Amy Goes from Hair Stylist to House Pt. 03


Chapter One

I awoke first in the morning to find our bodies intertwined. I hadn’t planned on staying over but was exhausted after my second meeting with Mr. Kesler and the first time with his wife and submissive Chloe. Chloe I found out, was the one who had initiated Mr. Kesler to come to the hair salon where I work. I’ve been doing Chloe’s hair for over a year and I guess she has the hots for me and sent her Dominant husband to brooch me with becoming his submissive. I’m not new to the role playing. I’ve been tied up and spanked by several lovers, but I have never been truly immersed in the lifestyle that is BDSM.

The hierarchy is Mr. Kesler as the Dominant, Chloe as his wife and submissive, Max their black bull slave (whom I haven’t met yet), and me as their newest submissive or slave. I suppose that Max and I are on the same level. My acceptance as their submissive is dependant on me completing training at Mr. Kesler’s Institute. They train men and women to become proper submissives and slaves. I’m looking forward to attending soon.

As I stretch in the bed, Chloe also stirs. She crawls over Mr. Kesler to give me a kiss. Her hand caresses my face as her tongue delves into my mouth. My sex tingles with desire even as my feelings are slowed from the overwhelming sex we all shared last night. Our kissing has stirred Mr. Kesler as he runs his hands down our backs to cup our asses. He gives us both a soft pat and we both break our kiss and give a yelp.

“Good morning Sir” we both say like we were twins.

“Yes indeed it is a good morning ladies. I trust you slept as well as I did.”

We both nod in unison.

“Chloe, why don’t you fix us some breakfast and I will contact Max about meeting with us later today,” Mr. Kesler says as he rises from the bed.

His cock is hard with morning wood, maybe from the stimulation of seeing Chloe and I kissing. My body reacts to seeing his. He is an Adonis and he makes my body sing. I feel my nipples harden as my pussy begins to wet. Chloe has bounded naked out of bed and is off to the kitchen. I moved to Mr. Kesler and wrap my arms around his waist from behind. I hold him tight as one of my hands slowly moves down his six pack abs, through his neatly trimmed pubic hair, to the root of his erect cock. He growls as I try and wrap my hand around his thick root.

“Sir, this girl would love to service your cock this morning. My mouth waters to taste you again. Please let me quench my desires with yours.”

“Ah my pet, you seem to have my desires ahead of yours. That is a good sign and one that should be rewarded. Yes, you may kneel and service my cock.”

I gracefully fall to my knees in front of him. My legs spread wide, hands placed upon my thighs. I look up only as high as Mr. Kesler’s cock. As I move forward, I wet my lips and take the bulbous head into my mouth. Licking his salty pre-cum as I swirl my tongue around the head. My hands go to hold the shaft…

“No hands my pet, only your sweet mouth. Lock your arms behind your back, arch your back to present those lovely tits of yours”

“Yes Sir.”

I move to his command and look up into his hazel eyes as I press my mouth down his throbbing cock. My lips feel each vein and cord of his thick rod. I press down to try and take his whole length but it hits the back of my throat. I work to not gag but this triggers my saliva glands and when I come up for air a thick strand of spittle comes with me. I slurp it up as I go back down on his cock. I try and keep my eyes on his, as I take his throbbing cock down my throat.

He grabs a fistfull of my hair and works to set his pace. This causes my already wet pussy to release another wave of juices to leak down my thighs. Mr. Kesler forces me down on his cock, working me up and down its length. I hear groans that he is enjoying my mouth and this makes me moan on his cock. His need becomes more urgent and he grabs my head with both of his strong hands and begins to fuck my mouth as if it were my weeping pussy.

I’ve never been used before in this fashion and I’m struck by the passion that it instills in my body. He holds my head still as he thrusts his throbbing member deep down my throat. My moans of pleasure become choked gurgles as he uses me for his pleasure. My breast sway and slap into each other. My turgid nipples sing with delight as they are abraded against his muscular thighs. My juices are flowing down my thighs like some slut in a darkened movie theater giving out blow jobs to any takers.

I start to really groan as I feel my core reach the beginnings of an orgasm. I have not touched myself but feel that I may cum just from having this man’s cock in my mouth. The thought only goes to confirm my belief that this is my true path. Just when I think I can’t hold out…

“Cum for me my pet.”

