Chris Comes Undone Ch. 02


After our initial encounter Chris and I began to date pretty steadily. She was in her mid twenties and her shoulder length auburn hair and sparkling blue eyes were a constant pleasure. Chris had a slim build except for her “C” cup breasts with their puffy, pink aureole. Chris was in the process of divorcing her musician husband who had virtually ignored his wife sexually for several years. When we first made love, Chris told me that she wanted to be my slut and do everything with me.

One of the great things about Chris was that she was not jealous. She knew I slept with other women but didn’t seem to care. As long as I gave her a couple of good fuck sessions a week she was perfectly happy.

When we had been dating for several weeks Chris asked me what I thought about X rated movies. Her boss was telling her that a really good one was showing in town and had encouraged her to check it out. Chris begged me to please go with her. This was a time before VCR’s were common so if you wanted to see a sex movie you had to go to a seamy theatre. I certainly didn’t want to send her into one of those places alone but that was a bad neighborhood for me. The theatre was located in Boston’s infamous “Combat Zone” along with various adult bookstores and strip joints. I didn’t mind these, had visited them several times but this was also home turf to several of the pimps that I had rousted from the apartment complex for the last several months. As I hesitated Chris unzipped my pants and wrestled my cock out. Looking into my eyes she softly sucked the head while pumping the shaft with her right hand. After a few minutes she stopped and asked me to please take her to her first fuck film. I was a goner and just figured I would take precautions. After I told her OK she stripped out of her clothes and we spent the next hour in a hot 69.

That Friday night I picked Chris up at about 7:00. She was dressed in a sheer white blouse and a short red mini skirt. It was summer so she didn’t need nylons on her tanned legs. As I kissed her hello she guided my hand to her pussy to show me that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She giggled and then gave me a quizzical look. I realized that she had felt my pistol under my shirt. I told her that I was just taking precautions due to the neighborhood and she just smiled.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant downtown while we teased each other through the whole meal. By the time we were done eating I had her smell all over my hands. We were able to walk to the theatre. I bought two tickets to “The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann” and we walked on in to the darkened theatre. From what little I could see Chris was the only woman there. There were about twenty men spread throughout the theatre. We found a couple of seats about half way down, away from any others and settled down for the movie.

The plot of the movie involved a wealthy man who was suspicious of his young beautiful wife. He hires a private detective to follow her and find out what she is up to. The movie follows her adventures as she fucks and sucks her way through men and women. She finally fucks the private detective and he discovers that the husband is in on the whole thing. He is a voyeur and gets off on watching and hearing about his wife’s adventures. All in all it was a very hot movie.

Chris was pretty quiet until the scene where the wife is kidnapped by a man and a woman. They take her to a secluded garage and blindfold her. They then take turns mersin escort fucking her and eating her hot pussy. The female kidnapper at one point gives the wife lessons on how to properly suck the guy off. Chris’s hand had long freed my cock from my pants and she stroked me while watching the action avidly. I had two fingers in her juicy pussy during the whole thing. At one point as the woman was licking the kidnapped wife’s pussy Chris came suddenly. After a few minutes she whispered in my ear, “I have always had a fantasy about being with another woman. That’s about the closest I’ve every come to the real thing!”

I told her that we would have to keep that fantasy in mind. When they got to the part where the female kidnaper was teaching Pamela Mann how to suck her boyfriend’s cock, Chris’s head dutifully moved to my lap. Her soft hot mouth enclosed the head of my hard cock. She would suck on me for a few moments and then pump me with her hand while she stole a glance at the movie.

I noticed that a middle aged man had seated himself about four seats away from Chris and was watching us while stroking his own cock. He smiled as he noticed me looking and made a gesture that I interpreted as “You lucky bastard!” I leaned down and whispered to Chris that someone was watching her. She pulled up from my cock and looked around and saw our new friend. She stared at his big cock while pumping mine in her hand. I suddenly got a wild idea and leaned down again “Why don’t you give that poor guy a break and give him a little action?” I whispered. Chris smiled a little devilishly and then turned to gesture the guy toward the seat next to her.

Our new friend promptly got up and moved to the seat next to Chris, who was essentially the rose between the two thorns. As he got seated I saw Chris take his hand and move it between her legs. She had her skirt pulled up and her legs spread. Even with the subdued lighting of the theatre I could clearly see her pussy. I watched as the man inserted two fingers into her soaking wet hole. As he began to pump them in and out I could see the sheen of her juices on his finger. I looked up from Chris’s pussy and could see that she had wrapped her left hand around this guy’s cock and was pumping it slowly. Her right hand was still wrapped around my own hardness and she pumped us with the same rhythm. She leaned her head on my shoulder and whispered, “How far do you want to see me go?”

I thought for a moment and then whispered back, “I would love to see my little slut suck that stranger’s hard cock!” I paused a minute and then continued “I would love to fuck that hot little pussy of yours while you suck him off.”

Chris sighed and then I felt her shift toward the other man. Her hand left my cock and my eyes followed. Chris lowered her mouth toward the man’s crotch. I heard him whisper a breathy ” “Yes” as her lips closed over the head of his cock. I could clearly see her tongue as it slurped around his cock head while Chris sucked him. I really wanted to watch her slutty performance a little longer but wasn’t sure how long the guy would last. Gently I took Chris’s hips and moved her so that she was standing in the aisle, bent over, her mouth never leaving the lucky guy’s cock. I stood up and lifted the red skirt to reveal her naked ass. As I moved closer to her from behind I felt her move her legs further apart. Her head was bobbing frantically in the guy’s lap as she continued kocaeli escort to suck at him.

