Wrong Number

Double Penetration

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(Ring ring ring)


Yes hi, is Jessica’s mom there?

This is she.

Is this THE mother of cute little Jessica?

Yes, who is this?

Oh this is one of her ‘close’ friends.

You don’t sound familiar, I thought I knew all her best friends.

I never said I was her best friend, just one of her close friends.

Well, ok, what can I do for you?

There’s really nothing that you can do per say. I was just calling to let you know a little something about your daughter that’s all.

Like what?

Well for one, do you know where she is right at this moment?

She told me she was going out, to the mall I suppose.


Then where is she?

She’s right here with me at my house, as well as several of her other ‘close’ friends.

Oh, well are you girls having fun?

I’ll say, but I think Jessica is having the most fun of all of us.

Well I’m really glad to hear that.

I thought you would be.

Is that all you called to tell me about?

Not exactly.

Than what else is there?

Wouldn’t you like to know what your daughter’s wearing?

Why would I care? Last I saw her this morning she was wearing jeans and a T-shirt?

Not any more! (giggle)

I don’t think I understand. Is Jessica really there? Can I talk to her?

Yes she’s here, but she can’t come to the phone right now.

Why not?

Well, her mouth is really busy at the moment.

I see. Well tell her to call me when she’s finished doing what ever she’s doing.

Oh but that might take a looooong time. She might be here all day.

But we’re supposed to go visit family later today. I think I really must talk with her.

As I said, she very busy, and we really don’t want her to stop what she’s doing.

Not even for her own mother?

Not even for you!

This doesn’t sound right. What exactly is she doing?

Oh I don’t think you really want to know, you may not like it.

What is that suppose to mean?

Lets just say that you wouldn’t approve of your daughter’s activities at the moment.

Activities? What activities? She better not be getting her tongue pierced! I’ll be very upset.

Oh you’re close. It does have something to do with her tongue, but its not pierced. At least not yet, but that’s a good idea.

Listen young lady, I really don’t have time for games. Is my daughter there or not?

Yes she is ma’am.

Then I insist that you put her on the phone this instant!

I’ll give her a try, but I don’t think she’ll be very communicative.



Hello? Jessica?


Hello? Hello?

You see, I told you she wouldn’t be very communicative.

What’s wrong with her? What is wrong with her mouth?

Nothings wrong with her mouth. In fact Cindy finds your daughter’s mouth perfect.

Cindy? Who’s Cindy?

Just another one of your daughters ‘close’ friends. Jessica is currently being veeeerrrry friendly to her.

Where are you girls? Are you really with my daughter at your house?

Yes ma’am, I swear. I’m looking at her right now. Did you know you had a very sexy daughter?

Sexy? You mean pretty?

No, if she was really pretty, she’d be with lots of boys right now, instead of with lots of girls.

What is that suppose to mean?

Don’t get so defensive, she’s still very sexy. I love watching the way she wiggles.

This is beginning to sound absurd.

It really isn’t, you should see the way she looks right now laying on my bed.

Bed? What’s she doing on your bed?

Using her friendly mouth on Cindy.

ON? On where?

Where do you think?

Are you giving each other fake hickys? Do teenagers still do that?

I promise you she isn’t giving Cindy a hicky, at least not near her neck.

But that’s the only Maltepe Grup Escort place to get a hicky.

No, there are other, more pleasurable places for her mouth to be.

You’ve got to be kidding? This better be a big joke right?

No ma’am, this is no joke.

My daughter is giving your friend….oral sex?

I wouldn’t say it like that.

How would you say it then?

It’s more like she’s eating Cindy’s cunt.

Oh my gosh! How dare you speak of such things, you nasty girl!

Jessica is the nasty girl. You should have seen some of the stuff she’s been doing.

I don’t care what you say. My daughter is a good girl. I didn’t raise her to be a….a….



Yes your daughter!

Why did you call me with this prank. What kind of girls are you to be bothering a mother with this nonsense.

It was her idea.


Your daughter’s.


Yes. She told me to dial your number just before she went to task on Cindy.

I don’t believe you.

Its true. By the way, have you ever seen your daughter’s pussy?


Well I’m looking at it right now. It really is very pretty, especially when it gets all puffy.

That’s enough. I don’t want to hear about this.

It looks even better now that it’s shaved. Did you know she shaves her pussy?

I…stop this…..

It makes her look like a little girl. That’s what we refer to her as, our girl.

