You Look Lovely Today Pt. 02


The evening passed Jack rather quickly. The line of communication with his wife, whom Christine so sincerely wished him, rather did not appear. As usual, his evening was lonely. Each of them took care of their own affairs and did not disturb the other. Jack, having nothing to do, went sooner today to their bedroom which was on the first floor to go to bed. His wife, as usual every day, was absorbed in watching meaningless television series in the living room on the ground floor.

In the bed, Jack closed his eyes and indulge himself in his fantasies referring to the erotic experiences that met him today at work, and basically after working hours. Jack felt that he’s got a hard-on again. He covered himself with the duvet halfway through. He took his shorts off enough to free his dick. He turned and laid on his stomach. He began to move his hips gently, rubbing the sheet with his cock, which began to get hard more and more.

“It was wonderful today with Christine,” Jack began his thoughts. “I have not had such a wonderful erotic experience for a long time, even though we haven’t fucked. She is such a sexy chick… she touched me with her big, wonderful perky tits… If only for a moment put a cock in her cunt… surely she fucks fantastic… oh… To that her leather boots and gloves.”

Jack’s cock was already swollen enough from rubbing against the sheet that he almost jizzed. In fact, he was on the verge of his cumshot. Jack, not wanting to stain the sheets, refrained from further wanking, grabbed his cock in his hands and slipped into the bathroom. In the bathroom, he still wanked several times, then jizzed with plenty of cum into the toilet bowl.

“Oh yes, Christine,” Jack began to imagine. “Yes … we will cum on your tits … all my cumshot on your sexy tits … we will cum on them, jerk off all the cum and then smear it on them … your tits will shine.”

When Jack was relieved, he took an extra quick shower to rinse his sperm and went to sleep.

In the morning he got up. His wife was still asleep. As usual, he did the same things every day before going to work. Washing, shaving, breakfast, and finally getting dressed before leaving. If there was no need, he did not dress as officially as he did yesterday. Rather, he tried to wear casual. And so he wanted to do today. He wore a shirt, but this time without a tie and with an unbuttoned collar under his neck and he was already keeping jeans in his hands when he suddenly stopped for a moment.

“Wait a minute … maybe … but today … instead of jeans,” thought Jack. “Yes … I will leave my jeans today and wear these suit pants.” He put the jeans back in the closet and took out the ones he was wearing yesterday. He glanced at the pant legs around the thighs, where Christine had her feet on him yesterday. “In fact … I can’t see any dirt after she put her booted legs on me.

“Well … Christine is a classy woman … so no dirt can be even out of the question … the pant legs are basically not creased … or not … I’ll take the lighter ones from the other suit. Damn it … In the brighter ones she will see more clearly when I get hard-on and I will blush as a beet again and Christine will have fun. Anyway … let her see that I get hard-on … let her see that she excites me very much … in the end she also deserves a bit of fun. Okay, I put on these pants and go to work. I would like to be in the office before her.”

Jack managed to reach the office even before his boss. He managed to turn on his computer, receive e-mail and print the development plans for Christine, which she needed for today’s presentation for the client.

“She certainly printed it already,” he thought, “but … no harm in having an extra copy … maybe she didn’t have time to print, then I will earn extra points with her.”

Suddenly he heard Christine’s car pull up into the parking lot. Jack couldn’t bear it anymore to see the woman he missed so much. He ran quickly to the window. He opened the window shades slightly to see better. Christine got out of her car. She was wearing a white short wool coat with black leather sleeves, the same as she had yesterday. On her head she has stylish black hat. She also had the same black boots. Instead of pants she was wearing a beige skirt reaching to her knees, from under which beige tights (or maybe stockings) were visible.

Christine noticed Jack watching her through the window. She smiled at him and waved a gloved hand at him. Today she was wearing different gloves than yesterday. Of course, they were black and leather, but they were not driving gloves, but classic gloves covering whole palms.

When Christine entered the building, Jack hurried quickly to the room door to open it. He heard the loud clicking of her boots approaching him. Jack stepped out as a courtesy into the corridor and stood almost to attention, which amused Christine, who turned to Jack halfway, smiling.

“Well, well, Wow! What a warm welcome,” Christine said, taking off her right glove to greet Jack, which made him sad a Maltepe Olgun Escort bit.

