers and briefs off, and she was gently stroking my cock, while fondling my balls. She was really good at hand jobs, and she never failed to arouse me and satisfy me, except this time. This time I couldn’t get it up. It just languished, small, flaccid and useless.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, puzzled, but also a little accusatory.

“I don’t know, it’s normally fine.” I was really worried.

“Don’t you fancy me anymore?” Another accusation.

“Of course I do, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, what is it?”

“Would you say we have a good sex life?” I started in a low key way.

“Yes, I think so, why?” She replied warily.

“But am I good in bed?” I pressed.

“Yes, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have married you.”

“But am I the best you’ve ever had?”

I asked the really scary question, with my fingers tightly crossed behind my back.

“What on earth is all this about?”

Which was a good question, I had absolutely no idea, except that I thought our problem would turn out to be about sex. So I was asking her about sex.

“Ah, so not the best then.”

“Ok, not the best, but pretty good.”

“I see. So, who was better, and in what way?”

Why was I pursuing this? I must have been out of my tiny little mind!

“This is crazy, I love you, I married you, there’s more to our marriage than just sex you know! Why are you raising this now, has something happened?”

“I’ve been having these fantasies, when we are having sex. If I think of the fantasy, I get a strong erection. I tried to stop thinking about the fantasies. You can see the result,” I said, pointing at my non-erection.

“Right, ok, so you should tell me about the fantasies. What do you fantasise about?”

So here it was. I had backed myself into a corner, I had no choice but to tell her.

“I imagine that we agree you should have sex with other men, as I’m not satisfying you.”

“Why on earth would you think that?” She asked incredulously.

“Because I don’t think I’m that good at sex, and I suspected you’d had better in the past.”

“That’s just silly. I just told you that you are good in bed, didn’t I?”

“But you also said that I wasn’t the Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort best ever. Tell me the truth, have you imagined having sex with other guys, maybe previous lovers or men you see or meet now?”

“Why are you doing this, it’s crazy, you’re creating a problem out of nothing.”

“I have to do this, the idea won’t go away. Please answer my question.”

Did I really want an answer to that question? What if she said yes?

“Ok, well, you asked for it! Yes, I have often thought about sex with other men, both previous lovers and when I meet dishy guys.”

Oh shit, now I was really in trouble, terrified I would lose her, with my cock making a bit of an embarrassing come back.

“Because I’m not really much good in bed?”


“My cock isn’t very big, is it?”

“No, it’s actually quite small.”

“The smallest you’ve ever had?”


“And I cum too quickly?”

“The only thing you’re really any good at is licking me to orgasm, but you don’t do that often enough, and you never do it after you’ve squirted inside me, which is when I need it most.”

Oh shit! Why did I have to open this can of worms? Now what would we do? My cock may have been small, but had become as hard as a broom handle, but much smaller, of course.

“Why on earth did you open this can of worms?” She echoed my thoughts precisely, “we were alright weren’t we?”

“No, I don’t think we were. You were just pretending everything was ok, pretending to yourself as well as me.”

“I see.”

“Do you disagree?”


“So why did you marry me?”

“Because I loved you, I still love you. I had been in a couple of disastrous relationships, great sex, but otherwise disastrous, and knowing that I was in love with you, and you with me, I thought the sex wasn’t important, and we would be ok.”

“And what do you think now?”

“I think I was probably wrong.”

“The thing is Steph, what do we do now?”

“I still love you, and I don’t want to lose you.”

“I don’t want to lose you either, but we can’t put this back in the box. We have to change something.”

“Ok, I have a suggestion.”

“Good, carry on,” I suggested with a first glimmer of hope, “I’ll try anything.”

“Well, why don’t you promise to lick me to orgasm whenever I want, and always after you’ve squirted into my pussy? Then I will be getting lots more orgasms and will hopefully be satisfied.”

“Ok, I could do that, how often would I need to lick you, other than when we have sex?”

“I suppose every day is out of the question?”

“Every day!”

“I used to have sex every day with my other boyfriends, just because you only want it once every two or three weeks, doesn’t make that normal.”

“That’s fine, it’s ok, I’ll lick you to orgasm every day, and when I’ve fucked you I’ll lick you out, ok?”

“Yes, excellent, just one thing. When you fuck me, then lick me out, that doesn’t count as my daily orgasm. I’ll be extra horny, and need another orgasm later Kadıköy Çıtır Escort in the day, or maybe two the next day, ok?”

“Good grief! Oh well, I guess I agree to that, if you’re sure it’s what you want. When shall we start?”

“No time like the present. Down boy!”

My sexy wife slipped off her jeans and panties and dropped back into an armchair, she spread her legs and draped them over the two arms of the chair, and then picked up the remote for the TV.

“What do you need that for?”

“I’m going to watch E! while you get me warmed up. If you get me really excited I’ll pause the TV.”

“Oh, right.”

