With Lynnie and Friends


Slim and 23, blonde and sassy, eager and bright, Lynnie came to spend a few days at my place in the country, to give me my birthday present: “I will do anything sexual that you want.”

The First Afternoon

SOON AFTER her arrival we took a shower together. Her trim, sexy body glistened under the warm spray. Water drops clung to her hard pink nipples, moisture darkened and matted her thick pussy fur. Her slender legs were spread slightly as she ran her fingers through her cunt lips. My cock was very hard before I even hugged her, rubbed against her. I fondled her firm medium sized tits and moved my hips against her thigh, my cock bouncing. Her hand gently closed on my prick giving it a slow stroke. We almost didn’t make it into the bed.

We rinsed, dried off quickly and dove into bed. Passionate kisses trailed down each other’s bodies. Hot hands fondled pussy, butts, cock and tits. I suckled on her moist pink cunt until her warm juices flowed. She stroked my prick, took it briefly into her mouth.

“Oh, Goddess! Lynnie! I want to cum! I want to fuck you so much!”

“Yes! I need to be fucked! Please come in me and fuck me!”

She got on all fours, presenting her cute little butt. Her cunt lips were thick with need, puffing out from her hairy crotch. My thick hot cock plunged into her cunt. I grabbed her hips and thrust into her. Her wet warm tunnel gripped my shaft and squeezed. We pumped against each other, dizzy with lust. Shouting and moaning with both came quickly.

LYNNIE LIKED modeling and posing for me; I liked her modeling and posing for me. She threw open her suitcase and gave me a lingerie show. She started with a thong bikini: fire red, pulled tight over her furry mound, the thong nestled in her butt crack, separating her firm bouncy cheeks; the tiny top barely covered her medium cupcake tits, the meat of them curving out from under the shiny fabric. She bounced around the room, flaunting her trim figure, shaking her cute little butt in my face, dancing to her favorite music on the stereo. I relaxed on the bed, puffing the pipe and stroking the rod, savoring the lust and the sexy fashion show.

Lynnie darted back into the bathroom to change into a sleek white teddie with ivory lacy around the bust and straps and a snap crotch. She also wore a pair of white nylon stay-up stockings with broad lace-trimmed bands high on her slim thighs. She posed for me thrusting her tight ass out as she bent over to smooth her stockings, then turning to face me she leaned forward to shake her firm boobs and let me ogle her delicate cleavage. She joined me on the bed, popped open the snaps of the snug crotch. Her fingers combed her silky pubic hair, seperated the puffy lips of her pussy and slowly stroked her little clit. I quickly replaced her fingers with my tongue and lips. She was soon panting and bouncing her hips in time with my tongue strokes. I brought her closer and closer to a climax but stopped each time. Lynnie moaned in frustration but played along. Her hands and mouth returned the tease on my cock for awhile, then with a sultry giggle and sexy wiggle, she went to change again.

It was a black outfit this time: bustier, nylon briefs, lace garter belt, seamed stockings and paten leather spike heels. We stood before the dresser mirror, embracing, kissing passionately. She turned in my arms to face our reflections. I loved the feel of the stiff bustier cupping her firm little tits, the pressure of her buns in tight nylon writhing back against my swollen cock. I pulled my briefs down to free my prick and slipped her pantie crotch aside. With a satisfied groan I eased my dick into her wet pussy. She moaned and wriggled against me, leaning forward on the dresser. We fucked slowly for awhile, savoring the warm wet pressure of cock in cunt, tit in hand. I pumped into her, my dick burning and throbbing, and she humped her pussy on me, gripping and squeezing with her talented inner muscles. Sweating with the passion and effort of not climaxing, just holding our arousal at the edge of release, we eventually seperated, stripped and ducked into the shower.

After an hour of lace and nylon it was nice to fondle and finger each other naked.

LATER, AS WE watched a sexy video, Lynnie lounged in a beige chamisole and tap panties outfit. We traded cock-sucking and pussy-licking all through the movie, keeping each other aroused, just at that delicate, maddening, sweating edge of cumming.

Then my blonde vixen modelled a pair of shiny black pantiehose with french-cut panties on underneath. Her beautiful pert tits were held by a lacy black low-cut bra. We rolled on the bed, a tangle of legs and arms, thrusting hips and clutching hands. We kissed deeply, wetly, almost continually. Her nyloned legs were smooth as they squeezed my leg between them. She pumped her damp crotch on my thigh. The fabric of her tiny panties rolled and disappeared into the folds of her pussy. Her moisture soon soaked through the Escort bayan panties and the nylons making a slick wet spot on my leg. My cock was tall and stiff; I wiggled so it would rub on the delightful damp nylon, pressing against her thighs, crotch, and belly. When we couldn’t wait anymore I ripped a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose, pushed her wet pantie crotch aside, and fucked into my lovely young slut girlfriend from behind.

