Urging For More


My mind was in the twilight zone. I freeze up waiting to see what he is going to do next. He takes my lack of inaction to mean I am agreeable.

His hands reach out delicately cupping my hips moves up to me. I suck in air my body recoils inside from his touch. My god I’m a guy! Yet I don’t fight him off or his advances. His hands slither to my legs at hem of my skirt pushing it up as he lowers to his knees. My heart is pounding as I know he will freak out when he sees what’s in my panties. My hands go down to push him away just as moves up on me. Then I feel his mouth on my panty covered cock his hands slink up around to my ass cupping them as he pulls my crotch to his face.

I bring my hands up my body gets emotional all over. I cup my mouth with my hand quivering in my heels as I sway in the realm of the unexpected. He really did know me and really wanted to try it with me!

My god I didn’t expect anything like this! I hear a door open down stairs panic shoots through me. He feels me tense pulls his mouth off my crotch says relax it’s the old guy walking his dog. In the same moment his fingers pull my panty to the side releasing my cock. In the next second his mouth is sucking attacking my cock. His forceful control sucking head bobbing caused me to skitter back to the wall for support I couldn’t help not getting extremely hard. My mind explodes I suck in air closing my eyes levent escort getting my first real blow job. I was already semi hard from dressing like a trashy slut my anus still aching from the meat I had used on myself moments before.

My hands find the top of his head to guide him as my legs weaken body going weak. I wanted it to continue but not in the stairwell. But I didn’t want to take it back to my place or go to his. There was a utility closet on every floor. By I whisper to him stop not here someone may see us.

He either read my mind or had it planned pulling his mouth off my cock he moves up the steps at the same time his hand grabs me by my cock pulling me with him as he makes his way to the closet. My heart racing as I follow his lead knowing I could have run at any moment yet I don’t. I like the control he has over me yet a sense of dread fills me as I’m not totally certain I want to go through with what I was agreeing to. I was going to become a fucking gurl if I went into that closet.

He lets go of my cock moves behind me I cringe as I feel move up on my backside hear his sigh his breath on the nape of my neck. His hard cock sliding up the groove my ass cheeks. He opens the door guides me in I turn the light switch on. He shuts it off closing the door behind us. In the darkness I can hear him yanking off his clothes.

I beyoğlu escort jump as I feel his hands touch my face move down cupping my jaw pulling me into him kissing my mouth. Letting his tongue meet mine as my arms and hands move to his body. He was hairy all over like a real macho man. His hands move up pulling the straps of my top down my shoulders then viciously yanks it down walking me back pinning to the wall. I open my eyes only able to see his silhouette as my hands slide up to his hairy chest as I try to put some distance between us.

His hands slide down grabbing my ass pulling me to him. Our hard cocks mingle together both are dripping with precum. I seem to turn to liquid in his grasp I feel like a girl would with a man. I become the girl.

He kisses me with passion my lips eyes neck works his way down to my nipples and starts to suckle. Closing my eyes I gasp at the feel of a man doing that to me as if I was a real woman. Sucking my nipples squeezing my tits his hair stubble face abrading on my skin my eyes closed partly in fear but mostly in pleasure over the aggressiveness of his actions on my body. But in the back of my mind I dread what he wants in return. I’m not certain I could bring myself to do what he wants me to do.

The dark confines of the closet provided a sense of comfort. Not being able to see each other kağıthane escort in true light only the faintness of our action from the crack of light from the bottom of the door. My heels skittered on the floor as my legs went weak thighs splay apart letting him suck all of my cock. My hands went to my head twisting my fingers in my hair as he brought me to my first cock sucking orgasm. My body tensed jerked my gut muscles tighten as I let out a scream a yell something as I blew my load in his mouth. My body quivered all over my fingers intertwined in his hair. Cooing body jerking gasping as he kept sucking my cock!

In the next moment his mouth was on mine kissing me forcing me to taste my own cum. He whispered I wish you could do the same for me but I will not force you. As his hand grabbed mine moving it to his hard cock, he was letting me decide.

I’m in the here and now the place I only fantasize about. It was like I wanted it to be. Not being able to see him only knowing it’s a cock unable to see him looking at me or me able to see him. Like the glory holes I heard about only without the wall to control what else might happen. I lower to my knees holding his hard cock in my hand about to take my first cock in my mouth knowing once I do this I can’t go back to being the man I was. My jaw quivers as I part my lips apprehensive about what I was about to do. Breathing through my nose I smell the musky smell of his cock and balls. His cock is dripping in my grasp I know he wants to feel the same pleasure he gave me. I pull on it I feel droplets of his pre cum splat on my nylon covered thigh as a moment of doubt fills me with angst the darkness cloaks his face but I feel his look.

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