No she isn’t, she’s my girl. My baby girl, and she’d never, ever do that in her whole life. Only sluts shave their…their….

Go ahead, you’re a big girl, you can say it.


Good girl, you see it wasn’t so hard.

If my daughter really is there, tell her she better come home this instant or never come home at all.

Do you really want that to happen? Especially the way she feels about you?

Feels about me?

Come on, you had to know.

Know what? What does Jessica feel?

Did you know she’s playing with her pussy right now?

Tell her to stop it! Only tramps do that!

Exactly. I think she’s doing it because she knows I’m talking to you!

How dare she. Tell her she’s never allowed in this house ever again.

I don’t think she’d hear me, her ears are covered by Cindy’s thighs.

Tell Cindy to get off my baby. Tell her to leave her alone.

But Jessica was the one who crawled under Cindy to begin with.

I can’t hear any more of this. This is just crazy!

Isn’t it!

Why are you doing this to me?

I told you, it was Jessica’s idea. Oh….wow….

What? What happened?

Jessica just inserted fingers inside her. Guess how many?

I don’t want to guess, just tell her mommy wants her home.

Why, so you can have her all to yourself. I don’t think so.

How dare you suggest anything of the sort.

You can’t tell me you don’t find your daughter attractive.

I love my daughter, I’d never…

You see, you admit it. You know she feels the same way about you?

I….Uh….she does?

Yes. She talks about you all the time. She says she wish’s you were here with us.

No way, I’m not a….a….


Uh, such a nasty word. You dirty dirty girls.

Hey, Jessica just brought Cindy to orgasm, aren’t you proud of her?

Of course not….

And you should just see her face, so shiny. To late, Mary just covered it back up again.


Yes, she another ‘close’ friend of your daughter.

How many of you are there?

Including your daughter and I, five.

Oh you horrible girls. Your all going to hell.

Don’t be so dramatic….Oh, wonderful, she’s just added another finger. Still don’t want to know how many she’s got inside her?

No, please, I don’t want to hear any more of this.

But I think you do.

No I don’t, I’m going to hang up I swear.

Sure go ahead, I’m tired of talking to you anyways. I’d much rather use my mouth on that juicy cunt of hers. Bye bye!

No wait!!!



You don’t want me to hang up?

No Maltepe Manken Escort please…continue…

Only if you guess how many fingers your daughter is shoving up her cunt?

Oh please, this is just horrible.

Bye bye.

WAIT, Two, she has two fingers in her….vagina.

Not even close.



The whore!

She’s had lots of practice I assure you. She’s got 4 fingers in that shaved little puss of hers. And its all for you!

Don’t say that. It’s not true.

Yes it is, and if you want I can tell her to put all 5 fingers in.

No! Tell her not to.

Sorry, too late. She really is the perfect slut. And Mary is really rocking on her face, I don’t think she’ll last much longer.

Oh my baby girl!

Don’t worry, she’s still yours. We promise we’ll return her in ok shape when were done using her.

You horrible things!

What’s wrong? You want her now don’t you?

Yes I want her now, but not in that way.

You can’t fool me, I can hear it in your voice, its getting husky.

You’re lying.

Am I. I bet your panties are soaked by now, aren’t they?

How dare you…

Aren’t they?


You could take them off and play with yourself you know, just like your daughter is.

Never, that is disgusting.

I know you want to. I bet you could stick a whole fist inside yourself.

You rude creature.

Jessica wants you to fist her you know?


Why do you think she’s practicing right now, stretching herself? She always talks about how she soooo wants her mommy to seduce her and shove her fist into her.

She never said that…..did she?

Yes she did. But she doesn’t think it’ll ever happen.

She’s right.

She thinks its because you don’t find her sexy.

That’s not true, she’s very sexy…..wait, your trying to trick me!

So you don’t find her sexy?

No…I mean yes…I mean…

Do you think she’s sexy?

Yes she’s sexy.

No no, do YOU think she’s sexy.

Yes….yes I think she’s sexy.

So do you have your panties off yet?

What? No!

But how are you going to play with yourself?

I don’t want to play with myself.

Then you should at least put on a dry pair of panties.

I haven’t had the chance to clean new ones yet.



I caught you. Your soaked aren’t you?


You horny old cow, you are wet.

Please don’t tell Jessica.

But she’ll be so happy. It means her mommy really does have the hots for her.

I don’t….

