Hot Tub Trio Ch. 05


I have categorized this as “Group Sex” since I believe that fits better overall than “Gay Male”.

In Part One Vince and Chad pleasure Amy, though there is some contact between the two men. In Part Two Vince relates his first time with a another guy. Be forewarned that section is all MM action.

Overall this chapter has a darker tone.


Part One

Vince rolled onto his left side, punching the pillow into a tight ball to support his head. He pulled a corner of the blanket over his shoulders. He could see the red glow of the cable box reflected in the glass patio door. He squinted and reversed the digits in his head not believing it was only a few minutes past ten. The day felt like it had lasted a week. Or perhaps it was only the memories that lasted a week. He cherished his memories of Ann though they often left him feeling adrift. Adrift in, what was the line, “above a raging sea”, that was it. He wasn’t above it; he was in it. He was a good swimmer but when his strength gave out he knew what he hoped his last thoughts would be.

He slept, not well, but he slept. He dreamed of Ann but everything was jumbled. She skipped through his dreams seemingly at random. He dream of her in places he had never taken her. He dreamed of others in memories that belonged only to Ann. In the final dream of the night he dreamt of her in the tearoom, the one back in Fraser Hall, where he use to stand just watching all those years ago.

She leaned against a wall. He knelt, naked, on the cold tile floor in front of her. She pulled her skirt up and he buried his face between her legs. Aroused she was always amazingly wet but when she came in his mouth this time it was too much, a torrent. He couldn’t keep up with her. He felt liquid run from his mouth. He couldn’t breathe. He tried to pulls his mouth away but couldn’t. The harder he pulled the more his mouth filled with hot fluid. He swallowed convulsively but could not swallow fast enough. Hot liquid spewed from his mouth and splashed onto his chest.

He put his hands on the wall behind her and shoved with all his strength. Anne’s arms were around his shoulders, holding him tight. She was suffocating him. His mouth was full. Unable to hold his breath any longer he inhaled. His throat filled with liquid and he began to choke. His vision funneled down to a tiny point of light and he heard the ocean roaring in his ears. He had time to wonder how he could hear the ocean in Kansas before the invisible cord that bound him to her snapped. He pitched onto his back, head striking the tile floor. The single pinpoint of light that had filled his vision exploded into shooting stars, white and black that corkscrewed across his eyes.

The dream Vince drew in a shuddery breath and began to cough. His mouth tasted of cum, cum and something else, something metallic. He shook his head, struggling to clear his vision. Ann was no longer standing in front of him. She stood to one side, staring. Her eyes were wide but the shine was gone. Her beautiful face was marred by a sick half smile of horror. Her hand hovered motionless half way to her mouth. In her other hand she held the simple bouquet of daisies and Queen Anne’s lace she had carried down the aisle on their wedding day. She was clad in the simple white dress she had chosen to wear the day she had wed him. The front of the dress was spattered with red.

He stared, trying to make sense of what he was seeing. His chest hurt. He remembered she had bit him in her passion but that made no sense. That had happened long before they married and there had been no blood. He pushed himself up onto his elbows. Something dripped from his mouth and landed on his chest. He touched the spot with the fingers of his right hand and then held them to his face. They were smeared with red. He looked down at his chest. His left nipple was gone. Where it should have been a ragged hole pulsed with blood, shockingly red in the harsh glare of the men’s room’s lights. Red, red running down to puddle in his navel, red running off his sides, there was red everywhere. It was too much, impossible for it to be blood. But it was blood.

He sat up. Staring again at the red fingers of his right hand, he wiped his lips and chin with his left. He did not want to look at his left hand but this was a dream and though he screamed to himself not to look; he looked. Red. His mouth was full of blood. He tried to stand but his feet kept slipping from underneath him. He was sitting in a widening pool of blood, deep enough that it almost covered Ann’s bare feet. But it was his cock not the blood that fixed his gaze.

His cock was huge. It reached as high as his chest and was as big around as a softball bat. It was hard, hard and throbbing. As he stared an orgasm tore through his body without warning. He ejaculated and the ejaculate was blood, hot blood, scalding blood that spattered his chest and face etching splotches of searing pain.

He pawed at his face, trying to rid himself of the fire. When his vision Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort cleared he saw the figure of a man, leaning against the wall where Ann had stood. Vince recognized him and shuddered. Ann did not appear to see the man or in any case her face remained turned toward Vince.

