Vessa Ch. 01


“Okay, what now,” she said. Her eyes smiled at me as she rolled them. She was getting impatient but I was going to make her suffer and wait.

I grinned at her, “Hmm… Let me see… Have you got anything left?”

She looked down and her supple lips pouted. After a moment of staring at me with her puppy-dog eyes, her eyes lit up as she just realized something and said, “Yes! My socks!” Her foot moved from underneath her so she could wiggle adorable socked her toe at me.

I tried to laugh but instead I giggled. “Okay. Then your socks. Both of them!”

“Ugh. Fine.”

She handed me her playing cards and tugged at her sock until it came off. Her other arm was busy trying to cover her boobs but they were way too big and so she was really only able to fully hide her nipples from me.

My wife, Vessa and I were engaged in a seriously competitive game of strip poker. After she took off her socks, we would be tied for score (unfortunately for me, I wasn’t smart enough to put on socks before we started playing…). The worst part was how cold it was. You know how they always crank up the air-conditioning in hotels? Well I usually love that but today it was backfiring because I was starting to freeze and I could tell she was getting a bit chilly as well. I was going to have to end this game fast.

“I hope you’re happy, buster, because now I’m freezing.” She said this as she placed her sock lovingly and carefully upon my head.


“That’s alright babe. Next hand wins.”

“No, we’ve still got these…” She pointed at her sunglasses. I suggested we both wear them because I wanted the game to be super serious.

“Those don’t count.”

“Well I’ve still got this then…” She pointed at her cowboy hat. She insisted that the hat would “add some extra serious,” to our match.

“That doesn’t count either.”

“No fair!”

“Oh shush! If we were being fair, then you can’t cover your tits like that! I mean, I’m not hiding myself!”

She just smiled at me. “Oh I know baby… You’ve been at half mast for a while now.” She looked down with hungry eyes.

“You can wrap your lips around me all you want, but your hat still doesn’t count.”

She pouted her lips and I could just hear her say under her breath, “Well I think my hat counts…”



I dealt the cards and damn, this was going to be fun: pocket aces and it was hold’em. I had to take advantage of it.

“I want to raise the stakes.”

“Oh?” She sounded intrigued.

“Loser does anything the winner wants.”

“That’s quite a jump from oral…” she said.

“…for the rest of the night… You game?”

Her lips pulled up into the corner of her mouth the way they always do when she’s thinking.

“…or are you chicken?”

“Fine! Winner gets anything.”

“And loser isn’t allowed to sleep until given permission.”

“Mmm, okay…”

Pretty sure some precum came out of my cock when she purred like that… I loved her purr.

I dealt the cards and nearly came all the way. The river had two threes and a king. She waited with bated breath. The turn had a ten but then the flop had another ace. I was going to need more…

“And all of tomorrow too!”

She said, “But we have to meet Tom and Lucy tomorrow!”

I looked down at her pussy as I said, “You bet your tight ass we do. Now, what’ll it be?”

From what I could see of her gorgeous face, she looked worried but she tried her best not to show it and gave it another long think.

“Alright, winner gets all of tomorrow too.”

My sunglasses nearly fell off I grinned so hard.

I couldn’t wait any longer, “Whatcha got?”

She leaned forward, still holding her breasts. All she had was a seven and a king. I showed her my aces and she playfully pushed my shoulder.

“You cheated!”

“I did not! I’m naked!”

“Well, you did something…”

“Yeah, I made you my slave for two, long days…”

“Ugh. Fine.” She was so cute when she pouted.

“Besides, you knew I was going to win when I raised it on that ace…”

She looked at me then nodded eagerly enough to make her hat tip off. Then she said, “So…now what? Master…”

God damn.

I licked my lips and took off my glasses.

“Take your hand away from your tits.”

She quickly put them over her pussy.

“And your pussy!…”

She put her arms behind her which thrust her firm chest in front of her.

“Now take off your sunglasses and put the cowboy hat back on.”

Her shoulder-length blonde hair now fell messily from underneath her hat. I couldn’t take much more of this.

“Does this please my master?” She was playing the part extra shy, the way she knew I would like it.

I nodded.

“What would master like me to do now?”

