I lay curled up behind you, with my arm wrapped tightly around your waist. The sun rises and shines slowly, getting brighter through the window, illuminating the bed, and warming us both.

My head buried against your neck. I take a deep breath in and savor the smell. The smells of your skin, your soap, your hair, your animal scent…

I lightly kiss your shoulder and back, my fingertips slowly moving in small circles over your stomach and down to your hip. You squirm slightly as a soft moan escapes your lips. I run my nails gently over your hip and down your thigh, kissing the back of your neck, your jaw, and finally nibbling delicately on your ear. My nails brush up gently over your balls and I feel your swollen cock stiffen further, as my finger tips slowly, gently, slide all the way up to the head. Another moan…

I gently move and roll you over on to your back, there is a soft smile on your lips, and your eyes flutter slightly in your sensual awakening. I continue my kisses down your neck, across your shoulder and to your nipple. I stop to lick and nibble at one of your nipples, feeling your body react to my touch in your half awakened state. My tongue swirls down your stomach, and flicks across the tip of your cock. I feel you jerk to my touch, and you moan again. I looked up to see your smile widening and your eyes barely open, and then slowly close back, awaiting more of the dream. I wrap my fingers around the base of your cock and swirl my tongue around the head, from the tip, to down below the ridge and then circling back up again. I can feel your fingers on the back of my head, stroking my hair.

I rise up, and reach over to get something off the table, as I stretch across you, my breasts softly graze across your chest, exciting my nipples, your finger tips running down my back, caressing it. I move back down between your legs, as you continue to run your fingers through my hair. I wrap my lips around the head of your cock, and as my tongue swirls around it again, you feel something hard in my mouth. You can’t quite make it out, and then you begin to experience a warm yet cooling sensation. I remove your cock from my mouth and blow softly. You jump at the sensation, and began to realize I have a mint in my mouth. My lips wrap back around you as I move down the shaft, pushing the mint in circles around your cock with my tongue. Your hips start to move and another moan escapes your lips as I rub the mint all over, then taking you out of my mouth and blowing softly, each time feeling your body jerk. I wrap my lips back around you, sliding my lips from the head to the base sucking gently and still swirling the melting mint.

Both of your hands grab the back of her head, and your fingers intertwine with my hair. As your hips start to buck up I feel the head of your cock beat against the back of my throat several almanbahis adres times, and then past that until I have your entire length in my mouth. My fingertips massaging your balls softly, you can feel the moans escaping from the back of my throat, and can hear my breath quickening. You feel my jaw tighten and my body start to tremble and you realize that I have just cum, making you that much more excited. Your hips move in rhythm as my lips slide up and down the full length of your cock, faster and harder. your body suddenly stiffenes, your head going back, you cry out, your hips thrusting forward, up off of the bed, the head of your cock buried deep in my throat as you explode, and I swallow every drop.

After a few moments your body relaxes and I very gently continue to slide my lips up and down, your body jerking and your breathing slowing. I kiss my way back up your stomach, to your chest and back up to your neck, lying on top of you. My face nuzzled against your neck, I whisper in your ear, “Good morning love.” You smile and wrap your arms around me in a warm loving embrace. “Would you like some breakfast, I’ve already had mine?” I whisper. We laugh, our embrace tightens, and the day begins.

You climb slowly from the bed and walk out to the kitchen, “Wait here my love.” I watch your ass as you walk out of the room, dreaming of wanting you even more.

Already the day is getting warm, sunlight is streaming in through the windows, birds are singing, a soft breeze moving the curtains. You slide back into bed, a tray with a light breakfast in your hands. Leaning over, you softly kiss me, smiling as my eyes meet yours. You laugh as I grab for you, trying to keep from spilling the tray, admonishing me to behave. Giving up for now, I sit up, stretching, yawning almost as eager for the hot coffee as I am for you. While I enjoy the first sips, you butter the toast and drizzled it with sweet honey. You reach out to me with the toast in your hand and feed it to me bite by bite. Unable to resist, you move in to quickly kiss the sweetened crumbs from my lips. Then, sitting back, you watch as I finish the last bites and we make plans for the day, discussing the list of things we really needed or wanted to do, and tentatively making plans for the evening if time would permit.

Running your fingertip through a drop of honey on the plate, you taste it absentmindedly and began to smile. As you take hold of the dipper in the honey crock and swirl it around, you pull it out and lean over to drizzle honey on my breasts. I laugh in pleased surprise as you remove the breakfast tray from the bed, keeping only the crock of honey. You straddle me, leaning down to lick the honey from my breast, loving the mix of sweet stickiness and the taste of my skin on your tongue. You can feel my tummy soft and smooth beneath you. “I almanbahis adresi have plans to slowly eat you up, having you for my breakfast.” you say as you stick your middle finger in the honey, gathering a bit to spread on my nipples, rubbing it on in exciting little circles. As I start to shiver, you softly suck the honey off, using the tip of your tongue to tease me as you get the last sticky bit.

