Close Observation Ch. 02


When Ron walked back into the lounge, he noted that the lighting was different. The large light on the ceiling had been turned off. Lamps in the corners and by the television were on instead. The room was darker but more intimate now. The scent of the women’s perfume was pleasant. The atmosphere had changed.

Ron was curious about Helena after the earlier conversation. He saw what had to be her stood with Ibrahim 2, looking rather nervous as she chatted to him. She was indeed younger than the other women. Ron didn’t think she was twenty. She was pretty, not as pretty as Emma, but a great-looking girl. She had on less make-up than the others. Helena’s hair was very dark brown and long, reaching down her back. Her figure was slim, her breasts weren’t large but were in good proportion with her body. She wasn’t deeply tanned like the others, but instead seemed to have quite naturally dark, olive skin. To look at her, Ron thought there was an innocence, something virginal about her. He could see why Ibrahim had agreed for her to stay.

Everyone still stood in little groups around the rug in the centre of the room. The men had all taken their suit jackets off; Ron could see some of the jackets hanging over the backs of settees and armchairs at the edges of the room. Everybody had a drink. The men were helping themselves to the whiskey; he noticed that someone had brought another couple of bottles in.

Katie was in the room, in conversation with one of the English-speaking Arabs whose name Ron had forgotten. They were talking about restaurants in London and Katie was recommending one in Chelsea, by the hospital.

The first blonde to arrive earlier, Annabelle, stood in the far corner with Yousef and Mo. Yousef did not look like he was understanding much of the conversation but was smiling politely. The brunette, Victoria was chatting in an animated fashion with Ibrahim, the man Ron thought was called Faisal and a couple of other Arabs whose names he couldn’t remember. Ibrahim was laughing. Victoria was exceptionally busty. She wore a cream dress, cut low in the front. He noticed with amusement how all the men kept sneaking looks at her breasts.

Emma, the other blonde, the heartbreakingly beautiful one, had moved over to Helena, on the far side of the rug opposite Ron. They spoke to Ibrahim 2, who seemed to be amusing them.

‘Do you live in London Ron?’ said Katie. She was stood just to his left. Ron had been watching the room and was surprised to be addressed.

‘Yes. I live in Walworth. South of the river,’ he said.

‘Ooh, I don’t know Walworth,’ she said. ‘Is it nice?’

‘Well, it doesn’t look that great, but people with money are moving in, so it’s up and coming. There’s lots of bars and restaurants opening. I like it,’ he said.

‘Sounds nice. I live in the East End. It’s all hipsters. Lots of beards.’

‘I can imagine’ said Ron.

Katie didn’t reply. He saw her look over to the other side of the room and make eye contact with Victoria. The Arab gentleman Katie had been talking to did not know what a hipster was, so Katie began to try to explain. Across the room, Ron saw Victoria politely excuse herself from the conversation with Ibrahim, Faisal and the others. She looked to her right towards Annabelle, then left, at Emma and Helena. She walked towards Emma and Helena.

She walked up behind Emma, who, with her back to Victoria, did not realise she was there. She looped her hands under each of Emma’s arms, reached around and placed the palms of her hands softly on Emma’s breasts, while resting her body against Emma’s back. Emma was surprised at first but quickly relaxed. She caressed the backs of Victoria’s hands, and changed her posture, bending forward very subtly so that her rear end went back towards Victoria’s groin. They stayed like this for a few seconds. Victoria lightly stroked Emma’s breasts. She turned and Victoria released her hold. Victoria held her waist while her arms went up and around Victoria’s neck. They looked into each other’s eyes and smiled and pressed themselves against each other. Emma leaned forward and very briefly kissed Victoria on the lips.

Annabelle, the other blonde, excused herself from Yousef and Mo and approached Helena. They smiled at each other as they embraced. Annabelle brushed her finger intimately against the side of Helena’s face. Ibrahim 2 walked around the rug and joined the others. The four women were in the far-right corner. All conversation in the room had stopped.

Emma and Victoria were positioned in such a way that Emma’s back was slightly turned towards Ron. They held each other; their faces close. The went to kiss but both tilted their heads the same way, which made them giggle. Victoria was looking into Emma’s eyes. He saw the way she looked at Emma, there was almost an element of wonder in her eyes as she looked at Emma’s face. They leaned slightly forward again and began to kiss. They kissed deeply, their tongues in each other’s mouths. Victoria’s eyes were closed.

