Wendy Hot Afternoon

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Thank you Brian 6588 for helping me with this story.


It was a hot Thursday afternoon. I was stuck in traffic on my way home. I knew of some country back roads that I could take. It would be longer but the scenery would be better and not bumper to bumper traffic.

The next turnpike I got off the freeway and in 10 minutes I was out on a country gravel road with my top down on my convertible. I could feel the stress leaving my body as the wind and sun relaxed my body.

A bit about me. My name is Wendy. I am 53 years young. I say young because I feel young. I work out regularly. On a good day I weigh 125 lbs. On a bad day 130 lbs. I stand 5’6″ tall with long slender legs. My figure is a fit 34C – 29 – 35. I have short black hair. I work as a guidance counselor at a school where 100% of the ones I work with are young men. My husband travels a lot so there is not much intimacy in our relationship. This leaves me fantasizing about these young men I help. I have a good supply of sex toys in the drawer next to my bed that I use while I fantasize about having a hard young cock fuck my hot wet pussy.

As I am driving down this road my mind drift off to the young man David who I was helping today. He had a charming boyish look to him but I noticed is strong arms. I wondered what it would feel for him to hold me in those arms and kiss me deeply.

“Bang! Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.” I hear.

I pull over and get out of the car. “God damn it flat tires out here in the middle of know where!”

I pull out my phone to call AAA. “Fuck, no signal. You have got to be killing me.”

Reluctantly I open up the trunk and see a spare tire and jack. “God I wish I had paid attention in driver’s education when they taught us how to change a tire.”

I go to the glove box and pull out the owners manual and start to thumb through it to find out how to change the tire. I finally find the page and I look up and I can see a thin trail of dust coming my way.

“Thank you God for sending someone to help me.” I say out loud.

As the car pulls up I see it is a young man about 22 years old. He is cute and do I dare say handsome. He steps out of the car and I see he has on faded blue jeans and a tight fitting white T shirt that shows off a muscular chest. He smiles at me with his perfect white straight teeth and says, “Looks like you could use some help Mam.”

“Hello there. Yes, I sure could use some help. My name is Wendy. I prefer Wendy, Mam makes me sound old.”

“My name is Brian.” He reaches out and shakes my hand.

“Well let me get to this and have you on the road.”

Brian gets the tire and jack out of the car. I can see he is already starting to sweat. Just as I noticed it he pulls off Deneme Bonus his T shirt and says, “Hope you don’t mind, I don’t want to get my shirt dirty and sweaty.”

Wow, I think as I noticed he smooth, strong, lean torso.

“You must work out a lot.” I said.

“Yes I do. I play football and just finished high school and got a college scholarship at Cal State.” He answered.

“Wow, I figured you were at least 22 years old. Well congratulations. I’m an advisor for college students. But not at Cal State. If you want any help I will give you my number and feel free to call me.” Wendy said.

“No, I am only 18 Mam, I mean Wendy. But yes, that would be great. I am not sure what my major is going to be.” Brian replied.

While Brian worked on getting the lug nuts off I went to get a pen and paper to give him my phone number. Thinking of this hot young stud who was only 18 was making her pussy wet and ache for a good hard fucking.

As I got to the car door I decided that I was going to seduce this young stud. He was crouched down behind the car on the other side working on the tire. I was wearing a short black skirt, semi shear white blouse with a white lace bra. I didn’t have any panties on and rarely do, as when I am bored I like to finger my pussy for a quick orgasm. Did I mention I love sex? In only took me a few second to unhook my bra and take it off and put it in my glove box. In the glove box I found a napkin and a pen which I put my name and number on.

Before I returned to him I looked in the side view mirror and I could see a light outline of my light pink nipples. They were already poking out with excitement from what I was about to do. I undid one more button on my blouse to make sure he got a nice cleavage view.

As I came around the corner Brian glanced up at me. He did a double take and I could see him swallow as he noticed my change.

I leaned over and said, “Here is my phone number if you decide you want my help.” As I handed him my number I saw his eyes look down my blouse. By the slow growing bulge in his pants I was sure he enjoyed the view.

Several times I leaned over to hand him the lug nuts as he got the tire back on. Each time he made a point of looking down my blouse. I could see his cock getting bigger and bigger. Between the heat and his excitement beads of sweat were forming on his naked torso.

Brian finished putting on the tire and stood up and said, “There you go Wendy. I will put the flat in your trunk. Make sure you get a new tire right away.”

After he put the tire in the trunk and closed the trunk I said, “Thank you so much. I need to pay you.”

“Aw thanks, but you don’t need to pay me any money. I am happy to help a beautiful woman in Bedava bonusu distress.” Brian said.

