Harper Valley 3: Goodbye Innocence

Big Tits

Author’s Note:

Just a last reminder that I am in fact Peter_Pan, the author of the original series (Please refer my profile if in doubt) and that this story has not been usurped from another site.


I can’t say that in the next couple of weeks I didn’t give a great deal of serious thought as to whether I would ever take Jenna….ask her even, to come to one of Jerry’s “unique” little get-togethers. I think there was still enough of the “protective father syndrome” on active stand-by, to preclude that possibility, sinful and sleaze-ridden as my inner doppelganger might be. Sure, I pondered several hellishly wicked little scenarios that both Brianna and Larissa had bequeathed me, while in my mind’s eye substituting Jenna’s hot little body in the video-replays. But this was my eighteen-year old baby after all, I did have some pride left thank you very much.

What I didn’t have was anticipation!

Certainly Jerry hadn’t given up hope of my caving in to carnality, having rung every second or third night to enquire as to the status quo.

“But she’ll just love it,” he’d repeat, with parrot-like simplicity….. “And if only Kylie would go with her? pondering no doubt the wide-range repercussions of having sisters performing at the one venue. By Thursday he had given up hope I think, although he had me note down the latest host’s address “just in case!”

That night we had been watching some z-grade horror flick on cable and the heroine – I presume she was the heroine – everyone else was dead, raped or missing, was being tied up to a bed by some demented scumbag who looked like Danny DeVito on a bad day. I made some comment like “This is really off girls!” and Jenna looked at me real cheeky.

“Oh and I suppose you haven’t ever tied a girl up on a bed dad?”

I asked her what the hell she was talking about?

She said “Oh, nothing!”

“C’mon Jenna,” I insisted. “What in God’s name made you say that?”

That set Kylie off.

“We’re not completely dumb dad. Things do get about you know.”

I realised then she knew…..they BOTH knew!

“Well maybe I’m dumb,” I replied.. “Tell me what you’re both talking about.”

Kylie looked at Jenna, who giggled. “Dad, Jenna attends the same school as Brianna?? Ring any bells? Besides, I only left there a few months ago – I still keep in touch with the girls you know.”

I was dead meat.

“So she’s told you all about that day has she?” I asked warily, images of Brianna tied-up on that bed, burning the hell out of my retinas.

“Yeppo….all about it dad!” I started looking round desperately for a sword to fall on.

“All about it? You mean like….” Jenna this time, cut me off.

“Well maybe not every single detail dad, but we both know what goes on at those parties. Just can’t believe you went, that’s all!”

“Oh I can,” said Kylie giggling. I felt like spanking her. God, I always feel like spanking her!

No one spoke for a moment. Total Mexican freeze-off!

“OK girls,” I said eventually. “Guilty as charged. I throw myself on the mercy of the Court. You want me to leave home? Go to Church twice a week?”

“Don’t be silly dad,” said Kylie. “You don’t have to explain to us …..just tell us what really happened there, right??” She nudged Jenna, who giggled madly.

“No way,” I said, “C’mon…..”

“Well we know you did stuff with Brianna dad – she told us.” They both broke up. “She said you were really cool!” Jenna added. “Honestly dad…..doing it with a schoolgirl!”

Kylie was almost blushing. I wondered if Jenna caught her quick glance. If she did, she’d know everything. Maybe she already did.

“Well to be honest, everyone was doing it with schoolgirls, if you really want to know,” I said. I thought it prudent not to mention the accompanying mother factor.

They both wanted to know how many girls were there, and what kinda stuff happened. I sanitised it as well as I could – making it sound like an over-friendly sewing circle! Then I said the dumbest thing of the night. I told them none of the girls were forced into anything, and thinking of Larissa essentially, told them that “some just went to observe.”

“Would you take us to one then dad?” Jenna asked straight off the bat, Kylie backing her up to the hilt.

Game, set and match!

“Certainly not,” I said. “You don’t need to see stuff like that!”

“And you do?” muttered Kylie. I had that one coming.

“Please dad,” Jenna begged. “Just this once. We only want to see what its like? Go on!….pretty please?”

Oh God, they were that at that moment…pretty I mean.

“We won’t “do” anything dad,” said Kylie.

“Yeah?” I replied. “What if you both get so hot looking at what’s happening, you can’t help it?…watching Brianna for instance?”

“Well actually, she’s been saying to me all week “Get your dad to take you” and stuff like that.” Jenna added, cleverly avoiding the question.

