Chris’ Hard Choices Ch. 03


Prologue; for those who have not read the first two chapters I will give you a quick synopsis. Chris is a young man who was injured in a car accident and while at the hospital he has many sexual adventures with the hospital staff, his girlfriend, and his mom.

This story is purely fictional. It is just a fantasy story not to be a realistic in any form.


The rest of Chris’s stay in the hospital was normal aside from the daily blowjob or quick fuck from one of the nurse’s or his girlfriend. If not for the fact that he was paralyzed from the waist down he would have thought he had died in gone to heaven. He had never in his whole life received this much attention from women. He began to think; maybe they were just paying him special attention because of his injury. It did not matter to him one way or the other because he was going to enjoy it as long as it lasted.

Something special happened the last day of Chris’s stay in the hospital. While working out in physical therapy, Maria (his physical therapist) straddled him to do the exercise on his feet, when suddenly she whirled around and instead of her facing his feet, she was suddenly leaning down with her mouth very close to Chris’s ear.

She whispered to him. “I could not let you leave without telling you how turned on you have made me every day, what, with you practically shoving that cock of yours up my ass everyday. I cannot wait until you are home and then I will perform some real physical therapy on you.”

As she spoke these words, Chris’s cock lurched and almost split his shorts in two. Yet, at almost the same moment, Chris could have sworn all of the toes on both of his feet moved. Not wanting this moment to end, Chris did not mention to Maria that he thought his toes wiggled.

After a few moments of dangling her long dark brown hair across Chris’s face and whispering a few sweet nothings in Chris’s ears, Maria turned back around and finished her exercises.

After leaving physical therapy, Chris was waiting in his room for his mother to pick him up and take him home when Dr. Brown entered the room. She began going over everything Chris would need to do when he got home. When she finished, she bent over, kissed him passionately, and then said. “After you get home and get settled in, I want you to call me and let me know how you are doing. If you ever need me I have written my home phone number on the instructions for your care. Call me anytime, night or day.”

Carolyn came to pick Chris up from the hospital and one by one each of his nurses came by and hugged his neck and told him goodbye. Chris knew he was going to miss all of the personal attention they gave him when he got home.

Little did he know but he was going to be receiving more attention at home than he could handle.

After Chris transferred himself into his mother’s car, Carolyn told him. “I have a big surprise for you when you get home.”

Chris giggled a little bit and thought. ‘I’ll just bet you do.’

The drive home was an uneventful one until they pulled into the driveway. There were cars everywhere; it looked like the whole town was at his house. The first thing he noticed was a new ramp had been built on the front porch. Before Carolyn could get the car stopped people were crowding all around it, wanting to see Chris. Before he knew what was happening his car door was yanked open and his girlfriend Denise jumped on his lap and started kissing him all over. She looked up to him and said. “Isn’t it great Chris? Everybody chipped in and built you a ramp and wait until you see what they did with your room. You are just going to love it.

After getting Denise off of his lap and getting into his wheelchair the first thing Chris noticed was the smell of barbecue coming from the backyard. He knew almost immediately his Uncle John must be smoking some ribs and Boston butts.

He was his favorite uncle. After his dad died, his Uncle John took care of him and taught him how to become a man. He would take Chris fishing and hunting, hell he even got him laid his first time. John was just eight years older than Chris so he was more of a best friend than a father figure to Chris. He could not wait to get to the back yard to see him and get a taste of his smoked ribs and grab a beer but before he could get to the backyard Denise was pushing him up the ramp and inside the house.

Everyone was patting him on the back and welcoming him home when he noticed his old bedroom. It was huge and there was a brand new king size bed where his old one used to be. As he entered the room he suddenly noticed he had a private bathroom with a nice roll-in shower. Before he could speak Denise squealed at him, “You haven’t even noticed the best part yet, look.”

Chris turned to look and immediately saw what Denise was squealing about. Hanging from the ceiling was a large trapeze bar which was actually meant to help him move around in the bed. He knew it could be used for many other fun things and he could Bycasino hardly wait to try it out but first things first he was ready to go out back and eat some of his uncles famous barbecue and drink some beer.

As Chris came out the back door, he heard someone yell. “Hey Sport, Catch!”

