Elise hated her job. Who would like working in a “correctional facility” (a.k.a “prison”)? Being surrounded by inmates who were constantly shouting obscenities at her and exposing themselves every time she walked past their cells wasn’t necessarily fun…

She was tired of it all. Young as she was (23), she felt as if she was in her 40s. She hated the stupid rules for working here, too. No makeup, no perfume, no push-up bras…can’t look pretty for them, explained her superior. And why shouldn’t she look pretty? It’s not like she would dress like a slut and go parading in front of the cells of those animals. But even without makeup, perfume, push-up bras, etc. she was still harassed by the inmates. Who could blame them? Elise was a very attractive woman. She was 5’6, 140lbs (all sexy curves), 36D breasts, jet-black hair, green eyes, and flawless skin. Her uniform couldn’t hide all that.

She was a correctional officer for 5 inmates. 4 were white, mostly middle-aged men who were serving time for crimes such as murder, grand larceny, child molestation, etc; and 1 was black, 27 years old, already serving 3 of his 5 years for 2nd degree murder. His name was James, and Elise always felt intimidated whenever she had to escort him to the showers. He was a big man, standing tall at 6’5, weighed about 240 lbs, and it was all muscle. Whenever she had to take him to the showers, and he was just wearing shorts, she couldn’t help but stare at his muscled chest and arms. She felt so trivial istanbul escort next to him.

One day, she had to take James to the doctor in the facility for a routine checkup. When they were in the elevator alone, he “accidentally” pushed the emergency stop button. The elevator came to a halt in between floors. Elise, not knowing what had happened, started panicking. She called for help through her walkie-talkie, but all she could hear was static. “Oh my god, we’re going to be stuck here! What if nobody finds us? What if the elevator plunges down and we’ll be killed?” Elise was being irrational. James just waited patiently until she calmed down. “I think I know how to get us out, but you have to uncuff me,” he said. “Are you sure?” Elise asked “Yeah…positive” He turned around and she uncuffed him. The handcuffs dropped to the floor and Elise bent over to pick them up. Suddenly she felt something hard pressing against her ass. She looked up and saw James grinning. “You know. I haven’t been w/ a woman for a long time. how ’bout we have some fun before I start up the elevator?”

“You sick freak! No! Fix the elevator now!” Elise yelled and called “Help” on the walkie-talkie. He pushed her against the wall of the elevator “No baby, we’re gonna have some fun… you think I don’t notice how you stare at my body all the time? I know your pussy is aching for some black meat” She squirmed, but he was too strong. He held her against the wall with one hand, and started unbuttoning Escort Anadolu Yakası her shirt with the other. Elise started crying. She knew she was going to get raped, and nobody would help her. Once he got her shirt completely unbuttoned, he cupped her full breasts and started fondling them through her black lacy bra. Her breasts started responding to the fondling against her will, and James was soon tweaking her erect nipples. He stopped for a moment, and with his strong hand, tore the bra in two between the cups, releasing Elise’s breasts. He moved his head down to her left breast and started licking around the nipple. When the breast glistened with his saliva, he moved to the next one.

Then he started sucking on her nipples, alternating between one and the other, until Elise was moaning loud.”Mmm…I love your tits baby,” James said. He knew it was ok for him to let her go, and now he could work with two hands. With his mouth still on her nipple, he started unbuttoning her pants, and let them slide down to her ankles. He looked at the trimmed hair on her cunt through the thin material of her back lace panties. He traced his finger along the crotch of her panties feeling the wetness that was expanding into a big wet spot. Letting go of her breasts, he pulled her panties down to her ankles and forced her thighs apart. The sweet aroma of her pussy permeated the air in the elevator. He looked up at Elise. Beads of sweat were forming on her forehead Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort and she was squeezing her breasts.

He licked his lips and pushed her thighs wider apart, spreading her pussy lips. He moved in closer and started licking her cunt, moving slowly from her cunt hole to her clit and all around her labia. When his mouth engulfed her clit, Elise started moaning loudly “Oh godd…mmm…that feels so good…oh yesss…” And when he plunged his tongue into her cunt hole, she climaxed, her muscles contracting around his tongue. He kept plunging his tongue in and out until her body stopped spasming. He knew his cock wasn’t going to hold out much longer, so he moved her down to the floor so that she was on her hands and knees.

He pulled down his pants and boxers, letting his thick 9-1/2″ hard cock out, and positioned himself behind her ass. He stroked his cock a couple of times and with one thrust, pushed the monster into her wet hole. Elise cried out, but pushed her ass into him, trying to fit all of him inside her. “Mmm…nice tight pussy baby…I like it…Spread your thighs a little more honey…” She did as he said, and he began to fuck her slowly at first, and then increasing the momentum until her breasts were heaving back and forth under her. He reached his hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit. “ooohh…ooohhhh…mmmmmm…oh yesss…fuck me with your big cock…mmm…harder…” she moaned.

In the midst of their fucking, the elevator suddenly started going up. “Oh fuck…,”James said, but continued fucking her tight cunt.

After their elevator fuck-session, James was put back in his cell, and Elise, claiming that she was raped, was not fired. Instead, whatever chance she got, she and James would fuck. Her job wasn’t that boring after all.

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