I got onto my knees in front of her, parted her legs, and gazed at her moistening pussy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful. She placed a gentle loving hand on the top of my head.

“Take your time, I want to really enjoy this.”

Her hand became slightly less loving, and slightly more insistent, pushing gently down, making her need clear. I allowed myself to be pushed down and pulled in towards the glistening honey pot. As I was drawn closer, I started to smell her arousal. It was a musky, heady scent which was hypnotic and intoxicating, and at that precise moment I felt as though I was approaching my personal heaven.

I paused when I was so close to her centre that my tongue would be able to reach her clit, I could lick her lips. I breathed in her scent and savoured the moment.

“Are you teasing me?”

“No, just enjoying the anticipation.”

“Really, isn’t that supposed to be my line?”

I didn’t answer, I just moved closer and planted a little exploratory kiss on the hood covering her clitoris.

“Hmm, that’s nice, don’t stop.”

I placed my outstretched tongue on the bridge between her pussy and her arse, and dragged it languorously all the way up to her clitoris where I flickered my tongue over her engorging bud before sliding down between her dampening lips.

This time I didn’t stop at the bridge but carried on to the musk scented valley of her anus. My tongue centred in on her secret rose bud entrance and licked over and around it.

“That’s so good darling, I love you licking me there.”

I reached my hand up and found hers, giving it a little squeeze of love, which she responded to by squeezing back as she pressed gently on the top of my head with her other hand. I understood the message, she loved me but she loved me even more when I was licking her pussy and arse.

My wonderful woman let go of my right hand and a second later the TV went silent. Her hand left my head and she relaxed back.

I continued visiting the stations of her arousal, clitoris, lips, bridge, anus, spending increasing amounts of time on her protruding bud. Her pussy was lubricating profusely and the fragrance had become sexual, her juice was slightly sticky and salty, and reminded me of oysters. I adore oysters and I was adoring my wife’s arousal juice, spreading it to all of her sex and into the valley of her arse. Her sensitive bottom Kadıköy Elit Escort no longer had a scent of it’s own, but shared the fragrance of her sex.

Her anus was still virgin territory, the cute wrinkled entrance dark and forbidding. I was determined to breach this reluctant passage and after an extended period of licking at that closed gate I stiffened my tongue and pushed hard, pressing for entry, pressing repeatedly until my efforts were rewarded by a small entry of the tip of my tongue into her rear passage. I pressed on until half of my tongue was buried inside her rectum. I wiggled it around inside her surrendered passage, and I was rewarded by a reaction.

“Oh God, that feels so good Rob, please keep doing it a bit longer.”

I obeyed happily, pushing in even further, moving my tongue around in the darkness, receiving appreciative moans throughout my exploration.

“Make me cum now darling, just do my clit, I’m ready.”

I pulled out my tongue, pulling it into my mouth and swishing it clean with a mixture of my saliva and her juice. I swallowed, then stuck my tongue out and headed directly towards her neglected bud. I lapped at her clitoris rapidly, driving her rapidly towards her climax.

“That’s it my darling, keep doing that, I’m going to cum soon, don’t stop. Now! I’m cumming now! Oh yes! Oh God, Aarrhhh!”

Her contractions continued for quite a while, eventually winding down as my beloved wife relaxed. I knelt in front of her, watching her pleasure, feeling content and satisfied. She smiled at me.

“That was very good my love, the best you’ve ever done. That’s the standard you need to achieve every time. I especially loved your tongue in my arse, it’s such an unselfish thing for you to do for me. Did you enjoy pleasing me?”

“I loved it my darling. If I satisfy you like that frequently can you be content with me as your lover?” I prayed that the answer would be yes.

“Yes, I think so my love. So long as you do it often and well, and you keep me convinced that you love pleasing me like that.”

“That will be easy my darling, as I adore pleasing you, and it will be wonderful to stop worrying that I’m going to lose you to a better lover.”

“Good, I don’t want you worrying. You must promise me that you will worship me with your tongue whenever I ask.”

“Yes my love, I promise, but please don’t ask me, tell me. I will always obey your instructions.”

“Are you asking me to dominate you a little? Does that idea turn you on?”

“Yes my love, it does, very much. I’m sorry if that’s a little kinky, is it too kinky?”

“I think it’s a good kinky, let’s try it for a while and see how it goes.”

“I would like that, thank you.”

“Let’s make a start. Are you really horny now?”

“Yes my love.”

“Then drop your trousers and panties and wank yourself off for me. Catch it all in your hand, and lick it all clean. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes my love, I will obey you.”

I squirted in a couple of minutes, looking into my Goddesses eyes the entire time. I filled my hand with white sticky goo, and when I stopped my spasms I raised my hand to my lips and started licking.

“Lick slowly, relish the taste, savour the humiliation, bask in the joy of submission to me.”

I hated the taste of my own emission, but I couldn’t have been happier.

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