A Red Bikini


-You’ll have to excuse me for my English; it’s not my first language. I don’t think it’ll cause you big problems to read, but you’ll probably find some mistakes.-

” 12 o’clock. Only ten minutes before she arrives. ” Larry thought. ” She” is Veronica, Venus he likes to call her, and she’s the girl they hired to mow the lawn. Sitting on his patio near the pool, he closes his eyes and summons her image in his mind. Barely eighteen, so she says, Veronica only lives a few blocks away, yet her had never seen her in all the years her lived here. Only when he placed an add saying that he was looking for someone to mow his lawn did she surprise him by knocking on his door. When she told him that she was there for the job, he hired her on the spot. Larry still remembers what she looked like on this first meeting; her lean legs were wrapped inside a thin and stretchy material a lot like lycra and she only had on a tight tee-shirt with the bottom ripped away which barely covered her breasts. Her auburn hair looked quite long but they were all tied up in a knot just above her neck. Add to that a smile to die for which could easily turn into a beautiful laugh, glowing green eyes and a confident attitude that made her look even sexier. After he told her to come back the next day for the lawn, he decided that she must wreak havoc with the guys at school.

The reason that Larry had to hire someone is that he broke his arm at the beginning of the summer. His cast is now off, but the arm is still a bit weak. He knows that he could do the work by himself, but he enjoys Venus’s company and sight too much… It’s now mid July so since the accident he saw Veronica quite often and they got along fine. Often he would invite her to a refreshing juice on the patio and gladly allow her to jump in the pool after she finished. It only took her about an hour to do all the work, but on some hot days, she would work quite a sweat and the pool felt nearly as good as the fifteen bucks he gave to her each time she came. She always brought her one-piece swimsuit, a sexy black one, and he liked, of course, to follow each and every line that would hide or reveal her young body. So between the first and second time she came, he bought a pair of black sunglasses. He’s only thirty, but too old to be ashamed to stare at her even if she doesn’t know it, and she’s too young to care. In fact, he thinks that she might enjoy his stares as silent compliments. ” Only five minutes now… “

Riding her bike in Larry’s driveway, Veronica slowed down to a stop beside the stairs that led to the deck. ” Only an hour before I can get in that pool, only an hour. I hope that Larry’s there so that he can see the little surprise I have for him… ” Climbing up the stairs she was relieved to see him sitting there, listening to some funky music. After the usual chitchat, Veronica sat down on a chair near him and waited a few minutes before going to work. Trying hard to contain any smile that would reveal her intentions, she tried to look as casual as she could…

But it was all but impossible for Larry not to notice something. The second he saw her climbing the stairs, he was awed by her beauty. The heat and bike ride worked together to create a thin film of sweat all over her body. Under the sun, her legs looked like they were really glowing and her neck, exposed by the braided hair, was also shining like thousands of tiny diamonds. With his sunglasses on, the only worry he had was to keep his head straight even if his eyes were locked on her legs. Today they simply didn’t want to end; yes she had running shoes on, but then her thighs were as bare as could be without looking indecent. She was wearing jeans cut-offs. No, she was wearing cut-offs of jeans cut-offs. Larry wondered how the fabric could hold together without falling apart; the usually horizontal line that define the bottom edges of cut-offs was now a definite” V”, inviting the eyes to the nearly bared crotch. Then, when she turned a bit, he saw that in addition to being cut extremely high on her hip, the seams on each side were torn, uncovering even more skin. Then there was her top. Under a tight tank top, she seemed to be wearing a bikini, a red bikini. The red lines peeking out on her shoulders confirmed that theory; she was not wearing her usual swimsuit but an extremely revealing bikini.

Then she sat down in front of him, pulling the nearest chair even closer. While they innocently talked, Veronica slowly began to work on him. Pulling her arms above her head to stretch herself, she pushed her breasts against the clinging white top. Then she even pushed this to letting her head fall back while arching her back forward adding to the amazing effect. Larry could hardly talk straight during those few but delicious seconds. He had always like her breasts, liked how full and round they were, how they stood high on her chest and how proud her nipples were; high on her breasts, upturned and ready to harden as soon as she would step in the pool. But now, the way she displayed them before his eyes was simply irresistible. Did she really believe he could simply stay there and do nothing? It looks mardin escort like it and, indeed, he didn’t do a thing. Too shy, uncertain…

