You enjoy your Blackening so far?

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You enjoy your Blackening so far?Swinging can be great, if you go into it with open eyes. Just as long as you both know that the people you are swinging with have the same things in mind as you. If they don’t, then look out………..***********************************Pat felt the needle prick in her upper shoulder, and the warmth of the d**g started flowing through her veins.The cock that was in her ass didn’t seem to burn as much anymore, as her anal muscles started to relax.”Yes, he could fuck her in the ass all night as far as she was concerned.”As she lowered her face into the mattress, the assault on her asshole started to increase, a smile started creeping over her face. She knew her husband was in the next room, doing God knows what. The last she had heard was when one of the niggers had slapped him and told him to suck harder.In her mind, she pictured him on his knees as one of those older black men fucked his face. That thought brought an even bigger smile to his face. “The S.O.B. deserved it.” she thought.It had been her husband who had started all this shit that they were now experiencing. Five years of marriage had diminished her sex drive with him, and he was forever complaining about her not spreading her legs enough anymore. She knew what her wifely duties were, but she also knew that she was more than piece of fluff that he could take whenever he wanted.Pat felt she had some dignity, and deserved to be wined and dined now and then. This shit of going out once a month just didn’t cut it, as far as she was concerned. The fucking cheapskate didn’t even take her out to any good restaurants anymore, opting instead to those Mom and Pop places where they had to get their own food. Something she absolutely hated!”Ugghhhh” she felt that one, as the nigger drove harder into her ass.It had been her husband who had finally complained that if she wasn’t gonna “put out”, he might as well go to town and pay for a good piece.Pat to her credit had put some extra feeling into their sex that night, even giving him a short blow job, before spreading her knees to let him make his weekly deposit. “Weekly deposit……… fuck, what a way to think about having sex with your husband.”As he had fucked her for his usual 5 minutes and then came, he had rolled off of her and they were both staring at the ceiling, when she finally had said “What did you mean by going to town for sex?It had caught Gary by surprise when she had said that, but the love that he had for his wife had diminished the last couple of years. Her constant bitching about this and that, was slowly driving them apart.”Pat…. this shit of once a week is not enough for me anymore! You know I have wants and needs too. For all I know, when I’m at work, your probably playing with that dildo you got stuck away in your dresser drawer.”She wondered what the fuck he had been doing, going through her things, but thought the better of it.”Well, giving me a five minute fuck, sure as hell doesn’t do much for me either! You say you have wants and needs, but you think that I don’t?”That’s when he surprised them both, but blurting out “What if we were to bring some others into our sex life?””You mean swinging?” she said. Who the fuck was that laying beside her in their bed, she wondered. Gary had never been like that before.”Well maybe it would do both of us some good, if we got some “strange stuff”.Strange stuff….. she mulled those words around in her mind. She wondered what it would be like to have some other guy between her legs, instead of Gary.”You got someone in mind?”The words caught him off guard, as he had expected her to blow up at the suggestion of them swinging.”No, but I could get a swingers magazine at the adult book store. They have plenty of them……”He said it so quick, he realized that he had made a mistake.”Adult book store? When the fuck have you been to an adult book store?”He held his breath, before finally realizing that it was out in the open, and now was as good a time as any to let it all out.”Hey… I go there because I can’t get any from you!””My God Gary, you go there for sex?”Gary knew he was being painted into a corner. “Uhmmm, look Pat if I can’t get it from you then I get it from someone else.””I thought only men went to those places? What the fuck have you being doing?””They have these fucking booths, where you can go into and stick your cock through a hole and get it sucked off. In fact, some of those guys do a hell of a lot better job than you do!”The words were like a stomach punch to Pat. So her husband was a fucking queer?, she wondered.”How long you been doing this Gary?””The last couple of years, and no, if your thinking I’m a homo you can forget that! I like a piece of pussy as much as the next guy, but getting my cock sucked, at least relieves the pressures of not getting any.”They laid there quietly for the next five minutes, thinking of what had been said, when all of a sudden…. “Why don’t you bring one of those books home tomorrow.””Huh?””One of those swinger books, or whatever they are called.””Are you serious?””Look Gary, you and I both know this marriage isn’t gonna last much longer at