What I Had Always Wanted

Big Dick

I can’t tell you what happened. If I tell you what happened you’ll think I’m a slut. And… I’m definitely not a slut. It was only a one-time thing, but I had to do it. I didn’t really have a choice at the time, but looking back I know I wanted it. I had mentioned it to him so much, time and again. It took a while for him to understand why I wanted this… he wanted to make my first time special, but his idea of special was cooking me a nice candlelit dinner and then making love by the fire. Mine was just a bit different.

Ever since I first heard about sex, I have been fascinated by the male anatomy. I admit, I’ve been obsessed with penis. But for some reason, I made it to my eighteenth birthday without one penis anywhere near my body. Every time I thought of a warm, throbbing cock stretching my pussy lips open I nearly convulsed in delight. I wanted to be teased and fucked so badly- and after 18 years, I couldn’t wait any longer. So I told my boyfriend this and he agreed… (This was about a month ago.) He told me that he’d plan something perfect for the next time I came over to visit and I attempted to hint that my idea of a perfect first time was far from the idea most girls had of it.

Eventually, he caught on, and being the great guy that he is, he decided to ask more questions about my sexual fantasies. At first, I was embarrassed. I mean, I wasn’t exactly proud of the fact that every time I got myself off I had to think of being fucked by a large group of men. When my roommate would be at class, I’d sit in my room and let my fingers find their way to my pussy, slowly rubbing them around my clit. I’d imagine many men- so many men that I couldn’t count if I tried to, and all they wanted was my body. They wanted to be inside of me- can you imagine that?

The very thought of it made me so wet I nearly created a flood. But I couldn’t tell anyone about this… I couldn’t tell any of my female friends because they’d think I was a terrible person for wanting to be fucked and objectified in this way, and I couldn’t tell my boyfriend because I was afraid he’d think that he wouldn’t be good enough for me. I figured I could deal with having sex with one guy at a time for the rest of my life and keep the fantasy of what they call “group sex” in my mind only when I fucked myself.

But my boyfriend was tricky. He invited me over to his place one night and started to question me about my huge fantasy I vaguely talked so much about. At first I refused to say anything- but as he began to kiss my neck I slowly began to crack. When he brought his muscular arm down my body and I felt his hand in between my thighs, I couldn’t resist. He asked again- “so… what is it you want?”

“I don’t know…” I said, quivering with every movement of his fingertip.

He began to squeeze the fabric in my crotch and asked again, “what is it.. you can tell me.”

Nearly falling over I laughed a little and responded, “okay… okay.. I’ll tell you!”

“So what is it?” he said, squeezing harder as my clit began to throb.

“I.. I…” he squeezed tightly and released, “I want to be fucked by a lot of men.”

His hand jumped away from my pants, “oh?” he said, partially offended and partially curious. “What exactly do you mean?” He glanced at me with a glimmer of interest in his eye.

“I… okay… ever since I can remember, I’ve fantasized about a lot of guys fucking me at once… I mean—like a lot of men standing around me lying there naked and having them take turns with me. I know it’s an awful thing to want and I completely understand if you’re not into it—but it just turns me on so much and…”

He brought his fingers to my mouth and said, “Shh. I’ll see what I can do.”

So weeks went by and neither of us brought the conversation up again. We went about our normal activities- school; work, going out, clubbing, etc. And as the weeks went by, I began to wonder if I was going to be a virgin forever. I started to masturbate more frequently, finding myself even starting to squeeze my thighs together in public places like movie theatres. My boyfriend and I were such prudes- it was so terrible- Ironically, he looked like the jock-type. You know- the kind that was tall, dark and handsome and obviously had had a lot of sex… except for he hadn’t. He was a virgin too since we had been dating for over two years and he was waiting for me to be ready. But in reality, I had been ready for a long time- I just had always been taught that the guy Escort bayan should make the first move. I was getting sick of waiting. I know it’s silly, but I was about to break up with him because he hadn’t even tried to fuck me—even after I told him how horny I truly was.

But then one day during winter break, Zack invited me over to his apartment. He told me to wear something cute and to make sure I was clean-shaven. Now, this excited me because I had never heard words like that come out of his mouth before. I had no clue what kind of tricks he had up his sleeve, but I was ready for anything. I figured he would have me over, maybe he’d finger me and possibly even go down on me at that would be it. Oh- and of course I’d repay the favor- but I wasn’t expecting anything more than that. In any case, at this point it was enough to hope for because he hadn’t even gone down on me, and my pussy wanted to feel a tongue inside of it so badly.

The day he asked me to come over quickly arrived and I had picked out the perfect outfit. I put on my black satin low waisted underwear and studied myself in the mirror. Quickly, I dropped my underwear and examined my pussy. It was pink, ripe and ready to be torn apart. Then I pulled the panties back up to my waist and put on a slinky black dress that came to a few inches above my knee. Standing in front of the mirror, I suddenly decided to do without the panties whatsoever.