“Stand up so I can be reminded…”

“Yes sir.” Then she looked at me with an extra curious face. That one was adorable too… “Reminded of what, my master?”

I grinned my Kadıköy Olgun Escort best devilish grin then said, “I want to be reminded of how smart I was for choosing you to impregnate.”

She rolled her eyes again but kept role playing. Now her shy smile was making her blush.

She stood up. Recently, we found out that Vessa is pregnant and already I can tell that she was made for baby-making. Before I even knocked her up, I knew pregnancy would look good on her but I didn’t realize she would look this good.

Many women can be considered voluptuous but my girl is of a different class altogether. Vessa’s told me that before she hit her teenage years, she was training to play tennis somewhat seriously and is embarrassed (but in all honesty I think she’s proud ) of the fact that because she developed so much, she had to switch to swimming. She grew up with perfect D tits but now that I’ve put my baby inside of her, they’ve already swollen up to DD. She also had those lovely pink areolas that are delicate but still very large in diameter. Her nipples beg me to nibble on them.

“Bring your tits to me. I want to suck on them.”

I sat back against the bed and let her come to me. She put herself in my mouth so I could brush her silky skin with my tongue.

With a pop, I released her breast. “Enough. Go back. I’m not done looking at you.”

She hopped back to where she was. I could see her ass giggle the best giggle there ever was.

From here, I could see her tiny pussy lips which puffed ever so slightly nestled in the small gap between her thighs. There was no way I was letting her sleep tonight before I had my fill of sweet pussy-juice…

Vessa’s thighs are tight like the rest of her body due to her vigorous swimming regimen but they’re far thicker than most women, since they are so thick with muscle. Leading up from her perfect thighs is her perfect ass which definitely would have been difficult to manage as a would-be tennis pro. It was just so damn full… And what’s more, I could never get over how tight she kept it – only her tits could rival the bounce of her delicious ass. It gave her an exaggerated hourglass figure because of how wide her child-bearing hips were and could only be properly described by both the words, plump and firm.

Then there’s her belly. It’s not flat – she never really had a truly trim stomach but there was something extra to her now. Obviously you couldn’t tell she was pregnant, but since I now knew her body better than the world map, I could tell something was different.

These next months were going to be amazing.

“Do I please you master?” she said. She held her arms behind her body again proudly displaying herself to me.

“Yes but your belly is still far too small.”

“But It’s only been eleven weeks!”

“That doesn’t matter. Your only purpose from now on is to grow my baby as big as possible. Understand?”

She rolled her eyes again and smirked but she did her best to keep up the charade by looking down at the ground, attempting to feign subdued servitude. Then she said, “Yes, master, I understand.” God I loved this woman…

“Now get on the bed.”

She knelt down at the foot of the bed opposite me.

“On your hands and knees.”

I got up and walked around her so her pussy was right in front of my face. I wrapped my mouth around her pussy lips and started sucking away. There would be no foreplay today…

She whimpered and groaned from the surprise attack. Grabbed her ass and pulled her legs a bit further apart. As I pleasured her, I could tell she was losing control. I never let up groping her ass but with my other hand I rotated between fingering her pussy and rubbing her thigh. At first, her legs were steady but soon, I could tell she was getting weaker as her thighs started shaking. She couldn’t handle it any longer and she could no longer support herself with her arms. She put her chest to the bed and reached out her now free hand to pull on my on mine which was currently tickling her asshole. Usually, Vessa did this to tell me whenever it was too much. I wanted to make her last a bit longer so I backed off her pussy and kissed the inside of her thighs for a while. With my other hand, I slid my fingers through her toes; she loved that too.

Even still, this was too much for her, so she told me through desperate breaths, “Hunngh. Baby… please I need you inside me…”

I had to slap her ass after that…she made me do it!

She gave a delicate gasp and another after I slapped her again.

“I am not your baby! What am I?”

“I’m sorry m – master… It won’t happen again.”

“That’s right. Now I’m going to have to punish you.”

I stuffed my face between her legs and sucked on her clit until she almost fell over. I stopped only long enough to make sure I could keep her from falling onto her side. I stopped fingering her pussy and asshole because I wanted to devote all my time into making sure she came with my mouth on her. She didn’t Kadıköy Sarışın Escort last long. Her body shuddered and shook as her juice fell all over my face and the bed.

