Witch Love, Woman’s Love – Chapter Two


[Then, now that she had taken two loads from each of the men and one from me, we took a shower together, where she had no shortage of soap and frictioning hands as we felt the freshness of her wet body; running my hands in her wet black hair was worth the trouble all of itself.We all laughed and joked like old friends. Then, as all good things must come to an end, we toweled ourselves and dressed back into our street clothes. She had a spare dress—of a beautiful royal blue—in her large purse, and she put it on. With unreal speed, she made herself beautiful and glamorous again with burgundy lipstick that fit her complexion to a tee.Once we had grabbed our jackets and our fedora hats, we headed out on the street. It was really late; well past midnight. We hopped and squeezed ourselves in Lloyd’s 1942 Cadillac and he drove us to Horn oh, I love your perfume, honey!” said Earl, who was sitting beside Wendy and cuddling her.”Who’s Lou?” she inquired.”He’s the old cleaner guy,” I explained. “He’s there, washing the floor and making sure no late customer is breaking the glass panes or anything; I’ll introduce you; he’s a great old chap!””Mmhh…” Wendy smiled. “Maybe this old cleaning man is going to get some extra tip tonight!”I grinned as I kept caressing her thigh under her dress; she had dispensed herself with putting back her stockings and her bare skin was ungodly smooth after her shower.]+++++++++++When we got inside the H he had large hands and his arms had lots of wiry strength stored in them; such strength could be unleashed if needed. I saw him once throwing a drunk guy out; he had lifted him like a half-empty sack of potatoes.”Hi Lou!” I said. “Meet Wendy! Wendy, this is Mr. Lou!”Lou greeted Wendy with a fatherly grin and a humble nod, raising a straw hat that had seen better days.”Hello, Miss! Rough company you got yourself in! Just ask me if you need help against these bad boys!” Lou replied in a joking tone.”And you, daddy-o,” he said to me, “take good care of this lady! If you don’t give her the love she deserves, she can always come and see me!” he added, pointing at himself with a pressed thumb on his chest. Being called “daddy-o” in a friendly tone was one of the highest marks of acceptance a white man could get from an Afro-African man.”Oh, Mr. Lou,” Wendy chimed in. “I always like to give love to wise men like you; here!”She smooched him on the cheek, wrapping her little arms around his neck and making him smile, her silky skin brushing his white beard in the process; she looked like a pin-up girl in a royal-blue dress in the act of kissing an African Santa Claus wearing a beat-up jacket with elbow patches.I heard her breathing heavier as she smooched him and pressed herself against him, producing a surprised expression on the old man’s face. He was no doubt feeling her breasts pressing against him.Then I heard two new voices that sounded like lads…”Did you see this? That’s disgusting!””She kissed and hugged him!”We all turned and looked at the newcomers. They were two white lads double-dating with their girlfriends. They must have been about nineteen or twenty years old; the girls could have been eighteen. The guys had their varsity jackets, but the way they walked and wore their fedora hats indicated they were reaching their twenties. They also wore a white shirt and a tie under their lad’s jackets.Their girlfriends were really pretty, fair-skinned both of them.I suddenly recognized the one with the taller guy. She wore the same dusk-pink dress and dark-green cardigan she had been wearing when I spotted her on the sidewalk in front of this very restaurant eight days before. She was an alluring brunette whose pretty face looked like it was made to be kissed and receive loads of cum.”Lucky guy!” I thought, “Maybe conservative and prejudiced, but a lucky son of a gun!”She presently spoke to her fiancé (I noticed her engagement ring)…”Come on, Steve! Let them be! This is my nineteenth birthday, so please, don’t make trouble! Let’s take our seats there…””Well, if I were you, Mary, I certainly wouldn’t spend my nineteenth birthday near such local rabble!” the other girlfriend chimed in.This one stood about five feet tall, maybe five-one. She was an impish-looking blonde, the type you always saw neatly dressed with a snobbish look about her face every hour of the day. She wore a golden-yellow scarf and an expensive greatcoat, green in color, that was wide open and letting me see a navy blue jersey with a large white letter “H” in front. Her small breast shapes kocaeli