A Vacation to Remember


The Charter was packed. The front seats were taken up mostly by a group of parents without partners. Mostly women but a few men were with the group. Some had brought their children but not many. To my rear was a group of nurses, and then too there were a few male nurses mixed in. Those of us who were singles or couples who had booked on just to fill up the charter were sort of separating the two groups.

I was in a window seat and the guy to my right was attracting a lot of attention from the women in the group in front. I could understand that because he was one of those handsome guys who always end up being gay and untouchable but I somehow hoped he would be straight.

I have been into modeling for about five years now and my next assignment was doing some photo sessions for catalogue firms. Mostly posing in suggestive clothing and posing in positions that would lure buyers from all over. Since my next job was more than a month away, I had decided to but in on an extended vacation package. We were going to spend five weeks in the isles just south of Hawaii. Samoa, Pago Pago and a few other islands in the south pacific.

I guess I’m a loner. Actually in the modeling industry most of us are. You have to work with mostly egotistical gay males, or bi women who actually prefer females to guys. I’m straight so I try to avoid the touchy feely men and women who are constantly making suggestive overtures.

The guy, who they seated next to me in Atlanta, looked like he could be a male model too. He had both the looks and body of an Adonis and yet he didn’t have the actions that were typical of men in that profession. After an hour in the air, I dared to turn and introduce myself. “Hi, I thought that since we’re going to be traveling together we should at least know each others names. I’m Kimberly, but just Kim for short. And you?”

He slowly turned, and in a voice that sent warm flushes of heat running down my spine, smiled and said, “Clint, Just Clint for short.”

At that point we exchanged small talk about our professions, and actually went so far as to tell each other that we were single with no attachments. The seats directly in front of us held an older man and his daughter. She couldn’t have been much more than sixteen or seventeen but she seemed very interested in Clint. But then so were most of the women on board the flight. That included the two stewardesses who cruised up and down the isle.

During a lull in our conversation I leaned back and took stock of my life. I was twenty two, never married and actually as close to being a virgin as is possible today. Men in my circle of life didn’t interest me and the two I did get closed to were losers. By getting close to, I mean involved with to the point of having sex with them.

One was egotistical beyond belief and ended up being a rotten lover. Everything with him was for him. He didn’t like to do anything that I thought I might like to do. On top of that he was a premature ejaculator. With him he never got so far as getting his cock in me before he would cum all over my legs and tummy. Actually the only satisfaction I got out of that affair was sucking him off. I guess that’s a girl thing. I really enjoy having a hard cock in my mouth. Maybe it’s sort of a pacifier or just maybe something most women enjoy doing.

The other one was just as bad. He thought he was god’s gift to the world but again he fell short of being what I thought a good lover should be. I never had an orgasm with either of them and with both; I had to fake it and would end up masturbating. So I had given up. I figured that when it happened it would happen but I wasn’t going to look around.

Now as far as getting myself off, that was another story. I have quiet a collection of toys and I have this thing where I see a good looking guy, and try to remember his face. Then I fantasize making love to him while I fuck myself. Actually I have names for each of my dildos. I suspect that the newest one I have with me will be called “Clint.”

So Ok I have this real hunk sitting next to me and I’m enjoying him trying tactfully to be courteous to the women who are coming on to him. So far three have taken the vacant seat just across the isle from him and tried to start conversations with him. And each has, in her own way, begun suggestive conversations, each of which he has squelched.

When the man in front of me got up and left for the men’s room his daughter unfastened her seat belt and turning, knelt on her chair and stare at Clint.

“Hi I’m Lisa. And your Clint, I heard you tell her. You know my dad is going on this vacation to try and find me a mother. I really don’t need one because I’m getting too old to need one.”

She squirmed in her seat and went on. “I think we’ll all be staying at the same places so I was sort of wondering if you and I could get together. My boyfriend says I’m a good lay and I was wondering if you and I could get together and fuck.”

Blake squirmed in his seat and just shook his head no as he sort of whispered. “That’s kuşadası escort a nice offer, but don’t think so. And here comes your father back.” She quickly turned around and put her seat belt back on.

I watched Clint and leaned over. “Did she just say what I think I heard her say?”

