Will and Chloe Pt. 06


“Wow, he sounds really great!” Lola said. “He has a great job and a nice place, he’s good-looking and intelligent. And from what you’re saying he treats you how you expect to be treated. You lucked out, Chloe. I’m jealous. How long have you guys been seeing each other now?”

They were sitting at a table that was by itself off to the side at a cafe. The weather was nice, though it had a crisp bite to it with fall setting in. Chloe sighed. She figured it would be the last month she could wear the cute dresses and skirts that Will loved so much before it got too cold. She smoothed the skirt over her crossed legs and thought for a moment.

“A little over three weeks,” Chloe said.

“Not long at all and already you two are getting spicey,” Lola said with a lascivious smile and wiggled her shoulders. Lola had a bit of a goth look to her. She didn’t always go hard on the look, not since high school, but she never fully let it drop either. She had pale skin and thick, jet-black, wavy hair that went down to the middle of her back. On her plump lips, she wore red lipstick that was so dark it was almost black. She wore a black band T-shirt that she had cut into a crop top that she might have accidentally made too short, but knowing Lola, Chloe bet it was not accidental at all. If not for her sports bra underneath, anyone passing by on the street would get a good showing of her heavy breasts whenever she moved too quickly. As it was, anyone who glanced over got a good look at her toned, pale tummy. If Chloe was reading it right, and she wasn’t sure she was since the stylized font on the shirt made it difficult, the band’s name was Kalmah. Some death metal band from Finland, Chloe was sure. Weren’t they all? Lola had on black, skin-tight Levi’s that hugged her generous hips and ass. Completing the look, she wore her black and white Converse on her feet.

Chloe blushed. While not a prude, compared to Lola, Chloe always felt a bite chaste.

“What? This is the first I’m hearing about this,” Emma said.

“Oh? You hadn’t heard? Well, I guess I only know because Chloe called me a few weeks ago wanting some custom things made for her.” Lola was laughing. “‘Lo, I need you to make some stuff for me! It’s important! I need them today!'”

“Oh, come on!” Chloe sat up, protesting. “I did not!”

“Do not make me whip out the text messages that preceded the call,” Lola said, grinning, eyebrow raised.

“Oh, fine. You’re such an ass!” Chloe crossed her arms under her breasts and sat back, head tilted up and away from Lola.

Lola was cackling now. “Like I said, Em. Spicey. Come on, give us the deets, dude. Out with it. I wanna hear all about it.”

“Wait,” Emma said. “Custom makes? What did you make for her?”

Emma wasn’t nearly as open with these kinds of things as Lola or even Chloe. She was much more reserved in this kind of talk. It was due to a lack of experience, she knew, not because she wasn’t comfortable around her two best friends. You couldn’t be friends with Chloe and Lola, especially Lola, and not be comfortable with some raunchy sex talk.

“Yeah, I made a choker and collar for her with some very interesting words embroidered on them.” Lola was biting her lip and wiggling her shoulders again.

“Ugh, you are such a nosey bitch,” Chloe said, holding back laughter despite her embarrassment.

It wasn’t like they hadn’t spoken about these things before. They had, but Chloe had never exactly pinned down what she was into for them. Unlike Lola who was very open about what she liked.

“Okay, one of you spit it out. I have to know now,” Emma demanded.

Lola looked at Chloe, an eyebrow raised again. Chloe rolled her eyes and waved her hand as she looked away as if to say she wasn’t going to play Lola’s game. The real reason was to try to hide her reddening face as much as she could.

Taking that as permission, Lola said, “Well,” she drew out the word, “Our little redheaded minx here is way kinkier than we thought, Em. And quite submissive, if I understand the situation right. Probably give me a run for my money, isn’t that right Chloe?”

Chloe groaned and put her head in her hands on the table.

“I hate you right now, Lo,” came Chloe’s muffled words.

Lola laughed again. Slowly but surely, Lola had drawn out both girls from their shy, withdrawn selves over the years. She encouraged them to try new things, especially when it came to sex, and she never let them get away without divulging all the details.

Chloe was pretty sure Lola got off on hearing her talk about the things she got up to with the guys she’d been with in the past. Now, though, she actually had some real, juicy details to share unlike with the guys before.

Lola continued, “She had me embroider some words onto a choker and collar. Oh, and if I’m not mistaken isn’t that the choker I made for you, Chloe?”