But Veronica didn’t wait too long before doing something else. Moving around in her chair, she dared to place one of her legs on the little table in front of her (and him: they were sitting face to face). But not with her leg straight out; oh no, she pulled the table closer to her and raised her knee more than anything else. Lewdly exposing herself to him, she stayed that way a few minutes. When he saw her lifting her leg on the table, Larry couldn’t believe his eyes. Opening her legs to him, she was plainly trying to” seduce” him; more like “arouse” him. He even saw, when she began to move her knee left to right with the music, a few flashes of her red bikini bottom peeking out of the cut-offs. Hiding the fact that he was shaking a little, Larry got up and went to the kitchen to get another drink.

A little confused about Larry’s lack of reaction, Veronica got up too and walked to the pool. On her knees, she bent forward and dipped her hair in the cold water. This time she did not even think about what she was doing but Larry surely saw it Right there in front of him, she was showing off her ass, bending forward in the water; this time he was sure that she wanted to seduce him. But by the time he was back out, she was already pulling the lawnmower out of the little shed, getting ready to work. And the water in her hair and dropping everywhere on her body was improving, as if it was possible, her sexy look; wet long hair will always be sexy on a girl like her. But there was something else. Even though the tank top was maybe a size too small for her, it was now sticking to her like second skin, transparent second skin. Unveiled, the red bikini top sprang into view. Although her appearance was already quite troubling, there was something else that Larry noticed with a smile; Veronica’s nipples. The cool water and the occasional wind made them stand out, fully proud and erect, impossible to miss. Larry often had the chance to see them poking through her tee shirt but never did he had the opportunity to see them so delicately outlined and obviously exposed…

As time passed, the heat became worse, bathing everything with it’s hot and heavy summer day winds. Sweat now replaced the water all over Veronica’s body. After tying her hair up to free her neck and shoulders, she realized that she was still too hot. So, looking briefly at Larry on the patio, she pulled off her tank top, finally revealing her bikini and the lovely breasts it so hungrily holds. Resisting the urge to smile, Veronica saw Larry turning his head towards her slightly, his eyes still hidden behind the sunglasses. Once again she saw that bulge in his swimsuit, the unmistakable bulge of unfulfilled sex. And after nearly an hour of lawn mowing, of intense heat and occasional teasing, she was as ready as he was. She knew that her crotch was quite wet and that sweat had nothing to do with that. Somehow she had always liked Larry and now her little plan appeared to be working; that bulge seems ready to explode!” And wait till he experiences my last surprise! God would I like to see his face when I’ll pull down my shorts just in front of his face… “

” It’s already nearly over. ” Larry thought when he saw her closing the shed door and walking towards him. ” I just hope she’ll want to take a dip in the pool… ” How little did he know of how much she wanted to stay with him! While still sitting at the same place, Larry saw his Venus walking up the few stairs to finally stand not farther than a foot away from him. ” Can I stay here for a while?” She asked innocently, motioning both the patio and the pool. ” Of course, you’re my guest for the afternoon. ” ” Thanks Larry” With that Veronica turned towards the pool, placing her ass directly in the center of his vision and asked: ” Is the water as warm as usual?” But while she asked, once more innocently, she undid the button of her cut-offs and bent forward lewdly, without even bending her knees, to slip off those sexy shorts. When he saw her fumbling with the button, he swallowed had, expecting the most beautiful sight on the planet; his eighteen year old Venus undressing just in front of him. But he was not prepared for Veronica’s surprise. While expecting to see the tight red bikini bottom, Larry indulged in the sight of Veronica’s exposed buttocks; she had carefully chosen a g-string bikini…

Inch by inch, the lavish flesh of her creamy buttocks came into view, flowing out like the sun behind thick clouds. Perfect, inviting, indecent; they were all but flawless. But before Larry had enough time to enjoy his clearly exhibitionist friend, she began to slide her shorts down. Not simply letting them fall to the ground, no… Slowly, teasingly slowly, she slid them all the way down, never letting them go as if they were the most fragile things in the world. But as she bent further down, she had to move her ass closer and closer to his face in order to keep her balance; that’s exactly what she had not planned. She wanted to tease him by marmaris escort showing off her as while bent down, but she had not thought about that. During the few seconds she was completely down, her pussy was merely inches away from his face. A momentary burst of courage, or maybe insanity, and he would bury his face between her buttocks and his tongue against her pussy.