He turned to me and whispered, “I think so. Maybe I misunderstood her but… yeah I think she just offered herself to me.”

I didn’t want to flatter him but this guy was getting more offers than any man I had ever known before and they were coming at him from all directions. I wondered when the stewardesses would come on to him.

I smiled to myself when it did happen a half hour later. One of them dropped a note in his lap and whispered something to him.

He nodded but said nothing. I was enjoying watching him squirm. Now my interest was perking up. I stared at his lap. Sitting there I couldn’t see much and the belt was sort of covering any view I might get anyway. Yes I thought, tonight it would be Clint in my fantasies.

The flight was over eight hours with two layovers and in the hotel room I unwrapped my new toy, Clint, and sat on the floor, my legs apart and the full length mirror in front of me. I like to watch myself when I masturbate. My Clint was fantastic and I wondered if the real Clint was as big.

For some reason my recollections of Clint were much more vivid and detailed than any of my fantasized memories had been in the past. I could hear his sexy voice whispering to me and he was urging me on. Once wasn’t enough, nor were two, I went on until I was exhausted by a third.

Drawing the dildo out I looked in the mirror and stared as it slowly left my pussy. It was coated with a creamy patina of my own cum and again instinct took hold. I lifted it to my lips and tasted my own excitement. I wondered if he would do that if we had really made love.

Sighing I washed my new toy and put it away. Sleep was slow to come because the next leg of our trip would mean I had to be back at the airport at five AM and I couldn’t wait to sit next to him again.

I was ashamed of myself. I have never been anxious to be with a man before. Much less one I had only met once and that was on an airplane. Boarding I was panicky. Would we have the same seats as before……? I breathed a sigh of relief as I walked down the aisle and saw him. But there as another women sitting next to him.

Was it jealousy or anger? I don’t know, but I was furious. I tried to be polite as I approached her and stated, “Miss, your in my assigned seat.”

She looked up and flushed then answered. “The seats aren’t assigned.”

Panic set in and I did something foolish. I lied. “I intend to sit next to my husband,” I shot back….

“Oh,” she muttered as she got up. “I didn’t know.”

I was flushed and embarrassed beyond belief. Clint said nothing but just watched me as I slid into the seat next to him.

Again I lied. “I noticed earlier that you were being pounced on by everyone, and I sort of thought that if I told her that, maybe they’ll leave you alone. Do you mind what I said?”

He smiled before answering. “Noooo not really, but I’m a big boy and probably could have kept her under control.”

The rest of the flight was agony. I wanted to touch him, to hear his voice and learn more about him, but ultimately my stupid remark about being his wife would play out in a strange way.

The word got around, and sure some of the pressure was off, but the guide director of the excursion made some changes. She changed my accommodations at the resort from a single to a double and moved me into a room with Clint. She now believed, as most of the others, that we were husband and wife.

When we checked in at our lodging, was when we first discovered what I had caused. I wanted to die, and yet, I had this feeling of elation. Would he explain the stupid stunt I had pulled to the manager, and have nothing more to do with me or would he go along with it?

When he took my hand and carried one of my bags up to the room I knew he was willing to keep quiet, and yet I felt the need to apologize again.

“God Clint, I really screwed things up didn’t I? Look I’ll sleep on the couch if that’ll make things better. And I’ll stay out of your way, I promise.”

Again that smile and he shook his head as if not believing. “Kimberly you don’t have to do that. It’s a little screwed up sure but lets not make a big thing of it. We’ll work it out, don’t worry.”

I got teary eyed, and thru my arms around him and kissed him on the lips. I was elated and at the same time frightened. Was I forcing him into something he was uncomfortable with?

There was only the one bed and how would we handle that? He was a perfect gentleman and yet because of my stupidity, he was almost forced to sleep in the same suite with me. That thought actually made me wet.

But suddenly I realized I hadn’t brought pajamas. I always sleep in the nude. Oh god, I thought, I’ll have to buy something or just sleep in my bra and panties.

Then there was the issue of privacy. There would be no time spent with my little toy, Clint. I had the real Clint and if I worked it right, maybe, just maybe, I could have my cake and eat it too.

