Valentine Anniversary Weekend


There’s just something about the auburn hair Jess that says: “Fuck me!” Even back in high school when she was known as Ms Frostbite every guy in town wanted to be the stud to thaw her out first. In effect to wipe that come-fuck-me look right off of her face. Especially when she went through her rebellious stage, and rumors flew around the classes about her getting her nipples pierced just to spite her parents. Not that any male could verify it, but with her heart attack body, our imaginations went wild. And still no male had ever taken her out on a date until I asked her to the senior prom. You can imagine my surprise when she told me on our way to the prom that nobody had ever asked her out on a real date before me. Two years into college, and on Valentine’s Day I asked her to marry me, and she accepted.

No, she wasn’t going to be a virgin bride, we’d settled that issue a couple of hours after she accepted my proposal. But we both agreed that we would finish our college education, and live together with her on the pill until then. No I wasn’t able to wipe that come-fuck-me look off of her face, and yes, her nipples were pierced. How we both kept up our 4.0 averages over the next six months is beyond me. I mean if it had to do with sex between two consenting adults we tried it. And then as my birthday approached, out of nowhere one night after getting hot and heavy, she broached a subject that took my breath away.

“Did you ever wonder what it would be like in bed with, well, somebody other than me? I mean, I’ve seen you the way you look at some of my sorority sisters, as if you were undressing them.”

“You mean I look the same way you do when you’re checking out Ozzie’s ass every time we stop by the frat house?”

“I guess, yeah, more or less. I mean I know that you love me as much as I love you, but I’ve never been with another guy…”

“And I’ve never been intimate with another woman,” I interrupted, finishing her line of thought. “Are you asking for my permission to screw around with other guys, or trying to set me up with a date for one of your sorority sisters?”

“Both.” Then she added a qualifier; “Hypothetically speaking, of course.”

And when she saw my surprise she began to explain.

“I’m just suggesting a scientific experiment here. Mind you, we haven’t taken any vows to cherish only each other as yet, and it’s not like I’m suggesting we separate for a while to accomplish this either.”

“Exactly what are you suggesting?” I was suddenly intrigued, and for the life of me didn’t know why. “That we invite someone else to join us in a three-way, or without their knowing invite someone over then allow them to take liberties with one of us while the other watches from out of site?”

“I’d say from the lengthening of you cock that either one of those two ideas would work, don’t you?”

“Yeah, in a guy way it does. But what if one of us became jealous? I mean, I don’t know if I could handle seeing you enjoy yourself with another guy the way you do with me, and what if you enjoyed him more than you do me?”

“Well, what if I enjoyed her more?” Jess replied, and she at least had the decency to blush while asking the question. “Or you enjoyed him, or her more than you do me. After all, you’ve had me already.”

“I certainly have,” I chided moving back in the saddle to reenter her once again, taking long slow strokes in and out of her, “and I’m simply hooked on this cute juicy pussy of yours, too. Whatever made you think to shave it bald today?”

“Cynthia told me that she does it for Harry all of the time, so I thought I’d give it a try too. What do you think?”

“Well, it’s almost… almost like fucking a new different pussy altogether. Kind of nasty different, if you get my drift.”

“Is that why you ate me to four mind numbing orgasms first?”

“Okay, ya got me, I love your cunt nekkid. And I love your big firm titties with the rings pierced in your nipples, and I simply adore your fine tight ass with those cute dimples on it, and your long shapely elegant legs, and…”

“Just shut up, and fuck me you silly bastard!” Her arms and legs coming up around my back to pull me deep into her love tunnel.

“… I love it when you dress up and act slutty for me…”

Our lips came together then silencing me as no words could have. Jess has a real talent for always getting in the last word even if she doesn’t say it aloud. The sex that night was just too spectacular not to be a silent message for her latest suggestion about opening up our sexual relationship just a little bit. However I still had my doubts. Granted they were all based on my own selfish insecurities as an adult male, and her future husband, but I was the one who had to deal with them. Now Jess isn’t a pushy woman, and Lord knows she doesn’t nag even when she really, really wants something. But from that night on she made a point of looking sexy 24/7 around our apartment, and a lot more stylish out in public. It was almost ateşli gaziantep escort as if she’d thrown away any of her clothing made of flannel, or cotton altogether save for a couple pairs of cut off jeans that were so short that only the seam was left in the crotch.