the rate it’s going. Maybe spicing güvenilir bahis it up for the both of us is something to think about.”She got out of bed to take her douche, while Gary thought about what all had been just said.Gary was almost to sleep when he heard her ask “Gary, did you ever suck any guys at that place?””Yes”, he said softly, and she rolled over and went to sleep.Gary had stopped at the adult book store and bought several swinger magazines. He had started to go to the back of the store to see if anyone was there waiting to suck or be sucked, but then the thought of maybe having to produce again tonight with his wife, stopped him from going back there.He threw the magazines on the kitchen table, where she was reading the newspaper.She looked up at him, and then at the magazines. She arched an eyebrow when she saw the picture on the cover of one of them with two couples screwing side by side. Underneath the picture it had in big bold print “COUPLES LISTED BY ZIP CODE.””My God”, she thought, “he really did it”As he grabbed a beer and headed for the living room, she picked it up and started looking through it. “My God, their listed by states.” As she looked further, she saw that they were listed by zip code like it had said on the cover.She thumbed through the magazine till she came to Florida, and quickly scanned the pages for her zip code. “OMG, there are dozens of them here locally!”As she started reading the posts, she noticed that there were couples, as well as singles who posted their stats, as well as phone numbers.One that caught her eye was the exact same zip as hers.””A few good men, to light up your sex life, and leave you wanting to come back for more. We aim to please, as all of us are well over seven inches, and definitely know how to use it.”” It had a phone number and a time to call.She read some more of the posts, but her eyes kept going back to the one she had just read. Just then Gary came back in the kitchen for another beer.”Hitting them kind of hard aren’t you?”Gary just ignored the remark and looked at her holding the magazine.”Something catch your eye?””Yes….. as a matter of fact one of the posts has.” She let those words hang there for a minute or so, and then showed him the ad.Gary read the post several times before commenting…. “A few good men, it says nothing about any women.”Pat had been running through her mind the last couple of minutes what she was about to say.”Gary, can we be frank….””Fire away.””Your not gonna like what I have to say, but it needs to be said.””I’m waiting.””Gary those 5 minute wham bam thank you mam fucks aren’t good enough for you, and they certainly don’t satisfy me.”He started to say something, but she held up her hand.”Let me finish… and then you can respond or walk out of here… whatever. I would love for you to take me upstairs and fuck me for hours and hours, but I know that’s not gonna happen, and I understand that your needs are not like mine. But I swear to you, if I don’t get a good fucking soon, I’m packing my suitcase and going home to Mom. I mean it!”Gary knew he could take her upstairs and do the deed, but certainly not for hours and hours. Men just weren’t built for that.”So what do you want to do? Go fuck some guys while I sit here at home?””NO…. I don’t want anything like that! But this post says it must be more than just one guy, and that would probably satisfy me. But at the same time, I’m not real crazy about going to some guys house all alone.””So you want me to go along to protect you, while your getting fucked by some guy, or guys.””Look, you said you went to that adult book store to get sucked off by guys, maybe some of these guys would do that too.”The words stung, but they had already discussed this last night, so there was no sense in trying to cover it up now.”So am I the one to make the phone call, or you?” he said.The guy that had answered the phone had a deep voice, and spoke just briefly, telling her that they had all been tested, and had the paperwork to back it up. He had given her the address and then she agreed that tomorrow night at 8 would be fine for her.Before she hung up with him, she told him that she would feel better if her husband could come along too.”Is he okay with you screwing other guys?””It’s something that we’ve talked about, and I guess he is. If he doesn’t like it, he can always go to the adult book store he goes to.”The guy at the other end chuckled a little, and said “Sure bring him along, we can find something for him to do.”As she hung up, she thought that was a strange thing to say, but then looked over at her husband. “Eight tomorrow night.” She gave him a dirty look and went out to the back yard.The place was kind of non descriptive, with weeds in the flower beds, indicating that the grounds were not that well kept up, but at least the grass was mowed.When they rang the door bell, they were taken aback when a rather large black man opened the door and smiled at her. “You Pat?”Pat did a double take. The guy was black… a fucking nigger… what the hell?She knew it was too late to pull away, when he held out his hand to her.”Mack is the name. Good to meet you Mrs…. you didn’t tell türkçe bahis me your last name, but that is understandable.”With a little