When Lance Banged His Stepmother Pt 2


Nicole stood at the window, mesmerized by the figure in the pool. The swimmer knifed through the water at astonishing speed. His long muscular arms fanned out in a butterfly stroke as he finished his fiftieth lap. In one fluid motion, Lance cruised to the edge and hauled himself out of the pool, his trapezius rippling with power as he bounded up to his feet.She found herself walking downstairs and out into the backyard. The grass felt wet to her bare feet. That’s when Nicole realized she went outside in only her bra and panties. Surprisingly, her nudity didn’t bother her. Instead, her body hummed with electric anticipation as she strutted towards Lance. Nicole took pride in a beauty that had not dimmed with age.The teen reached for his towel and dabbed at his chiseled torso as she drew near. He turned to her and the aloof expression on his face softened into a mischievous smile. Lance didn’t seem alarmed by the presence of a semi-nude stranger. If anything, he appeared pleasantly accustomed to the sight.“And who might you be?” He asked while toweling his raven-black hair.“The girl next door,” She answered flirtatiously. The very sight of this Adonis ignited an urgent, carnal desire between her thighs. It brought out a boldness that she normally withheld. But Nicole never met a man like Lance Leo before and did not plan to squander the opportunity.The raven-haired cocksman strode forward. Nicole’s gaze strayed towards his swimsuit. He wore a thong with what must have been a customized pouch for his sinfully huge endowment. His organ swayed back and forth with each step like a pendulum, the wet fabric clinging to its every inch and revealing thick, pulsing veins and a knob the size of her clenched fist. Most guys would be proud to have as much hard as what Lance had limp.Finally, she looked back up. Lance’s face lit up in a wicked, mysterious grin as he closed in on her. She was almost close enough to touch him… to touch it!Nicole bolted upright, panting and sweaty. Her pussy was still moist from her wet dream.“Harder!” shrieked a young female voice as the moist clap of flesh striking flesh sounded from the back yard. Lance probably was enjoying another sorority babe on the chaise-lounge by the pool. It might have been his fourth or fifth conquest of the last two days. The playboy was positively priapic.Lance employed a simple but successful stratagem in his pursuit of playmates. He understood both parties were there for the same thing – an escape from everyday bullshit through wild, mindless sex. And with cultivated expertise and an amazingly big dick, he gave women what they wanted while pleasing himself in the bargain.The clock read 2:15 in the morning. Nicole should have gone back to sleep but the poolside saturnalia made that impossible. Instead, she just lay there and listened. The girl was screaming again, yelling out profanities, begging Lance to fuck her as she experienced a heart-pounding multiple orgasm.Nicole could not help herself. Her fingers crept between her thighs, brushing against her swollen clit. It twitched impatiently after being ignored for so long. She let out a quiet moan as her fingertips made contact with the throbbing nexus of pleasure. Her hand quickly found a familiar rhythm that had been acquired after decades of practice.With the image of Lance’s prick seared into her memory, Nicole’s body responded quickly and ferociously to her touch. As her right hand continued to work its magic, her left grasped the bedsheets as an explosion of bliss surged up her spine.It felt like nothing she ever experienced. Nicole seized up with an orgasm that spread out in shockwaves from her thrashing head to her tingling toes.“Oh, Lance!” she cried out desperately, no longer able to bottle up her feelings.As she reached the denouement of her climax, Nicole felt a creeping sense of dread. She had left the window open. And the desperate housewife even called out his name. Lance and his girl spoke quietly. She couldn’t make out what they said but her outburst clearly tipped them off. The two of them went inside the pool house for the remainder of the night.Nicole was mortified. She felt her privacy had been violated. Total strangers had been privy to her most intimate desires. But, of course, the only voyeur was she. And the shame involved her getting caught.The lust-crazed cougar noticed her right hand was still rubbing her wet gash. The pad of her index finger brushed against her clit and a jolt of pleasure fired through her nervous system. She usually felt a bit sore right after climaxing but one “O” definitely would not be enough for tonight…  The next morningLance lay on the weight bench and pumped out set after set of 400-lb lifts. The exercise allowed him to think. He got a call from his father last night to warn him that his stepmother was arriving. After that announcement, the two of them got into a huge argument about his summer job or lack thereof. Lance couldn’t really imagine himself delivering beylikdüzü escort pizzas on his Harley. But he didn’t want to get cut off either.Beneath the surface, however, the dust-up really had been about his new stepmother. To him, it just meant another unwanted authority figure nosing through his X-rated lifestyle. He already got plenty of shit from his father about his rakish ways. Bob’s new wifey would probably come down on him even harder.