Chris looked up in time to see his uncle reaching in an ice chest and grabbing a beer and tossing it to him. Chris’ reflexes were still good enough that right before it was going to hit him in the chest he caught it with both hands. Chris hollered at his uncle. “Damn John, you could have hit me in the mouth with that damn beer.”

John let out a big belly laugh and jokingly said. “Listen here Sport, don’t come looking for sympathy from me because you know the only place you will find sympathy from me, in the dictionary, between Shit and Syphilis.”

Chris busted out laughing and said. “I reckon that’s right and I would not expect anything less from you. Now how about them ribs, do you have some ready?”

“Hell yes and the damn things will melt your mouth. While you were laying your lazy ass up in the hospital I’ve finally perfected the recipe. These ribs taste better than pussy.” John replied.

“I doubt that very seriously” Chris laughed as he took a bite out of one of the ribs. Laughing, Chris said “Pretty damn close though, it’s running a close second.”

Everybody laughed at Chris’s remark and started to join in on the conversation. Soon everybody stopped by and extended well wishes to Chris and he thanked everyone for coming by and all of the hard work they put in to make is house equipped for him to use.

As the cookout went along and some of the people started to leave Chris noticed his best friend Bill sitting by himself just staring into outer space. Chris rolled up to him and said. “Hey man, what’s wrong? You have been sitting around moping all evening. Hell, I haven’t even seen you drink a beer. Did you and Bette breakup?”

“No, that’s not it. Bette and I are fine. It’s just that uhh, uhh, it’s just that uhh, oh man it’s my fault you’re in that wheelchair! If I had been paying attention I would have seen that damn truck coming! It’s all my fault!” Bill sobbed.

Chris grabbed Bill by the arm and told him. “Look at me; it’s not your fault! It’s that stupid Sonafabitch that ran the damn red light’s fault! You can’t blame yourself. It’s just a bad break; it very well could have been you instead of me. Hell, for that matter, we could both be dead. Look how lucky we are. Can’t you see how many people care for us? The one thing neither one of us can do in life is look back. We have to keep looking forward. Besides, who said I was going to be in this wheelchair the rest of my life? Buddy, believe me, I plan on walking again. Sooner than later! I haven’t given up and don’t you give up on me either. Now, enough of this bullshit! Get up off your ass and get us a couple of beers and let’s have a good time.”

Feeling relieved, Bill got him and Chris a couple of beers and for the first time since the accident he started enjoying himself again. After a short while he went out to his car for a minute and came back to where Chris was with a big smile on his face. He leaned down and whispered something in Chris’s ear and the two of them went behind the old shed in Chris’s yard.

Chris asked Bill? “Where did you get the pot at? Is it good? Man I haven’t smoked a joint since before the accident.”

“I got it from Monty. You remember Monty don’t you? He said this is the best marijuana on the market. It comes from a small town in Alabama. He swears that there are a couple of good ole boys that breed a certain brand of cows so they can get the proper fertilizer to give the pot an extra kick.” Bill replied.

“No shit?” Chris asked.

As he was lighting the joint up Bill said, “Hell no, he swears it is true! This stuff is primo. I guarantee you it will knock you on your ass.”

After smoking the joint Bill and Chris went back to rejoin the party when suddenly they realized almost everybody had left. The only people still there were Chris’s Uncle John and Aunt Dorothy, (Chris’s dad’s sister age 29) his Aunt Lea, and his mom.

John looked over at Dorothy and said. “Honey let’s go home. I’m really worn out and I know Chris has to be worn out after all of the excitement.”

Dorothy looked at Carolyn and asked. “Are you going to need any help getting Chris to bed? I can stay and help you if you need it.”

“No, I’ll be all right.” Carolyn giggled. “Lea is going to stay with us for a week or two until we get a routine down, but if you don’t mind, I might have you come by on Monday and stay with Chris for a little while during the day because both Lea and I have to work.”

“Sure, I would love to. It has been a while since I have spent some quality time with my nephew. Would you like that Chris?” Dorothy quipped.

Chris replied. “Yes that would be fine but if you have something else to do, you don’t have to worry Bycasino giriş about me, I’ll be fine.”

“I would love to spend some time with you, besides I don’t have anything else to do right now. It’s a date.” Dorothy winked.