The man was naked. He shouldn’t have been. When Vince had sucked him off the man had simply pulled his erection from his pants, offering it to Vince framed in pleated wool and a brass zipper. He was naked now. His hands were clutched between his legs and blood dripped from between his fingers.

His dick lay on the tiled floor at his feet, just his dick, no balls. The base was jagged, gnawed. Vince put a hand to his mouth. Impossibly, the dick was still hard, just as impossibly it continued to eject streamer after streamer of cum that latticed the blood on the floor with white.

Vince’s hands and feet slipped and splashed in the blood as he scrambled backward on his ass to get away from the mutilated figure. The man mocked him with a smirk. His back thudded against something hard that toppled and fell with a crash.

Vince tore his eyes from the bleeding man and looked at the floor beside him. The tile was gone. He sat on bland featureless carpet, carpet designed to quiet the step without drawing attention. An easel lay there, under a spray of flowers bedecked with a ribbon he could not read. He jerked his head to the other side. A satiny red hued casket sat atop a catafalque surround by flowers.

Behind him a voice spoke. It was the voice of his old bitch of a landlady.

“Yes, it is all so sad, so awfully sad. You heard what happened?”

The words were spoken in a tone that made it clear that the old bitch would tell her tale regardless of her listener’s answer. A pause. A whispered answer he could not decipher. Then the old bitch spoke again.

“Oh no, that wasn’t it at all. No, her husband killed her.”

Vince jerked away from the hand on his shoulder, swinging wildly. He heard a soft cry of surprise. He scrambled backward until his back slammed into the media cabinet. It rocked, threatening to toppled over on top of him. The pain in his shoulder woke him but it took a moment to recognize where he was and who the woman was that stood staring at him, looking half worried and half afraid. It clicked as Chad came rushing in from the bedroom, his hard-on flopping from thigh to thigh, looking ridiculous as hard-ons do when viewed objectively.

Chad did not look concerned or frightened, merely alert. “What’s going on?”

Vince’s mouth was dry and his heart was still pounding in his chest. He made no effort to answer.

“I got up to pee,” he heard Amy’s shaky voice begin. “I didn’t know where I was at first. You,” she nodded her head toward Chad, “were asleep. With a boner.” Unbelievably she paused to chuckle. “That brought everything back. Then I heard someone in the living room. I figured it had to be Vince but he didn’t sound right. It was more of a groan than a voice. When I went to see what was up, he was on the floor all twisted up in a blanket. It was obvious he was having a nightmare. I tried to wake him up. I called his name but not very loud. I didn’t want to wake you.” She gave Chad a sidelong glance then turned to look at Vince.

“When I shook you, you stopped and opened your eyes. You looked like you were awake. You even talked to me. Then you started jerking around and slammed into the TV stand.”

As she spoke her face fell in on itself and assumed a look of both fear and concern. Seeing it Vince’s mind snapped back to his dream. Amy’s face wore an identical expression as the dream Ann’s.

Vince licked his lips and managed to speak. His voice sounded old, old and creaky as if his jaws and tongue needed lubrication.

“Bad dream. Really bad dream.” He shook his head and his voice was steadier when he spoke again. “I didn’t hurt did I?

Amy shook her head. Chad stood behind her, one hand on her shoulder.

Vince nodded. “Good. I’m sorry if I scared you. I don’t usually have nightmares but that one was a doozy.” He ran his hands through his hair, then rolled to his feet and stood. He needed to steady himself with one hand on the media cabinet and he felt a flash of shame at showing his age to these two irritatingly young and resilient lovers. He shooed them away with one hand, which made him look far older than being a little woozy when he stood.

“You two go back to bed. I’m going to get a drink. I’m fine.”

Chad started to turn but Amy looked at Vince. “You sleeping on the floor? Why?” She glanced at the couch and her eyes widened at the giant dark spot on the center cushion. Once more, somewhat inappropriately, she giggled.

“Oh I see.” She looked back at Vince. When she spoke Vince could only stare in surprise. Her voice was her own but the tone was that of Ann’s old “no more goofing around it is time for business” tone. It was unnerving.

“You aren’t sleeping on the floor. It’s a king size bed. There’s room for three or we can head back to our place.”

Vince looked at the clock on the cable box, quarter till one in the morning, and shrugged.

