Wifes New boss, Hubbys old Roommate


“Are you almost ready?” Gabby asks her husband as she looks in the mirror fixing her hair.

“I don’t see why I have to go, Gabby.” Mike huffed straightening his tie.

“Because it’s my Boss’s retirement party and the new CEO will be there. I have to make a good impression.”

“That’s another thing, who invites their replacement to their leaving party?”

“It’s very common, Mike. You just don’t realize it because you work in an empty room with only a computer for a companion.”

“As the good Lord intended.” Mike replied.

“Well not everyone can sit in front of a computer and make millions.” Gabby told Mike as she wrapped her arms around her husband. “It’s the passing of the torch. It happens at most firms. You’ve just become an introvert in your old age.” Gabby jested.

There was some truth to Gabby’s introvert joke. Although Mike was a successful and charismatic entrepreneur behind a computer screen. He wasn’t very sociable in person.

When Mike first met Gabby, for him, it was love at first sight, and in his attempt to woo her, he embellished a bit about his past. How he was on the wrestling team at college. Gone and won state and was kind of a ladies man. Even though at that moment he was on anti anxiety pills, and a bag of nerves and extremely intimidated by Gabby’s beauty.

Now in Mike’s mind it wasn’t really a lie. In high school he was state champ for the wrestling team. Even earned himself a scholarship to college. But that’s when the social anxiety began. He walked on to campus a state champion. But it soon became apparent, his new wrestling team was levels above him. Mike had peaked in high school and at college became the team’s whipping boy in a matter of weeks, shattering his confidence and self esteem.

Mike huffed once more pulling on his jacket. He paused and stared at his stunning wife in her little red dress. “Suck it up, it’s only for a few hours.” He told himself. Before telling Gabby. “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

“You look handsome.” Said Gabby as she readjusted Mike’s tie just before they left.

At the party Mike made his way straight to the bar. If he had to be surrounded by people, he’ll be drunk while he is.

A few drinks in and he sees Gabby waving. He waves back to Gabby but she gestures at him to come over. Necking his drink, Mike begins his slow stroll through the crowd to his wife.

“Okay so I’m going to introduce you to my new boss. Be nice, okay? Oh and shake hands please.” Gabby pleads with her husband while Mike begrudgingly nods.

Mike stands awkwardly next to Gabby as she taps her new boss’s shoulder. “Richard?” Her new boss spins round comically. “Allow me to introduce my husband…”

“MAGIC MIKE!” Richard shouts as he throws out his arms and embraces Mike with a hug.

During the hug Mike’s eyes close and he has a flashback to college and sharing a room with Richard “Dick” Johnson. The biggest dick on campus…literally. He was famous for having an eleven inch cock and as thick as a beer can.

“You two know each other?” Gabby asks, bringing Mike back to reality.

“We were college roommates.” Answers Richard as he releases Mike from the hug.

“No way! Oh my God, what a small world.” Giggled Gabby. “Magic Mike, huh?” Gabby playfully shoves Mike. “I’ve never heard that nickname.”

Mike opens his mouth, but no words come out.

“Oh that’s an old Silver Backs secret.” Laughs Richard giving Mike a playful nudge.

“Well since you guys are old friends you must come round for dinner sometime?” Gabby asks Richard.

“I would love to.”

“Wait, didn’t you say there’s a college game Sunday?” Gabby asks Mike.

“Erm…yeah…yeah there is.” Mike stammers.

“How does Sunday work for you, Richard?”

“Sounds great to me.” He replies.

“Brilliant, we’ll have a nice meal and then you two can have a few beers and a proper catch up.”

“Love it.” Answers Richard.

“Okay well I’ll let you get back to meeting everyone and I’ll message you our details and we’ll see you Sunday.”

“Sounds great. See you then.”

Richard hugs Mike once more, gives Gabby a kiss on the cheek and disappears in the crowd.

“You’ve never mentioned an old roommate before. Were you guys close?”

“Erm. Yeah…kinda.” Mike mumbles.

“This is good. This is great. I’m up for a promotion. This, this is going to help. One hundred percent.” Gabby giggled excitedly, as she pulled Mike back to the bar. “So, what’s the magic Mike story?” Gabby asks while they wait to be served.

Mike’s mind drifts back into the past and back to his college days.


Sharing a room with Dick Johnson was a never ending cocktail of having an inferiority complex and being constantly aroused at the same time. It was one thing to be jealous of Dick’s absolutely massive schlong. But Dick would bang a different girl every night and their moans would ring through the dorm and the screams of their colossal orgasms echoed through the halls.

Mike would lay in bed and jerk, wishing he had been blessed with Dick’s, dick. But instead he just istanbul travesti listened as Dick plowed girl after girl. Night after night. Now this wasn’t a problem during the off season, but when Mike was in training it was unbearable.

