What a Dream


I dreamt again last night of you.

You came to me and held me naked in your strong arms. You leaned your head against my neck and softly blew delicate kisses against my skin. I shivered as your velvet tongue flicked across my fevered flesh. Your hands moved slowly up my torso, caressing my stomach, moving upwards to cup my breasts. You flicked your fingers across the tips of my nipples and watched them harden with desire. Then you turned me around so that your glorious erection was nestled within the cleft of my ass. You pressed yourself against me, imprinting me with the hard evidence of your need.

Laughing, you shoved me forward onto the bed. I turned over and couldn’t breathe when I saw the hot desire in your eyes. I knew you were going to make me beg and plead, and I couldn’t wait for the torment. My skin tingled as I imagined you lodged within me, moving, rubbing, thrusting.

You leaned over and grasped my wrists above my head, securing them with the restraints attached to the bed. Oh god, I was totally at your mercy. I couldn’t leave even if I had wanted to. Smiling your wicked grin, you trailed your fingers over my quivering body, stopping at each sensitive place to squeeze, pinch, caress, lick and kiss.

Finally, your fingers found my shaved mound, eagerly parting the slick lips. I cried out as you thrust a finger inside of me. As the torment began to build, you inserted another finger and slowly stretched me until I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything but feel. You leaned bursa escort up and drew my nipples, one after the other, into your hot mouth. You suckled hard at my breasts, and I nearly swooned. You pressed your fingers upwards and I jumped over the edge. I convulsed around your fingers as you slipped one more finger into my wet channel.

The torture lasted for what seemed like hours as you laid siege to my body, storming the shaking citadel. I begged. I whimpered. I pleaded with all my heart for you to finally come to me, to embed your length with my body. As I felt you glide up my body, I sagged with relief thinking you would finally take me like I wanted.

But you had something else in mind.

You flipped me over onto my stomach, the wrist restraints easily following your demanding movements. I closed my eyes and groaned in agony, knowing exactly what you were going to do to me. You lifted me up slightly and slid two pillows beneath my stomach, lifting my ass to your heated glaze, parting my thighs and giving you access to my deepest secrets.

I shivered as you ran your hands up my thighs, over my back, up my neck. I cried out as you grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head back. “Tell me you belong to me,” you growled in my ear, biting hard on my earlobe.

“I swear, I belong to you,” I sobbed into the sheets. “I will do whatever you want.” I could feel your iron erection against my pussy, then sliding tantalizingly between my ass cheeks. I wanted you inside me more than anything. bursa escort bayan But I knew you wouldn’t take me just yet.

Satisfied with my vow, you moved back down my body. I felt your fingers slide back inside me, and I couldn’t stop the tears as the agony and fire within me grew. Your fingers slid out of my slickened secret and slowly travelled up to my shaking cheeks. Using both hands, you parted my ass and gently touched me, delicately fingering my most sensitive area.

Suddenly, your tongue replaced your fingers. Licking avidly, rimming me to the extreme, you slipped your fingers into my pussy again, moving in and out, stretching me to my limit. I screamed at you to stop, to take me, to use me in anyway you desired. You laughed, and the vibration against my ass once again set me off.

As I shook and tremored with my orgasm, you moved to your knees behind me and grabbed my hips. Wetting your shaft with my juices, you thrust yourself into my tight pussy, slamming yourself into me all the way to the hilt. I started to whimper and moan again as you pulled out of me and pushed back in. You rammed into me over and over, shoving me into the mattress. Just as I thought the world would once again explode, you suddenly withdrew.

I felt you again part my ass cheeks and then felt your slick member rubbing against me, reading me for your intrusion. All of a sudden, I felt the amazing pressure and sensation as you forged into my tightest channel. The stretching görükle escort was too intense, the burning too incredible. I pressed my face into the sheets and yelled with all my might. I heard you laugh behind me as you started to move within my ass. Everything disappeared till the only thing I was aware of was you ravishing me from behind, withdrawing and forcing yourself back in.

I felt you tense as your thrusts became more frenzied, harder and faster. I was on the egde, just about to jump, when I felt you explode within me. The feel of your hot seed filling me pushed me over the cliff and I screamed again as I soared to the clouds, crying with the sheer joy and pleasure enveloping us.

You collapsed along my sweat-slickened body, chest-heaving, heart-pounding. I smiled into the darkness as I realized that, in the end, you too lost control. As you pulled out of me, I gasped at the amazing sensation. Unconsciously, I clenched around you and heard you swear. You had to pause before withdrawing all the way, then you collapsed against the extra pillows. Almost absentmindedly, you reached over and released me from the restraints.

My body singing with pleasure, I sighed and turned onto my side. I trailed my hand over your chest, smiling as your muscles moved beneath my questing fingers. As I moved lower along your abdomen, your breath caught in your throat. I stroked your cock, coaxing the steel back into play. I kissed along your hips bone, making my way towards your growing shaft.

You surged to life as I took you into my mouth, licking away our essences. Your fingers clenched in my hair as you pressed yourself deeper into my mouth, further into my throat.

“Jesus,” you whispered as I continued my ministrations. I smiled against your erection and took you to the stars once again.

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