I didn’t mention it to Jenna but I had no doubt Brianna wanted to get her there just to see her get fucked, and God help me, my escort fatih own thought processes were heading along similar channels…with both of them.

I couldn’t fail to realise either that as it happened, the party being that Saturday, was during a “safe” zone, their periods, as so often happens with sisters, having aligned themselves to the middle of the month. But what was I thinking? They would just be going to “observe” …right?

“I’ll do you a deal,” I said. “You can both go for just half an hour, then we come home OK?” They jacked up. “Forty-five minutes?” demanded Kylie, ever the negotiator.

I was happy with that. Not too much could threaten their safety in that time I assured myself. Talk about false prophets! Come Saturday and without any input from me, both girls donned very similar skirts, tops and shoes. Anyone would have picked them as twins. Jenna had already told Brianna they were going, so God knows who else knew by now. Looking at them sitting together in my rear view mirror and knowing what they were going to see, just about edged-out my sanity. We didn’t speak a word.

The house this time was way less salubrious than Windsor Hills but still large and sited on a well-tree’d double block not ten minutes away. As we swung in the driveway, Kylie said, “Hey, this is Louise Archer’s place,” like I should know who Louise Archer was.

Parking behind several other cars, I looked around to see if I recognised anyone from a fortnight earlier. I hadn’t even freed-up my seat belt when a hand thrust itself through my driver’s side window. I shook it.

“Well, you brought both of them huh?….that’s great.” It was Jerry. Michelle was with him and smiling at Jenna as she got out out of the car.

“They’re just here to observe Jerry,” I put in, “Nothing else, so don’t get any ideas.” He wasn’t even paying attention.

“Wow, you’re twins,” he exclaimed. “Let me guess, you’re Jenna?” he asked.

Kylie giggled. “Nope, I’m Kylie, this is Jenna!…..and we’re not twins, I’m nineteen, Jenna’s eighteen.” She flashed him the hottest smile.

Jerry shook her hand. “Well, it’s very nice to meet you Kylie, you too Jenna, I hope you both have a great time.”

Like hell he did. I figured he was flush with ideas for them both already!

Michelle gave me a hug as I got out of the car, I could see the girls thinking, “Oh, dad must have done it with her too.” I just looked at them and mouthed the words “No, I didn’t.” I was looking around for Larissa but could not see her.

Brianna came running across the front yard and hugged Jenna, I held Kylie’s hand as we walked inside. Several other cars were arriving now.

The host was indeed Brad Archer and daughter Louise was flitting about behind him welcoming all her friends between chatting to Kylie. A pretty girl dressed in fetching hotpants and a somewhat skimpy top that scrunched-up would probably have fitted in the average shirt pocket. Many of the same people were there – we exchanged nods, although most eyes were on Kylie and Jenna and it was obvious several people were acknowledging to one another, “they must be twins.”

The young mother who had won pre-selection to the bedroom-games last time was there with her cute daughter. I wondered what the hell my girls would be thinking if and when they saw her with her hands up her daughter’s skirt again. Brittany and her father were there, I think she even had on that same tight outfit – must be her dad’s favorite.

The house itself, being way smaller than the previous “Bill Gates” styled edifice, was able to house the many guests (though fewer I would say than before) by virtue of the fact that three rooms in parallel….a lounge, dining-room and study by all accounts, had had their common walls knocked down, yielding an enormous L-shaped entertaining area. In many ways it was far more intimate than the Windsor Hills “ballroom.” The heavy drapes certainly precluded any concerns over ‘privacy.’

A convenient three-seater lounge sat empty along one wall nearby, so calling out to Jenna, the three of us monopolised it. The hosts had catered for around thirty guests it seemed, and thus chairs, sofas and lounges ruled supreme.

As before, it wasn’t exactly the case of someone using a starter’s pistol to kick-start proceedings. Mostly a lot of talking and chatting, girls, and fathers moving around the room to speak with acquaintances, several like myself just staying with their own daughter or daughters.

The girls sat either side of me looking very chaste and cute. Their skirts I noticed looking remarkably shorter in a seated position. Damn, I was having those thoughts again! Now and again one would incline her head to talk either with me or her sister. I also noticed several men looking our way.

“Gosh…isn’t that her mother?” said Jenna suddenly.

Towards the far end of the room Ms “Incredibly-well-preserved-for-thirty-odd” sat talking to a male friend whilst her hand was clearly way up inside the hem of her daughter’s skirt, caressing something of major interest as the girl was squirming escort istanbul around noticeably.