Since Mike was struggling with wrestling he was taking tips and advice on how to improve and one of those tips was not to cum for at least two weeks before a match. But seeing as Mike and Dicks room was basically a never ending porn scene it was impossible not to jerk off listening to Dick fucking these women.

Mike had spoken to Dick. Asked him to maybe fuck in the girls room. Dick got upset and explained that, although he was swimming in pussy. It had to be in his room because no girl wanted to be known to have fucked Dick. So they would sneak in after lights out and sneak out in the morning.

Feeling guilty, and a little sad for Dick. Mike instead searched the web for help and found what he thought was the perfect solution. A chastity cage. It would stop him from jerking and cumming to Dick’s conquests and maybe wearing it would piss him off so much he’ll be super aggressive for his next match.

Unfortunately for Mike, holding your own keys isn’t helpful when you’re super horny. Mike found himself listening to Dick reaching for his keys, unlocking himself and cumming in disgust.

After a few weeks of failure, Mike had an idea. He’d mail himself the keys and just leave them at the mailroom until the day of his match to grab them.

The next three weeks were torture for Mike. But he was benching more than he previously did. He felt strong, he felt sharp.

He felt ready and the best part. The night before his match Dick had come home alone. So he was going to get a good night’s sleep to boot.

Mike woke the next day to the sound of moaning. “No fucking way.” He screamed internally.

Turning over he sees Dick sitting at a desk pumping his massive cock with both hands to porn on his laptop.


“Sorry, Bud. I’m fucking desperate. I didn’t get any last night.”

“Couldn’t you put some fucking headphones on or something? Like geez.”

“Nah they broke.”

“Dude aren’t you put off?”

“Nah. With a cock this big, you get used to the watching.”

“Well just hurry the fuck up.”

“Bro I’ve been pumping for almost an hour. It needs a mouth.”

“Well call one of your whores round.”

“It’s after 7am. You know they won’t come round.”

“Oh well, shouldn’t have a monster dong then.”

“You wanna help me out?”


“I swear a couple of sucks and I’ll nut.” Dick said straight faced while still double hand pumping his meat.


“It ain’t gay. It’s being a bro. Plus cum is like straight protein. Don’t you jocks like that shit?”

“Dude fuck off.”

“Oh come on man. I know you jerk off when I’m fucking chicks. How’s this different.”

“Because it is. I’m not going to suck you off, Dick!”

“Bro please! I’m desperate. Look, help me nut and I promise I’ll…I’ll help you get laid.”

“No you can’t.”

“I can, I can.” Dick pleads still stroking away.

Mike paused for a second and thought. He’s been stroking for so long he probably will cum instantly.

“If I give you a hand, you gotta stop bringing girls around two weeks before a match.”

“What? Oh come on man.”

“That’s my terms.”

“What about every other night?”


“Bro please…. One week?”

Mike took a moment. “One week works.” He thought to himself.

“Okay, fuck it. Deal.”

“Bro, thank you! You’re a legend.” Dick said, releasing his cock and standing in front of Mike. “My arms are fucking dead.”

Sitting up Mike nervously reaches over and begins to jerk off Dick.

“Come on, bro. I’m losing the feeling.”

Mike spits on both hands and starts to pump Dick furiously.

“That’s it bro…that’s it.” Dick moans.

The harder Mike pumps him the closer Dick’s cock gets to his face. Mike found something mesmerizing about stroking Dick’s monster schlong, sort of becoming hypnotic.

Mike notices a large blob of pre-cum start to leak from Dick’s urethra. Staring at the blob grow, Mike feels his own cock begin to strain in its cage.

Mike looks up at Dick’s face and his eyes are closed. Mike, filled with curiosity, leans forward and licks the blob of pre-cum.

“FUCK BROOOOO!” Screams Dick.

A huge strain of cum jets out from Dick’s penis and onto Mike’s face. Then as the second strain begins to erupt Mike leans forward and wraps his lips over Dick’s helmet as the warm salty liquid begins to fill up his mouth.

Dick reaches down and holds Mike’s head as his whole body begins to shake.

“There’s more?” Mike asks himself in disbelief. As he pushes Dick away.

As Dick’s helmet pops out of Mike’s lips, Mike feels cum start to pour out of his mouth instinctively raises his hand to his mouth and inadvertently swallows.

Dick grabs hold of his cock and gives it a few final strokes as several more streams of cum shoot travesti istanbul out and onto Mike’s top.

“Bro…that was…magic. Give me five, Bro. You’re the man, Magic Mike.” Says Dick offering out his hand.

Embarrassed and ashamed Mike high fives him as he wipes his mouth.