He gave me time to unpack and dress for dinner. Then we traded places and got ready. When he walked out of the bedroom and into the living room I gasped. He was a hunk to beat all hunks. He was a real Adonis and I was going to dinner with him. It was beginning to frighten me.

I don’t even remember what we ate. All I could do was listen to him talking and think about what a screwed up mess I had gotten him into. Five weeks was going to be an awful long time to try and stay out of his way and pretend that he wasn’t driving me crazy.

Sure, I’m impulsive, and sure I made a mess of his vacation, but I still had a few options. I could pretend we had a fight and ask for another room. That would work but then the predatory females would swoop down again. Or I could just hold out as song as possible and try not to go mad.

After dinner we went to the bar. That’s when I realized another thing. A single girl going to a bar without an escort was an invitation to be picked up. And that was the last thing I wanted to contend with.

Two drinks later I had another impulse. I excused myself and told him I had to pick up a few things I had forgotten to pack. Actually I wanted to shop for something to sleep in. I found a lacy teddy in one of the more expensive shops located at the lodge, and as I was about to check out I saw a rack of condoms. On another whim I added them to my purchase and hurried out.

Going back to the bar I saw the stewardess from our flight, sitting next to Clint with her hand on his thigh. Again I acted on impulse. I quickly took the stool on the other side of him and leaned over and gave him a kiss.

“Thanks for waiting darling, I picked up the things we forgot before we left home,” I lied. Than asked: “Would you be a dear and take them to our room?”

He slowly turned to me and put his lips to mine and I felt his tongue move between my lips. I drew a deep breath and damn near fell off my stool before he let me go and whispered.

“Sure darling, I’ll take care of it for you.”

As soon as he left, my competition moved over to his seat and began.

“Hi I’m Monika. I was wondering something. Your last name is different than your husbands. Is there a reason?”

Thinking quickly I answered. “I’m a professional model, and for obvious reasons I have to keep my maiden name. Its strictly a business sort of thing, why?”

She smiled, and went on. “I thought I’d seen you somewhere before. Probably in a magazine or something. You are a beautiful woman, and well, I was wondering something.”

“What,” I queried.

“Look my flight has been cancelled for a week and I’m sort of stuck here. I was kind of wondering something. Er… you two are a very attractive couple and I was sort of thinking maybe,…would you and your husband be up to a threesome? I mean, well you know, a sort of ménage a trios. I have to admit you turned me on as soon as I saw you on the plane, and your husband is one hell of a good looking guy, so what do you think?”

I looked at her aghast. Was it was me she was after. Suddenly she wasn’t a threat, just a young woman who wanted me. Or maybe I was wrong. Oh sure I had been propositioned lots of times before. It comes with the job, but this was different. She wanted both me and Clint but I hadn’t gotten close enough to him to even consider her proposal.

“Look, I began, I’d have to think it over. It sounds inviting but well, I don’t know if my husband would go along with it. But I promise I’ll ask him when the times right. OK?”

She nodded and before getting up to leave, asked one more question. “Is he good? I mean could he last and do the both of us? Is he as big as I think he is?”

Hell I didn’t know but I lied and sort of bragged a bit. “Oh yeah, he’s built and yeah he goes on and on. But I still need to ask him. I’ll let you know the next time we see you.”

Satisfied, she left. Moments later Clint returned. I didn’t say a word.

Three drinks later I was feeling loopy and we went back to our room. At that point all inhibitions had vanished. I was getting forward and I really didn’t give a shit.

Again we did the privacy thing. I went first and showered and got ready for bed. I put on the teddy and pranced out into the bedroom.

He was sitting on the bed waiting and stared at me. Yeah, I had to admit, the thing I had chosen for pajamas was more like something a French whore would go to bed wearing. It didn’t hide a damn thing.

He sort of looked at me as if I was crazy then got up and went into the bathroom. I heard him shower, then several minutes he came out with only his shorts on. He looked uncomfortable and explained, “Er… I sleep in the buff so this is going to have to work until I can go shopping tomorrow. Do you mind?”

I nodded, no, then turned out the lights. I felt him slide in next to me and I laid on my back for long minutes, staring up at the shadows dancing across the ceiling when he slowly turned towards me and began.