“Anyone else want a drink?”

They all did but Amy ran to pee first. Vince didn’t hear her wash her hands. After the places he had had his mouth he decided it was pretty much a moot point. He poured three glasses of cold water from the pitcher he kept in the fridge. He downed his and poured another. The cold water washed the dream’s residual taste of terror out of his mouth. He knew he would not be able to forget the dream but he has happy to let it settle to the back of his mind.

He held up the pitcher by way of an offer but Amy and Chad both declined. Vince hated waking up to dirty dishes. While they looked on in amusement he put the glasses in the dishwasher and quickly scraped away the dried out cheese and stale crackers into the trash and added the plate as well. Satisfied he clicked off the light, checked the front door bolt and elected to leave the patio door open. A quotidian bedtime routine if one ignored the naked young lovers who followed him into his bedroom.

He passed the bed and went to the double sink. He picked up his toothbrush, waved at them and asked, “anyone else, I have extras?” He did, a half a dozen. His toothbrush purchases were something of a joke at the small grocery where he shopped.

Amy and Chad glanced at each other then moved toward him. Amy saluted him.

“I feel like I’m back in camp. Yes sir, counselor Vince sir, I will brush my teeth before lights out sir.” She giggled.

Vince was inclined to be irritated, wondering if that was a crack about his age but his irritation was lost when Chad spoke.

“Hey Am my love, uh did you let any of the camp counselors eat your pussy before they sent you off to brush your teeth?” His voice was as level as if he’d asked her to pass the ketchup but his mouth was twisted in a wicked grin.

Amy eyed him coolly. “Actually Mr. Smartypants one of them did eat my pussy but I wasn’t a camper. I was the activity director and before we brushed our teeth I ate her pussy too. It was my first 69.”

As she spoke Vince was opening up two toothbrushes. She took one, wet it, squirted a line of toothpaste and began to brush. She stopped, and with a foamy mouth added. “We finger fucked each other in the shower after we brush.” She rinsed and spat. “Thought you might like to know that as well.”

Now it was her face that wore the wicked grin as she sashayed over to the bed. Vince gave Chad a questioning look but Chad only shrugged and began to brush his teeth.

Vince rinsed his mouth and turned toward the bed, sure he’d be unable to sleep. He had left his pillow in the living room and went to retrieve it. When he picked it up it was wet with his sweat. The dream threatened to rush back into his head. All that blood. He pushed the memory aside.

Amy was in the middle. Chad was on his back and Amy was lying on her side, her breasts pushed up against her fiancé’s side and using his arm for a pillow. Her hand played across his chest and belly. Vince was not usually a fan of men who shaved but he had to admit Chad looked good with just the small close cropped rectangle above his cock, a lovely uncut cock that was coming back to attention, whether because of Vince’s stare or Amy’s fingers or both was unknowable, even to Chad.

Vince crawled in on the other side of Amy, hugging the edge of the bed, praying he wouldn’t fart in his sleep then deciding the only reasonable prayer was one that asked that the two lovers be asleep before he farted in his sleep. That wish was at least theoretically possible.

He mumbled a good night, turned off the light and tried to find the driest part of his pillow for his head. Behind him he heard a faint “ppfftt” followed by Amy’s giggles.

He felt the bed bounce as Chad jostled her. “Jesus Amy what the hell?”

“Hey, “she snapped back between bleats of laugher. “You should thank me for breaking the ice, like you two won’t be firing away soon enough.”

“Just like camp,” Vince thought to himself. “Finger fucking, pussy eating and bed farts.”

He wasn’t upset. He was relieved. The silliness, the juvenile sleep over feel of the whole situation helped him banish the memory of his dream.

None of them could sleep. Vince listened for the telltale deepening and slowing of their respirations but that never came. He wasn’t sure how long he laid there, long enough for the hand under his head to fall asleep even if its owner could not. He rolled onto his other side.

The moon had passed beyond the building but the light from the pool shone through the open window. There was enough light to see that Amy was still nestled against Chad’s side. The sheet was only pulled up to their knees. Chad’s erection bobbed unheeded.

Amy’s bikini bottom left a small pale triangle on her tanned ass. The triangle glowed in the dark. It was bisected by her shadowed butt crack. He remember how her ass had looked between his hands, how it felt and tasted on his tongue. He also remembered that of the three of them, he had not gotten off.