“Hello…Earth to Mike.” Gabby waves her hand in her husband’s face.


“Where did you go?” Gabby asks.

“I erm…I dunno. Sorry, spaced out.”

“I asked you what the story was behind ‘magic Mike’?”

“Erm, you know. I don’t think I actually remember.” Lies Mike.

In the Uber home. Both Gabby and Mike are a little intoxicated.

“You seem quiet?” Gabby asks.

“Huh? Sorry, I’m just a little drunk.”

“How come you never mentioned Richard?”

“What?” Mike responds confused and immediately begins to fidget in his seat.

“You’ve told me tons about your college days and I swear, never once did you mention having a roommate. I had assumed you had your own room.”

“No, it’s just, well we were only really just roommates, not much else. Nothing really to tell.”

“What, so you guys never hung out outside of your dorm?”

That question brought on another flashback for Mike.


“Bro? Yo bro you up?” Dick calls out.

“No. I’m asleep.”

“Bro I’m desperate, can you help me out again?”

“What?” Mike responds flipping over in bed to discover Dick standing over him with his giant cock out. “Dude what the hell.”

“I need to nut, help me out.”

“Fuck no.”

“Come on, Bro. You helped me last week.”

“That was a one time thing, Dick!”

“What? No way. Come on. It’s technically your fault I’m this hard anyways.”

“How the fuck is it my fault?”

“I didn’t fuck last night because you want every other night off. I’m backed up. LOOK, ITS FUCKING PULSATING.”

Dick was right. His cock really did look like it was vibrating on a different frequency.

“Just jack yourself off.” Mike scoffed.

“Bro I can never make myself cum, it just becomes like an edging session.”

“Oh for fucks sake, Dick.” Mike responded angrily as he spat on both hands and began to double stroke Dick’s trouser snake.

“Don’t you wanna use your mouth too?” Dick asked.


“Oh come on, you did last week. You even swallowed. Most girls don’t even do that.”

“That was a mistake. It was more of a reflex, it wasn’t intentional.” Mike answered looking away but still double stroking.

“Well can we mistakenly do it again.”

Mike looked back and up at Dick.

“Am I not doing enough already?”

“Bro you are, but a mouth always feels better than just hands. It’s warm…wet…tender…”

Mike noticed the familiar blob of pre-cum start to leak again. He knew Dick was close.

“You’re about to cum anyway.” Mike replied.

“Bro…I…know…” Panted Dick.

Close to the edge Dick steps closer to Mike. This results in Dick’s cock sliding through Mike’s hands and putting a good four inches of Dick’s meat directly into Mike’s mouth.

Caught off guard that his mouth was open, Mike’s head wobbles side to side as his tongue begins to try and push Dick’s cock out.

“YES, BRO!” Roars Dick and both his arms drop down and wrap around Mike’s head and Dick begins to blast into Mike’s mouth.

As the warm salty liquid to spray down Mike’s throat, he stops tugging, Dick mistakes this gesture for a give me more and he begins to throat fuck Mike. Mike’s eyes almost pop from his head and all eleven inches of Dick’s meat slide down his throat.

With Dick’s cock taking up all of his esophagus Mike struggles to breathe as he feels his stomach fill up with Dick’s seed.

What felt like an eternity for Mike later, Dick steps back sliding his now soft cock out of Mike’s throat.

“Bro, you are the fucking Guy. You’re a fucking monster at this. No chick has ever done that.” Dick beams enthusiastically once again offering Mike a high five.

Mike coughing and spluttering instinctively accepts the high five, smacking Dick’s hand.

“Bro I’m famished. Wanna go to the canteen and grab some food?” Dick asks.

“Can’t, I’m trying to make weight.” Mike responds wiping Dick’s leftovers from his mouth.

“Oh right. Plus I guess you did just kinda eat.” Laughs Dick.

“Funny.” Mike replied unamused.

“Bro, sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. It just came out. You’re my Suck Buddy. I appreciate you.”

“Thanks.” Answers Mike unsure how to correctly respond as Dick walks out of their room.

Mike lifts his blanket and pulls his shorts looking at his caged penis. The amount of pre-cum he had peaked was immense. He wanted to believe it was all due to being locked.

“Don’t worry little buddy, two more days and then it’s your turn.” He told his caged penis.


“Mike?” Nudges Gabby.

“Sorry, I did say I’m drunk. Erm, no, not really. We mainly just hung out in our room.”

“Mike I’m wrecked, I’m gonna go straight to bed.”

“Sure thing.” Mike replied, giving Gabby a good night kiss.

“Don’t istanbul travestileri stay up too late, okay?”

“I won’t. Just checking some messages and I’ll be right up.”

“Okay goodnight.”

