When a Plan Comes Together

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Ann-Marie had a plan, one she had been working on for nearly two years. She had played out different scenarios in her head, keeping some parts and discarding others. Central to her scheme was Dominic, her twin brother, and today was their eighteenth birthday. He was by far the easiest of her two targets she had decided, and if she could manipulate him, then the path to her main prize was closer. For years they had fought like cat and dog, but once the idea was in her head, Ann-Marie had subtly changed, becoming more approachable and acting as though she was a concerned sister.

She knew that he was out with his friends that evening celebrating, certain that he would return home worse for wear, or at least she was hoping he would. Ann-Marie had dressed for his return, which in itself was a joke because beneath the silky robe she was wearing, she was naked.

Stumbling through the door, it was late, and Dominic was drunk. He had been expecting everyone to be in bed, asleep, surprised to find his sister still up and about. He was even more surprised to see her wearing a robe; normally it would have been full pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt top. She was chatty, but fidgeted constantly, seemingly unaware that as the robe slid over her skin it gaped in places and gave him constant views of her thighs, the “V” of her groin, and the ponderous edges of her ample breasts.

His friends mentioned constantly that she was pretty, fit, and sexy, but Dominic had never noticed, at least not until that evening. He wasn’t going to admit to anyone, and especially not to her, that he was still to get his end away, but the constant views of her body suddenly had his dick twitching. They were right in what they said, despite her being his older sister by five minutes, as females went, she wasn’t bad; in fact, in part, due to his beer goggles, she looked bloody good.

Ann-Marie pretended not to notice her brother’s lecherous glances, while Dominic pretended not to look at her as she bared sufficient flesh to tantalise and tease him. It was hard not to miss his hard-on, the bulge in his pants, looking quite enticing as she fluttered her eyelashes in his direction and gave him another view of her cleavage. When she was ready to go upstairs, she made sure that when moving her legs, he got an unobstructed view of her fanny. It would give him something to think about as he went to sleep, she determined, and that was if he didn’t pleasure himself first.

Over the following month, she kept up the pressure. Most evenings they would both be out separately, but Ann-Marie ensured that they would end up at the same venues, or that she would be nearby at the end of an evening, so that they could walk home together, often with her arm through his. Dominic’s mates were never going to complain, especially when she turned up with two or three of her companions; they were all attractive and sexy and kept his friends occupied while she teased her brother.

At home and when Dominic was around, she cajoled and flirted, dressing provocatively and often leaving the bathroom or her bedroom door slightly ajar, allowing him to catch glimpses of her partially dressed, or wandering around in her underwear. She knew by now that he was watching, the constant bulge in his pants, a sign that he was interested.

She hadn’t said anything, but Ann-Marie knew a pair of her panties had disappeared and she guessed who the likely culprit was. She didn’t mind; she was gratified; it meant that he was thinking and fantasising about her as she imagined her brother grasping his cock as he tossed himself off. What she needed to engineer next was a situation, an opportunity to push the envelope a little bit further.

Fortune smiled on her one afternoon several weeks later. She worked behind the cosmetics counter at one of the department stores in town and it was her half-day because of having to work Saturdays. Both her parents would be out at work, Dominic would be at college, and she was looking forward to the house being empty when she arrived home.

When she entered through the back door, silence reigned; kicking off her shoes as she padded into the lounge in her stocking feet. ‘Two minutes,’ she thought as she stretched out on the couch, just wanting to rest her legs after being on the go all morning but not wanting to crease her uniform. She lay with her eyes closed for a minute, her ears noticing very faint sounds occasionally, but unable to pinpoint where they emanated from. Suddenly a floorboard above her creaked minutely, a quick rush of fear making her sit upright as she looked up to the ceiling, remembering that her brother’s bedroom was directly above the lounge. By rights he should be at college, Ann-Marie wondering if he was skiving. Climbing to her feet, she opened the lounge door as softly and as quietly as she possibly could, and then tiptoed up the stairs, avoiding the ones that creaked.

