He Likes to Nibble on My Cupcakes


This is the first story I’ve completed, there’s plenty more to come. My stories will all be vintage busty mommy/auntie/son teasing stories with lots of lingerie and unrealistic, silly situations. They’re stroke stories for those of us that prefer teasing to the love side of taboo fantasies. Feedback welcome and hope you enjoy!

All characters in this story are 18 or older.


“Soooooon? Can you come into the kitchen and help mommy out, please?”

“What is it mom?”

“I can’t reach the flour and I really want to make us some cupcakes. Don’t you want your mommy to bake you some yummy mummy cakes, son?”

“Oh yes mom, I’ll be right there! Just let me grab my camera, I want to take pictures of it for my collection.”

“Ohhhhh, great idea son!”

After grabbing my camera, I walked into the kitchen and immediately saw mom in the far corner, reaching up for the elusive bag of flour. Her short white diaphanous gown didn’t quite cover her round ass, so I could see the bottom of her cheeks, but couldn’t tell if she was wearing anything underneath. She was, however, wearing matching white lacy stockings that hugged her legs and appeared to connect to a garter. Her large, soft tits wobbled as she struggled to reach the flour. My dick was instantly hard and almost poked out of my boxers!

“Oh wow, mom that flour is really high up there. We’ll have to try this together if we’re going to reach it!”

“Ok son, you know best. How should we do this?”

“You stand up against the counter and reach up, and I’ll stand behind you and reach over you. Two is better than one, I think.”

“Ok son, sounds simple enough. So I should just lean up like this, son?”

“Yea mom, go ahead and bend over a bit and I’ll lean over you. That way we’ll uhhhh both be able to reach the flour. First let me get a picture, I want to document the whole process!”

Mom bent over the counter slightly and started reaching up for the flour.

-=Snap=- I took a picture of my mom bent over the counter in her short, slutty nightie with her legs shoulder-width apart. My dick was so hard, and the innocent smile over her shoulder wasn’t helping.

“I’m going to put the camera down on the table here mom, and set it to take pictures every 30 seconds automatically. That way, I can help you AND document us making yummy cream-covered cup cakes!”

“Oh great thinking son! You’re so smart.”

I walked up behind my mom, with the front of her waist pressed up against the counter and her round mommy ass pressed into me, and started half-heartedly reaching above her while rubbing my hard cock in between her legs. I was now completely poking out of my boxers and was at full mast, right between my mom’s thighs. It was clear she was not wearing a thong to cover her pussy. I could feel her muff rubbing against my dick, and I felt like I was going to explode!!

“Are you close son!? I feel like this is almost working.”

“I’m getting close but I can’t get as near to the cabinet as I mmmm need to. Hmmmm, maybe…maybe if you bent a little more I uhhhh, I could reach over you higher!”

“Great idea son! Let me just spread my legs a little bursa escort bit and bend some more for you so you can reach the flour. Mmmmmm, I can taste those creamy cupcakes now son.”

I pulled back from my mom as she spread her legs, and quietly pulled my boxers all the way down.

-=Snap=- The camera flashed from several feet away as I felt my mom’s pussy graze against my rock hard dick.

She spread her legs and bent at the knees just a bit. Her large boobs were now resting on the counter, wobbling as she slowly bent to give me more room. My cum stick was now rubbing back and forth on my mom’s pussy as I continued to reach over her.

“Ohhhh I’m so close mom. I can taste those gooey cakes now too!”

Suddenly, my fat cockhead, oozing with precum, slipped into my mom’s dripping, tight pussy.


“Mmmm yea keep trying, mommy can tell you’re close to reaching the flour! I’m so glad we’re getting all these great pictures, that way we’ll remember how we did this!”

“Ohhhh yea mommy, so close.” My dick head rested in my mom’s pussy as I continued to reach over her.

My mom must have been counting the seconds in her head from the last picture because she knew exactly when to turn around and smile at the camera. It was one of those “Who? Me?” smiles, almost like a smirk but still innocent.

-=Snap=- This was so hot, my mom was smiling at my camera as it captured my cock head resting just inside her oozing pussy. The hair covering her pussy was glistening with cum, and a small strand dangled down from her bush. I had to go further.

“Mom, maybe your gown is getting in the way of you reaching! We’re so close.”

“You’re right honey, I bet that’s the missing link! Let me take it off and then we’ll have those gooey cakes in no time.”

Mom stood up and slowly pulled her nightie over her head, my dickhead now out of her pussy and resting between her round ass cheeks. Holy hell!! My mom was wearing the sluttiest strappy lingerie and garter! Thin white strings held up a frilly white piece of cloth that stretched over her tits. A matching white lacy garter was resting around her waist and on top of her round ass cheeks, connected by the garter straps I had noticed earlier. I could see the sides of her big round tits from the sides as they slowly bobbled from removing her gown. It was clear that the top of her lingerie did a poor job of concealing her large, jiggling tits. My hard dick lurched between my mom’s butt as she giggled innocently while feebly reaching for the flour.

Her big, soft tits swayed as we both pretended to reach up, and after a few seconds she looked back at me and made a sexy frown, as if disappointed. My long, rigid cock was pressed vertically up between her slightly spread ass cheeks. Precum dripped off my cock, down onto her lower back and in between her ass.

-=Snap=- Holy shit, these pictures were going to be amazing. My mom, playing innocent while I dripped cum onto her round mommy ass in her lacy lingerie. I had to get more of this.

“I’ve got an idea mom! I still can’t get close enough to the counter, so how about bursa escort bayan you turn around and face me. Then, I’ll stand between your legs and reach up, and hand the flour down to you!”