I let go of her body and she immediately fell onto her side as she lost control. Her eyes were closed and her torso kept gently convulsing.

I stood up to watch her. I lived to watch her do this; making her cum so hard was my favorite thing to do…

When she was done, I picked her up and put her back down so I could get behind her. Usually, she was too exhausted after such an orgasm to fuck so I would usually just spoon her when she was ready. I wrapped one of my arms around her tits and held the other one outstretched as we held each other’s hands. She tilted her head back so that I could invade her mouth with my tongue.

Sure, enough, when she was ready, she started bucking me with her ass dug into my crotch. I slid my cock up and down her drenched pussy but she was impatient so she took me and put me right into her pussy. She wasn’t going to let me tease her anymore…

I pulled hard on her nipple to let her know I approved. She let out a high-pitched scream which was definitely too loud for the hotel. I covered her mouth with my hand and she met my eyes with her gorgeous blue eyes. To punish her, I pulled her nipple again which made her scream but this time it was muffled. Her eyes closed so I nibbled her ear.

I fucked her hard. My cock was big and sometimes it was too much when her tiny pussy was swollen like now. But today I didn’t care. I let go of her mouth just in case and pounded in and out, in and out and in and out. Slowly but forcibly.

With each thrust she gave a high-pitched squeak but she locked he own eyes onto mine. Her eyes said everything to me: ‘Don’t worry, master, I won’t make too much noise… (just enough)…’

This was too much. I sped up the pace and she ground her ass against me to meet my rhythm.

God she knew how to fuck…

It was too much for her as well because I could feel her hot juice again as it poured over my cock. I kept grinding in and out of her as her muscles relaxed in another orgasm. She was still spent from the previous one so this one was much more mild.

I was still hard inside her and when she was done, she pulled me out of her with a schluck and pushed me over onto my back.

She straddled me and wrapped her full lips around my cock and began sucking me off, determined to make me cum. She was looking right into my eyes as a tuft of hair fell over her face. She quickly brushed it away so that she could keep looking at and concentrating on me. Sometimes she sucked my dick this way: like it was going out of style…

It wasn’t long before I erupted right down her throat. I didn’t warn her because I liked to surprise her but she probably knew I was going to cum soon anyway. She swallowed all of my cum like a champ then she let go of me and looked at my dick. Whenever, a bit of cum dribbled out, she made sure to lick it up.

When I was done, I beckoned her to me. I wrapped her in my arms and spooned her again. Now I was tired…

She kissed me and said, “Did I do you good master?”

I nibbled her ear and whispered into it: “Yes, my pet. You’re a good fuckslave.”

She broke character again at this and chuckled but kept going: “Do I please my master?”

“You do indeed please me. You are going to be a fine babymaker…”

I woke the next day early to get a head start on things. Lately I’ve taken to letting my wife sleep as she has had a terrible time with morning sickness and sometimes is spared from it by sleeping a bit longer.

But not today… What a shame – I managed to close the door without making a sound. One day she won’t have to suffer through anymore but so far, she’s been a real trooper about it.

I went to get her a glass of water and since she was up, I figured I’d maker her some breakfast.

When I came back up, Vessa was surprisingly alert seemed to have recovered quicker than usual. I handed her the glass of water. She was sitting completely upright at the foot of the bed.

“Here babe. Have some water.”

She looked at me a bit puzzled and drank from the glass.

“How are you feeling?” I asked.

“I am well master.” Then she winked at me. I had completely forgotten!

She was looking up at me submissively with her giant blue eyes at the foot of the bed. Just as she was going to drink from her glass, she handed it back to me. I could tell she wanted me to order her to finish the glass.

That’s when I realized that my previous bet had backfired: she was going to make me play this game all day, even around the couple we were supposed to meet today…

She was going to drive me wild by the end of the day. Somehow I was going to figure out how to make the most of it.

I handed her back the glass. “Drink the rest of it.”

“But I’m not thirsty, master.”

“The baby I put inside you needs water. Now drink.”