“Lance?” sounded a voice from above.  He set the barbell back in the rack and looked up.“Hey, I’m Nicole,” The woman told him.“Uh, hey,” He answered, awkwardly shaking the hand she extended to him.Nicole looked great in her floral slip dress. As with any woman he met, Lance immediately scoped out her boobs and marveled at her cleavage. The teen hadn’t expected his new stepmother to be a knockout. Bob had found a hell of a gold digger…“I’m sorry about all the noise last night,” He apologized vaguely.“Noise? I didn’t hear anything since I got here,” She lied. “I’m a sound sleeper.”“And I know the rules,” he added a bit defensively. “I won’t come into the main house.”“Uh, sure…” Nicole finally answered. “Ok, see you later.”Lance stared at her ass as she walked away. Most guys would call Nicole a MILF, the notorious abbreviation for “Mother I Would Like to Fuck.” However, “would” was never part of Lance’s vocabulary. The teen preferred to call her a MIGF – a “Mother I’m Gonna Fuck.” If he wanted to bang a chick, he would bang her. End of story. He didn’t abide by the social norms that inhibited his peers. However, seducing his stepmother would be cavalier even for a badass Lothario like himself.At the same time, the strength of the taboo only sweetened the temptation. His stepfather had treated him like shit all his life. Bob cheated on Lance’s mother, embezzled money from his trust fund, and planned to kick him out of the house before he even finished high school. This was a jerk who was just begging to be cucked.And he had no doubt Nicole would be down for some big dick loving. In addition to spying on his exploits, she eyed his crotch like a carnivorous hawk when they spoke. Lance only knew two kinds of women – size queens and liars. And if Nicole was a liar, he was going to make an honest woman of her.  Twenty Minutes Later…The curtains of Nicole’s bedroom had been drawn. The windows closed. She lay in bed naked, closed her eyes, and imagined Lance thrusting inside of her with reckless abandon. Her body responded faster than last night. She breathed deeper and deeper as an unbearably delightful pressure built between her trembling legs.Stoking her pleasure, Nicole plunged two fingers into her wet hole. Her moans intensified. She picked up the pace, furiously finger-banging herself, bucking her hips in the air with lust-crazed desperation. The brunette jezebel felt her juices sloshing around her fingers and forming a small puddle on the sheets. Her back arched and…Bzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzz.Fuck. Her cell phone was vibrating. The caller ID read “Jane.”Nicole had made a point of not calling Jane even though her old college friend lived in Peoria. She expressly warned her girlfriend not to settle down with Bob. And Jane had been right. Moreover, the two of them shared everything. Nicole would need to come clean about Lance.“Hey, Nikki,” Jane greeted her in the kind of smoky voice that required two packs of cigarettes a day.“Hi, Jane,” she answered, still panting from her near-orgasm.“Are you jilling off or something?” she half-joked. “I can call later.”“I was,” Nicole confessed.“Seriously?”There was no point in hiding anything from her girlfriend. The subject of sex would enter their conversation sooner or later. It always did. So Nicole decided to cut to the chase.“I found a unicorn dick.”“No shit. So why aren’t you getting some of that?”“It belongs to Bob’s stepson.”“Whoa, girl!” Jane laughed. “And how did you find that out?”Nicole proceeded to tell her BFF everything. She did not hold back a single lurid detail.“Listen, Nikki,” Jane told her with a solemn air. “If you don’t fuck Lance, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life.”“But Jane…”“Don’t ‘but’ me!” she scolded. “If what you are saying about this guy is true, he is going to give you the big ‘O.’”“But I don’t know if I can cheat on Bob.”“It’s not cheating if he’s over nine inches.”There it was. Nicole knew if she didn’t seize this opportunity, Jane would never let her hear the end of it. And her girlfriend had a point. Very few men had what it took to take a woman to the O-Zone. She had been faking orgasms with her husband, her boyfriends, her hookups… Nicole didn’t want to settle for mediocrity any longer. She wanted the sex she deserved. Thirty Minutes Later…Nicole decided to wear cutoff jeans and a tank top. Simple but sexy. She carried a six-pack of Budweiser in one hand and a pack of Marlboros in the other. Lance’s motorcycle was parked at the door of the pool house. Since Nicole bahcesehir escort bayan didn’t hear any moans from the window, that meant he was alone. She walked right up to the door and knocked.Lance answered the door in his standard attire. No shirt. Skintight jeans. Jane could see the provocative bulge snaking all the way from his groin to the outer edge of his left hip. He had just showered but a distinctive scent still clung to his body, not exactly sweat but a distinctly pleasant musk.