While he is still throat fucking me, I crash over the edge as the spasms come in spastic waves, rocking me to my infernal core. My pussy juices flood, as I feel the warm wet slickness dribble down my thighs. I Pendik Türbanlı Escort struggle to stay focused on his cock as I feel it swell and his thrusts became more earnest. His growls and grunts signal that his cum is near.

“Stick out that lovely tongue of yours.”

I quickly open my mouth wide and stick my tongue and cup it. Mr. Kesler fists his throbbing cock with one hand as he holds my hair in the other. He aims the head of his cock to my mouth as the jets of cum are sent into my mouth and onto my waiting tongue. Ropes and ropes of his thick cum cover my tongue and dribbles down my chin and onto my breasts.

“Hold my cum there my pet. My do you have some oral skills and you came just from servicing cock. I’m impressed.”

I stay as I am, back arched, tongue out with Mr. Kesler’s cum cupped on it. Some had escaped and was dribbling down my face and breasts. I continue to kneel there waiting for his next command as Chloe comes bouncing back from the kitchen.

“UUuummm, did I miss some fun? Oh Amy you look lovely. Master, may Amy and I share your cum?”

“Yes, you may.”

Chloe kneels next to me and start cleaning Mr. Kesler’s cum from my face. She moves down and licks my breasts, stopping only to suck on my erect nipples. I struggle to hold his cum on my tongue because of her ministrations. But she moves back to my face and takes my tongue into her mouth as we share her Master’s cum. Our tongues swirl around mixing the sticky salty fluids. We break and turn to the still hardened cock and bath it with our tongues. Cleaning the thick rod of any more juices. Chloe takes it into her mouth and sucks it dry, popping her mouth a couple of times as she breaks the suction. I lean in and lick his balls.

“Ok, that’s enough. We’ll never eat breakfast if you two start this again,” he says with a smile and he turns to go to the restroom. Chloe and I get up and go into the kitchen hand in hand.

Chapter Two

While Chloe and I are almost finished cleaning the dishes and table when Mr. Kesler comes in wearing an old pair of button fly jeans with the top button open, leaving a trail of hair disappearing into the open V of his jeans. Chloe and I are still naked except for Chloe’s collar. He grabs a piece of toast and a few strips of bacon and makes a quick sandwich.

“I called Max and he said he would be able to get us into his shop this evening. He’s looking forward to meeting you Amy.”

“I am very excited to meet him as well Sir. What kind of shop does he work at?”

Chloe hugs me and says, “he owns a tattoo and piercing shop out on the Island. Oh Master, please let me get my nipples pierced like Amy’s. Please, Please, Please, Please?”

Chloe leans in and sucks my left nipples into her mouth, taking my nipples ring in her teeth and pulling it away from me, as she looks up to her Master with puppy dog eyes..

Still pleading, “we can be twins Master.”

Mr. Kesler moves to us and reaches down between my thighs and cups my warm sex.

“Maybe Amy would be agreeable to getting her clit hood pierced to match you too.”

Feeling as if I am held in the palm of his hand I answer, “I would love to have a hood piercing Sir. I’ve been wanting one for years but have been afraid to get one by myself.”

We all hug as Mr. Kesler bends and gives us each a kiss on the tops of our head. Slapping our asses, he sends us off to shower and clean up. while he eats and reads the paper.

Chloe starts the water for our shower. Their bathroom is as big as my condo with a large four person spa tub and the huge walk in shower with multiple jets and several areas for seating. We first get in and wet ourselves down, then I grab the shampoo and lather up Chloe’s hair. After rinsing she returns the favor. Then we each grab the soap and lather each other up. Our bodies come together. Breast to breast we wash last night’s and this morning’s sex from our bodies. Not feeling the least bit over sexed we both are lavishing soft kisses to each other’s body.

Being that I have already cum this morning, I drop to my knees. I place a kiss inside the hip bone of Chloe and trail my way to her mons. Her pussy is hairless like mine but is completely free of any hair because I give her regular Brazilian waxes at my salon. She raises a leg and places it on one of the benches, giving me better access to her slick folds. I flick my tongue on her hood ring. This elicits a deep guttural moan. I continue to swirl the ring coaxing her clitty out. Then I move to her soft wet labia and take one into my mouth and suck. Pulling it away from her body. Her hand move through my wet hair. I switch to her other fold and gently bite.

“Oh Amy, that feels so good. Don’t stop. Lick me baby.”

