White Hot Beach


It was one of those sweltering summer days when it was almost too uncomfortable to be on the beach. The sun blasted down on my oiled bronze body with a hot white intensity and the air was void of any breeze. Even the natural vegetation of the area was bleached white by the unusually warm weather of the Oregon summer. The white sand reflected the light and heat. Behind my Ray Bans it was necessary to squint as I glanced across the desolate landscape.

Few men had braved the nude gay beach today. The series of days with temperatures in the mid-90s to low 100s had taken its toll on the most sun-worshippers. However, I couldn’t stand another miserable day in my overheated apartment. When I got to the beach not another car was in sight. I hiked the ten minutes through the still cottonwoods and soon found a location near the river to set up my oasis. I’d come prepared with a small cooler of supplies including water, fresh fruit and a couple beers. I slipped into a mode of total relaxation, after my first beer, and let the rays of sunlight lick and tease every inch of my skin.

I awoke sensing that someone had been watching me from a distance. A quick glance around convinced me I was still the lone beach denizen. Halfway through my second beer I suddenly found myself needing to pee. I stepped into my cheap rubber thongs and carefully made my way up the embankment of hot sand toward my goal of a nearby stand of small trees. The sun felt incredible on my ass as I let a steam of warm piss flow onto the trunk of the largest of the tree. I contracted the muscles in my groin and let them loose again, releasing a heavy shot of hot liquid from my hardening cock. The act of standing above a beautiful beach, totally nude, pissing while the sun caressed my Side Escort body became a very sensuous experience.

Lost in the eroticism of the moment, my left hand began a slow constant stroking of my shaft. My right hand came up to my left pec, slimy with tropical sun tan oil, and I began to roughly pinch my nipple sending a shot of electrical energy to my cock that caused it to throb. I continued massaging its engorged length as I turned around, letting the sun bathe the front of my body. The mixture of sun lotion, piss and pre-cum served well as lube and gave my hard prick a shiny appearance in the afternoon light. I brought my right hand down to grasp my balls and form a tight cockring with my thumb and index finger. I found myself staring at my hard, veiny cock with a mixture of pleasure and admiration.

Just then I caught some movement out of the corner of my right eye. Turning my attention that direction, I saw a tan muscular leg rise up from the dry grass covering the crisp meadow. Stepping back into the shade, and no longer lost in my self-gratification, I watched as a very handsome, dark-haired hunk sat up and brushed the sweat off his face. He took a drink of water from a plastic jug and again reclined into the grass. From where I stood he could no longer be seen.

From the edge of the woods came a young blond guy, wearing a red tank top and white shorts. The fact he had no beach paraphernalia implied he was just cruising for some possible action and not serious about improving his tan. He strolled out across the meadow toward the location of man I had seen. Suddenly, he fell to his knees and, from my vantage point, it looked as though he went down on my fellow sunworshiper’s cock. The up and down rocking of Side Escort bayan his head confirmed my suspicion.

A couple of beach-goers; one a short, stocky nude black man with a sizeable penis swinging between his legs ? the other a thin redhead wearing a black Speedo; came along the path near the woods. They walked over to the sexually involved duo, put down their backpacks and immediately joined in the festivities.

From where I stood the high grass blocked most of my view of the impromptu group activity. I hadn’t even noticed I had again begun stroking my dick and it was literally dripping with juice. With the sexual excitement and hot air temperature, sweat was pouring off my body. I stuck my tongue out of my mouth and licked a drip of salty perspiration off my upper lip. Almost involuntarily I began walking toward the tangled mass of bodies about 40 yards from me.

As I got closer I could see that my fellow sunbather was spread-eagle on a large yellow towel. His first visitor, the blond, was in fact taking the entire nine inch length turgid prick repeatedly down his throat. The redhead was giving the guy’s nipples a workout; one with his tongue and the other with his fingers. At the same time he was pounding the long, thin prick that stuck straight out from his red pubic bush. The incredibly developed black guy had straddled the head of the tan man on the ground. His balls were resting on the mouth of man beneath him. A bright pink tongue stood out in extreme contrast as it continuously swabbed the low-hanging black ball sac.

Not a word was spoken by anyone in the group as I neared. Still working over my meat, I squatted down between the spread legs on the large bath sheet . Shaking from excitement Escort Side and nervousness I lowered my face toward the balls wet with sweat, saliva and tanning oil. The smell of mansex, mixed with coconut, flooded my senses as my tongue inched out to wash the shaved velvety skin of the guy’s nuts. As the mouth of the kid giving head slid down the hard shaft my tongue momentarily brushed the soft lips. Having not shaved for a couple days, the bristles of my stubble caused our “victim” to twitch as my face came in contact with the inside of his thighs and underside of his balls. He flexed his body up to meet the mouth coming down on his cock as I took first one tender ball into my mouth; and then the other.

I began flicking my tongue on the soft hairless skin between the base of his balls and his asshole. Each time I licked him his body tensed. I slowly brought my tongue to the opening of his ass; teasing him as I swirled around the hole. My tongue could sense the twitching of his hole as it attempted to pull me in closer. Just then his entire body convulsed and a moan echoed across the meadow. All involved sat up on their legs as blast after blast of hot white cum shot on to the six-pack of abs and well defined.

Each of us seemed lost in a sexual daze as we milked our own cocks to impending explosions. The black guy directly across from shot off first, adding his load to that already running off the torso below ? and contributing a glob to be used as additional lube on my own prick. Almost in unison the two others in the group, and myself, began to squirt more hot white liquid onto the body of the hunk on the towel. As a mixture of grunts and groans filled the air his face, chest, stomach and groin were showered with cum. The mess on his gorgeous body glistened like jewels in the sun.

Without anyone speaking a word, all of us got up and either continued on our way or returned to where we had come. The totally exhausted sunbather was left to clean up the mess left on his body on the white-hot beach.

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