Creeping along the landing, she could now hear the sounds coming from Dominic’s room, noises that could only mean one thing if she were şişli escort guessing correctly. With the door partly ajar, she peeped down the edge, where the hinges were attached. She couldn’t see his upper torso, but what she could see of his lower half was naked, his cock sticking upright, and with her panties wrapped around its length. The sensations started in the pit of her stomach and moved downwards as she watched her brother’s fingers tease the plump knob and moan softly.

As he masturbated, she found one hand drifting to her groin, pulling up the front of her skirt and easing inside her panties. When she stroked her pussy, her legs wobbled; this was the perfect opportunity she thought, all she needed to do was push the door open.

Despite all her planning, it still took a moment to summon the courage, would Dominic scream with rage when she entered? Taking a breath, she eased it open; her brother had his eyes closed, and what he was doing to himself distracted him sufficiently to not notice her standing in his doorway.

‘Are those my panties?’ She asked quietly.

The look on her brother’s face was one of panic, followed by embarrassment, followed by humiliation as his hands tried to hide his cock and her panties wrapped around it.

‘Get out, get out of my fucking room,’ he bellowed, trying to disguise his shame with indignation and anger. Rather than retreat, Ann-Marie advanced, sitting on the edge of his bed as she stared at what he was still trying to hide.

‘I could finish that for you…… far better than doing it yourself with my panties,’ she said, her voice low and sultry, the look she gave him implying that her offer was not a joke.

It took Dominic several minutes; surely his sister was kidding. It had to be a joke on her part; she was just waiting for him to move his hands and then she would either laugh or do something harsh to his genitals. She said nothing, continuing to bestow a look of sisterly love and the offer of assistance on him. When he eventually slowly moved his hands, Ann-Marie reached out and unwrapped her panties from around his shaft. The gusset of them was stiff. ‘How much spunk had been deposited there?’ She wondered, gazing at his now, flaccid member.

After running a finger along its length, she placed her hand beneath it so that it rested in her palm, gently squeezing, and flexing his penis as she felt it start to grow once more. With her manipulation, it seemed to grow exponentially, longer, and thicker than she had imagined; until when it was fully erect, she could have placed two hands around it easily. It was hard to say which of them was the most aroused. Dominic, whose cock was now being wanked; or Ann-Marie, who found that her nipples were hard, and her pussy was demanding attention.

She slipped a hand into her lap, softly rubbing herself as her excitement increased. Her eyes fluttered and closed for a minute as her other hand continued to toss off her brother. Dominic watched what she was doing and took that as an invitation to give his sister the same relief that she was administering. Ann-Marie’s eyes shot open when his fingers reached the top of her inner thigh, inches from her pussy, her arousal suddenly ramping up. She didn’t give her permission, but then neither did she refuse, simply removing her hand and giving her brother greater access.

His finger rubbed at her twat, through her panties, the jolt to her system stopping her hand for a moment as a groan escaped her lips. When the panties were pulled to one side and his finger slid into her cunt, Ann-Marie could not stop the whimper she made. The faster she tossed her brother off, the faster his finger speared her pussy, both of them breathing rapidly as arousal and climaxes beckoned. She had not anticipated that Dominic may attempt to touch her. Her initial plan was to seduce him slowly, one handjob at a time until he succumbed to her will.

Quickly, he had her in the throes of a climax, her body starting to violently shake as cum burst from his cock and covered her hand and his belly, his hips, and thighs quivering. Ann-Marie’s hand continued to pump his shaft because Dominic refused to stop fingering her and she refused to be the first to give in.

‘Enough!’ She pulled away, unable to take any more, and was stunned that her brother had made her orgasm. ‘Play your cards right and if I’m feeling generous,’ she stammered, immediately heading for her bedroom. She needed to get out of her uniform and change her panties; her constant juices had made them wet.

Dominic was flabbergasted, never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined that something like that would happen, completely unexpected, especially with his sister. When he noticed her standing at his bedroom door, he had feared the worst. She was sure to notice he had a pair of her panties and there was no way he could disguise what he was doing; completely naked and lying on top of the bed covers with his cock hard. He’d expected her to shout and abuse him, the threat of telling mecidiyeköy escort their parents a conscious option on her part. Instead, two of the things he dreamt about, which had yet to happen suddenly came together at once, he’d had his dick wanked by a female and got to finger a woman.