With this encouragement, my tongue goes from the bottom of her leaking folds to the front. Stopping and sucking her now engorged clit into my mouth. My lips hold the bud as my tongue lavishes soft licks across her sensitive area. Her moaning grows louder as her hands push Pendik Otele Gelen Escort me into her sex. I run two fingers through her sopping lips. Wetting them before pushing them slowly into her pussy. I push them deeper and because of her copious secretions, easily sink them to the knuckle. My tongue is still dancing with her clitty, while my lips rub her ring. I work my fingers faster, curling them to contact the spongy wall of her G-spot.

“Right there baby. That feels so goooooood. Master may your slut cum?” she yells as I never stop fingering her.

We both hear Mr. Kesler give her permission from the kitchen, as she holds my face to her spasming pussy. I move my mouth down with my fingers and try to catch her fluids as I feel the quakes and spasms of her channel on my fingers. To my surprise, a hard stream of fluid splashes on my waiting tongue and face. At first I think that she has accidentally peed on me. But it doesn’t taste like urine. I’ve heard of female ejaculation but never witnessed it. Chloe is still shuddering as I continue to lick her folds clean.

She leans down and lifts me up to her arms and gives me a big hug. Kissing me on my face and neck. We rinse off and grab a towel to dry off.

Smiling…”My god Chloe, I think you came in my mouth.”

“I’m sorry, I should have given you some kind of warning, but I was so lost and couldn’t get any words out. I don’t do that very often unless I’m very aroused and horny. You definitely arouse me.”

“No it was great. I never seen it happen before. I loved it.”

Mr. Kesler comes in to check on us and ushers us out the bathroom to get dressed. He has laid out something for each of us to wear. Chloe has a little “school girl” white button up blouse and plaid skirt with knee high socks and shoes. I have a yellow halter top and green mini skirt with sandals. Neither of us had underwear set out, so I guess that must be a rule.

Chloe looked so sexy. Her white blouse barely buttoned and you could clearly see her areola through the thin fabric. Her nipples were pressing out to evidence her arousal. Her cute little skirt was very short. I could tell that she would have to be mindful if she didn’t want to show the world her cunny. She wore her silver collar with a medium O-ring in front. I wondered if she wears it out much because I had only previous seen her with a choker type necklace on in my salon.

My attire was just as revealing. My halter top left my belly exposed and cradled my breasts up. but it left nothing to the imagination. My areola and nipple rings were clearly visible through the thin yellow material. The halter split up the middle to show off my ample cleavage and showed a lot of side boobage too. The mini skirt was very short. I don’t usually wear this kind of revealing clothing but did not say a word to displease Mr. Kesler. The cool air rushing between my thighs had my clitoris already peeking from my folds.

Mr. Kesler had his jeans with a nice black t-shirt and black hiking boots on. He filled out his clothing well. It was the first time I’ve seen him in casual wear, as he is always dressed to nines at my salon.

“Well don’t both you girls look good enough to eat?”

We both blushed and went to hug him. Then he led us out the door into the elevator. Michael had the car waiting as we came out of the lobby.

“Good morning Sir, Ma’am, and Miss Amy.”

He shut the door and we were on our way to the island to meet Max.

Chapter Three

The drive to the island was a short one. That was good because I was beginning to get anxious about meeting Max. I’ve always kind of had a fantasy about being with a black man. Mr. Kesler was sitting and reading the paper, while Chloe sat near me holding my hand. When were pulling up to Max’s place she gave my hand a warm squeeze.

“You’re going to love Max. He’s the sweetest man.”

I could only smile I was so nervous. Mr. Kesler led us into the back of the shop and found a very large black man just finishing up with a customer.He waved to us and told Mr. Kesler that he would be right with us and to make ourselves comfortable. He must have been about 6′ tall with a huge muscular body (but not freakish). He had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a person and it was so infectious that I found myself smiling from across the room.

When he had finished the last client, he locked the front door and came back to where we were. He had removed all of his clothes and was wearing only a very worn black leather collar with a simple O-ring. While he was very large in the body department, I could only describe his cock as gigantic. It was only flaccid and hung down about 8″ and was nearly as big around as a coke can. Max came to the center of the area and kneeled prostrate in front of Mr. Kesler and Chloe.

“Thank you Master K. Thank you Mistress, for gracing me with your presence. I long to serve you in any way I can.”

“Stand slave and let me introduce you to Amy.”