tug, he pulled her through the door, and Gary hesitantly followed her. Inside the place stank of a sweet smelling smoke. Pat had tried smoking dope a couple of times in college, and found it nice, but after marrying Gary, those days had ended.There were a couple of guys sitting at a table drinking beer, and they nodded to the white couple. One of them, the one with the bald head, got a smile on his face when he saw Pat. She was no looker, that was for sure, but her body still was firm, and her tits looked to be a C cup. Yep he thought, it will be a good one to fuck.No sooner were they showed in, than another guy came out of a back room and came over and shook Garys’ hand. The guy was kind of effeminate looking, and had a bunch of ear rings in his one ear. When he shook his hand, Gary had a weird feeling that this guy might be gay. He had developed a sense for that kind of stuff, after having visited the adult book store many times.”Good to meet you Gary…. my name is Sweetness.”Sweetness, what kind of a fucking name was that, thought Gary. As Sweetness led him to the other room, he saw that Mack had already led Pat over to a couch, and was sitting real close next to her.”So Pat, you looking to get some satisfaction, are you hon?”His directness startled her a little, but she tried to play cool, and said “Yes, some satisfaction would be great!”The big black man smiled down at her, and then lowered his mouth down to hers. She stiffened for just a second, till his big lips covered hers, and she felt his tongue poking to spread her lips.The moment she opened up, his tongue invaded her mouth, and their tongues started dueling. Her senses were still on his tongue trying to tickle her tonsils, when she felt him pinch the nipple on her right breast. Geez, this fucking guy wasn’t wasting any time.She tried to back away and say something, but already his tongue had won out, and she was now sucking on it. The other arm that was around her shoulders pulled her back into the couch, and she knew that pretty soon she wouldn’t be able to get away.The fingers and thumb that had been pinching her nipple, reached over for her hand, and he brought it down to his erection.”MOTHER FUCKER…..” she thought, as she felt the huge cock in his pants. “He was fucking huge.”Mack pulled back and looked into her eyes.”Take it out sweetie, and see what is gonna be giving you lots of thrills tonight.”Pat reached for his zipper without even thinking. She was having trouble with it, so she sat up so she could use both of her hands. She heard some chuckling from the table where the other black guys were sitting, and she wondered if this nigger was gonna fuck her, right there in front of the others.”NO…” She heard her husband say, from the other room.”No, please….””Come on baby, show Sweetness how good you can be”, it was not the guy who had come out and called himself Sweetness. She wondered what was going on in the other room, but at the same time, she finally got the zipper down, and tried to reach inside for the big cock.The fucking thing must have been bent or something cause she couldn’t pull it out of his pants.Mack just laughed, and stood up. As he loosened his belt, and then dropped his pants, his fat 9 inch cock sprang out and almost hit her in the face.Pat’s eyes got very big when she saw the enormous cock before her. Sure it was much longer than Garys’ 6 inches, but the fucking thing was as big around as her wrist.Mack saw the worry in her eyes, and moved forward so she wouldn’t have time to think about it.”Open up, little girl, and show me what you can do with this man meat.”The words struck her funny, but she leaned forward and with one hand at the base of his cock, she opened up and took the head inside.Pat heard the chairs move, and knew that they were probably coming over to join her and Mack.From the other room, she heard Sweetness say “Oh yes, now that’s what what I’m talking about.”Pat could only imagine what was going on in there, but she had enough problems of her own to worry about. Mack had put one of his big hands behind her head, and was jabbing at her throat with his big cock. She hadn’t thought that her mouth would have accommodated that big of a thing, but she could feel the head of his cock hitting her tonsils, and her automatic reaction was to gag.Mack didn’t care if she was gagging, in fact he enjoyed making women squirm on his well endowed piece of man meat.Pat put both of her hands on Mack’s thighs and forcefully pushed away, so she could get a breath.”Please, not so fast…. I….. fuck, this is just too soon. Mack, I’m not so sure I want to do this.””You want a little help missy?”She didn’t know what that was supposed to mean, but she shook her head yes, hoping it would bide her some time before he stuck that big thing back in her mouth.Mack nodded at Rufus, who opened up the little case in his hand and pulled out the syringe. Mack pushed his cock back into the homely wife, and as she started to gag, Rufus jabbed the needle into her lower shoulder at the same time.Pat stiffened up, güvenilir bahis siteleri not knowing what had just happened, but the d**g was already starting to make her feel warm. Geez, whatever they had just done, made the cock not feel so