“Is she doing what I think she’s doing?” said Jenna breathlessly.

“Look, you both wanted to come,” I said, “I’m not responsible for either what goes on or what you see.” Both Kylie and Jenna’s eyes were as big as saucers.

At that moment, little Brianna sidled up to me. “Can I sit on your lap?” she asked.

“Sure” I said, patting a spot for her. I saw Kylie and Jenna exchange glances as she sat down. God, that felt awesomely pleasant I have to say. It also brought back feelings, images and desires from a fortnight earlier. Brianna pulled one of my arms around her waist affectionately. I almost blushed.

“Don’t look at me like that,” I muttered to Kylie. “She’s only sitting on me.”

“Oh, sure dad,” she laughed. “What would you say though if I went and sat on some other guy’s lap?”

“I’d say……right, lets go home kids!” I replied truthfully. “Anyway, you’re just here to watch..remember?”

She looked at me cheekily and wrinkled her little nose up. “Of course dad, that’s all!”

Brianna’s bottom was doing wonders for my procreational equipment, such that she turned to me mid conversation with Jenna and said, “Oh did I do that?” and giggled. I would lay twenty to one both Jenna and Kylie knew what she meant as they looked at each other knowingly. My arms now encircling her and holding her tightly, I was wanting to hold other things tightly, but was somewhat constrained by circumstance.

Many girls had moved around the room now and were either seated on men’s laps or between a husband and wife as it would appear. Of these, there were fewer than previously and for that, I was grateful.

Brittany’s father was clearly smitten with his daughter’s charms still as he had her sitting on his knee, arms round his neck while his hands smoothed their way over the full spectrum of the illegal territory on offer. From this distance she appeared to be bra-less as her nipples were seemingly trying their best to push through the confines of the tight material. Kissing her with extreme fervour, I watched as his hand lowered her left strap and all but exposed her breasts in totality. Brittany was giggling and encouraging him, Kylie and Jenna gasping!

I wondered if anyone had ever suffered cardiac arrest at one of these little turn-outs. I didn’t want to be the first.

“Well, are you going to kiss her dad?” Jenna asked suddenly.

“Jenna,” I replied, “I said you two can come and watch…..not watch ME. How embarrassing do you think that would be?”

“But dad,” Kylie said, “We don’t care…..do whatever you want, don’t mind us.”

As I turned to answer her, Brianna just raised her head and kissed me on the lips. I saw Jenna’s eyes widen. The effect of that kiss was to lower my inhibitions yet catalyse my intentions. I pulled her around so that she was facing me semi-kneeling, her legs straddling my lap. Given also the brevity of the skirt she had on, I had a full frontal view of her cute polka-dot panties. I heard a sharp intake of breath…it was Jenna, obviously with as good a view.

“Do you want us to leave you alone for a while dad?” asked Kylie, clearly concerned for my predicament. This left me in a quandary. Whilst the privacy would have been welcome, leaving them unguarded was anything but. I shook my head.

“It’s OK sweetie, just don’t be disappointed with me.” I replied, somewhat mystified as to why I had said that.

They looked equally puzzled.

Brianna meanwhile was hot…and getting hotter. I raised my hand and stroked her inner thighs which must have been just this side of Fahrenheit 451. Only a few inches higher up and beneath those cheery little polka dots, I knew “ground zero” must be awash with expectation.

Brianna’s light blue eyes were glazing slightly and I knew she needed to feel those most intimate of caresses. I lightly took hold of her breasts and very gently squeezed her nipples. Not sure whose gasps were the loudest, hers or my daughters’. Brianna wriggled under my touch and with my left hand I began to rub the front of her panties. This brought her to such urgency she made some very soft little moaning sounds.

What made me even hotter then was the fact that Jenna and Kylie suddenly had the need to hold hands as they watched Brianna’s reactions. I’m sure both must have been highly aroused themselves by the immediacy of it all. That supposition was proven correct seconds later as Kylie whispered into my ear. “You can fuck her dad, it’s OK.”

No-one but me heard those words but they were enough to tip it all over into hyperdrive. Pulling Brianna to me and using her lower body as cover I was able to extricate my erection which Brianna guided unerringly between her panties. Just a matter of encircling her bottom then and pulling her hard to me.

She cried out briefly as I entered her and clung to me as I reached maximum penetration. As if lending support, the two girls closed ranks around her, their own breasts now up close and personal.

“This escort bayan taksim is sooo hot dad,” said Jenna quietly.