But while his cock became as hard as steel in his swimsuit, he didn’t move at all. Instead he simply looked at her, while she walked around a bit before jumping in the water. The tight bikini bottom hugged her mound like a lover’s hand, the bright red color enhancing the greatest curve of all. Full, generous, her mound bulges outward and shamelessly flaunts the most wonderful and intriguing pussy Larry has ever seen. The core of her sexual being, the incarnation of raw sex into a ripened and overflowing cradle of warmth and heat, of passion and hunger. What would he give to simply push his face against her bikini-clad mound and take a deep breath of this temple of desire…

But he silently watches her dive in the pool. Suddenly the phone rang and he hurried inside to answer. It turned out to be a wrong number, but while he walked back outside, a plan grew in his head. Since she only wanted to cool down, Veronica was already out of the pool, dripping wet, her long hair sticking to her skin and, most noticeably, her nipples like tiny pebbles poking through her top. But somehow he managed to get on with his plan;” Vero, one of my friends needs my help. You can stay here if you want, it won’t take more than an hour. ” ” Ok, see you later… ” But while he drove away he pulled down his swimsuit a bit and masturbated his erection away. She, on the other hand, was simply too hot to go home and do the same. Walking down the stairs to prevent any neighbor from seeing her, she laid down a large beach towel and stretched herself over it.

Under the burning sun, the coolness of the pool was beginning to wear off, but she didn’t care at all right now. Sliding her hands to her breasts, she squeezes them hard, massaging the sweet tension in her nipples. Pulling the top higher on her chest above her breasts, she exposes her full breasts to the sun. She then resumes her massage, adding a little bit of nipple pinching once in a while. When the tension becomes unbearable, she slides one of her hands down and pushes it under her bikini, finding her way through her dense bush and the hot folds of her pussy. A soft moan escapes her lips when her fingers curl around her mound, caressing both her clit and her full lips. Smiling, she realizes that even though her charms didn’t have any effect on Larry, her pussy responded quite quickly… Sliding two fingers inside the warm wetness, she pushes her palm against her clit and allows her body to drown in the sensations.

By this time, Larry was silently back in the house, walking towards a window. Troubled to find the patio empty, he looks around and finally sees her. Walking to the nearest window, he simply stares at her. He had not realized, in his haste to move closer, that her breasts were exposed and that she was caressing herself. Facing away from him, she had not the slightest idea that he was there, watching her from only a few feet away. Anyway, she was so enraptured by her feelings that she would probably not notice him if he were kneeling beside her… But he noticed her… Her ripe breasts heaving up and down with both her breathing and the soft motions of her legs, her nearly exposed bush showing off a few sparse hairs and the movements of her legs, opening and closing against her hands and crotch… And as a bonus, with the window wide open, he could hear her restrained moans! As he pulls his swimsuit down and frees his new hard-on once again, he wonders: what could I ask for more?

And suddenly he had his answer. Between two moans, Veronica said, in that same breathless voice;” Oh God Larry, why didn’t you want me… ” Stopping, shocked, Larry leaned his ear closer to the window, listening. A minute later, he heard;” Oh yeah, that’s more like it Larry. Ohhh, I like the feel of your cock against my breasts, Uggghh, oh yeah Larry, you like to tease me? How does it feel to have the head of your cock fooling around in my bush? Uggghh, go ahead Larry, don’t be shy anymore, just fuck me, fuck me Larry, Uggghh, Yes! Uggghh…. ” Before he could fully realize what she said, he saw her exploding into a quite musical orgasm. His name did not come out anymore, but her moans were simply divine. If her body was not enough already, she could charm any man with those inviting moans…

Sliding her top back on her breasts, she walked back on the patio, still out of breath, and dove in the pool. During that time, he slipped back out of the house and walked to his car. Not caring that he was only gone about fifteen minutes, he drives back home and walks to the patio, where she lies, face down, under the sun. Of course, her top is untied, exposing, he guesses (her arms are at her sides), the soft skin of her breasts. ” Already back?” ” Yes, it was easier than he had thought. ” ” nevşehir escort Oh. ” ” Want something to drink?” ” No thanks… ” Still on the erotic high of her orgasms, she continues: ” …but if you would be so kind as to put some suntan lotion on my back, I would like that very much. ” ” Of course, Vero. ” While he knelt beside her, she raised her arms above her head, unveiling the smooth curve of the sides of her breasts, which he didn’t fail to notice. The creamy white skin he saw earlier was now in plain sight, closer to him than he had thought possible until a few minutes ago. But now he knew that she wanted him and he thinks: ” she said that I liked to tease, her, well excuse me if I do… “