Chloe’s eyes widened. “Oh, you absolute rat.” Chloe had worn the collar Lola made for her, not thinking anything travesti istanbul of it other than she wanted to be wearing it for Will later that day.

“Come on, babe. Give us a look. Show Em what you had me put on there for you because it was so urgent.” Lola teased.

“I don’t see any words on it,” Emma said, craning her neck to look around Chloe.

With a sigh of resignation, cursing herself for not knowing this would happen. She knew Lola. She knew Lola would take any chance she could get to squeeze Chloe for sexy details. And Lola knew that once Chloe got over the initial embarrassment she’d tell all. This was Lola’s way of getting her over that first hump.

With a sigh of resignation and a glare tossed at Lola, which she was completely unphased by, Chloe reached up and flipped her choker around where the words “Will’s Cumslut” and “Good Girl” could be seen.

Emma’s eyes widened as she read them. “Chloe! It’s only been like three weeks! And you’re already wearing his name on you? Not to mention labeling yourself as his ‘cumslut’ and ‘good girl’?” Emma glanced around and lowered her voice as she said these last words.

Despite her words, Emma didn’t really disapprove. She thought it was really hot as mental images flashed through her mind, but she thought she should at least make a token effort to seem like the only one with some decorum.

Lola giggled. “It’s been three weeks since I made them for her.”

“What?!” Emma nearly shouted, actually surprised now.

“Ugh. One of these days, Lola,” Chloe warned, ignoring Lola’s snickering.

“Yeah, I had chuckles over there make them for me after my second meeting with Will. I know it’s a lot, but you just can’t know. Like, that night we spent together was amazing. We talked a lot about what happened and how we felt about everything. And the sex we had that night was…I can’t even describe it. Fucking mind-blowing is the thing that comes close. I was probably a bit dick drunk. Is that the term?”

“‘Was’ and ‘a bit’?” Lola asked. “Girl, it was more than a bit and you still are dick drunk. I saw the way you were walking up to the table earlier. A bit sore, are we? And you’re sitting there dressed as somehow the cutest and sexiest piece of ass I’ve seen today. One look at you and I just know you’re going to get railed tonight,” she paused for a moment, considering. “Speaking of railing, does this guy have a dominant, hunky brother?”

“No.” Chloe leaned forward and grabbed a clean napkin off the table. She balled it up and threw it at Lola.

Lola didn’t even try to dodge it as it hit her in the face and she didn’t flinch at all either. She just let it bounce off her cheek, not disturbing the grin on her face one bit. She licked her lips at Chloe before taking a sip of her tea.

“I guess I can understand that,” Emma said a bit wistfully. She could understand it but hadn’t ever experienced it. Despite being gorgeous, Emma had even less experience with guys than Chloe. Emma had chestnut-colored hair, olive skin, and beautiful, electric blue eyes. She had curves to die for, having been a gymnast all throughout school and after. That’s where she and Chloe had met. She didn’t know it, but men were intimidated by her. She was only about an inch taller than Chloe and Lola, but her exotic, hawk-like features made some men too nervous to approach her. It was sad, really. Emma was one of the sweetest, most kind people either Chloe or Lola knew.

Emma looked hot in white short shorts and a gray tank top tucked into them. She wore a simple gold necklace that looked great against her skin and white sandals that showed off yellow-painted toenails.

Lola had made it her mission to get Emma to be more outgoing, and more open to approaching men first. It was slow going, but now she’d at least talk about sex stuff with them instead of blushing and keeping silent.

“Yeah. The things he’s said to me while doing the things he’s done to me…oof.” Chloe trailed off, giving a shiver of pleasure, goosebumps rising all over her body.

Lola leaned forward and pinched one of Chloe’s nipples. It had hardened before her eyes when Chloe trailed off. “Keep going!”

“Ouch!” Chloe said, trying to swat Lola’s hand away too late.

“What else?” Lola prodded. “What’s he like in bed? What has he done to you? I’m assuming things you haven’t experienced before or you wouldn’t be all hot and bothered about. Be careful about leaning too far forward, by the way. If your tit touches the table you’d probably cut a hole in it, as hard as your nips are.”

Chloe couldn’t help but let out a guffaw. Covering her nipples she said, “Well, you would too if you knew!”

“I’ve been freaking asking since we sat down! Get on with it before I make Em sit on you and I pinch your nipples to get it out of you,” Lola threatened.