“Oh, what a pity,” he thought, “What a pity she took off her glove. I dreamed about touching her hand in this wonderful leather as a greeting, just like yesterday during our goodbye.”

“Hi,” Christine approached Jack and gave him a hand in greeting. Her hand was beautiful, manicured. Manicured nails painted red. As previously mentioned, Christine had big palms.

“Hi. Nice to see you again,” Jack answered her.

“Oh, thank you,” Christine glanced at Jack’s crotch and thought, “Hmm, today he has lighter pants … great … if he get hard-on, it will be even better seen than in those yesterday’s that had a darker color.” Then she looked into his eyes and smiled at him. After which they both entered the room and Jack, feeling a bit embarrassed by Christine’s gaze again, closed the door behind them.

Christine, despite having important meetings scheduled for today, was not in a hurry. She went to the desk, put the purse on it and very slowly took off her other glove, then put them together, pulled them slightly and put them both, one above the other, on the desk next to the purse. Jack looked at her gloves for a few seconds, which Christine obviously noticed.

“He’s looking at my beautiful leather gloves,” Christine thought, having her hat still on her head and not taking it off. “I knew he was going to stare at me as I ceremonially remove them from my hands and put them on the desk in front of him. I felt it. He was certainly sorry for removing my right one before greeting and he couldn’t touch my gloved hand … well … it was in the plan … this kind of bullying on my part. I did it deliberately to tease him a bit. But I will have fun again today!

“Today I took other gloves from my collection than yesterday to spice up our fun. Today I did not take driving gloves, only classic, medium length, about 30 cm. Of course I did, classic black. I have other colors, but I know, that black probably enslaves him the most … well, blackness is the most sexy … And of course, unlined, because the thinner leather, the more sexy.”

“Look, I’d like to help you take your coat off and hang it in the wardrobe, if of course you don’t mind,” Jack said with some shyness, walked up behind her and gently grabbed the top of her coat just by the collar and began to gently pull it off her.

“Oh thanks.” Christine answered, extending her arms out of the sleeves. Jack’s eyes appeared to her beautiful red satin blouse with long sleeves, fastened with white pearl buttons and of course with a discreet cleavage.

“Of course I will let you.” Christine continued the dialogue. “How could I deny myself such pleasure. Besides, I am having so much fun about it … you know … yesterday you assisted me in putting it on, today when removing it. I feel pampered by you.”

“Oh come on,” Jack replied hanging her coat in the wardrobe. “You know, basically, I could do it everyday for you.” Then he realized that he seemed stupid again, because Christine looked at him in surprise. “Oh … I’m sorry Christine … I jumped out again with this text like a fool.”

“Oh, come on. You don’t have to apologize at all,” Christine said, coming closer to him and adjusting the collar of his shirt. “On the contrary. It is very kind of you that you would like to sacrifice yourself for such an old lady like me and serve her and, as you said, you could do it every day. You just know … you have to be careful what you say to me … because you know that if you offer me something that I like, then I will consistently demand it from you.”

“Sure. I understand.” Jack answered a bit embarrassed.

Christine, seeing his uncertainty, giggled first, then laughed heartily.

“I was joking of course. But you have to admit it sounded pretty serious, right? Admit it, you were a little scared of your boss, right?”

“Well, you know … at first, I didn’t know what to think about it … you know … after all, you’re my boss.”

“Hmm … well,” Christine came even closer to Jack, almost touching him with her big perky boobs. “And here I have this wonderful advantage over you … but … on the other hand, privately speaking … you know … I wouldn’t mind … if you will be assisting me when I dress … not to mention… undress. What do you say?”

“Oh … I don’t know what to say … I would be really glad … if you would let me … you know … if I could assist you … oh … what am I saying … sorry. … I’m nervous again. But won’t it look a bit funny if I dress you like that every day … or as you said … undress?”

“Well, yes,” Christine giggled. “It would be a ridiculous situation. But in fact, on some days you will definitely not have the opportunity to assist me. You know … there will definitely be situations that someone else will be in our room or I will have to leave, and you may not be by chance at the moment … so, there may not always be an opportunity for it.