escort were tantalizingly nubile. I felt something stirring down in my pants. She was the most youthful-looking of the foursome; I was thus surprised to learn how old she was when Mary spoke…”Oh, Ethel!” replied Mary. “Don’t say such bad words about fellow human beings! You disappoint me; at twenty years old, you should know better!”Ethel’s boyfriend, who displayed all the signs of a college snob, sided against Mary: “Well, I’ll say it! I’m not going to sit down and eat here with such people in the same room!”He spoke loud enough for us to hear. As he talked, his eyes never left Wendy. None of my friends moved nor said anything; I sensed all my fellow lifters were looking at Wendy. I looked at her; my jaw dropped. She was a blonde now! She had been so womanly to us in the showers that I had forgotten she was a witch.”Well, handsome lad, you can leave if you want! No one’s twisting you’re arm, but I can tell that you would love to stay!” the suddenly blonde witch said loud and clear to Ethel’s boyfriend, her words echoing through the spacious dining room.”Come on, Robert! Let’s leave!” Ethel said while pulling her tongue out at Wendy, acting like the impish snob she was.”All right! Let’s leave…” Robert said in a surprisingly reluctant tone. Steve nodded, but Mary was against leaving…”Hey! I’m hungry and this is my birthday! This food is hot and waiting for us to drop nickels, open the glass door and help ourselves. The dining room is big enough for all of us, isn’t it?”She smiled at us, silently apologizing with a friendly, adorable face, but her three companions were dead set in their view.”We’ll have a sandwich at my parents’ house, now, come on! We’re leaving!” said Steve in a commanding tone. Mary looked angrily back at him.Neither Steve nor Robert stopped gazing at the blonde witch. I could tell they were fascinated.”None of you fellas want to leave,” the Witch said. “I know it. Do you want me to tell you what’s really on your mind?””Well, yes, Ma’am, go ahead. What’s on my mind?” asked Steve in a defiant tone.”You would love to stay here and watch some of my friends fuck your fiancée on that table here, while you and your friend will be fucking me on that table over there!”Steve’s and Robert’s faces turned ghostly pale. None of the girls spoke. The four sweethearts looked like they had just seen a phantom! They were no doubt already phased out by the Witch and her uncanny ability to become a blonde at the snap of her fingers.Steve was the first to recover. He was a tall, energetic young man; perhaps he had been captain of the football team.”Let’s leave. Now!” he ordered Mary, Robert and Ethel.”You do not want to leave,” said the Witch in her calm, confident voice.”Oh yes, we do want to leave,” replied Steve, “and we are leaving right n… Hey! My nose! What’s happening?! What’s happening?!”Mary and the snobbish blonde screamed in shock and terror! Robert’s jaw dropped as he held himself onto a table.Steve’s nose had grown a full six inches of length!”What’s happening, Steve?” the Witch echoed using an amused tone. “I’ll tell you what’s happening—you’re a little dirty liar, Steve! You do want to stay here. You do want to fuck me on that table over there while you watch your pretty fiancée get rear-ended by my friends here! This is what you really want in your heart of hearts, Steve.””No! I would never allow such a thing!” Steve replied. “I would never even allow myself to think about… Aahhh! My nose! My nose!”Steve’s nose was now a full twelve inches long! We all watched in shocked silence.The heavy silence was broken by the snobbish blonde, Ethel, and her annoying little bitch’s voice…”No! That’s silly! Let’s get out of here!” Ethel shouted in panic.”Ethel!” the Witch shouted back. “Ethel, you wouldn’t leave, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t deprive yourself from your greatest fuck ever, wouldn’t you?””Me?! Letting these, these men touch me?! I would never allow this! Never in a million years!””Your heart tells me otherwise, Ethel,” said the Witch, snapping her fingers. “You see, Ethel, my friends here would love to give you a rough shaking on a table, and I know that you’ll greatly enjoy it.””Aaahhh! My nose! My nose!” Ethel screamed. Her nose had grown a good six to eight inches long.”Ethel, Ethel…” the Witch said in a half-scolding, half-playful tone. “Don’t lie to yourself, Ethel. Do yourself a favor for tonight. Be true to yourself. Live out your most secret, unspoken fantasies.”She then turned to kocaeli escort bayan the other girlfriend… “And how about you, Mary? Would you like to have