Annabelle and Helena also began to kiss, but differently. They began with quick kisses, of split-second sex hikayeleri duration. Helena looked nervous. Annabelle held her around the waist, looked into her eyes and smiled reassuringly at her. She kissed her again, but this time opened her mouth wider and kissed Helena deeply.

Victoria had placed one hand on Emma’s rear, she slid the other up to one of her breasts. They kept kissing, enjoying each other’s mouths. Victoria opened her eyes. Ron could see how aroused she was. Victoria was feeling around Emma’s back for the zip on her black dress. The dress came open. Emma brushed the straps off of her shoulders, the dress slipped down. She stepped out of it. She was left in her black bra and panties. Her figure was incredible, she was fit and toned, her body was that golden tan colour, and her shaggy, curly blonde hair fell over her shoulders. Ron wondered if he’d ever seen anyone so attractive. Victoria brought her hands up and caressed Emma’s breasts, slowly, softly, before reaching around and, after a second or two of fumbling, getting her bra loose. The bra fell to the floor. Victoria caressed Emma’s now naked breasts again, before leaning down and sucking her left nipple, greedily, as if she wanted to swallow Emma’s left breast whole. Emma held the back of Victoria’s head as she suckled her. Victoria moved her face across and buried it between Emma’s breasts. Victoria’s eyes were closed. Emma looked down tenderly at her. Victoria pulled Emma’s panties down and let them fall, she brought her head up and kissed Emma again, deeply. Emma was naked now, whilst Victoria was still fully clothed. Emma’s tan was all over her body, there were no white bra or panty lines on her. Victoria reached around and squeezed her buttocks as she kissed her. Her right hand curved down and she slid the palm of her hand between Emma’s legs from behind, caressing her crotch.

Annabelle and Helena were kissing very deeply, both with their eyes closed. Every now and again they were forced to stop to breathe. Helena seemed to be kissing Annabelle passionately, and enjoying doing so, but still with an element of control, aware of the audience. Annabelle, in contrast, seemed transfixed. There was an urgency to her body language and movements, as she let go of Helena’s waist and held her face in her hands.

Victoria gently pulled Emma towards the middle of the rug. Both women kicked their shoes off. Victoria was fondling Emma’s breasts as they moved onto the rug. Emma reached out and briefly rubbed her right hand against Victoria’s crotch before taking it away again. She got down onto the rug in front of Victoria and lay on her back. Her legs were slightly open. She put her hands behind her head and lay there, looking up suggestively at Victoria, her facial expression almost challenging. Ron thought she was quite a sight, lying there.

Annabelle and Helena were still kissing, but now Annabelle was caressing Helena’s crotch as they kissed, moving her hand up and down, stroking her groin.

Victoria, still clothed, got down on to the rug next to Emma. She leant over and kissed Emma, whilst putting her left hand between Emma’s legs. Emma bucked her hips up against Victoria’s hand when she felt it against her vagina.

Victoria raised herself up and switched over to Emma’s other side so that she could touch Emma with her right hand. She put her middle and index fingers all the way into her own mouth, she was wetting them with saliva. She took her fingers out and reached towards Emma’s crotch, but then checked herself. She held the two wet fingers in front of Emma’s face and Emma took them into her mouth. Ron could see her tongue in her mouth working around Victoria’s fingers. Victoria brought her fingers out of Emma’s mouth. She moved her hands down between Emma’s legs and, accompanied by a sharp inhalation from Emma, slid them into her vagina.

Some of the men, Ron was too interested in what he was seeing on the rug to notice whom, moved across to get a better viewpoint of Emma’s exposed vagina as Victoria penetrated her. Emma’s legs were wide open, and Victoria began to move her fingers in and out, gradually increasing the depth and pace of her efforts. She was using almost a sawing motion, quickly moving her fingers in and out. As she did this, she was leaning her upper body over Emma so that their faces were close, they looked into each other’s eyes as the act continued.

Emma began to sigh, and to breathe deeply. She was moving her hips against Victoria’s hand. Victoria looked down at her fingers moving in and out of Emma. Ron felt that her face held a peculiar expression, she seemed to enjoy the view she had, and she seemed deeply aroused, but there was something else there, too. Ron thought it was pride. Victoria watched herself fingering Emma’s vagina and she seemed proud of her work, proud of what she was doing. Emma had started crying out every time her fingers went in. Her voice was soft, feminine. Victoria looked up again at Emma’s face, she leaned over and kissed her. They held the kiss despite the motion of their bodies as Victoria kept going. Suddenly Victoria porno hikayeleri withdrew from the kiss. She quickly moved down, repositioned her body so that she was kneeling between Emma’s legs. Her fingers were still in Emma’s now visibly swollen vagina. Victoria leaned over and put her face between Emma’s legs and licked at her greedily, almost compulsively. She continued the sawing motion of her fingers in and out of Emma as she licked her. Emma’s cries rose in pitch. She closed her eyes; she reached down and placed her left hand on the back of Victoria’s head and gently stroked her hair as she was licked and penetrated. She began to buck violently and squeezed her thighs together around Victoria’s head as she climaxed, screaming.