Bill looked around and said. “I guess I better get on home too before mom sends the police out looking for me. Ever since the accident she has been way overprotective. Hey Chris, why don’t I picked up Bette and Denise on Tuesday night and we will go out on the town. My treat.”

Between the beer and the marijuana starting to have an effect on Chris he looked up at Bill and said. (Slurring his words.) “Shores that would be straight, I mean great.”

Lea looked over at Chris and said. “Looks like someone is ready for bed. I think my nephew has had a little too much a good time today and before you start to argue, remember, I’m a registered nurse; and the only reason you were able to come home so soon. So let’s get you up the ramp and get you ready for bed.”

Chris could tell by the look in Lea’s eyes she was up to something; he just wasn’t exactly sure what it was she was up to, yet. He knew his mother had already talked to her about what happened between them in the hospital and he had always fantasized about making love to his aunt. Maybe his dream was finally going to come true.

Lea helped Chris get undressed and into bed, pretending to accidentally brush her hand across his cock. Every now and then she would say, ” Oops I’m sorry.” An

Every time her hand touched his cock it would lurch. Chris was excited beyond belief but after making sure he was comfortable she gave him a little peck on the cheek and wished him sweet dreams then turned and left the room.

Chris lay there wondering, ‘What the hell? Is she playing some kind of mind games? Where does she get off getting me all hard then walking out the door. Fuck it, I’ll do it myself.’

Chris started stroking his cock but it was not having the desired effect. He needed some lube. Pulling himself over to the bedside drawer, he tried to open it but it was stuck. He inched a little closer to the side of the bed and gave it a hard pull, the drawer pulled all the way out and dumped on the floor. As he leaned down to pick it up he fell off the bed with a thud.

Before he even thought about it he jumped in the bed.

Suddenly realizing he had used his legs he was overcome with joy. Before he could do anything else his mom and aunt came running into the room.

Carolyn ran straight to him and asked. ” Are you all right? We thought you had fallen off the bed! I would die if anything happens to you!”

Lea looked at the mess on the floor and knew right away what had happened. ” Damn you silly boy, you were trying to get the lube out of your night stand! You thought I wasn’t coming back. Well Dumbass, I went to help your mother in the kitchen, then we were going to slip into something more comfortable and come in here and surprise you!”

” Well, it looks like the surprise is on us.” Carolyn said, while looking at Chris’s hard cock.

Before Chris could tell the women he had used his legs to get back upon the bed, both of them began to strip out of their clothes. Thinking to himself, ‘I think I’ll just wait to tell them in the morning, this could be fun.’

Being the first one undressed Lea went straight for his cock and in earnest started sucking him for all she was worth. His mother not wanting to be left out started kissing him all over. Once she worked her way down to his cock she lifted Lea’s head up and gave her a long hard kiss.

When they broke their kiss, Lea looked to Chris and said, ” I’ll bet you did not know me and your mama are lovers and have been since we were teenagers. Your mama has the sweetest tasting pussy in town.”

Upon hearing his aunt’s words, Chris’s cock erupted. It shot rope after rope of cum into the air. It’s seemed as if it would never stop. It was the most intense orgasm of his young life.

The women were astounded by the amount of cum coming from his cock. Carolyn asked, “Do you cum like that all the time?”

Barely able to speak Chris replied, ” No that’s the hardest I have ever came. Don’t worry though there’s a lot more from where that came from.”

Instantaneously, Carolyn started sucking is still hard cock while Lea moved to the head of the bed giving Chris a kiss and whispering into his ear. ” Junior, I hope you are at least half as good at eating pussy as your mother. She has a world class talent.”

” Sounds like a challenge auntie but I think I can more than hold my own! Sit on my face and I’ll show you how a pro eats pussy.” Chris replied.

As she straddled his face, Chris grabbed her by the ass and pulled her dripping wet snatch to his mouth. He inserted his tongue into her love canal, licking and sucking in earnest. He had a technique of spinning his tongue back and forth on the inside of a hot cunt.. Her pussy felt as if it was on fire as he moved Bycasino güncel giriş up and down her slit. When he found her clit. He took his teeth and started gently scraping her clit.

Lea was writhing up and down so hard Chris found it hard to keep his mouth on her clit. With his left hand he grabbed her by the ass to steady her and furiously started sucking her clit and finger fucking her. In and out, in and out, his fingers were working like a well oiled piston.

