when i was in japan.


when i was in japan.i visited japan 4 years back and lived on a military base outside of town. i was told not to go to certain places by my higher up the first night because if i did id want to go there all the time and i naturally wanted to see what all the buzz was about. my room mate was a tall black guy named spencer and im a fit white guy so naturally we were the best of both worlds being each others wing men. this one night he says to me after work i got a treat for you. so i ask him what it was and he tells me we are going to a place called soapy land. i cracked a joke to him saying sounds like a theme park and he says to me oh its got lots of themes alright but if i tell you what the place is about it will ruin the surprise. so i get off work get dressed up and get this tazi or as they called it on base a honcho. we went out to this building on a side street with bubble letters and yeşilhisar escort i thought oh great what the hell am i about to get myself into well thats just it i had no clue. so i muster up the gall and go inside where a stocky guy says just one minute and walks me down a hall to a waiting room i guess and i sat for about 10 minutes or so before he came back and took me to a empty room with nothing but a bed a inflate pool bed and a bathtub. before i knew what was going on the door opens and a hot tight bodied japanese girl walks in wearing only a bathrobe my dick got so hard because ive always had a thing for japanese women and she tells me to go to the tub she undoes my pants and pulls out my cock and starts to blow me as the water in the tub fills up. she took off her bathrobe and took my hand as we both sat naked into the tub where she began to start washing me when she was done i dried off and she pushes me onto the bed and no no no . i thought oh shit i made the wrong move im fucked but i was only half right. she gets between my legs and begins to tlick my shaft rolling her soft tongue over my rock hard cock all i could think at this point was i need to make her cum and i need to make her cum hard. but a dog outside gets loud and she puts some music on as she tells the neighbors to keep it down lol. she says one minute and leaves the room and within another 3 or 4 minutes she comes back in with a friend just as hot as she was and i honestly had no clue what to do i was in unfamiliar territory and i fucking loved it. i sit up and they get on the bed one of them begins to rub the others breasts as i begin to suck on the others clit as my tongue danced the alphabet between her legs she literally spoke english and said fight on . i gathered it meant good things so i kept at it her friend then grabs my cock and stuffs it in her tight pussy i wanted so badly to keep both of them moaning so i put everything i had into it and by god one of them even gave me her number when it was done but the best part was when i was getting one of them to ride my cock while the other rode my face and cummed in my mouth. i was getting ready to blow and when i said i was going to cum they started fighting over my jizz locking both their lips around the head of my dick i have still to this day never cummed so hard in my entire life one of the girls swallowed it down and gave me the ok sign and rubbed my balls getting anything else she could and the other started to clean up. i was dressed back up and led outside i went to pay the ladies because i thought it would be the right thing to do given the type of place it was but they said it was on the house. i swear if i ever get the chance again to go back well i think id have to pay that hot lady another visit.

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