Ron had been so occupied by this show that he had not noticed Maria and Anabelle undressing. Helena’s body was gorgeous, and very natural. She didn’t look like she needed to do much work to look as great as she did. Helena still seemed quite nervous, and slightly timid. Anabelle was taking charge, and pulled Helena towards the middle of the rug, near to Emma and Victoria. They got into a sixty-nine position, with Helena on the bottom. As Helena began to lick Annabelle’s vagina, she reached forward and fondled Annabelle’s breasts.

Emma had kissed Victoria sweetly, seemingly in thanks for the orgasm she had been given. She looked drowsy now, deeply relaxed. Victoria got up. She climbed out of her dress. Her breasts were surgically enhanced, but they were spectacular. Emma rubbed her face into them and sucked on Victoria’s nipples. Beside them Annabelle and Helena continued to lick at each other.

Emma looked coyly up at the men as they watched the show. She smiled, and crawled on hands and knees over to Yousef, who was stood roughly in the middle of the pack of spectators around the rug. She reached out and stroked his groin. He looked down at her with a curiously neutral expression. Ron was aware of his own erection straining against his trousers. He took it for granted that the Arab men were as aroused as he was, if not more so. Yousef was visibly erect. Emma unfastened his zip, took his penis out of his trousers with her left hand, and took it into her mouth. She closed her eyes and started to suck on it, her head moving slowly up and down.

Victoria walked over to Ibrahim 2. She kissed him on the mouth, briefly, then also got down on her knees. She stroked his groin like Emma had done to Yousef. She unzipped him, took out his penis and began to suck on it. She took it deep into her mouth. Victoria also closed her eyes as she sucked.

On the floor, Annabelle came. Her body stiffened and shook, she emitted a series of short, staccato shrieks as she climaxed. She climbed off of Helena’s mouth and lay on her back, panting, looking embarrassed. With her left hand she lightly stroked and teased Helena’s mouth. Helena licked her fingers as they brushed over her lips.

Yousef orgasmed, ejaculating into Emma’s mouth with a gasp. She smiled up at him as she swallowed the load. She found another Arab, unzipped him, and started to suck again. Ibrahim was stroking himself though his suit trousers. He suddenly walked onto the rug, up to Annabelle who was still laying on her back, recovering. He stooped to grab at her hand and pulled gently. Annabelle rose to her feet. She embraced Ibrahim and kissed him on the cheek. She took his arm and led him out of the room. Someone walked right past Ron, his suit jacket brushing against Ron’s hip. It was Mo, who went after Ibrahim and Annabelle. Ibrahim looked back at Mo. They exchanged a look as the three of them went to the right out of the door, towards the stairs.

Helena looked nervously at Katie, who gestured with her eyes towards Victoria and Emma, both busily performing oral sex. Helena moved over towards Faisal, who was stood nearest to her. She was on her knees and went to unzip his trousers, but he stopped her. Taking her hand, he invited her to stand. He placed a hand around her waist and steered her towards the door. They too headed towards the stairs.

Ibrahim 2 suddenly pulled his penis out of Victoria’s mouth. He reached down to her shoulders to gently pull her upwards, and Victoria raised herself in response. He ejaculated onto her massive breasts, groaning as he did so. Victoria started to rub the semen into her skin. Katie, stood next to Ron, twisted around to rummage in her large handbag on the floor behind her, before producing a pack of wet wipes. She took one and, kicking off her shoes, walked onto the rug and wiped the semen off of Victoria. Victoria stood up. One of the men whose name Ron didn’t know claimed her and took her out.

Emma’s current partner in crime ejaculated into her mouth. Again, she swallowed the load. Another Arab man, one of the non-English speakers who’s name Ron didn’t know, took her out of the room, towards the stairs. Katie was holding the wet wipe. She followed Emma and the three men. Before she reached the door, she gestured with her eyes to Ron that he should come with her.


Ron knew where the bin was. He opened the cupboard seks hikayeleri for Katie, and she dropped the wet wipe in. She washed her hands. The hand soap by the sink was scented to smell like lemons.

