White Boi Learns his Place Ch. 04

April Oneil

It took me a few minutes to recover from the fucking Daddy just gave me at the mercy of his big black cock. I was definitely handling his size better than when this whole ordeal started, but he still stretched me to my limits.

As I laid on his chest, his big black cock softening in my boi pussy, I couldn’t help but think about how I have been missing out on this my whole life, I was made for Daddy’s big black cock.

After a few more minutes, Daddy pulled me off his cock and told me to clean him up. I slid down to kneeling in between his legs and submissively took his big black cock in my hands, still in awe of his thickness, but feeling proud about my ability to accommodate him at the same time before licking him clean.

Once sufficiently clean, Daddy pulled me up to him and I instinctively snuggled into him. With one hand on my ass, and my hand still on his cock, he told me it was a good time to start preparing for life after this weekend and handed me his phone. He told me he wanted me to pick out $500 worth of lingerie and a new dildo as a sign of my commitment to this new lifestyle.

I protested for a minute, $500 is a lot of money, but he told me it was a small price to pay for his big black cock and I eventually caved.

I went to wicked temptations, a site I had previously used to but lingerie for my ex, and started looking through their selection. I asked him if he wanted to see me in anything particular, but he told me that he wanted me to embrace my new role and think through it by myself.

I started looking through their selection and got excited thinking about what I most wanted to wear for Daddy, what would make me feel the sexiest.

30 minutes later, my cart was full of lingerie. I had a black lace bra and panty set with garters, camisoles, chemises, bustiers, even a corset that I thought would give me a really sexy figure. To top it off I got a Mandingo replica dildo. He was my favorite after all, well my favorite after Daddy. I went to check out and realized I had racked up a $650 bill. I didn’t think twice though, this would all be worth it.

Daddy asked me what I was I most excited about wearing. I told him it was definitely the black lace lingerie set, but with the short red cocktail dress with petticoat to help put my ass on display a bit more. Daddy just laughed and told me he couldn’t wait to see me in it. He then leaned in and gave me a deep French kiss. I moaned as I accepted his tongue in my mouth, also reacting to the finger I felt slip into my recently used ass.

I felt myself getting worked up by with this, but my little clit wasn’t going anywhere in this cage. I tried grinding myself against his leg in an attempt for some pleasure, but the cage offered me no relief.

“Can you unlock me Daddy?” I asked.

“No sweetie, you have been so good today, but I think we would be taking a step back if I let you out.” Daddy responded.

“Please Daddy???” I pleaded.

“No Ashley,” he responded, more stern this time, “and don’t ask me again or I’ll throw this key down the drain”

I stopped right there. That would be a nightmare. I can’t imagine he would do that to me, but I wasn’t going to push it either.

“Alright let’s go back up to the house,” Daddy said as he got up from the lounge chair.

I got up as well, grabbing my discarded bikini while hobbling around in my heels, still a bit wobbly from the deep fucking daddy gave me, very aware of my penis cage hanging below me when it wasn’t being supported by my thong.

We walked upstairs and I immediately felt self conscious as we approached the group who was sitting around the table eating lunch. I’m not sure why I still felt self conscious. I mean they have all seen me get thoroughly fucked by Daddy, and I’ve even sucked off two of them, but the embarrassment of being on full display, my lack of manhood stuffed in a pink plastic cage, seemed elevated while not being in the heat of a sexual act.

Oh well, something I would have to get used to. But the self conscious embarrassment also made me horny. It was a strange yin and yang.

After talking with the group, the guys decided we would all take a nap before going into town for dinner and dancing at the one club later. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but soon realized that this would likely be my first venture out in public. No way daddy would give guys clothes to go out in. Whatever, istanbul travesti we would cross that bridge later I thought to myself as we walked upstairs take a nap. Daddy laid on his back and i snuggled into him just like we have been sleeping that way for years. It felt natural.

A few hours later I woke up to Daddy giving me a light spank on my ass. Time to get ready Ashley. Why don’t you hop in the shower, Emily is bringing you some clothes.

While in the shower, I decided to take the initiative and finish shaving myself everywhere. I wanted to be completely smooth everywhere. When I got out, Daddy was nowhere to be found, but Emily was sitting on the bed in a sexy blue and white dress with a pile of clothes for me.

First, she had me put on a bright pink thong. Nothing fancy, just a sexy string thong, but it was bright pink. Next, she tossed me a matching bright pink bra. I thought the colors wouldn’t look good on me, but I definitely got some color today by the pool and it looked good. The bright pink also just made me feel a little extra girly which I liked. Next came the dress. I slipped it over my head and pulled down the stretchy material. Once I got it straightened it I pulled it down over my ass. As I expected, it was incredibly short. It was only slightly over my ass when I tugged on it, which meant it would be constantly ridIng up on me. To Cap it all off, she handed me some 4″ red heels.

Wow, I looked hot, I thought to myself as I stared at my transformation staring back at me in the mirror.