The First Evening

THAT EVENING we were joined by Eric and LaSara, two of our sexy friends, in a small swing and swap party. They were a attractive, late-20’s couple. Eric had long dark brown hair and moustache, a medium slightly muscular build. LaSara was a vibrant red-head, a shapely medium size, not skinny not chunky.

After a light dinner we passed the pipe, did a line or two and got into some serious relaxing. We pushed together a couple of foam mattresses in the living room, piled on sheets, blankets, pillows, cushions. Eric popped a sex video into the VCR; I put an assortments of drinks and snacks on the coffee table, filled the pipe and slipped into my black satin kimono and black nylon bikinis.

He and I kicked back on the nest-like bed, fired up the good green buds and watched the movie. It was a tape of amateur couples, triples, and quads in a variety scenes, fucking, jerking, swapping and sharing. We could also hear our two girlfriends whispering and giggling in the bedroom as they primped and changed into evening wear for our party. It was difficult to tell which was getting us more aroused: the young couple in the video fucking or the things we imagined LaSara and Lynnie were doing “to get ready!”

The Latino guy in the movie was kneeling between the upraised legs of his blonde lover, pumping into her. The girl’s big boobs were shaking in time with his fucking; she was panting and crying out. Both Eric and I freed our cocks from our pants and were slowly stroking to our first hard-ons of the evening.

“The girls sure are taking their time. I think they’re making out in there. Who do you guess started it?” I asked.

Eric grinned as I handed him the pipe, “LaSara! She’s been hot all day. She couldn’t keep her hands off me, or herself, on the ride down here. She’s the one getting her licks in!”

Eric passed me the pipe. After his exhale he suggested, “Let’s go look.”

I was about to agree with his idea when LaSara’s voice rose in a series of sharp cries and squeals. “Ah! That’s the sound of one red-head slut cumming!” My cock pulsed with excitement as I imagined her sprawled out on the bed, sturdy legs spread to allow Lynnie’s mouth free access to her sweet pussy. Eric, too, was getting hot; his hand was moving faster up and down on his thickening prick.

“Oh, yes! Lynnie really knows how to lick pussy!”

“And how to suck cock, as we both know!”

“Yeah! She sucked on me so good, so hot, that I almost fell off the porch when we got here. Oh, God, how she sucks and twirls her tongue around the head.”

“And how she has that little twist-and-squeeze with her fingers when she jacks you off!”

His hand pumped a few more strokes then released its hold. The shaft was dark red, the purple crown swollen, leaking. He leaned back against the cushions, panting, his prick flopping from side to side.

I slowed my stroking, too. The sexy moans from the bedroom, my hot talk with Eric, and the doggie style fucking in the video were pushing me close to the edge. “To hell with this beating off! Let’s go peek in on the little hussies and get laid.” We went down the hall and looked into the bedroom, two hard dicks flopping, looking for some wet pussy.

LASARA WAS sprawled back on our bed, Lynnie kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed, licking her friend’s copper-haired pussy. The red-head had her white cotton tank top pushed up above her full, pink-tipped breasts, one hand fondling the hard nipples. Her other hand stroked the blonde’s head, holding her face against her writhing cunt. A pair of white cotton panties were tossed on the floor. I picked them up to savor the musky scent of LaSara’s pussy lingering on them. My hard-on stiffened a bit.

Lynnie had one a pair of shiny black thigh high stockings with stay-up tops, skimpy black thong bikini panties, and a black satin kimono robe. The robe was disarrayed above her slim waist, revealing her taut little ass cheeks separated by the dark string of her thong. Eric dropped to her knees behind her. He quickly pulled the thong aside and thrust his hard cock into her damp pussy with one steady stroke. She squealed and groaned as it slide in. He began to pump firmly, steadily. She pulled away from the wet flowing pussy in front of her to lean back into the fucking. I knew her muscles were gripping Eric’s cock, holding it, milking it, as they had done to my dick many times.

LaSara rolled off the bed, knelt at my feet and stroked my cock. Her firm hand quickly caught my Bayan escort rhythm, adding her gentle twist to the top of her rapid strokes. She stopped a couple of times to lick and suck on me, making me stagger back against the bedroom wall with weak-kneed pleasure. Her grip thightened a bit, relaxed a bit; her stroke sped up and slowed down. Her other hand kept her pussy happy while she teased me over the edge.