I can sense that you are really enjoying this, stroking your rehardened cock against my soft skin occasionally, bringing your fingers to my lips for me to taste, and smiling softly as I lick the honey from them. Leaning down, you kiss me, hands in my hair, kissing me deeply, your body swaying over mine.

Grinning, you slide off of me, taking the sheet with you, exposing my body. You reach forward with your finger and quickly slide it through the lips of my throbbing wet pussy, then gently rub my clit between your fingers. You part my lips with your fingers holding them there while you generously smear honey all over my clit, your hand warming it, causing a little to run down the cleft of my ass. You linger for a while having fun playing with me, all sticky, listening to my soft moans, you start to lick, pulling on my soft pussy with your lips, sucking the honey from them. You slowly suck my clit into your mouth, all sticky and gooey, getting honey all over your beard and lips, fingering me softly. Parting my pussy again with your other hand, you bring me to your lips, opening me wide, and slowly sliding your tongue deep inside me. Rolling my clit between your fingers, the honey mixing with my juice tasted fantastic as it slid over your tongue and down your throat. You trail one sticky finger along the path of honey dripping to my ass, tenderly massaging that sweet spot. I groan, raising my hips to expose myself to you even more as you abandon my swollen clit to follow your finger with your tongue. You lick me from pussy to ass with long firm strokes, making me shake with pleasure. Spreading my cheeks wider, you drizzle some more warm honey on me, making a little puddle. You slowly rub it into me, making a circle with your fingertip, slipping just the tip into my warm sticky tight ass. You slowly move your finger around inside of me, coating me with honey, and bring your tongue to join it, licking around your finger, the rim of my ass clenched tightly around it. You gently slide out your finger, using the tip of your tongue to replace it, tonguing me, feeling me squirm, knowing that you are driving me crazy with passion and lust.

You can see how wet I am, my juices dripping out on to my thighs mixing with the honey, you can sense that I am ready to explode, but you aren’t finished with me just yet. “I want you to taste my cock coated in honey.” you say. You motion me to sit at the edge of the bed, and how could I resist, almanbahis adresi knowing how well I can suck you from that position.

Once I am sitting in front of you, you reach again for the honey crock and slide your cock in to it, fucking the dense sticky stuff, burying yourself in it, then pulling it back, watching the honey adhere to the length of your shaft. The look on my face is priceless, somewhat amused, somewhat shocked. You pull off the crock finally, using your hand to milk off some of the excess, and slide your cock in to my mouth. I begin to move my mouth up and down the length, my face now a sticky mess. All I can think of now is how it would be to have your hot cum mixed with the honey in my mouth. I start sucking you faster, teasing you with my tongue, nibbling a little; my sticky hands grasping your ass, pulling you deeper into my throat, intent on drinking you dry.

Suddenly you push me back on the bed, grabbing the honey you pour a stream of it on my nipples. “I told you this was MY breakfast.” you say teasingly, dripping it down my stomach, and pouring it over my wet pussy. Without hesitation you push your cock deep inside my pussy, honey squeezing out around it. Fucking me slow and deep, sticking to me each time you pull back. My legs spread in the air, pushing against you, I whimper and moan as you grab my breasts, pushing them together, squeezing them, and sucking on my nipples. You grab my hips and pull me to you, faster, harder, both of us frantic now. Growling, you grab a nipple between your teeth, biting, pulling, and sending me over the edge, my pussy gripping tight around your cock as I begin to shake. Pulling my legs over your shoulders, you make your last hard thrusts, breath rasping, moaning, and fill me. You slide out of me slowly as I continue to milk you with my muscles, drawing your cum inside of me mixing it with the sweat sticky honey. I lay back, my eyes closed, my mind reeling, when I suddenly feel your tongue again, parting my throbbing soaked pussy as you began to lick out the honey mixture, “I told you this was MY breakfast sweetie, but I’ll share.” you say laughing as you move your mouth to mine. Kissing me passionately, I taste the wonderful results of our sweet and sticky sex. Collapsing, sweaty, exhausted, we lay entwined in each other, all previous plans forgotten; the only plan now…. was maybe a shower.

As we lay there wrapped together in honey, sweat, and cum. Breathless, my legs slide down over your shoulders and wrap tightly around your waist, not wanting to let you go, my arms wrapped around your neck, my fingers interlaced in your hair, still sticky with the honey. Staring into your eyes, lost in the feel of your body tight against mine, I start to giggle, and kiss the end of your nose, getting honey on it that was still on my lips, which brings a giggle from you as well, and we both start to laugh hysterically.

“We have a mess don’t we?”

“But it’s fixable.” More laughter.

We both try to stand and find our legs are not very cooperative, but we finally make our way to the shower, both of us still sticky and giggling.

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