As we walked downstairs, we got all sorts of cat calls from the guys. Daddy must have liked what he saw, because he walked right up to me and gave me a deep kiss. This was one of the first times we kissed standing up, and I naturally just lifted my right leg, like the girls do in movies.

“Alright Love Birds, our uber is here” Emily said, breaking up our kiss.

I was really nervous as we walked into the restaurant, but either no one noticed or no one cared. Everyone just treated me like I was just Daddy’s girl.

The guys drank whiskey and me and the girls split a couple bottles of red wine. By the time we paid the bill, I was feeling good.

As we walked to the club; daddy lit a joint and passed it around. When it got back to him, he took a huge hit and pulled me close to him, giving me a deep kiss, exhaling into my mouth and lungs. Shit this weed was strong. By the time we broke the kiss, I was high. I felt the rush of hornisss and heightened senses engulf my body. I was immediately very aware of the ankle straps on my scrappy red heels, the tight marerial or the dress hugging my ass, and or course the plastic cage on my clit, preventing me from getting hard.

Until then, I had been annoyed of the cage keeping me from getting pleasure from any rubbing or my clit. But at that moment, I was actually relieved to be wearing it, preventing me from having any unsightly boners in this tight dress.

As we walked up to the club, I noticed it was flying a rainbow flag. I had never been to a gay club, but At least no one would judge me here.

Daddy ordered me a vodka cranberry, a delightfully girly drink. While he got himself a beer. After a few sips, he led me out to the dance floor. Before I knew it I had my butt pressed against his crotch, grinding my ass into him. I couldn’t help but think about how big his big black coxk felt against my ass as I took a sip of my drink and moved to the beat.

Daddy then put his hand on my hip, pulling me as tight to him as possible. I put my hand on his, and couldn’t help but once again notice how girly my hands looked against his (and it wasn’t just the pink nail polish!!). It was the pure size, strong looking veins, and just the deep black color that was all so contrasting. Geez, even his hands turn me on. I had it bad!

After a few songs, it was time to get another drink. Daddy sat down on a bar stool and ordered a drink. As we got our next round, he pulled me towards him, standing in between his legs. Given how taller he was than me when we stood up, we were eye to eye when he sat on the stool and I stood.

I was so horny. Between daddy, my outfit, and the weed, I was a lost cause…I needed his big black cock.

I seductively took a sip of my drink through the straw and reached out and put my hand on his big black cock. It was still in his pants, but I could feel şişli travesti his big black cock start to stiffen in his pants.

“I want you so bad Daddy,” I moaned to him.

“Well do something about it then,” he told me, “it’s perfectly fine here.”

Keeping my hand on his big black cock, I looked around. He was right. There was a skinny white guy giving an older white guy a hand job in a booth, another few couples in the early stages of hooking up, I’m pretty sure I even saw another white boi riding a black man in the corner.

“Well then…” I said as I set my drink down and turned my focus to him. I undid his belt and slowly unzippered his jeans. Freeing his big black cock. Well actually it didn’t just pop out. Given his length, I had to reach down into his pants and physically pull it out, something that you as so foreign to me. My little clit never hunt below my zipper.

Soon I had both hands on his cock, once again marveling at his size.

I felt so sexy dressed like this in public, working on his big black cock. Daddy was hard as a pipe, and hard for me.

It was too much, I couldn’t wait any longer. I leaned forward and licked his beautiful shaft from the base all the way to the top and took his head in my mouth. It was so long, it felt like it took me forever to lick the complete length. But i Could tell daddy liked it as he let out a moan.

“Hey – could I get another Budweiser when you have a chance?” I heard Daddy day.

Did he just order a drink while I was giving him head?? Whatever, as long as it didn’t prevent me from worshipping his big black cock.

After about 10 minutes of this I pulled him out of my mouth while continuing to work his big black cock with both hands.

I noticed we had some spectators around the bar. But that didn’t stop me.

“Daddy, I need your cock inside me,” I said to him.

“What was that, I cant hear you?” Daddy responded.

“Daddy I need your cock inside me.” I repeated.

Daddy just looked down at me and put his hand by his ear like He couldn’t hear me.


About halfway through, the song changed. Everyone in the bar probably just heard me. Whatever, it was true, my ass was literally aching deep inside me. It was so deep inside me that I don’t think an average or even above average dick could satisfy it. With this cage on my clit, I required Daddy’s big black cock to get any sort of satisfaction.

“Fine, you want my big black cock, let’s see how bad you want it.” He said and he stood up from his stool. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but he walked over to a table, grabbed a chair, and set it right in the middle of the dance floor.

I still wasn’t fully grasping what he was going for until he sat down on it, grabbed his cock and pointed at me.

Shit. I thought we would just leave the bar and go home or maybe worst case scenario he would fuck me in the bathroom. But no, if I wanted any sort of relief i was going to have to ride his cock in front of the entire bar.

I was paralyzed. I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there.