I took the head of my cock and rubbed it up and down the length of her wet pussy. I couldn’t remember ever feeling her so hot and wet. I heard her let out a deep moan as I pushed my cock slowly into her cunt. I began to slowly pump myself in and out of her and she just started a non stop moaning. I seemed like only a few minutes before the older guy whispered loudly that he was going to cum. Chris’s blowjob got even more frantic and the guy let out his own moan as he squirted his cum into Chris’s hot mouth. I just kept fucking her sweet cunt.

All of a sudden we were bathed in light. The movie had ended and we hadn’t even noticed! As Chris stood straight up my cock plopped right out of her pussy and I hurried to get it back in it’s cage. The older guy mumbled a quick thanks and headed out of the theatre. Chris seemed a little distracted as she straightened her clothes. I thought that I sensed a reluctance to look at me. I reached my hand to her face and put a finger under her chin. I lifted her face so that she was forced to look me I the eyes. I smiled and looked into her eyes, “Chris, you are the most unbelievable woman I have ever met. I will never forget this night.”

Chris’s face lit up with her smile and she put her arm around me as we headed out of the theatre. I held her hot body close and tried to reassure her that everything was fine. When we got outside we continued to walk arm and arm toward the Public Garden and the parking garage. It was a beautiful night and the streets and garden were pretty crowded. I all of a sudden got a strange feeling and looked behind us. About fifty feet behind us were four young black men. I knew they were following us because I recognized two of them.

I had provoked an assault and arrested the two pimp brothers a few months earlier. They were some of the guy’s who had been intimidating the security guards and tenants at the apartment complex where Chris I lived. I had been sent to the complex by my company to get rid of the problem. My insults and refusal to be intimidated had resulted in the taller brother “Fuzzy” attacking me from behind in the lobby one night. Fuzzy was with his brother Mark and some other pimp but Mark and the other guy hadn’t made it through the front door of the lobby.

In a matter of seconds I had managed to pull Fuzzy over my shoulder and slam him on the stone floor. After two quick punches to the face I jumped on top of him, rolled him over on his face and began to handcuff him. Mark and his friend were just coming in the door toward me so I had to stop my handcuffing efforts to draw my .357 magnum and point it at them. “If you even breathe toward me I will blow a fucking hole in you chest!” I calmly told them. That pretty much froze them. The regular security guard had the sense to press the alarm button to the local Police. When they arrived I still had Fuzzy face down on the floor, half cuffed while holding Mark and the other guy at bay.

I knew the patrolmen who arrived (I was a Special Police Officer for that town as part of my job) and they calmly listened to my explanation. Within minutes they had the three guys in the cruiser and waived good bye with big smiles on their faces. The eventual outcome was a conviction for assault and battery for Fuzzy, who got probation of course. But as a result the apartment samsun escort complex was able to evict two of the pimp’s hookers from the building. Mark and the other guy had the charges dismissed. I didn’t really care because my mission was accomplished.

Now they had found me in their territory. I didn’t say anything to Chris as we crossed the street and started through the Public Gardens. We reached an area that was fairly secluded and I heard the guys call out, “Hey motherfucker, You remember us?”

I turned to see them only about 20 feet away. I moved Chris behind me so that I was in between them and her. “Well if it isn’t my old friends Mark and Fuzzy” I answered. “I had hoped that you guys were over our little misunderstanding. I was only trying to make a living you know .”

Fuzzy stepped forward from the other three guys, “I don’t forget nothin’ you mother fucker!” I saw him take out a butterfly knife and heard the clicking as he locked the two handles together. “I’m going to cut your fuckin balls off and make your girlfriend eat them while I fuck her.” He grinned.

Making a snap decision I pulled my .22 magnum out of my waistband holster and shot him in the left knee. I heard him scream like a girl and fall to the ground. The two guys that I didn’t know were gone before I even realized it. Mark rushed over to his fallen brother who was rolling around crying on the ground. I calmly walked over to Mark and put the barrel of my pistol to his head. “This is twice that I could have put the hurt on you shitheads and haven’t,” I said “If I ever even see you fucks again I am just going to blow your fucking heads off.” I paused for a moment and then increase my volume a little “Do we fuckin understand each other?”

Mark looked at me then averted his eyes. Quietly he mumbled, “You won’t ever see our fucking faces again motherfucker!” We both heard the sound of sirens at the same time. I took Chris’s arm and moved her toward the garage. Mark helped his brother to his feet and they hobbled off in the other direction.

Chris and I didn’t say anything until we were in the car. Then she started to cry. I reached over and held her telling her that everything was OK now. She finally got a hold of herself and stopped crying and we headed home.

When we got back to the apartment complex my buddy John stopped us at the security desk. Chris’s husband the musician had come in about a half hour ago. Even though they were getting a divorce the husband still stayed in the apartment when he was not on the road or doing a local gig. Chris and I were disappointed because we were expecting to go up and fuck ourselves silly. Chris grabbed my arm and lead me back out to my car. She was sensitive to the fact that I hadn’t gotten my nut off yet and suggested that we go somewhere in the car. To make matters worse it had started to rain. Figuring that I was going to have to rough it if I was going to get any satisfaction I told Chris to get back in the car.

We drove to a secluded area in the parking lot and parked. Back then I drove a Datsun 240Z which was a two seater and not really made to fuck in. Chris was sucking my cock frantically but I told her that I really wanted to cum in her pussy. She climbed between the seats and lay down on the deck behind the seats. She placed one leg over the driver’s seat and one over the passenger’s seat. I crawled up between the seats and entered her steamy pussy. We fucked like crazy there with the rain falling. I came my brains out after a few minutes and we pulled ourselves together.

I dropped Chris off at the back door and headed home. I kept thinking that Chris had proven that she really would do anything I asked. Her comments about wanting to be with another woman began to churn in my brain.

To Be Continued…

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