Blindfolded, gagged, with my hands tied behind my back I was lead up a few stairs into a drafty room by my metal chain collar. I seemed to walk in a wide circle then stop in the center of the room.

“Item number seventeen.” A loud voice echoed in the room, “Quite a cute one she is. Standing at 5’6″, 36B breast, and black hair.” That sounded like me…I began to panic…Was I in an auction? Oh god. Remain composed…I held up my shoulders now, standing tall, presenting myself to the Masters and Mistresses in the room. “An obedient little masochist, and one of my personal favorites of our lot.” Oh my god… the voice was my Master’s…Tears began to stream down my face. I was being sold, like an item. So what he was only going to train me… I was his favorite…I thought he might keep me…I had hoped he would keep me… “She will be at station seventeen. Next!”

I was lead off of the stage and tied by my collar into a standing position to something taller than myself. The man who led me whispered soothing words into my ear, unlike some of the slaves surrounding me whom were treated with malice. He ran his fingers over my hair and played with my earring, (something that I was well known for around my previous home. The slave that came when you flicked her ear). None the less I loved it and leaned in his direction. Absorbing all the attention paid to me by whimpering softly.

“Easy little puppy. That’s a good girl…You know very well Master is not going to let just anyone buy you. So hush this now.” He flicked my ear harshly as he said this causing me to whimper and cum. He chuckled softly. “Atta’ girl. Hush now little puppy here come a few gents’ that would like to see you.” He stroked my neck, “good puppy.” I whimpered softly through the gag as his touch faded.

Pair after pair of strange hands roamed my body, whipped my flesh, and tasted my juices. I grew tired as the hours wore on. When I began to loose my composure my Master walked by…of course…my luck. A crop was stuck against my clit fiercely. I screamed into the rubber ball gag that I so despised.

“You know better than that slave. Don’t misrepresent me mutt.” I stood to the stance that was expected. His hand reached out to touch my cheek and I nuzzled my cheek against it. I could hear the smile in his voice, “Good puppy. Not much longer pup. Then you will have a new owner to spoil you.” I felt his hand run over my stomach softly and rest to rub on my clit gently. I moaned forcing my hips to stay where they were. “Cum puppy.” I screamed against the gag as I came. “Good puppy. Boy.”

“Yes Master?” the man that led me replied.

“Undo her gag and give her a drink then re-gag her. She won’t be any trouble. Will you pup?” I shook my head no. “If she does as you ask you can make her cum a few times. I think she can manage.” I nodded. “My horny little slut, I’ll hate to see you go.”

A short drink and a few manipulated orgasms later I was led back onto the stage. Prices were shouted, bids were made and I was sold to the highest bidder. A Master to my liking… Someone called Master Anton. Funny that I should be sold to a man named after the creator of my religion.

I found myself in a room not far from the auction hall. My blindfold had been removed and my ball gag had as well. The two items sat staring at me on the wall along with a range of assorted toys. I would probably get used… then sent back to my Master to cuddle in his arms if I was a good girl. The nights I cherished were those spent in his arms or on the floor at his sakarya escort bedside like a good puppy. I knelt in the center of the room, thighs spread open and my hands on my thighs, palm up. My head was strait up but my eyes focused at a point on the floor.

Screech…the doorknob was turned. In walked a pair of black dress shoes. Dress pants fell down to fade into his shoes. I was sure that he was in a black button up shirt as well…

“I paid a pretty penny for you slave.” He talked down to me…something that I had not been used to with the exception of years before. “What makes you worth it girl?” His hand grabbed my chin and pulled my face up to stare at his eyes. They were a dark grey, his face was stern and taunt. He presented an expression that should have made many slaves piss themselves. His eyebrow was pierced as were his ears…And probably his cock…Mmm. I looked back at him softly, showing no concern for my well being. I trusted a man that carried the name of my influence. This man couldn’t know this and was slightly puzzled.

He slapped my face. It stung. I flinched…something my Master could not change about me, my flinching… It left a red handprint on my face. When I regained my balance I looked back up at him into the man’s eyes. “Have you no fear slave girl?”

“Yes Sir I do.”

“Many rather shy than look at me girl.”

“Yes Sir. I used to give the same look to intimidate those who I hoped to fear me.”

“And it usually works girl. You can’t see a little Gothic Emo. child out of her clothes slave.” My eyes pierced into his with a fury he knew would present.

“With all respect Sir, do not refer to me as such.”

He grabbed my left nipple in his hand and twisted it cruelly, eliciting a moan and gasp from my lips. “You will learn respect. And I will call you what I like little bitch. You are mine to call. You enjoy pain entirely to much slave. I hope to break you of that tonight. You will grovel at my feet and beg to be called my little Gothic slave.” His eyes burnt into mine until my gaze broke and fell to the floor. He chuckled at me…getting his amusement of seeing me broken slightly.

He grabbed my collar fiercely and pulled me to my tip toes. I looked then at his features… an awkward moment to do so, but none the less I am awkward. He did somewhat resemble Mr. LaVey… My thoughts were broken as he lifted me to the St. Andrew’s Cross. I was secured to face him.

I watched him walk to the wall to select his implement of torture… a flogger… I was pleased…Yet he stood there still longer and selected another toy… a crop like implement that ended in a single string. I knew the bite of both. He glided back to me effortlessly pulling a pair of nipple clamps from his pocket.