“You have 10 seconds Ashley…then this goes away.” He yelled, wagging his big black cock at me.

I still stood there. There has to be 50 people here, maybe more. And everyone has cell phones with cameras. Who knows where I would end up.


“C’mon girl!” I heard someone yell. The crowd was cheering me on.


“Show is what you got Ashley!” Someone else yelled.


That’s it. I needed him.


I don’t think I’ve ever moved that fast in my life. I sprinted towards him. However being in heels I tripped a few feet before him and landed face first on his cock.

I looked up at him. “Good girl Ash” he said, stroking my hair as I held onto his big black cock. “Time to go to work”

On queue the DJ made a comment about getting the show started and put on 50 cent magic stick. I loved this song. Well no turning back now.

I straddled him, facing him, and gave him a kiss. Keeping one hand on his shoulder to steady myself, I reached down to slide my thong to the side. Once out of the way, I grabbed his big black cock and positioned it at my pussy, slowly sliding down. Further. Further. Further. I was getting so full, bakırköy travesti Daddy was so deep. A little bit further and I felt myself bottom out. I looked at Daddy right in the eye. I was so proud of myself, and there was a sense of passion in his eyes.

It gave me the motivation I needed. I started to ride his big black cock…and ride it hard. I was completely oblivious to everyone around me, I just kept working my boi pussy up and down on his cock. I found my groove on about a 6 inch section of his cock. It was amazing because this allowed his entire head plus about 3 inches to stay in me while, allowing me to focus on hittting that ache deep inside me with the extra friction of riding up and down.

Damn it felt so good.

“Ready to give them a show?” Daddy whispered in my ear. I didn’t know what he was going to do but I nodded in compliance, to out of breath to talk.

He pulled me all the down on his cock so I couldn’t move. I was completely impaled. And he started to pull my dress over my head.

Who cares I though, my secret was still safe in my panties thanks to my cage.

He then stood up, lifting me up while completely skewered on his big black cock.

Daddy took completely control. I was helpless as he just pounded away on my boi pussy.

This gave me a bit of a break to look around. There were about 75 people standing around the bar watching the show. I even saw a few phones out taking pictures or video of us.

After a few more minutes, Daddy laid me down on the floor and pulled out of me. I let out a loud moan, wriggling on the floor due to the void left inside me. He then moved back and grabbed the waist band of my thong.

“No no” I pleaded, but it was no use. He ripped my panties off, leaving me exposed only he floor in nothing but my heels, bra, and cage.

The crowd then started to cheer as he reached for his necklace that my key hung off of.

Daddy was going to unlock me. “You’re welcome sweetie” he whispered as he inserted the key and turned. I was free. Within about 10 seconds of having my cage removed I was hard as a rock.

I pushed daddy on his chest, knocking him backwards and hopped in top of him. I pretty pounced on him, and before anyone knew it, I had his cock back inside of me and I was riding that same 6 inch section of his cock.

Up and down, up and down. I just about had the angle perfect. His enormous head was rubbing deep in my prostate perfectly.

“Ohhhh myyyy godddd yourrrr cockkkk isssss soooo peerrrrrffffeecccttttt” I yelled. I was so close.

Daddy then reached up and grabbed my hips. I could tell Daddy was close too as he started slamming me down further on his cock. Every time

I would raise back up, he slammed me down harder than th last.

Daddy was so close. Harder. Faster. Up. Down. Harder. Faster.

Then I felt him grab my waist hard and slam me down one last time, his hips thrusting up to meet me in the middle.

Then BAM. At the same moment I felt him explode inside of me, I had the most intense sissygasm of my life. My little clit shot cum so hard that it shot clear over Daddy’s head. Then again. Then again. By 4th squirt I was still shooting all over his chest.

“I’m so sorry Daddy” I cried as he I leaned forward licking my cum off of him. I knew he wouldn’t be happy that i came on him like that, so I tried to minimize the damage by cleaning him up.

Once I was done I stood up, his big black cock sliding out of me.

I felt so empty. I also felt really week and almost immediately collapsed on the floor as my knees gave out. But I caught myself by putting my hand on the chair that started this whole thing.

Then, out of nowhere, Emily came up to me. She was holding the giant black butt plug from the house. I knew what she wanted. I also knew that this was Daddy’s plan all along or else he wouldn’t have had Enily Carry it in her purse.

As she shoved it in, I started crying. Not because I was sad, or in pain, or ashamed of what just happened in front of all those people. I was just embarrassed of how little control I have. every time something happened so far this weekend where I think I’m making my own decision, I later find out that Dady has been pulling my strings to force me to do exactly what he wanted.

But in th end, who cares. I just had the beat orgasm of my life.

“I guess we can get rid of this,” Daddy said holding my cage, “you did a great job riding yourself to sissygasm without touching your little clit once. But put your panties back on.”

I happily obliged and slid my panties up my legs, tucking my softening clit back in its rightful place, in the pouch of a pink thong.

To be continued…

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