“Hey,” She told him.“Hey,” He smiled.“You wanna beer?”“Sure.”He followed Nicole outside to a picnic table. They sat down.“I know this stepmother thing is awkward,” She explained while lighting a cigarette. “I just wanted to clear the air.”One thing Lance knew about a lady was that there could be a difference between what she said and what she did. Nicole wasn’t clearing the air. She was steaming it up with her tank top and cigarette. He felt a surge of adrenaline pump through his veins. The ladykiller knew he would have his dick inside this cougar in one hour or less.Nicole took a long drag and blew out a big smoke ring. She played footsie with him, the tip of her open-toe sandal stroking his leg“And you call this ‘clearing the air?’” he asked with a devilish wink.“Funny,” she smiled. “So in relation to air-clearing, I have a confession. I did hear you making noise last night.”“And…”“And I could tell Bob about what I saw,” Nicole smirked.“You wouldn’t do that,” He grinned back, knowing full well she had other plans for him.“Probably not,” Nicole agreed.“Why don’t you just join us next time?”The comment blindsided Nicole. Then she figured that Lance was just fucking with her. Or was he? He possessed a distinct aura of sexual adventurism.“How about I put on some tunes,” He announced and got up from the table. Lance kept a boombox near his weight set. The teen queued up “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Nicole used to listen to the hard rock ballad when she had been his age.Lance approached her side of the table and offered Nicole his hand.“Would you like to dance?” He asked. His stepmother got up from the table as an answer. Lance took her by the hand and led her into a nearby rose garden. One hand palmed her ass and drew her closer. She rested her head against one of his chiseled pecs as they slow-danced in circles.His musclebound torso felt hard… powerful. He exuded a natural dominance that intimidated her not because of his brute strength. But because she could not control herself around him.Aerosmith had not even reached their first chorus before his finger tipped up her chin and closed in for a kiss. His lips and heated breath betrayed an animalistic passion yet also a formidable prowess, a degree of seductive expertise that no woman could refuse.“That was fast,” she noted amusedly as he broke the kiss. Nicole had never been with a man that escalated matters so quickly, at least not one that pulled it off successfully.“I ain’t like other guys,” he told her in a tone that might have been a warning but also a promise of sensual delight.“I know you’re not,” Nicole answered, placing her hand on his crotch. She could feel his organ pulsing beneath the denim of his jeans. “To be honest, I don’t even know if I should be doing this.”“You shouldn’t but you will,” he smiled.“Is that what you say to all your girlfriends?” she shit-tested him.“No, here is what I tell them,” he replied. “I might break your heart but I’ll make sure you come first.”With that, he planted a scorching kiss on her mouth. Her whole body shuddered. Nicole felt her panties growing hot and moist. She never responded to a man so rapidly and fervently. As “Dream On” peaked at its final chorus, Lance danced her over to a chaise-longue by the pool.“Lie down,” He murmured. Nicole complied.Lance fell to his knees at the foot of the chaise-lounge. He gently spread her legs as she lay beneath the moonlight before easing himself over her. He kissed his way from the tender dip behind her ear to the warm pulse of her throat, then to the tender undercurve of her arm. The intimate contact made her gasp, her breathing deepening from languorous sighs to heavy moans.The teen stud lifted his head. He noted his stepmom didn’t wear a bra. Her taut, aching nipples spiked the front of her tank top. Lance bent down and suckled one of them through the thin fabric. Nicole squirmed beneath him as he pursed the hard nubbin between his lips for a moment while grinding his hips suggestively against her crotch.Nicole cried out, an exquisite pleasure igniting the torrid core of her body. She grabbed a fistful of his long hair in either hand and shoved his face into her chest. Her hips rose towards his, an attempt to lure him inside with the dewy heat between her thighs, with the sensuous rhythm of her loins, and the rub of her throbbing mons.After another minute of making out, Lance knelt up between her legs with a mysterious grin on his face.“What are you doing?” she escort bayan beylikdüzü asked, craving another long kiss.“I’m gonna give you your housewarming gift.”With that, Lance lowered his head between her legs. His hands crept up to the waistline of her cut-offs, undid the button fly, and pulled down her zipper.