Anne-Marie stretched out on her bed. ‘That, wasn’t supposed to have happened.’ Tossing her brother off? Yes! Allowing him to frig her, and to orgasm? No! That had never been part of the deal. Her problem was that he had done it extremely well, and the size of his cock had astonished her, unable now to get the image of it out of her head. She was convinced that Dominic was yet to have a girlfriend and had definitely not gotten his end away, but how was that humanly possible with a prick of that size, surely some of the girls had to know?

She changed into fresh clothes, ones which had become her normal, close-fitting and which showed off her figure. After what he had just received, Dominic would not be able to take his eyes off her. She would make him wait for the next occasion, allowing a couple of weeks to pass, and his frustrations to increase sufficiently before relieving him once more.

Their parents were already in bed when they arrived home, her brother putting the television on quietly and taking his place at the end of the couch as he began to watch. Kicking off her shoes, Ann-Marie stretched out along the rest of the couch, her feet resting in her brother’s lap. With her face turned as though watching the TV, she moved her feet, imperceptibly, rubbing her brother’s cock as she felt it start to come alive.

It took Dominic a while to respond, his hand at first simply stroking her calf. From his position and with his sister’s short skirt, it was impossible to miss the panties pulled tightly against her pussy. He was hoping that what came next was a repetition of what she had done in his bedroom. The look she gave him when she eventually sat upright, his cock raging, told him what she was about to do. He watched as she unbuttoned his pants and slid the zip down. ‘Push them down and move up the couch,’ she instructed.

Straddling his hips and perching on his knees, Ann-Marie took him in hand, easing the skin up and down his shaft as she tossed him off; Dominic was unable to take his eyes off her tits encased in the tight top and which jiggled slightly as her hand teased his prick. As his arousal and excitement increased, it was just a natural reaction, wanting to feel his cock pressing against her pussy.

She had never given any thought to the fact that nowadays, Dominic may be stronger than her; she was his older sister, always able to push him around, which was why it came as a shock when he suddenly grabbed her buttocks and dragged her forward. She let go of his penis to balance herself, and then to her shock, she found his throbbing erection pressing tightly against her quim.

It was the second time that her brother had unintentionally wrested control from her, with his hot throbbing flesh now pressing against her pussy. Ann-Marie was facing a dilemma, her body over-ruling the sensible options in her head. The correct decision was to have stopped what she was doing, or at the very least to have said ‘No,’ even if she condescended to continue giving him a handjob. Her fanny was demanding cock, the urgency intense and mounting the longer his shaft pressed against her genitals.

As though in a dream, she dragged her panties to one side, raised her bottom, and pulled his cock beneath her before slowly lowering herself onto it and gasping loudly, nearly to the point of a scream, as it expanded and filled her cunt. There was no way her vagina could stretch any more than it had, she was sure. Dominic’s knob, pressed against her cervix. Experimentally, she moved, raising, and lowering her bottom as she used his cock to fuck herself.

As she became accustomed to having a substantial amount of meat in her pussy, her up and down motions increased. With her eyes closed, she tightly gripped the back of the couch, bouncing in her brother’s lap and now able to slide up and down his shaft without fearing he was going to split her.

It wasn’t that Dominic didn’t know what to do; it was just that he had never had the opportunity to put theory into practice. He had watched enough porn to know that his sister was highly aroused by his pulsing manhood. But his arousal, by her hand tossing him off, had brought him to a point where his ejaculation was going to suddenly happen if he tried to move too soon. He tried to relax, to block out the sensations emanating from his groin, allowing her to do the work and suddenly sensing that now was the perfect time to get a feel of her tits.

Ann-Marie felt his hands slide beneath her top, and then in the next moment, he had popped her breasts from their cups. His fingers rolled her nipples before grabbing a tit in each hand and squeezing. She was growing tired, her climax so close, just another minute, and she would be there. That istanbul escort was when Dominic let go of her udders, grabbed her arse and lifted, his hips rising from the couch as he rammed his cock into her cunt and proceeded to fuck her as fast as he could. It was more luck than good judgement; his inexperience had him shooting his load after half a dozen thrusts, but fortunately, it was enough to push her over the edge as she moaned loudly, too loudly for his liking, but he had the sense to keep plundering her cunt until finally, she asked him to stop.