He rose and offered a very Pendik Ucuz Escort large hand to me. He was an imposing man because of his size. I couldn’t take my eyes off his penis. I could feel the tingling in my core as he approached me. He towered over me and I could understand the term bull stud. I felt like a meek little lamb as he took my hand. I would have run like a scared rabbit if were not for his big smile.

“Hello Amy, its wonderful to finally meet you. Mistress has been talking about you for months and I’m glad that she’s convinced Master K to take you into our family.”

He kissed my hand sweetly and asked what we were getting done today. Chloe was the first to jump and say the she was finally getting her nipples pierced and that I was going to have my clitoral hood done. Mr. Kesler ordered us to remove our clothing. Max showed where to sit. Chloe and I were in two barber’s chairs next to each other.

Max brought everything needed for our piercings and started with Chloe. Mr. Kesler had me stimulate her nipples which quickly pebbled as I rolled each between my thumb and forefingers. I leaned in and took each nipple into my mouth. Chloe’s has the largest nipples I’ve ever seen. They will look even more lovely with rings in them.

Max worked very fast and in no time at all Chloe was finished and two perfectly placed stud horizontally in each nipple. He then turned to me and had me sit in his chair. I thought that Chloe would be returning the favor with stimulating my clit but Max dropped to knees in front of me and slowly kissed up my thighs to where my labia was already flowering to greet him. He softly licked from the base of my folds up to where my clitoris was. Then gently took the sensitive bud in his lips and swirled his warm tongue around it.

This was definitely getting me aroused. Then he released and opened his mouth to an “O” shape and breathed hot air on my engorged clitty. It felt so wonderful. Then he pursed his lips and blew cool air across it. This blew my mind and felt that I was on the verge of an orgasm. I put my hands of his shaved head, pulling him closer until Mr. Kesler stopped him and told him to get this done.

Max prepped me and without much more pain the getting my ears pierced, I had a beautiful vertical hood piercing. Chloe told him to put a curved barbell with a large bead on one end. I could feel the bead rubbing against my clitoris already.

“Well girls I think that Max needs some kind of show of appreciation for his skilled work.”

Chloe was still sitting in her barber chair and quickly spread her legs and started rubbing the wet folds of her pussy. Max’s cock was already showing sign of getting harder. It was about 11″ or 12″ now and much thicker than before.

“Come here slave and give your Mistress that big black cock.”

He walked over to her chair, bent to kiss her pussy, then grabbing his cock and stroking it a few times, rubbing up and down Chloe’s sopping wet channel. Then placing the large bulbous head at her entrance and slowly pressed inward, allowing for her to accept his thick cock. Chloe’s head went back as his swollen meat stretched her opening and sank into her depths. Max moved slowly, feeding more and more of his throbbing cock with each stroke. It glistened with Chloe’s juices.

I was squeezing my legs together and felt my bead rubbing against my engorged clit. My nipples were growing harder and when they pebbled the rings lift up and out. I ran my hand over them and looped a finger in each and gave them a twill. I bit my lower lip and I watch Max increase his thrusts into Chloe’s well used pussy. Her breasts were bouncing and wobbling with each thrust. She cupped them and softly touched her new barbells, invoking a low guttural moan signalling her impending climax.

“Master my your slut cum?”

“You may.”

With that Chloe broke over the ledge as Max continued to work his thick shaft into her slick channel. His fingers were gently rubbing her clitty. His grunting was animal like and sounded much like the snort of a mad bull. Chloe was flooding the chair as her love fluids were dripping down her thighs. Max’s gigantic cock seemed to be forcing her juices out with solid thrust..

Mr. Kesler pointed to a place next to Max, “kneel my pet.”

Startled by his command because I was lost watching Max’s blood engorged cock pound Chloe’s well used cunt. I quickly fell to my knees at Max’s feet. I spread my legs apart and locked my arms behind my back like Mr. Kesler had instructed me earlier this morning. Arching my back, thrusting my breasts out, and offering my open mouth and tongue to Max’s cum covered cock. He withdrew from Chloe’s cunt with an audible pop and turned feed his wet shaft to me. The giant head stretched my lips to the fullest. I could only get a few inches into my mouth. There was hardly any room for my tongue to move. He removed it and rubbed it over my face, smearing Chloe’s juices on me. I used my tongue to work up and down on the glistening glands of his shaft, licking her cum off of him. I opened my mouth and took him in my mouth again. This time I was able to get more down my throat. I could feel his spongy head hit the base of my throat and he still had 5″ or 6″ to go. I always been able to deepthroat most men but this one would take some more practicing.

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