On my way over to Zack’s apartment, I combed my hair long brunette strands of hair through a few times and tied it up in a high ponytail. I definitely looked hot and I was ready for anything.

When I arrived at the apartment, all the lights were off. I knocked on the door- one, two, three times. It creaked open by itself. I thought that was weird since I knew Zack wouldn’t leave the door wide open by accident. I entered and shut the door behind me.

It was so dark that I walked right into Zack without even realizing he was standing in front of me. At that moment, I realized Zack felt a bit different. He was the same person I remembered, except I felt something hard sticking out right by my upper thigh. It was then that I noticed Zack was standing there completely naked with a giant hard on. At that same moment in the darkness, Zack grabbed my head and threw me onto my knees. He pulled my head towards his cock and before I had a chance to breathe, his cock was inside of my mouth. It was only then he spoke. But when he did this, he sounded like someone else… someone I never expected could have come from the man I had dated for so long. “Suck it,” he said, and without hesitation I opened my lips wide and took his cock deep within my throat. I was surprised how I could do this without gagging and was very proud of myself. But besides that, I was actually enjoying his delicious rod fucking in and out of my mouth. His moans of pleasure made me feel incredibly happy and turned on.

Just as quickly as he had shoved his cock down my throat, he seemingly disappeared. I heard a voice say “don’t go far.” So I got up and stood in the same spot for a little over a minute. Then, I felt a hand reach from behind me and touch the wetness in between my thighs. A loud masculine gasp was clearly heard when he discovered that I was not wearing any underwear. When I felt his cock hit up against the back of my dress, I knew this had excited him even more. I was so amazed at how big he had grown to- and more than anything, I wanted to feel him rip apart my hole and shove his cock deep inside of my moistness. But I didn’t know if he had that in mind.. all I knew is I was standing there, wet as a fucking rainforest and feeling his fingers touch me for the very first time.

He rubbed his thumb around and found my hole with his index finger. He inserted the tip of the finger and shoved it deep inside of me. I screamed in a bittersweet moment of pain and pleasure. He brought his body close to my back and started to fingerfuck me with just the one finger. Soon I was falling into his finger, wanting more. When he tried to pull out I’d sit down on his hand trying to get every last millimeter out of his muscular grasp. He realized how my pussy could take more, so he began to stick another finger inside of me and slowly open my hole up even more. Soon he had three fingers fucking in and out of my hole without much resistance. I gasped in delight and arched my back slightly, resting my neck on his bare shoulder. I couldn’t take Bayan escort it any more. I wanted him inside me at that moment… but I wanted him to do it.. I wanted him to…

Sensing this also, he pulled his fingers out of me and bent me forward. He lifted my skirt into the air and placed his thick cock at the tip of my pussy, rubbing it up from my ass crack to my clitoris. I waited… and waited… He entered slowly at first and I barely caught my breath. His cock slid into me, tearing away at my virginity. When his cock was nearly all the way in, he let it sit there and move naturally inside of me so we could both get adjusted to each other.

It was then the lights turned on to revel at least eleven other men standing around us with their cocks flung out into the air. I moaned with delight as one of the men approached me in front and began to suck on my nipples. He was older than us—at least 25 or so- and seemed to know a lot more about sex than the two of us put together. His hands guided my hips away from Zacks cock and then shoved it back inside of me and out again. It hurt like hell but I wanted more. Zack got the idea and started to ram himself into me- first slowly and then he picked up speed. I looked around at all the men standing around us, jerking off with their dicks getting harder by the second. I noticed one man- a black muscular man- whose cock was bigger than I imagined one could ever be. He looked me in the eye when he saw I was staring and winked at me. My body quaked.

The lights turned out again as Zack pulled himself out of my pussy and all was silent. Suddenly, hands and cock were all over my body. I was at a loss of which were Zack’s and which weren’t- but everything felt so good.

I remember it as clear as day. A man shoved me onto the floor, where another man had apparently been lying face up. I sat on his cock and he entered my ass as the other man pushed me down onto him. This hurt even more than when Zack had been fucking my vagina, but at the same time I liked it. I enjoyed all the attention and moaned out, wanting even more. The man who had shoved me onto this dick took his own cock and brought it to my mouth. The other men were all around me, making my hips move so that I would ride this guy underneath me. My mouth opened wide and I began to lick the cock in front of me. The man began to moan loudly and sure enough I felt a warm squirt of cum in the back of my pink throat. I quickly swallowed it and licked the last of the cream off of the tip of his shrinking cock.

The man left and another arrived, shoving me so that I was lying horizontally face up on top of the man on the floor. This man stood over me and lifted the front of my dress. He leaned over and I felt this cool rush of the greatest feeling ever tingling throughout my pussy. His tongue danced on my clit and then he took his fingers and opened my hole up so he could stick his long tongue inside of me. He fucked it in and out and I screamed in ecstasy. He got up and in a deep, mature voice asked “are you ready for this?” I softly replied, “yes” and felt the tip of a huge cock resting on the lips of my pussy. He asked again, “are you sure?” as he brought my hand to grip his gigantic rod. Not knowing how much of it I could take, my body lifted off of the cock still pumping away at my ass and forced the tip of the cock to enter my tightness. I noticed something different besides his titanic nature and wondered what it was. Then I realized- he wasn’t wearing a condom.