A couple of weeks passed without either of us broaching the subject again, and that’s when she tried a different tact.

“I’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo,” she said over breakfast. “How do you think I’d look with a tattoo?”

“It pretty much depends on the tattoo, its size, and where you intend on putting it,” I stated, “but all in all, I’d say that it would make you look like some biker chick turned porno star. Why?”

“All of the girls at the sorority are talking about getting one. It’s a kiss on the ass, you know, a lipstick like kiss, but it’s really a tattoo made of red ink.”

“Oh that’s cute,” I chuckled.

“You think so?”

“It could be,” I shrugged noncommittally. “Hey, it’s your body hon. I don’t own ya, and I’m not your husband, yet. But if after you get it? You need someone to kiss it, and make it feel all-better? I’m your man.”

“I was thinking about doing it for your birthday,” she said. “As a sign of our affection, and abiding trust in one another.”

I gave her statement some thought before replying as I knew this was her way of finding out if I’d decided on anything about her last suggestion. When I did reply what I said was almost as much a surprise to me as it was to her.

“I think I’d rather share you in bed with one of those sorority sisters than to let them talk you into marking up that fabulous body of yours for nothing.”

And suddenly that natural come-fuck-me look of hers intensified to a brilliant all consuming aura surrounding her as if she were standing in front of the rising sun. Then she did something even more exhilarating. Lifting her skirt as she stood up, she pulled her thong panties down, and stepped out of them, then bunched them up, and stuffed them in my breast pocket. She had started hot waxing most of her pubes away ever since the night she’d shaved away all of her carpet like pubic thatch.

“I want you to think of me walking, sitting, and standing all day long from one class to the other without any underwear on. My pussy naked under this skirt, with my ass hanging out, and only you know it unless the wind gets brisk, and lifts my skirt.”

It was then that I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples had grown eraser hard, and were poking out against the tight short-sleeved sweater that she had on. Jess could make a potato sack look hot, so even in her regular school clothes, the modest skirt, and sweater with the flat shoes she still could have sent the Greek Navy to war. And think of her I did, all damn day long. I thought of how lucky each chair she would sit in for her classes was luckier than me for that short period of time, or that any one of her professors was looking up her skirt, and getting a fantastic full frontal view of her snatch through out the day. In fact just thinking of her that way kept giving me these unexpected erections, but thankfully I was sitting down when they happened.

Hell, I knew from high school that every male within eye contact of her wanted to fuck Jess. But it had never occurred to me that I would get turned on thinking about those other guys doing her the way I was all day long after she put her panties in my pocket. And too, the scent of Jess’s pussy wafting up to my nostrils all day long also had me wondering what it would be like to have both her, and one of her sorority sisters at the same time. One sitting on my face, and the other riding up, and down on my dick. I damn near raped Jess the moment we came together after classes. We barely got the door closed behind us before we were rutting down on the floor, and without bothering to take off any clothes either.

My birthday came on a Friday, but the party lasted the whole weekend. Cheryl, Jess’s old room mate at her sorority stayed with us, and tried with great enthusiasm to prove that natural platinum blondes did have more fun. The tattooed kiss on Cheryl’s derrière was indeed fetching, but not nearly as hot as the real kiss she planted on Jess’s rear. And I must admit, if only to myself that my dick thoroughly enjoyed docking in that tight juicy pussy while eating Jess to four orgasms at the same time. And later doing the reverse was as equally thrilling. What was great about having those two woman at the same time in my bed was that when I was exhausted they just kept on going without me. Allowing me to catch my breath, revitalize, and watch them together getting me turned on all over so that I would join in, and they’d turn all of their attentions back on me again, and again. The apartment reeked of sex, and their perfume, and I felt like I’d taken a forbidden dip in a harem after the Sheik had gone out to check on his ateşli gaziantep escort bayan oil wells.