“Well, but,” Maltepe Sarışın Escort Christine continued to adjust Jack’s shirt collar, even though nothing had to be adjusted, “You know … as if the opportunity arose … such a spontaneous, unplanned … that … we would be all alone … and if you were around … near … me … it would be wonderful for both of us to have such beautiful moments. And as a very sensitive woman, I would feel pampered by you like no other man before. You will agree with me, right? “

“Oh, I don’t know what to say … you know … I’ve never had the opportunity to serve a woman in this way … you know … my wife thinks it’s very old-fashioned, so she doesn’t allow me to do that towards her … but … I do not hide … that I would dream … you know … to serve a woman in this way … the only problem is that today’s women are similar to my wife, so it’s kind of modern. I’m not saying that all of them are, but there is a large group. And it is difficult to find a woman who … you know … “

“Difficult to find?” Christine was clearly surprised, and she waved a finger at Jack, smiling at him at the same time, “Well, I don’t think you’ll tell me that you wouldn’t want to serve a woman who is so sensitive to beauty as me. You know, after what we experienced yesterday, you know … you don’t have to search anymore, do you?”

“Yesterday?” asked Jack, surprised.

“Well, don’t pretend to be surprised and you don’t know what’s going on,” laughed Christine as if pushing Jack very gently away. “You know … yesterday … you … and me … me in my beautiful … black … leather … boots. So? Don’t you still remember?”

“Ah, yes. Indeed. How could I forget. After all, yesterday I was helping you take off and put on your boot.”

“Exactly, you silly.”

“Well, yes. But it was such a situation of urgent need to relieve your pain.”

“Oh, no matter what the situation was. The important thing is that you behaved like a real gentleman and that you could be nice to me. And … you probably won’t tell me … that you didn’t like taking off and putting on my sexy boot on my leg, right?” Christine said, pinching his cheek gently. “Well, I am very curious about your impressions after yesterday. Tell me, did you like it a little bit?”

“Oh, you put me in a very awkward position. I don’t want you to misunderstand me. Yes. I liked it very much. You know, I didn’t expect you to ask and I could tell it to you. But, yes. I have to admit that I loved it very much.”

“I’m glad. I’m really glad that you finally overcame your embarrassment and confessed to me what is in your heart. Surely you would like to repeat it again, huh? Tell me, you wouldn’t like it if you could touch the boots again on a woman’s leg and by the way serve her?”

“I mean, what do you mean?”

“Well, don’t pretend, please. Well, you know … what yesterday … you … me … and my boots,” Christine said, pointing her fingers down at her feet. “You don’t have to feel ashamed anymore, because yesterday you took the first step and it turned out wonderful. I was very delighted with your attitude and how gently you took care of my leg and my boots. Let’s do it again, please. Look how my boots are waiting for you longing for you to take care of them.”

“Oh, Christine. You are amazing. I don’t know … I would love to … I mean, I would like to help you … but how? Here? Now? And if someone comes into our room and find us in such embarrased situation? And then there will be shame.”

“Yes. Right here and now. You know … the greater the risk that someone can find us, the sexier it will be, don’t you think? I know I’m crazy, but well … you only live once. Listen, we’ll do it like this: I’ll go cover the window shades so that nobody can see us from the outside, and you will go to open the door a little more so that we can hear if someone is not coming by accident, okay?”

“Good. I’m going to open the door.”

And everyone went to do their job. When they returned to Christine’s desk, Jack asked her.

“That’s … actually what should I do now? Because I don’t really know.”

At that, Christine surprised laughed heartily, and Jack blushed with shame.

“Uhmm. You’re so cute, you blush like that,” replied Christine, amused.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. You say you don’t know what to do. I thought you were more perceptive. Ok. Never mind. I’ll explain what I mean. Look, I’m having an important consultation with the client in a moment, on which I have to be dressed properly. You know, it doesn’t really matter to me, I could go there in my boots. But you know … I don’t think it’s right, because I will look too provocative. You know … boots combined with a short skirt can distract men staying on this meeting. There may be various fetishists of women’s boots there.”

“I knew I would beat him down with that last sentence,” Christine thought to herself. “He blushed again, but now even more than before … well … it happens anyway Maltepe Şişman Escort … So much fun!”

“That’s why it would be better,” Christine continued her dialogue with Jack, “If instead of boots I would put on pumps, those in which I go everyday in the office, that is, those that stand here under my desk and wait for you to put them on my feet. Well, you … as my good assistant … of course you wouldn’t mind … to help me dress up in them instead of boots … right? “Christine asked, stroking Jack’s cheek.

