Pixie Poppy’s Forest Ride

Big Tits

“Stupid fucking car.” Tobin kicked the car door shut and looked around for any signs of civilization.Of course, he found none. Not wanting to wait to be murdered, he sauntered off into the strange-looking forest.Every little sound made him jump and he cursed himself every time for being such a pussy. Fuck, he wanted pussy. Lily was a fucking cunt. She cheated her way through New York City and he’d had to give up more alimony than he was willing to give.He found the neon green leaves to be very strange, yet mesmerizing. And just to his luck, there was no cell reception either.A few minutes of walking later, he abruptly stopped. What in the bloody hell? He Sex hikayeleri saw an arm. He closed his eyes, muttered a prayer to the Lord and walked further to see what…or who it was.”Hello?”He gasped when she turned around. Blue, doe-like eyes stared back at him. His cock immediately became stiff in his pants. How long had it been since he’d fucked someone? One year? Two years? He couldn’t remember.Her platinum blonde hair shone in the bare amount of sunlight which filtered through the thick canopy of trees.”What’s your name?” He crouched in front of her and the innocence in her face reeled him in.”P-poppy.””What are you doing here? Sikiş hikayeleri You lost or something?””I live here.”When he looked at her, really looked at her, he saw that her skin was glittering and there was no make-up on her face. Still, she looked other-worldly.He didn’t want to believe it, but he decided to ask her another question.”What…are you?””I’m a pixie.””Huh. Aren’t pixies supposed to be the size of flies?””No sir. Those are just myths.”He liked her calling him ‘sir’. He shook his head and tried to clear the lust from his brain.”Okay. Good to know. I’ve gotta go.”Just as he turned to leave, she clutched his leg and shoved Erotik hikaye her face into his crotch.”What the fuck are you doing?””Please don’t leave.”Her eyes shone as if she was about to cry. An idea immediately formed in his mind.”Hmm. I could stay, on one condition.”She looked hopeful, right how he wanted her.”Unzip my pants.”She looked unsure, but did so with trembling fingers.”Pull my boxers down.”She obeyed and her eyes widened at the huge cock that sprung free.She tentatively touched it and he could see her corset or whatever it was that she was wearing, could barely contain her tits. So, he did them both a favor and tugged it down, exposing her lush tits with pebbled red nipples.Without warning, she licked his tip and he moaned. Feeling encouraged, she took half of him into her mouth. God, it felt like heaven. He twisted her hair in his fist and pushed her further down, making her choke on his dick.

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