“You don’t sleep in anything do you Kim? Why don’t you get out of that ridiculous thing and be comfortable? It must scratchy as hell since it’s new, and your never going to get to sleep wearing it.”

I turned to him and whispered. “I will if you will. I mean I’ll take it off if you’ll get out of those shorts too.”

We both sat up in the dark and undressed, then I slid back under the covers and again I stared up at the ceiling. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore. I turned to him and began.

“Look Clint, I fucked things up and this isn’t going to work out this way. I mean staying out of each others way and pretending. I’m a big girl and inexperienced in a lot of ways but don’t you think it would be better if I either found another room or we just stop pretending and see what happens?”

“Explain exactly what you mean Kim. I’m not sure what you have in mind.”

I took a deep breath and went on. “It must be pretty obvious that I have a thing for you and I was just suggesting that if you want, we can sort of take it from there if you’re up to it.”

I continued, “I mean if you want to bring someone up sometime and … you know,… just tell me and I’ll vanish for a night or so. There are a lot of good looking women out there just begging to be with you and I don’t want to be in the way.”

He turned to me and answered. “Why would I go for second best when I’m in bed with number one? Sure, I’ve had my share of affairs but I’m not looking around. If you think you can survive five weeks as my room mate, sure, we can see where it goes. That’s a good idea.”

I couldn’t believe what he said. Me number one. Oh my god. But now I wondered about myself. Being nice looking isn’t everything. I don’t know shit about lovemaking. All I ever did right was suck two guys off a couple of times years ago, and now I’m in bed with a man I’m not even sure I know how to excite.

I guess he thought it was settled and I heard him turn over, but I wasn’t finished. “Clint, hold me for a minute will you please? Do you really think I’m better than they are?”

He didn’t say anything but he turned back to me and leaned over, putting his lips to mine.

I guess instinct kicked in, I don’t know, but feeling his chest against my breasts and his groin pressing against my hip, got me going. I just let melted and let it happen.

His kiss was long and deep and his hands began to move over my body, almost as if he were trying to memorize me with his fingers. His mouth left my lips and moved to kiss my eyelids, and cheek. Then slowly his warm tongue traced a pattern across my cheek to my ear lobe.

I was beginning to moan softly as I felt the covers being pulled off. Now he was hovering over me and his hands were doing crazy things to me.

Places that used to be ticklish were points of erotic sensations, and when he kissed the side of my neck where my shoulder meets, I got frantic. As his hand had moved down my side and across my tummy and I took a deep breath.

I heard my own voice, whisper: “Yeah, oh yesssss just like that. Touch me like that Clint.”

He was touching me in places no one had ever touched me before and his mouth was everywhere. When he began to lick my jaw line and kiss on down to the hollow of my throat I was beginning to pant. I tried to control myself by clutching at the sheeting until my knuckles were white.

I began to tense my ass and slowly thrust up, and when the breath of his open mouth wafted over my nipple, I couldn’t stop myself. My hands suddenly flew to the back of his head and forced his open mouth down.

That was the trigger. As his tongue began to circle around and round my areole I felt my pussy begin to quiver and pulse. When he suckled me and drew it into his mouth I squealed. Now he slowly began to drag his teeth gently up and down it’s surface.

Both my breasts were now home to firm erect points of sensation that were begging for attention, and when the fingers of his hand began to gently roll my other nipple between his thumb and forefinger I began gasping aloud.

“Oh god yes baby. Fuck yessssss that feels good. Oh god don’t stop doing that. Oooh you sweet darling, that feels so good. Yes oh yes, just like that. Yeah, Oh my god, I never felt anything like this. Your going to kill me Clint.”

I was so hot that I tried to pay no attention to the slow trickle of wetness that was being pulsed out each time my pussy contracted.

Then he stopped sucking. Suddenly he was kissing a path down across my abdomen and lower. I panicked. Was he going to? Would he do that to me? Was he going to put his mouth over my pussy and taste me? Oh god, I thought. I’m so fucking wet he might not like it.

He continued teasing my nipple with one hand while his other hand followed his mouth down lower. My legs found life and spread wide, and as my back arched up, I suddenly felt the heat of his open mouth puff on my steamy opening.

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