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My name is Zoe and my fantasies are many. One of which is to meet my co-worker, Denise, for a wonderful time in Toronto at Skydome hotel. I’m a petit, w/f and Denise is larger and full figured. I am new, a virgin of sorts, and she takes control. After an afternoon of sight seeing in Toronto, building our tension and desires while strolling the museum of art and walking about through the garden of fountains we enjoy a light meal and a few cocktails to soften the edges.

When we arrive back at the hotel she leads me up to our room which has a panoramic view of the city. She kisses me ever so gently outside the door, unlocks it and leads me in by the hand.

I love the way she tells me exactly what to do. With a soft but confident tone in her voice she has me remove all my clothes before her. Slowly and methodically I kick off my heels and roll down my stockings. I unbutton my blouse and let it fall to the floor. My small but still-firm-for-my-age breasts stand out from my slightly heaving chest. My pinkish-tan nipples pointing straight out at Denise. Before she lets me move on to my skirt she tells me to play with my nips. “Rub them”, she instructs. “pinch them for me.” I do and they darken further as more blood rushes into them. I’m horny as hell now, my hips slightly gyrating because my crotch is aching for attention. “Soon babe, soon. Now take off the rest”, she says, reassuring me that the attention I crave isn’t far away.

As I unbutton my long skirt and it slides down my little legs, I step out of it and for the first time in a few minutes I open my eyes. When I do I take a slight gasp as I see that while I’ve been undressing for her, Denise has already stripped down and stands fully naked before me. This is the first time I’ve ever seen with my eyes what I’ve dreamed of seeing many times. Her body is beautiful. Medium chocolate-brown. Short, soft hair in a very professionally cut afro. Large soft eyes. Brown and clear. They reassure me that she cares for me and wont hurt me at all. Soft lips, no lipstick, naturally brown and moist. A strong and sensuous neck leads down to strong, comforting shoulders. The frame of her body is large but not odd. She’s merely built very well, not muscular but full and friendly. Her breasts are much larger than mine. With very large, dark brown nipples. They point to me now, as my little nips point to her. Her waist is round and voluptuous. Her stomach soft looking but not flabby, it leads down to her garden where it flattens a bit. Her pubes trimmed nicely into a very small vertical strip which minyon porno seems to point directly to her flower.

She lets me linger as I stare at her, but not too long. Ever so gently she speaks, bringing me back to this realm and reminds me I’m still wearing my cotton panty-briefs. As I roll them down she asks for them. I take them to her and she lifts them to her wonderful face. They are damp, musky from the excitement that has leaked out of me and she seems to enjoy my aroma as she breathes in deeply.

Tossing my panties aside she leans against me and our flesh touches for the first magical time. She is about four or five inches taller than I and as I lean my head back in anticipation of her kiss I feel my knees go weak as she passes gently over my lips and kisses me softly and teasingly on my neck, up to my right ear and then across the face, finally reaching her tongue deep into my hungry mouth.

Our tongues make a love of their own as we kiss like teenagers for minutes without end. Gently, but hungrily, pushing and pulling, sucking and swallowing, we let our tongues work a dance of passion.

Always in control, Denise is first to break our kiss and our embrace as she instructs me to lie on the bed. And as I turn and walk away from her she further secures my trust as she compliments me on the contour of my ass. My legs, barely strong enough to support my weight, do amazingly take me as far as the bed where I collapse in a heap of nervousness and excitement.

“Roll over dear.” Denise is more direct now as I obey and flip over to lay on my stomach. After a moment she climbs on the bed, her knees straddle my sides as she begins to rub my head, neck & shoulders. I feel a warm wetness fall on my back as Denise pours a bit of oil she has brought onto my super sensitive skin. Slowly and methodically she rubs the oil into my alabaster flesh. Loosening my muscles and relaxing my tensions she rubs and kisses. Kisses and rubs. Slowly and firmly she kneads her way down my back to my ass cheeks, and every once in a while she’ll let a quick, gentle finger slide down the crack and up against the passion pit beneath. Each time she does so I quiver with delight. And she is keen to pick-up on this, laughing as she sees the teasing pleasure she’s giving me.