“You’re so hard! You’re gonna cum on me! Squirt your cum on my face, on my tits! I know you want to fuck Lynnie from behind but I want you to just cum on me, you horny old man, wanting to fuck young women!”

Lynnie was whimpering, clawing the bed spread, pushing her butt back against Eric’s pumping hips. Her chant of “Fuck me, oh, fuck me!” was almost lost in her panting need. Eric was panting, grimacing with effort as he held her thin hips and fucked his cock into her. He threw his head back, his whole body froze, quivering, as he pumped his first load of the night into Lynnie’s dripping pussy.

Two of LaSara’s strokes later, I erupted. Hot jets of creamy cum splattered on LaSara’s face, tongue, breasts. She fell back on the floor, both hands moving urgently in her pussy. “Fuck me, please, fuck me now! I want you inside me, quick! Oh, please, fuck me!” Another squirt from my dick landed on her tummy and thighs. I quickly dropped down on her firm body. Her strong legs circled my waist pulling me close. Her hand guided my still leaking cock into the moist slickness of her swollen pink pussy. Her cunt clutched my prick, holding me deep. It hardened, burned, tingled. I began thrusting, waves of hot pleasure radiating from LaSara’s cunt through my cock and up my spine. Her broad hips bucked under me, meeting my thrusts with urgent strength, growing need. I could feel her cunt vibrate, contract. She went stiff and quivering under me, her pussy squeezing and gushing her hot fluids. Seconds later another pulse of my own warm juices burst out of me, mixing with her flow, dripping out of her spasming pussy.

That Night

LATER WE played “Last One To Cum Wins”: for the next full hour or so, it was Tease Time to get aroused and stay aroused, but our game was to hold off our release as long as we could. Then the winner got to choose how and with whom to make wild passionate sexy dirty hot love to while the other partners played along as desired.

The girls got dolled-up in new outfits while Eric and I showered and changed our clothes, too. I put on black cotton briefs; Eric wore dark blue silk boxers. We put a fresh video in the machine…an old favorite Buttman tape… and cranked up the pipe and mirror.

We enjoyed our rush and buzz watching the tape of Buttman’s close-ups of a roomful of gorgeous, hard-bodied rear ends. LaSara came into the living room, leaned against the door frame and raised her foot to rest against it. The black satin slip she wore was pulled tight across her small round tummy, broad hips and heavy thighs. The low-cut lacy neckline displayed her full round bosom. Eric and I both whipped out our dicks and took our hardening members in hand.

“HI, BOYS!” she said in a throaty, sexy, playful voice. “Welcome to the Teasing Game. To get you started for tonight’s game we present the great, the sexy slut herself: Lynnie!”

The slender blonde pranced out of the bedroom into the front room. Lynnie wore a light blue satin outfit: bra-and-panty set with lace-edged garterbelt, a nearly transparent, thigh length robe, and pale white stockings. Her cute feet were in a pair of pale blue pumps. She swayed sexily across the room, turned to show off her firm young bottom, smiled over her shoulder, and bent forward slowly.

“As you can see, our model, Lynnie, has long, hot legs and a real tight butt,” said LaSara, continuing her commentary.

“I know all you guys like hot buns. I can see how hard you’re getting.” She moved to the couch, leaned back and hiked her slip up to her hips. She quickly parted her coppery bush and slide a thin, 6″ dildo into her pussy. My cock throbbed as I watched her slowly pump herself.

“I like touching myself when I look at hard cocks being jacked off. Oh, yes! Lynnie likes to be looked at when she wears sexy undies. Look at her bending over, smoothing her stockings, stretching her thin panties over those really cute buns.”

Her little friend pumped into her damp cunt; her fingers stroked her erect clit; my hand squeezed my cock waving its hard length back and forth; Eric knelt behind Lynnie, kissed her pantied butt cheeks and fondled his prick slowly. “Look at me play with my pussy. I get so turned on when guys watch me.”

I felt a strong pulse in my nuts so I stopped stroking. I settled back on the futon nest, my thick, stiff cock standing tall, my finger and thumb circling its base tightly. I stared at LaSara’s hand working the dildo rapidly in and out. It glistened with her slippery, warm juices. Her hips writhed slowly, her heavy Escort butt circling on the couch, her legs spread wide offering a plain view of her coppery bush, her swollen pink lips, her wet thighs.

“OH, God! it’s so good! I can’t stop! I gotta stop!” she moaned trying to control her passion. With a heavy sigh she withdrew the small dildo and slid over to talk dirty to me while she stroked me off.

