A Creative Challenge Ch. 16

Tracey was late for the next session, so Amy and I started work without her. I left my old painting shirt on, just in case she eventually turned up, but that was starting to look very unlikely. We had finally come to the conclusion that Tracey didn’t want to do any more nude modelling, even […]

A Different Point of View

The warm sun caressed his back as he finished lunch at the picnic table. Trudi was already up and putting things away and he was enjoying watching her as she did it. Her breasts gently bouncing, her sexy hips swayed as she moved, her long hair moving in counterpoint to her hips. He felt a […]

A Brave Woman

Toward the end of a summer job at a science field station, I met “Carol”, another student. We hit it off really well and started spending every night together in one of the dorm rooms that were now mostly empty. One night while in bed we thought we were alone, but then in walked several […]

Jack’s Surprise

Jack and Jill were made for each other, Jack loved to play with Jill, and he couldn’t keep his hands off her. If he wasn’t feeling up her firm tits, he was fingering her bare pussy and she loved making his manhood grow and erupt. She was very proud that she still had her figure […]

A Public Outing

The allure of attending kink socials alone had begun to wane. I was a tidy third who could neatly be tucked in to someone else’s fantasy but it was beginning to come at the cost of my own. What had begun as a quest for adventure and authenticity had become a stage for performance and […]

The Package

I arrive home from work a couple of hours before the kids get out of school, having gone in to work at 5 am. I call out to you to let you know I’m home. I hear your voice from upstairs telling me I have mail on the dining room table. I go into the […]

What a Dream

I dreamt again last night of you. You came to me and held me naked in your strong arms. You leaned your head against my neck and softly blew delicate kisses against my skin. I shivered as your velvet tongue flicked across my fevered flesh. Your hands moved slowly up my torso, caressing my stomach, […]

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