The best part of the whole weekend to me was that Jess, and I were so busy enjoying the sex with Cheryl that we never had time to get jealous of each other. We talked about it after Cheryl left, and we both agreed that while it had been a blast it wasn’t something that we wanted to do every weekend, or for that matter once a month, or longer. But that it should be something special, for just those special times like birthdays, and such that it would be all that much more special for both of us. Even so, it wasn’t far from our minds every time we made love after that, and our sex life became a roller coaster ride from then on. With Jess now wearing garter belts, and thigh high nylons as well as quarter cup bras under her modest outerwear my thoughts rarely wandered far from thinking about her.

However now when I thought of her in those smutty undergarments I was wondering what she would look like dressed in nothing but them while another guy, other than myself, fucked her. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was Ozzie that I envisioned seeing over top of her. His blacker than black skin in stark contrast to her much lighter, almost pale milky white, complexion was what undoubtedly set off this tantrum of visions in me. After all, she did like his ass, right? She sure as hell looked hard at it when he was around. It got to where I thought about this all of the time. In fact it got to where it was all I could think of whenever I was around Jess, or just thinking about what she was doing at that moment.

Finally I made my decision to go for it. After all Jess had started the ball of trust rolling with our three-way with Cheryl, so I figured why not do a three-way with Ozzie next. The hard part wasn’t going to be asking Ozzie to join us, it was figuring out when would be the perfect special time for Jess, and me to do it with him. Christmas, and New Year we went home to spend time with our families, so that was out of the question. And her birthday was a couple of months before mine so that wouldn’t work, nor did I want to wait that long. But then there was always Valentine’s Day. The very day when Jess and I would not only be celebrating our love for each other like every other lover on the planet, but it was also one year to the day when I’d proposed to her. Indeed a very special day at that.

I hadn’t been able to afford an engagement ring when I’d proposed. But what with splitting the rent now with Jess instead of living at the frat house I had built up a little grubstake. So I decided to purchase an engagement ring for this year’s anniversary, and give it to her inside of a heart shaped box of candy as the clock struck midnight to announce the end of our first year together. But after rethinking it I thought it best to give her the ring in the box the Friday evening, or more to the point, the day before Valentine’s Day, and just before Ozzie knocked at the door to supposedly join us for supper.

With everything else set up I finally approached Ozzie with my plan. His wide grin confirmed his willingness before he opened his mouth. But his reply to my proposition took my breath away.

“I’ll do,” he said, “but on one condition.”


“Hey, you want something from me, then I want something from you.”

“What? I’m giving you free rein with the most beautiful woman on the planet. What else could you possibly want after that?”

“The chance to have at her again of course,” his eyes laughing at me, “specifically on your wedding day when she’s in her wedding gown, and just before the ceremony. So that when she says, “I do,” to you she already done did with me.”

I could hardly consider finding someone else as Valentine’s Day was less than two days away, and the set up was for the very next evening so that Jess would enjoy him the whole weekend like I had with Cheryl. I had only one way out of this if I wanted to make this weekend work out.

“Hey, it’s okay with me, but only if it’s okay with Jess. I can’t promise you anything that isn’t mine to give. Understand?”

“Fair enough. What time do you want me to come over tomorrow?”

“Well, I need enough time after classes to give her the box of candy with the ring in it, and time to explain why I invited you over for supper in case she wants to dress up. How does seven tomorrow evening sound to you?”

“That’ll work,” he replied, “it’ll give me time to run a few errands, buy her some flowers after school, and to shower, and change clothes.”

With Ozzie all set to hump my precious fiancé as it were, I set off for the jewelry store to pick up the ring before stopping by the candy store to gather up a heart shaped box of her favorite candy. And with each ticking minute counting down towards the inevitable my nerves began to pile up as doubts heaped upon one ateşli escort gaziantep another like a landfill project. Was I really ready to let another man join us for a weekend romp in the hay? Was Jess? Would she even consent to taking on Ozzie? And what if he was better with her in bed than I was? Or ever could be? What if his dick was bigger than mine?

