Wife’s Pregnant Best Friend


My wife has a friend that lives out of state. She and I have always lusted after each other. A few summers ago she and my wife & I had an amazing threesome, which is another story for another time.

Well, now she’s pregnant. She was in town last week for a visit and was complaining because she’s well into her second trimester, is really showing, (which looks so sexy to me), and has crazy hormones making her horny as hell. Well, this is her first pregnancy, and her boyfriend is a little uncomfortable in the lovemaking department now that her belly is starting to get big. I’m a seasoned veteran in this department, having made love to my wife many times through her three pregnancies. We’re done having kids now, so I was afraid those days were behind me.

Well, my wife had other plans for me.

As I stated, she had been complaining about her lack of fulfillment in bed lately privately to my wife over lunch. My wife casually suggested to her that I give her what she needs. This all happened without my knowing.

Well, I got home from work (the kids were Maltepe Esmer Escort at their grandparents), and my lovely wife informed me of their lunchtime proposition. OF COURSE I said yes! My wife didn’t really feel like doing a threesome so it was just to be me and her friend, with my wife watching.

We sat down for a nice light dinner, which was a salad with a small piece of tilapia. I had a couple of glasses of wine over dinner, and of course the friend did not. We made casual conversation, at times there was a sexual tension in the air but we overcame that for the most part. About an hour after dessert, we made our way to the master suite, into the bathroom. I turned on the water for the shower and took my clothes off. My wife’s friend slowly took off her clothes, revealing her beautifully slim figure with her pregnant belly sticking out. It was a sight to behold. We got in the shower and I sensually washed every inch of her, and she did the same for me. We got out and proceeded to the bedroom.

She laid on her back and I got some Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort massage oil and rubbed her feet, working my way up her legs. She really responded to my touch eagerly. I massaged her legs to redistribute her fluids, and worked my way up to her thighs. I slowly rubbed the oil into her thighs, gently caressing her womanhood. Her legs spread and I knelt down and kissed her pussy. I slowly kissed all around it, until finally I dove in with my tongue. I licked her gently at first, then picked up my speed and became more firm, as I reached up and rubbed my hand on her belly gently as ever. After several minutes, I felt her body tense up as she broke into orgasm. Her juices flowed into my mouth and onto my face.

After her orgasm subsided, she sat up and instructed me to lay down on the bed. I protested, hoping for doggystyle, but my wife intervened and demanded I do as she say. I complied and the friend knelt down beside me, taking my dick in her hand and stroking gently. She bent over and sucked on it for a little while, stopping Maltepe Evi Olan Escort occasionally to pump it with her fist. After a few minutes she got on top of me and guided my dick into her pussy. She slowly bobbed up and down on top of me, with her belly touching mine with each downstroke. I pushed back, hard, and grabbed onto her shoulders. Finally I felt her body tense up and she shuddered in orgasm again, collapsing on the bed beside me. Now I was to get my wish, as after she recovered she got on all fours in front of me. I knelt behind her and pushed my dick inside of her, reaching around and grabbing hold of her perfect pregnant belly, pushing in hard, but being careful as to not be rough with her stomach. I made love to her like this for a few minutes until I couldn’t hold on any longer, and I exploded into orgasm inside of her, one, two, three, four waves before it began to taper off.

I pulled out and she quickly got off the bed and got herself cleaned up. It was about 10 PM and she had to go. I laid on the bed and wished her goodbye and she left. I was still dripping wet with cum and her juices when my wife came back into the room, and thanked me. She knelt beside me and began sucking the juices off of my dick, until I was hard again. We made love for several hours that evening, but my mind kept going back to her friend, in all of her pregnant glory.

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