Kylie of course knew what it felt like, she was re-living that moment we had shared eighteen months earlier and it was as if every gentle thrust I was making in Brianna was being played out back in my bedroom. I glanced at her and just whispered to her so softly “I love you Kylie.”

God knows what this must have looked like from the other guest’s viewpoint or indeed how many if any, were watching this little tableau. As I began to thrust upwards into Brianna, my arms went around both Kylie and Jenna and I held them to me as their locked hands in turn held Brianna tight against my chest. Her breasts were making direct contact with my shirt now and her beautiful head on my shoulder as I fucked her lovingly and really so slowly.

Best of all, I came while kissing her. No attention-grabbing dialog, not even a cry of unhinged sexual passion. Simply the most exhilarating orgasm and a need to hold on to her and watch the effect in her eyes of hot cum spurting deep within her. That is where the real pleasure lies, seeing…not doing. Brianna’s own orgasm took her obviously to the heights and much of this was understood and felt I think by both Jenna and Kylie. Having them there was an incredibly sharing and arousing experience, albeit one I could never have contemplated.

Trouble loomed…..big trouble. Brianna’s father, presumably a witness to the recent transfer of bodily fluids to his daughter, lobbed up from God knows where.

“Say, you’re looking really pretty today Jenna,” he said to her, then on seeing Kylie who had been partially hidden by Brianna herself sitting on my lap, added. “Whoa! Twins huh? How’m I gonna choose here?”

“No problem,” I suggested as Brianna dismounted smiling, smoothing her skirt down, “You won’t have to choose, neither are on the menu. Just observers today.”

He looked pissed. “Er, did I or did I not just see you performing some majorly sexual act with my daughter?”

“Your “willing” daughter,” I corrected. “House rules remember? No girl forced to do anything right?” Jenna and Kylie were enjoying this little exchange, I could tell.

“Fair enough,” he continued, “But who’s forcing them?” he turned to Jenna.

“C’mon sweetie, you know me…you’ve been over to our place for years, pretty much since pre-school when you first met Brianna. Just want to have some fun with you. Don’t have to go all the way if you don’t want to.”

“I said, she’s off-limits,” I reiterated, getting somewhat theatrical with my body language.

“Hang on dad,” said Jenna. “Don’t I have any say here?” I almost dropped my bundle.

“What?” I answered semi-conscious from shock. “Er, you’re still a virgin Jenna, or had you forgotten that bit? Besides, there’s only twenty five minutes left before we go.”

“Mr Gardner is OK dad,” she said, ” I trust him. He can’t force me to do anything. I’ll be fine!”

I was figuring she must want to have a bit of a touch-up up seeing what happened to Brianna. I supposed she had that coming at some stage anyway and besides might be better to happen here in semi-controlled circumstances than in the back seat of some scumbag’s car.

“Well maybe if Kylie goes with you then. That OK with you Warwick? Just twenty minutes mind, then we have to leave,”

“Sure,” said Gardner, “She can hold the rifle!”

The four of them ambled off towards the alcove at the far end of the “L” shaped lounge-room. My eyes were glued to their pert little receding bottoms.

My seeming “change of heart” was not purely selfless. I had just seen Larissa and her father walk in. Waving in her direction, I caught her eye, though at the risk of sounding terminally conceited, I had a sneaking suspicion she was looking around for me. She literally ran over, leaving her dad way behind.

“I missed you so much,” she said throwing her arms around my neck and giving me the most intimate of hugs. The lip action wasn’t that bad either! Goddamn! I completely forgot about my two daughter’s on the spot.

I sat back down on the lounge with Larissa perched now beside me, holding my hand and telling me all about her week at school and various other intimate little details. George finally made it over, shook my hand and sat down beside his daughter.

“Few new girls here by the look of it,” he muttered, ” Really hot pair of twins I saw over the other side.” He indicated a group near the television.

Following his gaze I said, “Er yeah, well actually, those are my daughters….and they’re not twins.”

“Oh,” said Larissa, “You did bring them? Where are they?”

I pointed them out. Jenna was sitting beside Warwick Gardner, Brianna alongside and Kylie in a chair opposite them. Nothing untoward appeared to be happening.

“They’re very pretty,” she said, as I took-in her own beautifully presented femininity. In a one-piece dress this time, the top was quite low cut with just a hint of dark blue bra, beneath which curves hot enough to warm Hell itself, were patently visible. What I felt as I looked at her was anything but lust, more a growing sadness that I could never shed the thirty odd years between us, because she was I knew, that which I had been looking for all my life. I had thought about her for two weeks.

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