Emma pushed herself from the table a little as if preparing to do just what Lola threatened.

“Okay, okay,” Chloe said, covering her istanbul travestileri breasts. “Jeez, you guys are savages.”

“Yeah, well, you know it’s been forever since I’ve been with anyone and the same goes for Em I’m pretty sure,” Lola said. “So what about him? I want to know about him,” she asked.

Knowing exactly what Lola was asking, Chloe hesitated. Even though she had already told them much about what they did in the bedroom, she hadn’t described Will in graphic detail.

“I dunno, Lo. I’m not sure I feel super comfortable divulging certain details about him, you know? Just for his privacy. I really like him and I don’t want to disrespect him,” Chloe said.

“Aww, come on. Who are we going to tell? You know it’s just us three.”

“I know, I know. But if things work out with him you’ll definitely meet him and I’d feel bad that you’d have so much intimate knowledge of him without his permission.”

“So ask him. He sounds chill as hell. Shoot him a text and ask if you can talk about him with your girlfriends. Your best girlfriends whom you trust more than anyone.” Lola said earnestly.

Chloe thought about it for several moments, chewing on her lip as shit mulled it over.

“Ugh, okay, fine. I’ll ask. He’s hanging out with his friend right now so he should respond pretty quickly.”

Chloe began composing a text, unsure of how to word it, initially being circumspect about it. Then she deleted it and started over.

“Hey, baby. 😉 I’m hanging out with Lo and Em, the girls I told you about. They’ve been grilling me about you all morning. They want to know everything. I told you a bit about how Lola is and she’s thirsty af for details. I told them a bit about what we like to get up to, but they want to know about you, if you know what I mean. Is that ok? I didn’t want to just tell them private things about your body. Telling them about things we do together is a bit different, telling them about you is another matter and I just felt it is respectful to ask you.”

It was only about a minute before he responded. “Lmao. Are you asking me if it’s okay to tell your girlfriends about my weiner, babe?”

Chloe snorted a laugh. Why was ‘weiner’ such a funny word? She could imagine him saying it. He always said it in a certain, kinda goofy way when he was joking around.

“Yeah, basically, I guess. It’s totally cool if you don’t want to. No pressure at all, I just didn’t feel right about it without asking for your privacy since you’ll almost certainly be meeting these two thirsty af girls at some point. Lol.”

“Hahaha. Well, it’s kinda weird and I imagine it’ll be a bit awkward when we meet, but if you trust them then I’m okay with it. I trust you, just try not to embellish too much, I know you like to make me feel good with the things you say.”

Chloe gaped at her phone. Why would she ever have to embellish that?

“Okay, baby. Thank you. Have fun with Jack! I’ll see you in a bit.”

“He said it was okay as long as I didn’t ’embellish’ too much. I have no idea why he thinks I would do that. Or why I would need to do that?”

Both Emma and Lola put their phones down, having picked them up while Chloe was texting Will. Lola clapped and bounced in her seat, causing interesting things to happen with her top and sports bra.

So Chloe gave up the details, describing the things she and Will had done together. All of the different ways Will had dominated her in bed, the way he’d forced her to beg and plead to be treated roughly. She described the first time he spanked her and the time she tried to trick him into being rougher with her and then how it backfired deliciously.

Lola and Emma’s eyes widened at that one, both biting their lips.

She explained some of his power play tricks like when he commanded her to kiss him but kept his hand around her throat, forcing her to choke herself with his hand to obey.

Both girls sat up straighter at that one, looks of lust and longing crossing their faces.

She even pulled down her top just enough for them to see fresh hickies on the inside of her breasts. She told them about how she loved to be marked by him, how sometimes showing just enough for people to get the hint of the hickies when they were out together, knowing they would know he was the one to put them there. She had seen more than one waitress or server glance down her shirt, see the hickies and then glance over at Will knowingly who usually didn’t notice. She’d gotten several knowing smiles and envious glances from other women as well as men.

“There are others you’d only see in my underwear, if that,” Chloe said, waggling her eyebrows at them.

“Wow, he’s just running wild on you, huh?” Emma asked, a wistful look in her eye.

“Oh, yeah. I’d let that man do whatever he wants to me. In fact, I already do, he just hasn’t done everything he wants to me yet. I’m sure of it. And to be honest, it’s more fun if I put up a fight when he starts something unexpectedly. istanbul travesti I enjoy it more and I’m certain he does too. “

She told them about how obsessed she was with giving him blowjobs. About how she loved to just touch him, caress him. She talked about how she loved to swallow as much as she could of his massive loads.