Drawing a big” V” on her back with the lotion, he then straddles her thighs before rubbing it all over. Her skin is burning hot but the sensations are quite fresh and the coconut flavored lotion adds to the pleasure. It’s been along time since he had any contact with a women and now it seems that this eighteen year old angel is wanting it as bad as himself! While caressing her back with his hands wide open on her skin, he realizes that he can’t go on very long before running out of time. But when he begins to press and push harder on her still tense muscles, she let’s out: ” Ohhh that’s good Larry. Would you mind massaging me a little longer?” ” Of course I don’t mind. ” With his new excuse, he begins to rub her soft skin slower, adding a bit of strength to his movements. After a minute or two, he widens his circles a few inches. Tensing breathlessly when his fingertips brush against the swell of her right breast, he relaxes when she doesn’t say anything. Repeating the experience a few times, he feels his cock surging back to life once more. But just when his confidence was growing stronger, she tells him: ” Thank you for the massage. Could you put some lotion on my legs please?” ” Sure… ” He knows as well as her that she could do that without any difficulty. But, not wanting to loose his luck, he gladly moves down to her feet.

One calf at a time, he slowly coats her skin with lotion while his eyes are now glued to her ass. That damn g-string is too much for him to bear. And laid down like this, her buttocks are finely outlined by her thighs, the two thin lines pointing directly to her pussy. After finishing both, he moves upward to her thighs. Mixing both massage and simple lotion application, he takes his time. Before finishing the first leg, he slows down even more when his fingers reach pretty close to her pussy. The skin of her inner thigh, so high and close to her crotch, is smooth as can be and this smoothness is making him loose his concentration. After slowly doing the same thing to her other thigh, he controls a sigh as he was about to get up, still staring at her ass. ” Finished? You want me to get a sunburn all over my buttocks?” ” Sorry… ” Kneeling back down with a large smile, Larry pours some lotion in his hands. Now without hesitation, he covers her exposed buttocks with lotion all the while never even thinking about the lotion. Shamelessly massaging, caressing and exploring her ass with all his hungry fingers, he delights in the softness of her skin. Finally, he is able to delight in the sheer beauty of the lithe ass he was until today forced to watch from afar.

Now with his cock ready to burst through his swimsuit and the soft, nearly inaudible moans she lets reach his ears, he realizes that he lost all of his previous hesitations and shyness. Staring amazed at the sight before him, he takes a deep coconut smelling breath. Pushing his two thumbs dangerously down between her thighs, only an inch away from her sacred lips, he quickly pulls them up. Doing it again, he lets them graze against the bikini-clad sex of his Venus, feeling for the first time the lips that so often made him dream. Once again, before he had enough time to get really confident, she starts to turn around and waits as his body stops her. ” Could you do the rest of me, please?” Without even answering, he got up just enough so she could turn around. And of course, as he wished, she doesn’t turn the bikini with her. Sitting back on her thighs, he simply gawks at the sight of her breasts. He thinks: ” How can they stay so firm, upturned and proudly jutting upward? It’ simply illegal. ” With the final once of resistance he has, he pours lotion all over her skin and rubs it in furiously. Cupping her breasts as if they held his own life, he revels in the sensation.

Throwing himself forward, he takes one of the protruding nipples in his mouth. Tasting her skin for the first time, he realizes that the sweet taste comes from the coconut lotion, but the complete experience is simply unbelievably good. Squeezing her breast so that the nipple stands even higher, he sucks and licks her madly, while his other hand unconsciously massages and caresses the other. While shaking with the long awaited release, Veronica reaches down and frees his cock from his swimsuit. Barely realizing what’s happening, Larry feels Veronica pulling his cock towards her pussy and hears her saying: ” We’ll fool around later Larry, right now I want you bad… ” Letting go of her breasts, he places his hands on each side of her body and lets her open her legs for him. While they’re straight up in front of him, he grab the bikini by the crotch (accidentally brushing against her pussy) and pulls it completely off.

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