In the end I knew it was all silly, and self-deprecating. But it did motivate me to go out and purchase a great many candles, and balloons to add more of a romantic theme for our Valentine’s Day weekend of debauchery. I barely had the apartment decorated when Jess arrived. Her squeal of delight when she entered was all the reward I needed to know that my efforts had not gone unwanted. But it just got better from that point on as she jumped up into my arms as if I were a tree, and pressed her lush body against mine as her arms, and legs wrapped around me. The ring inside of the heart shaped box of candy actually had her in tears of rapturous joy. It was then that I told her about the rest of the weekend’s events.

“You can’t be serious,” she replied with a gasp after I finished explaining all about Ozzie coming over for dinner, and whatever else Jess might be up for as it was really her choice now. “I can’t believe you did this for us!”

I sighed with content then as she had used the word US, and not Me. And all of my frayed nerve endings suddenly combed themselves out to where I was now anxious to see what Jess would do to get ready for Ozzie’s arrival. Normally when there is just she and I in the apartment she runs around half naked anyway. In fact she hadn’t worn panties since that day she’d put the thong in my breast pocket. I tried not to be obvious about stalking her every move through our apartment, but she caught on immediately, and barely contained a fit of giggling in response as she luxuriated in a hot bubble bath.

“You know what would be nice?” She asked.


“If you picked out the clothes you want to see me in for when Ozzie joins us for dinner. That way I’ll know for certain what you really want me to do.”

Once again the ball was put into my court. And I was damned if I was going to be the one to chicken out. Not after all the trouble I had gone to, to set this all up in the first place. So I went to her dresser drawers, and pulled a smoky black pair of thigh high nylons, her black satin garter belt with the matching thong panties, and demi bra that didn’t cover her ring pierced nipples at all. Then I pulled out her black see thru fishnet toga like Teddy; that barely came down to cover her crotch when standing, not that it was going to hide a damn thing anyway. And grabbed her black paten leather high heels, the ones that strapped around her ankles making sure that I put everything out on top of our bed as I wanted her to know instantly that was where we would all end up tonight. In all, it was the sluttiest outfit that I could have laid out from her current wardrobe. I finished the task just in time to catch Jess bringing herself to an orgasm with her fingers in the bathtub.

“Just a little tension reliever,” she even blushed saying that.

“Everything is set out for you,” I said, and that’s when the doorbell rang. “That should be dinner. I’ll go let pay the deliver guy, and open the wine while you get dressed. The next time the door bell rings it should be Ozzie.”

As luck would have it both Ozzie and the deliveryman were at the door when I opened it. I paid for the food after inviting them both in, and then closed the door behind the guy who had delivered our dinner making sure to lock it as well.

“I hope you like Chinese,” I said as Ozzie put the flowers he’d brought in a vase I pointed to, and I set out the food, and opened the wine.

“I love Chinese food,” Ozzie replied, gently knocking the snow off his feet, and that’s when we both turned to the clickity clack sound of high heels on hard wood flooring as Jess came out of our bedroom.

“So how do you think I look?” she asked, and then suddenly realized that somebody else was there also, and froze in place with her hands moving to hide her assets as best they could in the process.

“DAMN baby!” Ozzie cried out. “You look good enough to eat yourself!”

“What he said,” I chuckled, realizing for the first time that she really was surprised to find someone else in our apartment. It only took two blinks for her to see that it was Ozzie, and relax enough to repair her composure.

“Oh sorry, I thought you were the delivery guy, Ozzie,” she said, and continued her journey towards the dinner table to join us. Her hips revolving, and tight butt twitching as if dancing to some dark jungle drum beat, her breasts bobbling about on her chest as if to an entirely different sensual drummer. In all, along with a flip of her head to fan her hair back out of her eyes it was an amazingly erotic vision of youthful femininity, and sexuality. Her heady perfume arriving only seconds before her body did transformed the moment into a fantasy vision come to life. “And I hope you boys are as hungry as I am.”

“More,” Ozzie replied as we both held her chair for her to sit down in. Both of us mentally raping her with our eyes before moving to sit down on either side of her. It was only before sitting down that I noticed that Ozzie had one hell of a bulge growing in his trousers.

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