His cock remembered that fact as well and began to lengthen and roll up the leg it rested against.

He thought about reaching out and touching her ass, letting his fingers tease her crack open. He would be so gentle she’d not even wake. He would jerk off, letting the head of his cock brush against her and then blow a load all over her back and ass. He could picture it in his head, the way some of his cum would be mostly liquid and run off her back, while the thicker globs of white would linger for a time, grow softer until they too begin to flow across her soft skin. He’d rub his softening cock in his jizz, spreading it over her back. Chad would be watching. Chad would be hard. Chad would roll Amy on her stomach and begin to lick Vince’s cum off her back, the same as Vince had licked Chad’s load off her tits earlier. Chad would lick and Chad would be hard. And while Chad licked Vince would suck his cock.

His mind full of cum dripping asses and hard dicks, Vince began to stroke his own, now fully tumescent, cock. He had barely begun when Amy twisted her head around to look at him.

“Vince, what are you doing?” She whispered.

Chad rolled onto his side and looked over Amy. “Yeah Vince what are you doing?’

“To be honest, thinking about jerking off on Amy’s hot little tush.”

“Oh really,” she purred. “What makes you think I want you jerking off on my hot little tush? Thanks by the way.” She wiggled her butt at him as she spoke.

“Oh, I wouldn’t actually have done it. I would have rolled away when I was ready to cum.”

She rolled over to face him. They were both looking at him, Amy face resting in her hand and Chad propped up on one arm looking over her shoulder.

“Are you saying my ass isn’t good enough for you to cum on?”

“Not at all,” Vince replied with a shake, still slowly stroking his erection. “Like I said it is a hot little ass. In my experience some women feel belittled when men cum on them. I view the act as a testament to their ability to make me crazy with desire but not every woman agrees with me on that. So, in the absence of clear consent or a clear request, I err on the side of caution.”

She nodded. “Fair enough. Do you really want to cum on my ass?”

Fortune. Bold.

“No, I’d rather cum in your ass but cumming on it would be hot as well.”

Amy frowned, then rolled to look up at her fiancé before looking back at Vince.

“I’ve never done that, anal I mean. We’ve talked about it, while we’re fucking we talk about it anyway. I mean if you moaning ‘I want to fuck your tight little ass Amy’ counts as talking.” She rolled her eyes but Vince doubted Chad could see that. “Afterward we just let it dropped. I’m not sure I’d like it.”

“Maybe not,” Vince answered with a shrug.

“I’m afraid it will hurt,” she paused then added softer, “or that it will be all dirty and gross afterward.”

Vince stopped playing with his dick and scooted up to sit against the headboard. “If you’ve never done it then it isn’t something we should try tonight, assuming we try anything more tonight. You have to take your time, work up to it slowly; if you do that it shouldn’t hurt. Some women like it. I like it.”

Amy snorted. “Oh well okay, you like it, that makes it okay then, you and every other man in the world.”

Vince saw Chad’s grin and resisted the urge to smile back at him.

“That’s not what I meant.” Amy looked at him then her eyes widened in comprehension. She turned to look at Chad.

“Do you like that? I mean not do you like doing it but getting it up your butt?”

Chad’s smile faded but he slowly nodded.

“What the fuck,” Amy whispered shaking her head. “I don’t get it. Why would a guy like that? Jesus.”

Vince laid his hand on the top of her head. “Liking that doesn’t make you gay. Plenty of straight guys like having their prostates massaged. Some people believe a woman’s g spot is basically the same as a prostate only miniaturized. If having your g spot stimulated feels good why shouldn’t a guy like having his prostate stimulated?”

Amy glared at him. “Because I can stimulate my g spot inside my pussy. You have to shove something up your ass to stimulate your prostrate. And my pussy is full of poo. It’s not natural.”

Vince suppressed his natural urge to correct her pronunciation, prostate not prostrate, one’s a gland the other is a posture of submission. He had no comment on the use of the word “poo”.

He chuckled at her but gently making it clear he wasn’t laughing at her. “Not natural? Define natural but don’t give me that old ‘you can’t make a baby that way’ nonsense. You can’t make a baby by having my tongue buried in your twat either, or by deep throating your fiancé’s trouser snake. You do those things because they feel good and because most of us get off on making our partners feel good. I would argue trying to make others feel good is natural enough.”

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