“Between that and having my gown off, we’re golden son! I can’t wait to have all that ooegy gooey frosting dripping down my mouth after we eat these cupcakes!”

“Ok turn around and spread your legs open, and I’ll get between.”

My mom turned to face me, jumped up on the counter and spread her legs. Her large boobs bounced and swayed under the inch-wide frilly top that just barely covered her tits, and the triangle of dark brown hair covering her pussy begged to be drenched in cum. The strand of precum was still dangling from her pussy, but also spread down her leg.

I inched forward with my cock still hard and glistening.

-=Snap=- The camera grabbed a picture with my dick just an inch from my mom’s thick brown muff.

I reached up a few times as the tip of my cock grazed against my mom’s pussy. On my last attempt I stayed on toes and left my thick cockhead resting just on the outside of her pussy lips, completely surrounded by tufts of mom’s thick brown bush.

Suddenly, she jumped up and my cock slid into my mom’s wet pussy as I stood in front of her! I was shocked, and she stood there with her hands on her hips, looking slightly surprised, but still smiling as if to say, “oh my, what’s your cock doing in mommy’s wet pussy, son?”

-=Snap=- I was in momentarily speechless, and stood still as my mom smiled at me with her hands on her hips, bent ever so slightly at the knees, and my cock hidden beneath her tufts of brown hair. I slowly pulled myself out of her, her hands still on her hips. Several long gobs of cum stretched between her hairy triangle and my hard dick.

“I just came up with another idea mom! I’m going to put myself inside of you in order to reach as high as possible. I can already see that I won’t be able to reach if I’m not in you.”

“You’re right son, I can see that now. How did my son get so smart? You just let mommy spread herself and you go right ahead and slide yourself inside me, and then get us that flour. Mmmm!”

My mom reached down to her pussy, and crossed her arms at her wrists right above her bush, reaching with opposite hands to spread her pussy slightly apart for my waiting cock. Her forearms pressed her tits together and she smiled back at me as if this was perfectly innocent.

-=Snap=- I slid my cock into her pussy and began to reach up to the flour.

“Ohhhhhhh, ohhh you’re so tall and strong, son! I can see you’ve al alllll mmooost got it.” She quivered. “Hey, maybe you need something to hold onto with one hand and reach up with the other!”

“Genius mom! Your shoulder is too small, so I’ll grab on here!”

With my cock deep in my mom’s pussy, I grabbed one of her big tits with my left hand, squeezed it, and reached the bag of flour with my right hand. Right as I squeezed her boobs I began to squirt cum deep into her pussy. Shot after shot flooded her pussy as I continued to squeeze her tit with one hand and hold escort bursa the bag of flour with the other.

“Wow what is that mom? Did I find the frosting?”

“Why don’t you pull yourself out of mommy and I’ll see! I sure hope it is.”

I slowly slid my cock out of my mom’s pussy as cum poured out beside my dick, down her thighs. I slid myself back in and out a few times just to see what would happen, but my mom just continued to hold her pussy lips slightly apart, smiling innocently back at me.

-=Snap=- A picture of my mom spreading her pussy apart and squeezing her big boobs together while my cum poured out of her, past my hard dick. This was surreal.

I finally pulled my still hard cock out of my mom and as I pulled away a large strand of cum connected my dick and her pussy, while cum continued to slowly ooze out of her. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just mine.

“Son, I need to taste this to see if this is the frosting for our cupcakes. It looks like there’s a lot of it dripping off you here.” She wrapped her hand around my throbbing cum drenched cock. “So mommy is going to stick you in her mouth to taste it.”

“Brilliant! We make such a good baking team mom.”

I held the base of my still rigid cock as my mom squatted in front of me. A long, thick strand of cum clung to her pussy as she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking.


“Mom, what do you think? Did I find the frosting for our creamy cupcakes?”

“Yes son, you found it! Great job! Ohhhhhhh mommy loves having all this creamy frosting in her mouth, son.”

At that I started spraying my mom’s open mouth with cum. The first few loads sprayed the back of her throat, but she kept it in her mouth and sexily let it drip out past her lips as the next several shots spread across her lips and cheeks.

-=Snap=- A picture of my mom with her face dripping cum.

Cum dripped out, and off of her mouth as the last few shots creamed her wobbling, round tits. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Wow son! We have so much frosting now! We can use that whole bag of flour and make as many creamy cum-cakes as we want.”

My mom was smiling at me, her face and tits oozing cum. She stood up with her knees slightly bent and her ass against the counter, and she placed her thumbs on her hips and pulled her pussy lips slightly apart with her hands. As streams of cum poured out of her pussy, mom looked down at her own pussy, and then looked back up at me and smiled innocently with an open mouth while placing one hand over her lips. Her other hand stayed on her waist, pulling her pussy slightly apart as cum continued to drip out.

She looked like some sort of innocent busty vintage pin-up, except drenched in cum.

“Yea mom! Now that we have all this frosting dripping off your body, I can’t wait to make cummy mummy cakes with you.”

With that my mom and I made cupcakes in our current state, her body dripping with my cum, soaking her pussy hair and lingerie; my cock rigid and glistening as it continued to brush and slap against her ass, bush, and face while we baked.

After we finished, mom looked at me with a big silly smile from across the kitchen. She wiggled and shook her hips and big, round boobs at me, spreading strands of cum across her thick bush as her mounds bobbled about.

“Wow, sweetie, mommy had no idea baking spooey gooey cupcakes could be so much fun! I guess we’ll just have make this a weekly tradition.”

“Sounds great to me mom!”

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