LYNNIE DANCED around the room, slowly slipping out of her clothes. The thin blue robe was long gone. Now her skimpy bra was slowly slipping off, giving flashes and peeks of her small, firm titties. I saw a small damp spot growing on the crotch of her thin nylon panties.

Eric curled up between LaSara’s legs while she cuddled beside me, gently fondling my very hard cock. “Oh, Brendan! You’re so hard!” she said. “You feel like you’re gonna cum realy soon—! Oh! Oh! Ohmygod! He’s licking my cunt so good! So good! His tongue is…oh! ohmygodohmygod!…touching my clit! Oh, god! Oh, fuck!”

My hips bounced on the bedding, thrusting against LaSara’s hand. Her strokes were very firm, and very slow, and very distracted. I desperately wanted her to pump faster, and yet wanted her to slow down. She ignored my pushing and even slowed down her milking stroke. My cock seemed to swell even more, the head tingling with need.

Lynnie stood next to us and played with her pussy. One hand held the narrow gusset of her panties aside while the other teased her hard little clit. Her legs were spread a bit and her hips thrust forward. “Look at me fingering my cunt like a real dirty slut! See my hot clit! I want some one to lick my pussy!”

I grabbed her hips and pulled her down to kneel over my face. Her swollen pink lips descended to my mouth. I flicked my tongue over her hard clitty; I sucked her wet labia; I probed into her flowing tunnel. I cupped her firm little buns in my hands. She squeezed my head with her nyloned thighs and cried out as her pussy quivered around my tongue. I burrowed into her wet tunnel with my tongue. Her long golden brown pussy fur was damp and matted; her swollen pink lips were shiny with her juices; her little lavender clitty peeked between her lips. Her warm spicy sex juice flowed into my mouth. I sucked on her clit and entered her cunt with my finger. Her slim strong thighs clenched my head as she moaned and cried out, begging for me to make her cum, heedless of the purpose of our game.

I wiggled my tongue wildly over Lynnie’s hard little clit, my fingers spreading her wet puffy lips so I could suck on her bud, too. She clutched the headboard and screamed when her cunt spasmed, filling my mouth with her spicy juices. Her whole body quivered and she came again. I suckled on her hot clit and savored her hot flow leaking down my chin, neck. Her tight buns quivered and clenched in my hands, sending hot flashes down to my still hard prick.

“Lynnie’s cumming,” panted LaSara, her breath warm on my shoulder and neck. Her hand just held my cock, her grip barely loosening and tightening, my prick pulsed and burned with need. “I’m gonna cum too! Oh, God, lick me! like me so good!” She got on all fours and firmly pushed her pussy down on Eric’s face. Her wild red hair whipped around as she tossed her head.

My cock flopped wildly when she let it go. Good timing, too, as I was about to squirt a big one. I concentrated on smothering Lynnie’s leaking cunt with kisses. Her slick thighs partially blocked my hearing, so her girlfriend’s panting cries of “Oh, god, eat me! Oh, god, fuck me! Ohgodlickme! Fuckme! Lickme!” didn’t turn me on too much.

“TIME OUT!” cried Lynnie. “I’m gonna cum, oh, no! oooh! ooh!” The slender young slut pushed off me and rolled across the bed; she lay there panting, glowing. With a groan of frustration LaSara crawled off of Eric’s face and cuddled up with me. Eric joined Lynnie.

“Did you cum, Lynnie? Did you lose again?” I teased.

“The fastest clit in the west!” said Eric, nuzzling Lynnie’s pussy.

LaSara giggled, “I almost came, too. Eric, you know how to lick me just right.” She threw her firm leg over my thigh, rubbing her cunt on me and pushing my cock with her thigh. “And you, Brendan, can finger my clit just right, too.”

“OH, damn it! I did!” gasped Lynnie. Then she lost her train of thought when Eric’s practiced tongue found her clit. Her hips bounced against his face; she held her sleek, stockinged legs up and wide. “I’m cumming! Oh, oh, oh, oh, cumming! Fuck me! Cumming! Cummmmm…uuhhhhhh…” Her whole body was quivering ridged with pent-up passion, her sweaty face a mask of ecstatic pleasure.

I kissed LaSara, then slid away to hug Lynnie. I cupped her small pert tits and kissed her through her cum. The redhead went to Eric and started fondling his nuts, butt and cock from behind. He grunted with pleasure and managed to raise to his knees to give his girl free access while keeping his lips busy in the blonde’s flowing pussy. I suckled Lynnie’s nipples as I held her close. My cock bumped against her quivering hips and Eric’s hand. He took hold of it and squeeze, pumped it a little.

“TIME OUT!” cried Lynnie again. This time we all did stop.

…more later…

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