I stepped in close and put my right hand on his muscular peck and said, “I wasn’t thinking money.” Then I licked his nipple and tasted his salty sweat. I followed up by running my hand down to his crotch and squeezing his big fat cock and said. “I think someone needs a little attention.”

“Oh fuck.” He breathed in low whisper.

He pulled me in tight and kissed me deeply. While we kissed I was able to undo his belt, jeans button and zipper and had my hand down his pants pulling out his cock. I broke off the kiss and looked down at his beautiful cock in my hand. It was a good 9 inches long and thick.

I slowly started to stroke his cock as he fumbled with the buttons on my blouse. He was nervous has he struggled with each button. Finally all my buttons were undone and my perk C cup breasts were his for the taking.

He cupped my left breast and rolled my sensitive nipple between his fingers while his mouth brought my right nipple into his mouth and he licked it and nibbled on it.

This shot a jolt of electricity right to my wet pussy causing me to have a small orgasm. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I broke from his grasp and told him to pull his pants down and sit on the top of my trunk.

Brian was sitting on the truck with his big cock pointing up like a heat seeking missal. I took the head of his cock into my mouth. I could taste his lovely pre cum. I slowly took his entire shaft down my throat until my nose touched his pelvis. I held his cock deep in my throat while I gently played with his balls. As I backed off he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth. He thrust his hips hard and grunted.

I felt his hot cum filling my throat and mouth. I tried to swallow it but couldn’t keep up. Cum dripped from my mouth and onto the trunk of my car.

He finally released my head and I was able to pull free of his cock. His cock was still throbbing and a little cum was still seeping out. One reason I love young cock so much is they need little to no recovery time and usually have lots of cum. I love the feeling of hot cum filling my pussy.

“Get off the car. Fuck me from behind. Fuck my tight pussy Brian.” I ordered him as I pulled up my skirt showing him my tight ass.

I leaned over the trunk of my car and spread my legs. Brian got behind me and guided his massive cock into my hot wet pussy. He entered me easily as I was so wet. I felt him hit my cervix and that alone almost made me orgasm.

I do my Kegels on a regular basis and I gripped his cock tight as he slowly fucked me. “Fuck me harder and faster. You are young show me what you got.” I told him.

He grabbed my Deneme bonusu veren siteler hips and started to pound my pussy. He fucked me hard for a good 20 minutes giving me 2 orgasms. I could tell he was getting close as he picked up the pace even faster and harder. “Oh fuck, oh fuck I am going to cum.” He shouted.

I felt 3 hot jets of cum fill my pussy and then 2 smaller jets. I squeezed his cock as hard as I could as I milked every drop of cum out of him.

I released my grip on his cock and Brian pulled out. “Oh my God Wendy, you are amazing. I have never been with anyone half as good as you.” Brian said.

I turned and faced him and said, “I am not done with you yet.”

I kissed him deeply. Our tongues explored each others mouth. I slowly stroked his cock as we kissed bringing it slowly back to life. Brian fondled my breasts. He was now hard and ready for more.

He picked me up and set my on the edge of the car. I spread my legs wide as he stepped inside my legs and guided his cock into my pussy that was begging for another pounding like before.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as he slowly fucked me. I let him fuck me like this for awhile. Then I leaned back onto the trunk so I could watch his cock slide in and out of my wet pussy.

Brian reached up and started to massage my tits and roll my nipples between his fingers. Waves of shock ran through my body again and I came. Brian was good and reading my body. He gently took my nipples between his fingers and began to tug. He tugged on them and held them in place as my tits were now elongated and there was a fine line between pain and pleasure.

I couldn’t help my self and I started to thrust my hips hard as wave after wave of orgasms washed over me. My pussy constricted onto his cock hoping he would cum with me.

My body was worn out. I was satisfied. But he was not done. Brian lifted my legs over his shoulders. He held my hips and started to fuck me hard and fast. I was a rag doll as he fucked me. With out me trying my pussy naturally started to squeeze his cock.

“Oh god, oh god I am going to cum again.” I yelled.

Then it happened. Brian exploded inside me just as I came. I felt his cock slowly go limp inside me before he pulled out.

We were both sweaty and breathing hard. As I climbed off the car I said. “I hope that was payment enough for your services.”

“Oh my God Wendy, not in a million years would I think this would have happened to me. I will admit when I saw you I thought there is a MILF.”

We got dressed. I left my bra off. My husband was gone so who cares what I look like when I get home.

We kissed one last time. In the distance we saw another car coming down the road. I drove off as he got back into his car.

A couple of miles down the road I pulled my skirt up a bit as I was feeling fluid leaking from me. Brian’s cum was seeping from my pussy. I took my fingers and scooped it up and took it into my mouth. Mmmm our love tasted good.

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