She Kadıköy Şişman Escort seemed pleased at this since she brought the cup to her mouth with both hands in the most adorable way then handed me back the glass when it was empty. I went to the sink and filled it up again and made her finish that one too for good measure.

She wiped her mouth and waited for further instructions.

“Get ready. We have some shopping to do and you have some food to eat.”

“Yes master. Will there be anything else?”

I was at the door. “No, that will be all.”

“Thank you master.”

I could hear a bit of disappointment in her voice which made me turn around to look at her before leaving the room. I gave her one last command: “You are to wear pigtails all day today.” She hated that. It made her nose scrunch up involuntarily for one cute little moment.

Then she said, “Yes master.”

She was drop-dead fuckable in pigtails. That’s when I knew what I wanted to do with the day.

I went downstairs and made breakfast food for the both of us. The day was going to be long because we had some business to take care of. We were both here in New York half on business and half on vacation and today was one of the business days. I was an author and had to sit through a book deal meeting while she had to attend a cardiovascular conference. Both were pretty boring so I was going to spice them up.

I cooked half of the carton of eggs and a bunch of bacon by the time she came out of the bedroom. She sat down and looked hungry.

I only ate a couple eggs and a bit of toast but made her eat the four others, the bacon and the rest of the toast.

When she was done I said, “Stand up and remove your robe.”

I was sitting down and was afforded a grand view of her body standing right in front of me. Her abdomen was right at my eye-level and and I put my hands on her waist to rotate her in front of me. Her belly was just slightly bloated from the meal which looked very fetching on her. I stood up and nipped at her nipple as I did so eliciting a delicate surprised yelp. I walked around her appraising her body as I did so. When I was content, I commanded her to put her clothes on and pinched her ass as she left.

I wanted to fuck her so badly before we left but I knew the sex that night would be that much better if I waited.

I was already wearing my fitted clothes and tie which would be required throughout the day and suddenly regretted the fact that we didn’t bring much clothing from home because looking down, I was pretty sure I stained my tie. Yep, definitely did. I was going to need a new one. I took it off and put it on the counter.

When Vessa came back out, she was wearing a relatively conservative grey sundress with a high neckline (most of the clothing she wore to work required a high neckline because any cleavage just drew attention to the size of her tits, and any such attention was a bad thing, frankly, for a doctor). It fit her form perfectly however.

And she had her hair in pigtails. What a genius idea…it just seemed so…inappropriate. She tried to downplay it but it didn’t work. No doubt she was going to try to fight me on it when she had to go to her conference.

After I was done ogling at her, I walked over and kissed her a kiss that would be tasteless in public, squeezed her ass, took her hand, and led her out the door.

The best thing about New York is the fact that there are no limits to what’s accepted. Here you can get away with anything short of breaking the law. This was going to be good for out bondage day.

I asked Vessa to pick out a new tie for me to wear and, as usual, she chose a classy solid maroon tie to go with my summer attire.

I took her to the shops on Fifth Ave to get a new tie but also because I loved to flaunt my wife around and Fifth Ave is as good a place as any to do that in New York. You can see fifty gorgeous girls walk past you in the span of ten blocks going up or down that avenue and today I wanted to show Vessa off amongst them. Not a single one was even close to my girl and she knew it.

Some girls packaged themselves as though they were trying to compete but didn’t wear it as well as Vessa could. Others (likely tourists) pretended to know how to walk around in high heels or just tried too hard to impress. My Vessa on the other hand had to downplay her look just to fit in otherwise she’d draw unwanted, constant glaces just walking up and down the street.

When I was happy with out little excursion here, I decided to get what I was going to be needed for the rest of the day which we would have to get somewhere eles. That’s when I saw an inspiration.

A girl came out of a shop wearing a skin-tight dress. Once I saw her two things occurred to me: 1) Vessa would look better wearing it and 2) I wanted to show her off doing so.

I took her into the shop and she pretty much figured out my motivations right after stepping through the door, and I’m sure the shopkeeper did as well. Vessa was set up with a stylist and they showed me three dresses before I decided upon which one I wanted.

She came out in a two-tone dress which showed her perfect shape from her full tits to her (as yet unchanged) slim waist to her overdeveloped hips and ass. But it still wasn’t enough.

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