Lea was in ecstasy. She began screaming, ” That’s it, right there, don’t stop, eat your auntie’s pussy. I can’t believe my nephew is eating my pussy. Ooohhh my god, I’m gonna cum!”

Chris knew just how to put her over the top. He took his soaking wet finger from her pussy juice and pulled it from her snatch and shoved it up her ass. That was all it took. She started shaking violently and squirting all over his face, for a moment Chris thought he might drown., Yet he did not let up. He kept sucking on her clit and finger fucking her asshole.

One orgasm after another sent tremors through her body. She never felt so much pleasure in her life. Just when she thought the orgasms would stop another one would start. Weakly she fell in a heap on top of Chris.

Chris looked up at her and said, ” Was that good enough auntie or do you need more?”

Unable to speak, Lea mumbled something incoherently and rolled off of Chris and lay beside him.

Chris could not help but admire the way his mom was bobbing her head up and down his cock. She looked like a goddess. In his mind there was no more beautiful woman in the world.

Feeling as if her pussy was on fire, she looked up at Chris and said. ” I may die and go to hell but I have to have your big cock inside me.”

“If you’re going to hell then I’m going with you mom. I’ve dreamt of this my whole life. If I have to go to hell then so be it!” Chris replied.

Slowly, she impaled herself on his cock. Inch by inch she slid down until she could take no more. She had to stop or she felt his big cock would split her in two. She felt pain and pleasure at the same time. As she began to get in a rhythm, the pain subsided and a wave of undying pleasure swept over her.

She had never had this feeling before. It wasn’t just unbridled lust she was feeling, it was also the love only a mother and son can share. She was in total bliss, yet at the same time, still conflicted. She knew having sex with her son was wrong, but how could something so wrong feel so good.

Chris began fucking his mother fast and hard. It was as if her pussy was made just for him. Without even realizing it, he was raising his ass up and down to her rhythm.

He knew at the pace they were fucking he would not be able to last very long. He was just too excited. He was experiencing the most taboo rule of mankind, he was fucking his mother.

His undulating movements were driving Carolyn wild. She felt as if she were riding a jackhammer. He was making her feel like she had been reborn. She did not have to pretend and act like the perfect mom. Tonight she was a whore, her son’s whore.

Chris saw a look in her eyes he had never seen before. It was almost animalistic, Carolyn felt as if this was her cock now, she made it, and from now on she would have it; anytime she wanted.

She leaned down and kissed him hard with her sweat covered breasts crushing against his sweaty hairy chest. They were fucking like sex crazed animals. Nothing mattered in this world but the need for both of them to cum.

Suddenly rising up Carolyn started screaming. ” So Big, So Hard, This is My Cock, Fuck your Mama Hard, You Will Make Mama Cum, Ram Me With Your Big Hard Cock, I Don’t Ever Want You To Stop Fucking Me!!”

Grabbing her by the ass Chris began lifting her up and slamming her down on his hard cock with long slow strokes. She was driving him wild. It was his duty to make your cum. He wanted this to be the cum of her life.

With every thrust she was getting closer and closer. She could feel her impending orgasm building inside her body. He was fucking her so hard she was seeing stars.

Chris was finding it hard to breathe. He had never fucked anyone as hard as he was fucking his mother. For a moment he thought he might pass out when suddenly he started shooting his forbidden seed deep into his mother’s womb.

He bellowed, “I’m Cumminggg, I can’t believe it I’m Cumminggg in your pussy!! Cum with me mom!!

Carolyn needed no encouragement. When the first rope of cum hit the inside walls of her pussy she went into the most intense orgasm of her life. She pushed down hard on his cock and her pussy clamped Chris’s cock like a silken vice. It was as if she was trying to tear his cock from its base.

She started screeching, “OOOOHHHHGODDDDDDDD I’m Cumminggg Hard, I’m Cumminggg All Over My Son’s Big Hard Cock!!”

Her whole body felt like it was on fire. She was in total bliss. In her whole life she had never felt this way before.

Collapsing on Chris’s chest he kissed her long and hard then whispered in her ear. ” I love you more than you’ll ever know, thanks for making my dream come true.”

She whispered back, ” No baby, I think both of our dreams have come true.”

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