Don’t be such a prude. You want you daughter so badly, I just know it. Go ahead and take off your panties, no one can see you. You can even leave your dress on.


Hurry up, get those sticky panties down those thighs. The cool air will feel good around your wet lips.

I can’t…I won’t….

I bet you already did.


I bet they’re pooled around your ankles right now. You’re such a naughty mommy.

Please don’t call me that, I try so hard to be a good parent.

I won’t stop until you promise to fulfill your daughter’s fantasy.

I couldn’t!

Sure you can, she’s been practicing for almost a month getting that tiny pussy of hers all stretched out for you.

I could never do that!

Oh I see, you aren’t sure how to do it. Well you’ll just have to practice on yourself then.

You can’t suggest I do that to myself?

Of course silly. Go ahead and stick your hand under your dress for me.

I refuse.

Stop being a child, you need the practice. Now you better be working a finger up there.


How does it feel?

Please lets not do this.

I asked you how does your finger feel inside you?

I hate it!

No you don’t, you love it. Stick two more in.

But….they won’t fit!

Sure they will hun, that loose cunt of yours should stretch no problem.

Oh Gosh!!!

Are they in?

Why am I doing this?.

Don’t forget to rub that little nub of yours. Even big girls Maltepe Masöz Escort need to stimulate their little man.

Ohhhhhhh, I’m going to hell.

Feels good huh? Why don’t you close your eyes and imagine your actually fingering Jessica!


Gosh her pussy looks good doesn’t it? Especially with your mommy fingers going in and out, in and out.

Please, stop talking about her….

I bet her pussy tastes just delicious. Why don’t you take your fingers from your dripping pussy and lick them. Pretend that you’re tasting your daughter.

Please don’t make me.

Yes, I insist. Tell me, do you like the taste?


Come on, tell the truth.

A little.

Just what I thought, you like the taste of pussy. Very good, you can stick the rest of your fingers inside you now.

But my hand is too big, it’ll hurt!

Nonsense. I bet you could put both hands inside yourself. And did I just mention Mary just came on your daughter’s face? That girl is unbelievable. And her face really looks like a complete mess with all that pussy juice. A good thing Samantha is now taking her turn on your daughter’s tongue.


What’s the matter? Whish it was you lowering your pussy onto your daughter’s face?


She has a really long tongue, I can tell you from experience that she really knows what she’s doing with it.

No….more, please….don’t say any more.

Tell me where your fist is?


Close your eyes. Now tell me where your fist is?

Its…..its….in a pussy!

Whose pussy?

Oh gosh, NO!

Whose pussy are you fisting?


Give it to her good mommy. Shove that hand up your daughter’s cunt.


Think again, where’s your daughter’s face?

It’s…uhhhh…between my legs…..

And what do you want her to do down there?

I can’t say it!

What do you want her to do to your mommy pussy?

LICK IT!!!!! I want her to lick my pussy!

Tell her baby, tell your daughter.

Jessica, lick my pussy. Please lick my pussy!

Now tell her where to shove her tongue.

Inside me. Please push your tongue inside me Jessica, mommy needs it sooooooo bad!!!

And does she?

YESSSS, she’s a good girl, such a good girl!

Just like her mommy raised her?


Now make her cum. Make your daughter cum with your fist!


(Five minutes later)

That was so good wasn’t it?


I know you loved it. How does that pussy feel?


It looks like you and your daughter have a lot to talk about tonight, now that you’ve admitted your feelings for her.

Yes, you are right. I had no idea she felt this way. I’ll wait for my baby at home until you finish with her. Please be gentle.

(giggles) I promise we will.

And…and thank you!

My pleasure, believe me. Oh and just one more thing before we hang up.

What is that sweetie?

You know I was a bit lying earlier when I said I was Jessica’s ‘close’ friend.

What are you then?

Actually, I’m not even a regular friend of her’s.

What do you mean?

You see I actually don’t like your daughter very much. Seeing her ugly face at school just plain annoys me, so I decided to call her mom and play a prank of her.

Wwwwwhat are you saying?

Jessica isn’t actually here either, just me, my friends, and this tape recorder.


They don’t like her much either. We’re going to love playing it around school tomorrow. I just can’t wait to see all the kids laughing at your daughter when they hear it, and I have you to thank. Thank you so very much, you were very helpful. Bye bye now….

NO WAIT!!!!!

(CLICK…..dial tone…..)


Hey Mom, I’m home!


The End!


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