some amazing playtime with a couple of my friends here?”Mary looked directly at me. I could tell she recognized me. She looked down to the floor; her cheeks blushed to a crimson red as she gently nodded with a face a man would die for. Her nose kept its size.Our group looked at the two young couples, who were looking back at us. Both lads were intensely eyeing the Witch, while I was eyeing Mary. Yes, I was going to fuck that stranger girl! Oh, this was going to be a genuine boffo!Old Lou—I had completely forgotten him—quickly went upstairs to bolt the doors and close for the night; he would later tell me that he placed a sign that said: “Closed for urgent plumbing repairs.”Once he was back down in the dining room, he fetched a series of tokens and played the juke-box, telling us the music would be heard as normal by any policeman who would walk near the front door, since he was in the habit of doing his cleaning job while listening to records with tokens the management gave him. The other noises could draw unwanted attention.The dining room being downstairs, it was completely hidden from street view.Mary let herself be approached by Earl and Big James, who both beat me to the start. She looked straight at me as Earl kissed her and gently stroked her chestnut hair while Big James ran his meaty hands on her bust, his dark-brown fingers sharply contrasting against the dusk rose of her dress as he cupped her breasts under her green cardigan.The chestnut-haired girl, Mary, uttered warm moans under Earl’s kisses and she ran her hands over Big James’s paws as he kept caressing her breasts through her dress. Big James was towering above the girl, who stood around five feet three.At my right, I saw the Witch telling the two lads—Steve and Robert—not to be shy, that they could grab her and take all her clothes off. And nearer to my left, there were Lloyd, Slim Jim and Anvil-Face Henry who rushed at Ethel and grabbed her.Ethel’s shoulder-length blonde hair was suddenly acquainted with the touch of black men; the blonde presently yelped with savage excitement as the Olympic weightlifters lifted her like a feather and put her down on a table that Old Lou had just cleared for action by removing the salt and pepper.”You’re a bitchy, snobbish little one! Aren’t you?” bellowed Lloyd in a scolding tone as he grabbed her varsity jersey and pulled it all the way up to her neck while she was pinned with her back against the table.”You called us local trash, eh? You need a good thrashing! That’s exactly what you need, little white lady—a mighty-good thrashing!” added Slim Jim as he urgently pulled her white blouse out of her skirt and yanked it up to her neck, tucking it against her rolled-up jersey and exposing her small bra, which covered a beautiful pair of firm, small breasts, as she yelped in wild arousal.”And that’s exactly what you gonna get, little Jezebel! A good thrashing!” Henry announced while he slid his hands under her skirt and took off her panties all the way down her petite legs and past her white socks and saddle shoes, before tucking her skirt all the way up her waist and unceremoniously uncovering the golden bush of her cunt.I looked on, utterly fascinated, as Anvil-Face Henry began Africanizing the snobbish blonde’s pussy with his tongue, soon forcing her to moan out of control! The jukebox played Chattanooga Cho-Cho by the Glenn Miller Orchestra.Old Lou was wise indeed to put on some music; a policeman patrolling the sidewalk and hearing faint moans and whimpers through the locked doors, in the still of the night, could mistakenly think that girls were being molested.The ex-con ate Ethel’s pussy while the snobbish blonde screamed… “This not possible! Not possible! Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Aahh, yes, I must be punished! I’m a bad, snob girl and I must be, aaah, punished! Yes! Yes! I love your tongue inside me! Yes! I’m a little snobby girl and I, aaah, ooh, it’s so good!”Lloyd and Slim Jim gleefully pulled her white bra and raised it all the way up against her tucked-up jersey and blouse, revealing the ungodly, forbidden sight of Ethel’s white tits, small with pointy nipples of a delicate rose with pale, fading areolas. Her naked breasts looked preposterous in this public space.Slim Jim assaulted these nubile breasts with hands and mouth, while Henry (the ex-con) kept eating her pussy. Ethel went crazy and screamed her forbidden izmit escort delight as she felt their African-thick lips on her white girl’s breasts and right on her pussy entrance. I was as hard as a horny centaur from watching