“OK, now the front Zoe.” I sense that the best is coming my way and I roll-over, never removing myself from between her straddled legs. Our eyes meet again for the first time in while and as she looks so deeply into me I know that I couldn’t olgun porno be in a better place. Denise almost cannot help herself now and she leans down to kiss me again. When she does her large breasts splash against me. She holds my face in her hands as she kisses me this time. I feel their oily touch and enjoy the smooth tenderness this woman is showing me. A woman her size could crush me if she wanted, but she doesn’t want that at all. She wants to make me feel safe and loved. Cared for and contented in the arms of a lover. I do.

As our breasts rub and mold into one another’s, I feel the hard points of her nipples seeking friction and attention against my own. I oblige them and for the first time I make a move on my own as I began to finger her swollen brown tits, pinching and pulling on those wonderful nipples. As I do Denise quickly brakes our kiss, throwing her head upward, arching her back. I lift my slight torso forward and take one of her nipples into my savory mouth. As if it were a sweet HERSHEY’S KISS candy I encircle it with my tongue, I kiss it, I even bite it ever so slightly. I have never been with a woman before but I instinctively know what to do. I go from one nip to the other, trying to swallow them if I could. Denise is moaning her approval and I am happy I can make her feel so good.

Denise puts her hands on my shoulders and forces me back down on the bed. She senses that she’s lost control for a moment and re-establishes it now. Leaning down and sliding a bit further down on the bed she now begins to kiss and lick my nipples. This feels like fireworks and diamonds and I begin to buck a bit beneath her. It’s at this point that I first realized that our pussies were touching. Knowing the feeling I was experiencing Denise began to grind her crotch back at me and our two slits & clits rubbed and waxed together, setting forth the sweet flow of another kind of oil only a woman knows how to produce.

Never stopping her attack on my nipples with her mouth, teeth and tongue Denise now rides me with enough gentle force to make me feel like I am being fucked but with a whole new perspective. She knows exactly what she is doing, first manipulating our two clits together, than her strip of steel wool against my clit, then her clit on my golden tri-angle. The on again, off again friction is so intense. The soaken slickness as clit rubs against clit is exhilarating. Smooth, ruff. Smooth, ruff. Smooth, smooth, smooth … Ruff and wonderful rubbing. My joy was now audible. My cries of pleasure aren’t şahin k porno restrained at all: “Yes … God, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me please. Yes. Yes. Yeeeesss …..”

Throwing my head from side to side I cum in an explosion of fire and ice. Like thunder claps and lightning bolts my pussy convulses in waves. My cum runs out from within me and down the crack of my ass. I see rainbows and halos as the kingdom comes to me. My gut is wrenching and my back strains out an arc as I lift my lover off of the bed. She has taken me to a place I’ve never known, never even dreamed existed. And just as I’m finding the place in my brain that reminds me to breathe, I feel Denise sliding forward, bringing her swollen soaken sex to just above my face. Far above, it seems, I see her looking down at me, “Eat me.” She commands. “Finish me off. Make me cum little lover. Bring me to your world.”

“Give it to me.” Is all I can muster as Denise lowers her puss to my mouth. The last thing I see is her eyes roll back ever so slowly before her eyelids close and she begins to focus on the promised land.

I taste her sweet ‘n sour juice and feel the fullness of her sensitive flesh. I lick at her clit and use my lips to “chew” on her folds. I suck. I kiss. I swirl and I swallow. I thrust my nose and then my chin up and into her nest. I reach up and grab her ass with my hands, pulling her pussy even closer to me. She’s grinding back too, face fucking for me for all she is worth.

She’s not worried about control now, she’s lost in the ballet dance of release. I suck and swallow some more and land my tongue deep within her. I lap at her now convulsing inner walls and I feel them grab at me. She wants me inside her and that’s where I want to be. Finally Denise cums, raises up a bit and cums again; releasing a mouthful of nectar my way. She lets out an almost guttural moan as I watch her stomach involuntary convulse in and out. Her orgasm, like mine, takes her somewhere else. That glorious place where our whole bodies become one vagina, one clitoris; where orgasm becomes atmosphere and our womanhood is made complete. In this place we are goddesses and we are given the gifts of other worlds.

Eventually though we must return to this place and as Denise does she falls beside me. Her landing is more of a willful surrender than some kind of defeat and she is happy, as am I, to be here beside the one who’s helped take her to her throne.

We lay there, lightly kissing a bit. Shoulders and fingers are pecked. We stroke one another, gently and silently petting one another, not wanting to breech this peace. Blissful and contented we eventually drift off to sleep. I in a slight fetal position, nuzzled against my new lover, my new partner. The one I trust to lead me beyond new horizons and through passionate valleys of joy.

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