She described in detail how big he was, how much he filled her, and exactly how much she loved it.

“And his balls, oh. My. God. Huge. To quote Lola, ‘absolute units’.

Lola and Emma both laughed out loud at that.

“God damn,” Lola said.

“Seriously,” Emma said.

“Yeah. Will can keep giving it too. I think we both discovered a new level of our stamina. He mentioned that before he met me he usually only came once or twice and rarely three times. But since we’ve been together it’s almost always three or more throughout the night. Not counting whatever I get out of him in the morning or afternoon. And it’s a lot.” Chloe said. “I used to only be able to go two, maybe three times. Never three times with a guy and most of the times I went two it was masturbating. We just turn each other on so goddamn much. We both know what each other likes and take full advantage of it. And we’re still discovering things too.

She told them about the time she revealed how flexible she was, how she was able to pull her legs up straight in missionary, and how it drove Will crazy and caused him to cum all over her pussy and ass before sticking it back in.

Chloe began to tell them about how she loved to prolong his orgasms but hesitated. She wasn’t sure if this was okay to share. But Will had told her he was okay with it. If he didn’t want them to know he would have told her to omit those details.

So she mentally shrugged and forged on, telling them about how much she loved to play with his huge balls during blowjobs. Choking off his orgasms to prolong them, to make his orgasms even more intense. She told them about the prostate play they had done, how much he loved it, and that she had been the first to do that for him. She went on to describe just how much he came when he orgasmed, how it was often almost too much for her and she loved it for that reason.

She even confessed to absolutely loving when he came on her face. That she couldn’t be happier after he covered her in his cum.

“What’s that like?” Emma asked. “I’ve never done that. Didn’t seem appealing.”

“It is when it’s with the right guy,” Chloe said. “Obviously some girls dislike it regardless of who she’s with, but I tried it with a couple of different guys and I never cared for it and I’m sure it was because of them. They didn’t do anything wrong, really. It just didn’t feel right. When Will cums on my face, there’s a feel to it, like a dynamic. Obviously, I love to submit to him in the bedroom, but when he cums on my face it’s like he demands it, forces me to, in the hottest way. And at the same time, I feel his love and affection as he does it. There are two different ways we do it. When I’m sucking and stroking him and he cums and I stroke him out onto my face, that’s like my way of loving him and showing it. Then there are times, not as frequent as when I do it when he grabs my jaw or the top of my head and he strokes himself out onto me, turning my head this way and that, totally coating me, which he can easily do. He speaks to me very lovingly, telling me how beautiful I look, how good I make him feel, things like that. He’ll stroke my hair or cup my face as he does it and it just feels so intense and I feel so cared for. Then he’ll tell me to stick out my tongue if I haven’t already and he’ll coat that too, swallowing everything I can. After a while, he usually collapses on the bed and I continue to suck him dry. It feels possessive on his part. Like he’s marking me in yet another way, like with the hickies. And the fact that he cums so damn much is just the icing on the cake. Or my face. Whatever. It’s intense and I love it.” Chloe finished matter-of-factly.

“Wow, when you put it like that it makes me want to try it. With the right guy, of course,” Emma said.

“I feel the same way as Chloe,” Lola said. “It really depends on the guy and how they do it. There are gentle and loving ways they can do it and there are rough and fun ways he can do it. I like the more rough and fun ways, but gentle is nice sometimes too.”

Throughout the conversation, Emma and Lola had been making various noises. Exclaiming, suppressing moans, raising eyebrows, and biting lips. There was much shifting and squirming in their chairs as well.

“Oh, there he is now!” Chloe said, looking between them. Both girls sat up straighter and whipped their heads around to find him. Chloe quickly leaned forward and pinched an already-hardened nipple on both girls.

“I don’t- Ouch!” Emma said, jerking around in her chair.

“Where-Oh!” Lola began then cut off when Chloe pinched her nipple. Unlike Emma, though. When she cried out it wasn’t in pain, it was in pleasure. It had been a sultry, lustful noise that escaped her mouth.

Both girls looked at Lola, and for once, the woman blushed. “You’re lucky I don’t make you even out the other one,” Lola muttered, rubbing her nipples.

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