Again, this hadn’t been part of her planning; it was never meant to happen. But the feel of Dominic’s cock in her pussy had ignited a fire in her belly and she knew it was only time before she would require it again.

Alone in her bed afterwards, she went over what she was hoping to achieve, changing elements again because of what had happened with him. He was supposed to become her plaything, hanging on her every word, and continually hoping that she would reward his obedience with an occasional handjob, and, if it were necessary, a grope of her tits until the time and situation was ripe to point him in another direction.

He was inexperienced, not yet with staying power, and needed to work on his confidence and foreplay, but she could mould him. Ann-Marie decided. Under her tutorage, she could have his cock and teach him what he needed to know about satisfying a woman. Her target would not comply or surrender as easily.

Dominic was not the only one who had noticed the change in his sister’s demeanour or the way she dressed lately. After years of the two of them squabbling, it was now nice to see her children getting on at last. Cindy, their mother, was not enamoured by the clothes Ann-Marie wore; yes, she was attractive and with a figure that she envied. Unfortunately, the clothes did nothing but attract attention from every passing male, and she wished her daughter would not choose outfits which emphasised her large breasts, small waist, and rounded bottom. She had mentioned it to Warren, her husband, but he had been non-committal, other than to say he would have words with anyone who stepped over the line with his daughter.

What he couldn’t say was that he had also noticed her new attire, it was hard to miss her protruding breasts, the long legs exposed beneath short skirts, and the cutest bottom he had seen in a long time. But best of all was when she wore those tight leggings, her camel toe prominently displayed. He would pretend to read his paper, one eye on her groin as he imagined what his daughter’s pussy lips were like and try to hide the growing bulge in his pants.

Realising that his thoughts were depraved, he usually took an attitude of unconcern when his wife brought up the subject while in his fantasies as he fell asleep each night, he undressed his daughter before abusing her body and plundering her pussy.

Over the coming months, Ann Marie schooled her brother. She taught him what women required and where they much preferred to be touched. She allowed him to have sex with her, but it was fast becoming a fact that she was often the initiator, finding that she much preferred Dominic shagging her rather than her boyfriend. That wasn’t to say they were at it all the time; it was only occasionally when the opportunity arose, and never when it was that time of the month. When that occurred, he had to make do with a handjob.

He was becoming quite proficient, able to now control the urge to ejaculate the minute he was inside her fanny and able to satisfy her quite easily. Unfortunately, one of the side-effects was his now constant pestering, eager to get into Ann-Marie’s knickers or better still, her pussy.

On Saturday night, their parents were in bed and Ann-Marie and her brother had just gotten in. It was obvious what Dominic was after, he had dropped hints all the way home. ‘Look! It’s not going to happen tonight. I’m on the rag, and so you will have to settle for a wank.’

He would have settled for whatever she offered, the drink and his arousal causing a heady combination as he took to the couch and lowered his trousers, ready.

‘Give me a minute,’ she said. ‘I just need the loo.’ Upstairs she got rid of her clothes and climbed into her robe, keeping only her panties in place. ‘Might as well let him have a play with my tits,’ she was thinking. Ann Marie wondered if he was ready yet for what she saw as the next part of her scheme. She had planned to have longer with him, but with her period, maybe tonight was as good a time as any to see if the time was yet appropriate.

Returning to the lounge, she knelt next to him on the couch, her legs beneath her and her thighs clamped firmly together in case he got any ideas. His erection had subsided, and so she spent a few minutes toying with him, watching in amazement as his humble cock turned into this magnificent specimen; something which never failed to astonish her. Grasping his shaft in one hand, she slid the skin down tightly, using the fingers of her other hand to tease his knob and below its rim, hearing Dominic’s breathing increase as his eyes gazed at her still-covered tits. ‘Go on, you can play with them,’ she uttered sultrily, her hand speeding up a little as she tossed her brother off.

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