Although a brief fear of all those terrible things you hear about on tv entered my mind, I quickly reminded myself that I was on birth control and that I was sure Zack new these guys and wouldn’t have me fucking anyone with an STD- he was smarter than that. And I didn’t have long enough to worry before the man stretched me wide and gradually plunged into the depths of my raspberry flesh.

He felt even larger once he was inside me and I was sure my body was going to explode. I could have sworn he had himself all the way inside of me until he took my hand again and showed me that it was not even inside half way. He lifted himself out of me and pulled me into the air a moment after I felt the cock inside my asshole squirt hot liquid and go limp. He lied himself down on the ground face up and pulled me on top of him. He commanded, “sit on me. I want you to take all of me.. and you will take all of me.”

The lights went on again. The men had all Escort circled closer and a few were rubbing their cocks on my body. My black dress was covered in white cum stains. Zack walked over towards me and lifted the dress over my head and then kissed me on the lips. The men adjusted my body so I was sitting on this huge black cock, but facing away from the mans face. Instead, I was facing Zack who was smiling at me. He brought his tongue to spiral on my stomach and each time I felt some wet movement I sank more and more onto the gigantic throbbing cock.

Two men were holding my legs out so my thighs were spread as wide as they could go, while the black man underneath me held my hips in his hands, guiding my body onto his long cock. I would not more for a while and then sink another inch or two onto the thing in the second. Each time I dropped down I moaned out loudly. Just then, Zack looked me in the eye, kissed my lips and smiled at me. He put his arms on my shoulders and shoved me down onto the cock with all his might and said, “fucking ride him.” I did just that as my pussy somehow took the last of his 9 or so inches.

Once the man was completely inside of me, I was instructed to turn around and straddle the man facing forward. I did that and another man quickly got on top of me from behind and shoved his cock into my anal hole. One more guy was standing straddled over the black man’s head and pushed his dick to the back of my throat. As the rest of the men jerked off around me and hit their cocks against my naked body, I felt a huge tremor begin to build inside of me. The men fucked me harder and harder and I was screaming out so loud I was surprised someone didn’t call the cops.

As soon as one man came, another would take his place… all my holes were filled for a long while. The black cock underneath me remained hard the entire time and I realized that it was going to be my final challenge to get him off. He looked me in the eye and jammed himself into my pussy time and time again, but as the rest of the men quickly came, he wasn’t even getting close.

All the men were through with me.. their dicks had gotten limp and they stood around out of breath, watching me still take in this giant black meat. I was on a mission and would not stop riding until his man had shot his load. I pulled my pussy away from him and teased his head with my ass crack. I didn’t want to take his rod in my ass because it was so huge, but at that point I was willing to do anything to get him off.

Instead of shoving himself inside of my ass, he lifted me into the air and through me against a wall. He was so rough with me I was almost scared, but a part of me liked it. He took my right leg and lifted it up over his arm and then instructed the other men to help lift my other leg up in the same manner and support my body in the air. They did so and he took his cock and shoved it straight up my pussy, burning out of disbelief. For five minutes straight he fucked me this way, in and out, out and in, in and in and deeper and deeper and in and out, out and in, in, in, out… he fucked me hard and soft. He let his rod move around inside of me as he gyrated his hips. He shoved himself all the way in and pulled all the way out. He began to moan.

I could feel his body changing and his cock growing inside of me. He leaned over my head and rested his arms on the wall above me. He rammed himself in me so deep again and again and finally I felt his cock inflate and explode inside of my pussy. The warm cum squirted inside of me and felt so amazing that my thighs and hole clenched around him. Together, we came. I must have had six orgasms in that minute because I couldn’t stop shaking. His cock seemed to hold an immeasurable amount of cum- it just shot and shot filling my cunt with white cream. He pulled out and my body immediately had another orgasm.

He smiled at me, and rubbed his wet cock on my cunt, which was covered in his cum. Zack was the only man left who hadn’t gotten off. I knew I couldn’t take anymore, but I had to get my boyfriend off. He carried my shaking body into his bedroom and gently lied me down onto the bed. He kindly asked me if I could take any more and although my body said no, I said yes.

He leaned over me and shoved his cock into my soaking wet pussy. By this time, he had taken off his condom and although he was a lot smaller than the black cock inside of me previously, he felt incredibly good. He slowly fucked himself in and out of me until he exploded right at the gate of my pussy lips. I looked at him, kissed him on the lips and said, “thank you.” He lied on top of me as we both breathed heavily and drifted off into a deep, satisfied sleep.

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