“Yes, of course. I will help you with pleasure.”

“So?” Christine asked, leaning her hands on her hips. “I think it’s time to get to work, huh?”

“Yes. I’m getting to work.” said Jack and crouched in front of Christine.

“Great. Listen, if it would be a little more comfortable for you, then you don’t have to be embarrassed and you can kneel on your knees in front of me. I really won’t mind.”

“Oh … thank you … I think so … I think you’re right,” Jack said, then sat down kneeling in front of Christine dominating him.

“Uhmm. What a beautiful view!” Christine admired all the time resting her hands on her hips. “You know, I’ve always dreamed of a handsome man kneeling in front of me for a while, and I could dominate him. And today my dream came true. I have to tell you that no man has kneeled before me and you have this honor that you are the first. You enjoy with me about that, right? “

“Yes Christine. I am very happy to give you a moment of pleasure.”

“Awesome. You’re a nice guy, you know?” Christine dipped her hands in the thicket of Jack’s hair, looking down at him. “Listen, before you start unzipping the first boot, I’d like to take some pictures as a souvenir with you as you pose so kneeling now in front of me. You wouldn’t mind, would you?” then Christine turned slightly back, reached for her purse and pulled out her smartphone from it.

“Oh, Christine, is this really needed?” asked Jack, perplexed.

“Well, wouldn’t you?” Christine asked, grabbing Jack by the chin and raising his head slightly up. “Oh, and I thought it would be fun, that we would have a little fun … Well, please, please … Please give me this pleasure. Do it please for me … You will see it will be fun … So what? … Will you agree? You will do it for me, won’t you?”

“Oh, I don’t know … you know … I’m a little afraid.”

“You are afraid of?” Christine asked, stroking Jack’s cheek. “But honey, what are you afraid of? After all, nothing bad. After all, these are just a few amateur photos. You are very photogenic, handsome, so I do not understand your fears.”

“Well … it’s not about whether I’m photogenic or not … but you know … I’m a little scared, though.”

“And can you tell me what you’re afraid of? Tell me please. You know that you can tell me everything and nobody will know about it, right?”

“Well, basically yes … you know because I’m afraid that you can post these photos on Facebook, Instagram or some other social networking site.”

At this statement of Jack, Christine opened her eyes wide in surprise and laughed softly, touching her tongue with the upper lip of the lipstick red lips, and then turned to Jack.

“Well, I have to admit that who knows, who knows, maybe I will put these pictures there. I admit that it tempts me very much … and the more, as I see, you are upset about this, the more tempts me to put them there.” Here Christine laughed again. “No, you know, of course, I’m kidding. You know, I wouldn’t do it to such a cool guy like you. You have my word that nobody will know about these photos. Everything will be only in my private archive. So what? So how will it be with these pics?”

“Well … I agree.”

“Great. You’ll see it will be fun. You certainly won’t regret it. Good. Listen, move a little closer to the shaft of my boot, embrace it with one hand and grasp the slider of the zipper with the other, but don’t unzip it yet. And I’ll prepare the camera, ok?”


Jack approached her right leg. With his left hand, he gently embraced the boot’s shaft halfway up from the outside, and with his right grabbed the zipper slider. Meanwhile, Christine was setting the camera on her smartphone. She smiled lustfully at Jack, sliding her tongue over her upper lip from the left corner of the mouth to the right and occasionally glancing at him. When she had the camera ready, she turned to him.

“Good. We can take a picture now. Look at me and smile, please, ok?”

Jack looked at Christine as she told him. He felt the blinding light of the camera flash before his eyes to hear the sound of the shutter being released after a second.

“Oh, yes. Great. Now we’ll take another picture. You can now pull down the zipper a bit, halfway up, okay?”

Jack unzipped the zipper halfway. Again, blinding flash light and shutter sound.

“But wait, wait,” Christine thought “OH MY GOSH! … his cock… he’s got a hard-on … It’s probably because he started to unfasten my boot … In these pants it is even more visible than in those which he had yesterday … damn … I would have to take a picture quickly … this is the only and unique opportunity … I can’t waste it … I have to think of something to force one more picture on him … but it’s fun!” after which she turned to Jack.

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