“Lift your ass up,” he told her casually. Nicole complied and he rolled her cut-offs down to her ankles, tugged the garment off her feet, and tossed it over his shoulder. Her soaking panties came off next. His movements seemed practiced and fluid. Lance knew how to undress a woman.“Spread your legs, babe,” he murmured before lowering his face between her quivering thighs. As she spread apart her thighs, Lance opened his mouth and unfurled his tongue.“Oh, my fucking God!” Giggled Nicole. “Are you kidding me?”The wet, pink muscle appeared almost inhuman. It belonged in the mouth of a demon or reptile.She couldn’t eyeball its exact length but Lance’s tongue extended far below his chin. “I told you, Nicole,” he smiled. “I ain’t like other guys.”Lance lewdly flickered his tongue up and down her juice-brimmed labia. He employed a delicate touch at first. He took care not to go too fast or exert a lot of pressure.“More,” she whispered under her breath.Lance began to lap harder at her pouty flesh and pulsing tissue. Nicole felt her clitoris swell and pop out of its protective hood. Lance studiously avoided the tiny organ. He wanted to let it grow plump and ripe. His purposeful neglect filled her with an unbearable desire for his tongue.“Lick my clit,” She hissed. Nicole no longer cared if he was her stepson. She wanted satisfaction.Lance’s tongue darted upward and batted her clit to and fro for a few seconds.  Nicole’s breath quickened until he backed off. She groaned with mild frustration. His tongue felt so damn good. Lance responded by rapidly flicking her clit a second time but backing off even faster.“Don’t stop,” she moaned. “Don’t fucking stop.”Lance chuckled. He wanted to toy with her. Nicole grasped the back of his head and shoved his face into her crotch. Getting the message, Lance stiffened his tongue and thrust it deep into her wet hole. Nicole’s breath caught in her throat as the fluttering tip stroked places not even her fingers could reach.The teenage superstud slid his hands and arms up her long, beautiful legs until her luscious butt filled his palms. He gave it an affectionate squeeze as she tried to hump his face. Lance tightened his grasp to immobilize her bucking hips and gave his stepmother a great big lick with the flat of his long, wet tongue from her puckered anus to her pulsing clit. He felt her glutes clench with excited tension as the master lover lapped the length of her juicy gash.After several minutes of slurping and sucking her liquefied cunt, Lance had gotten Nicole really hot and bothered. Her clit began to twitch impatiently. Lance knew the cougar was dying to get her rocks off and he had an extra-special surprise for her. The ladykiller curled the sides of his tongue into a U-shape that created a small channel down the middle. He then enveloped her rockhard nubbin into the groove and began to tug at it gently.Nicole took long, deep breaths. She couldn’t see exactly what he was doing down there but it felt amazing. Anticipating her climax, Lance tightened his grip on her ass. The oral virtuoso began to jack off her little dickie with his prehensile tongue.“Oh-mi-god!” she piped up as her hips jerked out of his grasp and she smothered his face with her wet orgasming pussy. Lance could barely breathe but he gave as good as he got. The teen stud buried his tongue to the root inside her womanhood and deftly stabbed her G-spot with the tip. That caused her to squirt a mouthful of cunt juice before she collapsed in a panting, quivering heap.Lance lifted his head up. His face was completely covered in Nicole’s love goo. Yet he maintained a Cheshire grin.  The young rakehell loved eating pussy. He loved doing that as much as fucking it. While no one would mistake the ladykiller for an altruist, even a cad could have an honor code. When Lance Leo banged a chick, he intended to give her the fuck of a lifetime. And no matter what Nicole thought of him, she would know in her heart that he was the biggest and the best.The alpha hunk climbed on top of her and closed in for a kiss. It might have lasted thirty seconds, maybe longer. Nicole let her jaw go slack and his tongue slid between her lips. She could taste her pussy on his breath and its flavor unexpectedly excited her. The brunette cougar felt a boldness she had lost in her twenties, a brazen sexuality that lay buried but remained very much alive in the depths of her loins.Nicole broke their kiss and sat up. She slowly began to pull off her tank top, letting it ride up her body, and holding it in place for a second or two before doing an eye-popping ‘titty drop,’ her triple-D jugs bouncing a few times after they tumbled out.“Goddamn,” Lance chuckled. “Girl, you just made my day.” The horny teen leered at the buxom brunette bombshell with undisguised lust. He marveled not just at their size but how little they sagged. Lance had seen girls like Nicole on erotic websites that specialized in top-heavy women but never caught one in the wild.

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