With Gabbybout of sight Mike opens up Facebook on his phone and searches for Richard Johnson. Finding Dick’s account he sent him a DM.

Hey Dick good to see you again. About the shit we did in college, let’s just leave that in the past yeah?

Mike waited a few moments to see if Dick was online. Then I went to bed.

In their bedroom Mike found himself incredibly hard and wanting to fuck. He slid into bed and nuzzled up to Gabby.

“You fancy messing around?” Mike pureed into Gabby’s ear.

“Oh Mike.” Gabby moaned. “I’m way too tired.”

“Please, I’ll be quick.” Mike begged.

“No. Look I’m not wearing any panties why don’t you just go down on me and rub one out. You enjoy that.”

Slightly deflated, but still incredibly horny. Mike wiggled under the covers and placed his head between his wife’s legs and began to lick at her cunt while he stroked his cock.

“Mmmm.” Moaned Gabby as she placed her hand on Mike’s head and ruffled his hair with her fingers.

Mike’s tongue laps at Gabby’s pussy while his nose caresses her clit and he pumps away at his cock. Her warm snatch begins to cream on Mike’s face and he feels like he’s close to bursting.

Also sensing her husband is close to climax Gabby calls out. “Not on the bed sheets, they’ve just been cleaned.”

Trying to hold off spurting all over the clean sheets, Mike cups the head of his cock with his left hand and carefully cums in his own palm.

“Thank you, Michael. Now go wash your hands and come back to bed.” Gabby tells Mike as she rolls over and fluffs her pillow.

Without spilling any semen Mike carefully gets up and heads into the bathroom. As he steps through the door and out of Gabby’s sight, Mike does something he has done in almost 20 years. He swallows cum.

Mike turns off the bathroom light and climbs into bed and snuggles Gabby.

“Did you just use mouthwash?”

“Oh, erm yeah. I didn’t want to go to bed with alcohol on my breath.

“Fair enough, good night.”

“Good night.”

The next morning when Mike awakes Gabby is already downstairs and in the kitchen about to leave for work.

“You didn’t wake me?” Mike asks Gabby as he enters the kitchen.

“No, sorry. You were tossing and turning all night, thought you could use a lie in.”

Mike had been tossing and turning. His dreams were being plagued by memories of his and Dicks buddy moments.

“Besides, you don’t exactly have far to go.” Gabby nods towards the shed in the garden also known as Mike’s Office.

“True.” He laughs.

“I’m going to the store after work to buy the groceries for Sunday. Any idea what Richard’s favorite roast is?”

“Gabby, you don’t need to go out of your way just for Dick.”

“Geez I’m not. I’m doing the basics. You’re being kinda catty for no reason.”

“I’m not trying to be, just…I dunno.”

“Mike, listen. You dominated in high school, you excelled at college and then you made a fortune buying stocks. Not everyone is that fortunate. I get you forget, but you’ve had a very privileged life.”

“I’m just saying…”

“Mike you’ve got your success in life. Let me have my own too.”

“Steak. Dick’s favorite food is steak, wings and sliders.”

“Thank you.” She tells Mike kissing his cheek. “Don’t work too hard today. Leave some money for the other guys on wall street.” She jokes before heading to work.

Mike picks up his phone and checks to see if Dick has responded, and he has.

Mikey you were the best roommate a buddy could have. Looking forward to Sunday.

Somewhat relieved by Richard’s message, Mike makes himself a coffee and heads into his shed to work.

Mike’s shed” was actually a state of the art miniature complex. It has indoor plumbing, gas, electricity and 5G broadband.

Mike was usually meticulous working. But today, today he was complacent and unusually aroused. Why had he swallowed his own load last night? He hadn’t done it for years, he thought he had grown out of it. So he decided to take the day off and do something else he hadn’t done in years. Pulling out his phone Mike dials a number.

“Hello Dr Thompson, I’d like to make an appointment please…Today…See you in an hour.”

Sitting in a lavish lounge Mike waits for Dr Thompson. While waiting he recalls his first visit. He had just made his first million and had a severe panic attack.

“Mr Samson. Welcome back, it’s been a while.” Greets Dr Thompson. A mid 30s female petite blonde shrink.

“Yeah, I didn’t think I needed it anymore.”

“Well come in and let’s talk about it.”

Mike walks into the office, Dr Thompson closes the door and takes a seat opposite Mike.

“What would you like to talk about, Mike?”

“Erm, Richard…erm Dick. He’s back in my life, he’s my wife’s new boss. And erm, well it’s um…I’m…doing things again.”

“The consumption?”


“How do you feel about Dick being in your life again?”

“I…I don’t know. I…I thought that chapter was closed.”

“This could be a new chapter.”

“I’m not the same person I was. My wife, my wife wouldn’t…”

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