this!Robert heard his girlfriend screaming and saw her breasts uncovered and three black men pleasuring her girly assets. He forcefully kissed the Witch, who swiftly undid her dress buttons and got undressed with preternatural speed. Before I knew it, the blonde Witch was topless and letting both lads suck her nipples; she kept telling them to take their time in the same tone as a school teacher talking to her students.Mary was also topless; her brown nipples were now coated with a sheen of saliva at the tips of a gorgeous pair of perky breasts, perfectly pale and fresh-looking! I was dying to get a taste. Big James kept kissing her nipples and running his hands around the contours of her whiteness as he further lowered her wide-open dress and her cardigan.She quietly whimpered with pleasure as Big James unfastened her thin belt and removed her cardigan and her dress, letting them fall at her feet while she looked at Earl’s ebony muscles and became positively shocked and in awe in front of this African Adonis.Earl finished undressing himself and showed her his growing dick, thick-based and baobab-shaped.Mary took this medium-brown dick in her dainty hand and made Earl buck-hard. Looking at Ethel being pleasured on her table, and following the same example, Big James lifted Mary off her feet. I stepped in and removed her saddle shoes, then her white socks, discovering and touching her pale and rosy feet. She wore no stockings. She was now wearing only her white bra and panties.Once she was on the cleared table, I held her delicate ankles and started kissing and licking Mary’s feet while looking at the uncovering of her vulva; Big James’s meaty hands grabbed her panties and feverishly pulled them down her thighs while the girl started panting and moaning in anticipation.”Oohhh! Yes… Yes!” Mary purred as she felt Big James’s hand on her intimate hair—a dark, generous triangle that stood watch over her inviting slit.Earl explored her pussy with a finger that came out covered with glistening juices when he pulled it out of Mary as she moaned and purred. I kept caressing the silky paradise of her lower legs and feet. She looked straight at me as I helped Big James spread her legs wide, while Earl fondly kissed and kneaded her free-moving breasts.”Aaahh! I’m taken by pirates! I surrender!” Mary bellowed when Big James sank his huge dick inside her wet pussy. Earl held her wrists while James began hammering the white girl with powerful dick thrusts, putting all his 250-plus pounds of weight behind each stroke and subjecting her to a savage pounding!Her breasts were absolutely gorgeous to watch as they jiggled away while Mary’s head was bobbing on the table between her arms, her wrists held by Earl. Big James was now grabbing her lithe waist and fucking her with unbridled abandon on the creaking table.Ethel was being similarly dealt with. Anvil-Face Henry was pounding her with urgent dick thrusts while Slim Jim and Lloyd, both grinning, held the loud-moaning blonde and kept playing with her breasts. Henry told her it felt gee-whizz good to be punishing the snobbish girl she was. She asked him to punish her harder while Old Lou was watching the scene and masturbating; he was stark naked.The Witch was Eve-naked and kneeling on a chair. Steve, the taller one, was fucking her like a dog, from behind, and he visibly enjoyed every second of it. At the same time, she was pleasuring Robert’s dick, giving him an expert mouth job while the lad gently stroked her long blonde hair and let out loud grunts of primal appreciation. Steve looked immensely happy to be having such a great fuck.”Hey, Steve! She’s a real tight one, isn’t she?” I yelled at the happy lad, who was avidly watching his fiancée get repeatedly galley-rammed by Big James’s nine-inch gun and moan like crazy. He was also watching Ethel as she was triple-teamed on the other table; he was in fact watching her more and more instead of his fiancée.”Oohhh! Oohh! Yes! Yes! The pirates… they gang-fuck me… on the deck… on the captured ship… I let them do everything they want…” Mary moaned while biting her lips amid her intense whimpers. Earl, the middleweight lifter, was face down on her moving breasts; he engulfed one in his mouth while Mary ran an accepting hand through his woolly hair.Then, she became all spasms and tremors under James’s heavy pounding; she tightly wrapped her legs around him, giving me an amazing show of girly feet as she crossed ankles above James’s jumbo buttocks. She climaxed and detonated from within…

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