‘Ok. If you could just keep doing the rounds, keeping an eye on things, that would be great. These chaps love bum sex, love it, can’t get enough… With Emma, Vicky and Annabelle that’s fine, but they’ll try it on with Helena, I know they will, and that’s what I particularly need you to keep an eye on. She doesn’t want to do any bum stuff, so please don’t let them,’ said Katie.

‘I’ll keep an eye out’ said Ron.

‘Do you know what double penetration is?’ asked Katie.

‘Yes,’ said Ron.

‘Ok, well Vicky will do that, if she feels like it, if the guys she happens to be with aren’t too big, but not the others. If you see any of the other girls doing that you need to step in. It’s unlikely though, these guys are pretty ok… Vicky’s the one with the boobs,’ said Katie.


Annabelle was in the first occupied room he came to. Ibrahim and Mo were in there with her. Annabelle was naked except for her stockings. She was on the double bed, positioned on all fours diagonally across it, facing away from the doorway. Ibrahim was sodomising her, forcefully. He was naked but for his unbuttoned shirt. At the other end, Mo was positioned in front of Annabelle, his penis in her mouth. Annabelle grunted loudly as Ibrahim thrust himself rhythmically into her rectum, but Mo’s penis in her mouth was muffling the sounds, distorting them.

As Ron stood in the doorway watching, he heard steps on the stairs behind him. Yousef and another of the non-English speakers had come up. They nodded toward Ron, Yousef raised his hand in greeting, then moved on towards the back of the house, towards the other bedrooms.

Victoria was a couple of doors down. The chap she was with was a non-English speaker. Ron could remember him at the restaurant, sat next to Yousef. Now he lay on top of Victoria. She was lying on her front on the bed, totally naked. The Arab’s arms were around her, he held her breasts in the palm of his hands and thrust his pelvis against her. It looked like he was penetrating Victoria anally, and she breathed heavily as he thrust at her. There was a framed print of a painting of three ballet dancers on the wall above the bed, which Ron liked the look of.

Faisal was with Helena. They were kissing. Ron was surprised that things had not moved on further. Faisal sat at the edge of the bed. Helena was on his lap facing him, straddling him. She was stroking his groin as they kissed. His hands were on her hips, holding her close to him. He kissed her urgently, the same way that Annabelle had kissed her downstairs. Faisal saw Ron stood outside the room in the corner of his eye. He didn’t react.

Katie hadn’t been lying about the chaps’ fondness for anal sex. Ron eventually found the room Emma was holed up in. She was on all fours on a bed and was also being sodomised, by the other non-English speaker. Yousef and the other chap who had come up the stairs with him were stood, naked, watching them. Yousef was masturbating as he watched. Emma was facing the door. She looked up at Ron. The man seemed to be withdrawing from her quite slowly, then going back in very quickly and hard. She omitted high pitch cries when his penis moved into her. She looked at Ron as he watched, she seemed genuinely aroused. She lowered her head and looked away to her left. The man began to grunt, and sped up his thrusts. He came loudly, crying out. He dismounted from her and pulled at the condom to take it off of his penis. Yousef quickly climbed onto the bed. Emma stayed as she was. There were condoms on the bed. He put one on and positioned himself behind her. He penetrated her anally, quickly finding his rhythm. He held her waist in his hands, and sometimes he seemed to move her body laterally with his arms as he thrust at her. Emma turned her head and looked up and back at him, as if to verify that he was enjoying himself. He smiled and kept going. Yousef’s penis had looked larger than the previous gentleman’s. Emma would sometimes a supress a grimace of discomfort as he drove himself into her. Ron could not help but feel very aroused. Emma was a stunningly beautiful woman and watching them doing this to her was quite a spectacle.

Ron suddenly felt that he was getting too wrapped up in watching the show when he should be working, watching over all of the proceedings. As he was about to head back down the hall towards Helena and Faisal, Yousef came, thrusting hard into Emma as he finished. He leaned over and kissed the back of her right shoulder in thanks before dismounting. The third Arab was already putting on a condom. He was less well-endowed than Yousef. His penis was very fully erect. Emma stayed as she was on all fours but, whilst before she had been resting the weight of her upper body on her forearms on the bed, she now straightened her arms and placed the palms of her hands on the bed, raising her torso, and giving an arch to her back that, to Ron, looked incredible. The third Arab penetrated Emma anally, like the others. He reached out, held the tops of Emma’s shoulders and began to sodomise her, rhythmically, powerfully, breathing heavily as he did so. Emma looked down at the sheets below her face as he took her.

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