big in her mouth, as her body went a little limp.It was Rufus who had put his hands under her arms, and was now carrying her past Gary in the other room towards yet another room further in the house.Gary? Was that Gary she saw? It must have been. The white mass she saw, appeared to be on his knees, with what looked like Sweetness holding his head while he appeared to be fucking Garys’ face.OMG, she thought, as Rufus carried her past her husband. She wanted to see it, but before she knew it, she was being unceremoniously dumped on a mattress on the floor. She ended up in a heap, but before she could get her bearings, she felt her legs being spread and raised up. She groggily looked up and saw Mack’s face close in on her, as her legs were being pressed back into her breasts.There was pressure being applied to her cunt, and all at once, she felt the cock slip in. With the d**g they had just given her, there wasn’t much pain. In fact, no pain at all, just a feeling of fullness.Mack immediately started to fuck her, while she felt her face being turned by a couple of hands, and then Rufus was poking at her mouth with his cock.Rather than fight it, she just opened her lips and Rufus started to **** her mouth. He was non too gentle in doing it, but the gagging she had when Mack had stuck it in her mouth was no longer there. Instead, she felt the cock head reach her throat, and it seemed to enter it.How the fuck could that be, she wondered, but Rufus’s cock was now going where no cock had ever been before, and it actually felt delicious.Pat tried to lock her legs around Mack’s neck but the way they were pushed back against her breast, it just wasn’t possible to do.”You okay Pat?””Huh?”It was Mack talking…. “You okay?”She just nodded her head…. as much as Rufus’s cock would let her move it, and she closed her eyes and started to really enjoy the black fucking he was giving her.”OUCH…. No please….” were the words she heard emanating from the other room.Rufus smiled down at her…. Don’t worry, missy, that’s just Sweetness giving that hubby of yours a proper fucking. Most guys on their first time don’t like it, but if I know Sweetness, your hubby will be enjoying it in no time at all.”Fucking? Someone was fucking Gary?She just closed her eyes and started enjoying the feeling of Mack’s balls slapping against her ass. Man, this nigger sure knew how to fuck.It wasn’t until she felt Mack tighten up and start cumming that it brought her back to reality. Rufus had already cum in her mouth, so she was able to get out the words “Don’t….” before he came hard in her.”Oh God…. Oh please, I didn’t want you to cum in me. Please….”Mack looked down at her, and continued relieving himself. These white bitches were all alike. Give em a good fuck, but pull out before cumming. Well fuck that, that wasn’t his style.As he pulled out, she felt someone twist her legs, and now she ended up on her stomach, and someone else was now trying to sodomize her. She started to say no, until she felt the second prick of the needle in her upper arm.”Yes, he could fuck her in the ass all night as far as she was concerned.”She was surprised at how easily the unknown guy had been able to enter her, and also that it didn’t seem to hurt all that much.From the other room all she heard was her husband sobbing, until someone must have smacked him cause he stopped crying, and someone else said, “Open you mouth baby, getting it from both ends is always better.”There they were…. the white couple who had just a day ago talked about possibly getting a divorce, and now they were both being fucked. Hell, being fucked by niggers, she thought.The possibility of others cumming in her no longer bothered her. The second shot had taken care of that.”I found his wallet. Got their names and addresses written down.” It was Mack’s voice.Much later, after having been fucked several more times, she walked groggily past her husband who was now curled up in the fetal position, back to the living room.She plopped down between Mack and some other nigger she hadn’t seen before…. well maybe that was the one who had fucked her in the ass, although looking down at the guys cock, it seemed like it was way to big to fit in there.”So Pat, what do you think so far?”She looked over at Mack and gave him a quizzical look.”You enjoy your blackening so far?”There were those words again “so far.”She didn’t respond, trying to think what those two words meant, when there was a knock on the door.As Mack held the door open, a bunch of guys walked into the room. She lost count at five or six. That’s when she knew what “so far” meant.Mack sat down beside her again, “You need another shot Patty?”She shook her head no. The tingling between her legs was starting again. No, she was still primed for some more of that black meat.From the other room “Hey what do we have here?” There was some laughter, and another voice said “Who gets heads, and who gets tails?”Pat knew her husband was gonna get fucked again, but then so would she, and a smile started spreading over her face. She turned to Mack, “Mack, can we stay here tonight?”Mack just grinned and said, “you can stay as long as you like missy”….

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