“Let me remind you not to speak unless spoken to girl. You may scream as much as you like, no one will rescue you now.” He smiled that cruel smile that I grew to hate. His fingers were slightly roughened yet delicate as they caressed my nipples. My nipples hardened accordingly. He slipped the clamp onto my right breast and I moaned. He then did no such romancing of the left and snapped it on cruelly making me gasp and cum gently. His eyes stared at me as I tensed and screamed with pleasure.

“Thank you Master” I spoke softly.

“Ahh… So you are the little slave that cums for her Master almost constantly.” He grinned, “So that’s why you were expensive.” The whip hit my clamped nipples cruelly making me yelp sakarya escort bayan and whimper for more. He laughed at me but I ignored this. His whip lashed out to each nipple until I screamed out in pain. He then moved on to whip my belly and thighs. Soon his whip hit my cunt and I screamed. My mind raced as he continued to whip me. Soon the lashes got softer…then I noticed that the flogger was now what rested in his hand. He slapped it against my face to gain my full attention.

“Were you day dreaming girl?”

“Somewhat Sir. Sorry Sir.” I replied meekly.

“I see.” His hand when to my nipple clamps, he yanked the connecting chain making my mouth scream and my cunt cum. He held the clamps in both his hands then undid them simultaneously. “Do I have your attention now?” I whimpered loudly as the pain raced though me.

“Yes Master.”

“Good.” He clipped the clamps back on my soar nipples. I mumbled a moan in reply. He smiled cruelly at me. “Tired already slut?” The flogger slashed against my skin as I whimpered. He flogged my torso, legs, and cunt until my skin was red and covered in a sheen of sweat. Soon my head leaned forward with exhaustion. “Awe… poor little baby. So tired and no where near done for the night.”

I groaned as he released me from my bonds to let me kneel at his feet. His cock pushed against the fabric in his pants causing me to awaken slightly. I leaned toward him and kissed his pants softly, nibbling at his cock and whimpering gently. He did nothing but grow harder so I moved my teeth to his zipper and undid his pants. My nose worked it’s way into his pants to nuzzle him softly then my tongue followed to lick his cock. I heard him moan with apprehation. Soon I had his cock out of his pants and was licking up and down his cock and occasionally peaking my tongue back in his pants to lick his balls. I whimpered softly as I sucked at his cock then felt his hand jerk the back of my head away from him. I whimpered loudly. He slapped my cheek hard sending me on my back.

“You horny little cunt.” His whip struck my hip harder than before. “Did I tell you that you could play with my cock slut?” I smiled to myself. He had just noticed that I had his dick out of his pants… He was too concerned with the feelings to catch up on what I was doing.

“I’m sorry S…” His flogger hit my other thigh sharply, “I mean Master. I thought it would please you. I was not allowed to talk to ask for permission. Sorry Master…Please forgive this slave?” I looked up at him pleadingly. He pointed at the corner. I crawled over there slowly and placed my nose against the wall in shame. I stared at the wall for what seemed like hours in actuality it was only about five minutes.

“Come here slave.” I crawled to him. He had moved to sit on the bed and was now free from his clothing. I knelt between his legs and stared up at him softly. “You may speak.”

“I am sorry for playing with your cock without permission Master. Please forgive me. It was just to tempting for me to resist.” I replied with actual feeling behind it. I hated displeasing my Master…Even if he was my newly acquired Master.

“You are going to be punished slave.” He went to the toy rack and came back with a blindfold and ball gag. The gag was placed between my teeth and the blindfold was set to obscure my vision completely. “Bend over and rest your hands and head on the table Slave.” I complied clumsily, bumping my elbow so that he had to assist escort sakarya me. “How many do you think you deserve for this transgression slave?”

I whimpered softly though my gag.

“Fifteen Slut?” I whimpered loudly

“Mmm.. no.”

“Twenty…… Lets make it thirty slut. Since you do not seem to object… If you are I can’t quite hear you…” He laughed cruelly as I screamed pleas.

Slap…I screamed. It was the hairbrush. Slap… Soon my screams were loud even with the gag, I struggled against him, tears ran down my cheeks, and my ass burned like never before.

“Two more slut.” Slap… Slap… I sobbed against my arms. “Your ass is such a lovely shade slut.” He slapped my ass. I screamed. “Aww poor baby. And now you have to stand here wile I fuck you. Tisk tisk.” He shoved his cock into my mostly dry cunt to the hilt. He fucked me hard and without mercy. I continued to cry but slowly gained arousal. His hand grabbed my hair and pulled my hair back. “Cum slave.” The orgasm hit me slowly as first but his constant rough use of me had my knees weakened before his cum shot into his condom.

He pulled his cock out of me slowly to hear me whimper. The gag was taken off of me and a water bottle replaced it. I drank with vigor until he pulled it away from my lips. “Clean me slut.” I knelt and licked his cum off of his cock slowly until he pulled me to my feet by my hair. “Aren’t you glad that you are now my slave?” I whimpered pathetically. “What do you want your Master?” I nodded fiercely. “To bad.” He clipped a leash to my collar and reattached the gag so that I would stop whimpering. He led me through the auction house though directions that I did not remember.

I was led though a door then told to kneel on some carpet that was quite soft. He left me to do what I was not sure, but I remained still for the fact that he may have just sat in the corner to wait until I moved.

An endless period of time passed before I finally broke composure to lay on the carpet and sleep. What I thought was about an hour later I was awakened by the door opening. I scrambled up to a kneeling position and whimpered. The same whip that had been used before struck each of my nipples five times. My leash was tugged so that I crawled to a bed. I was ordered to stand from a tug of the leash then lay on the bed.

I felt the bed weigh down between my legs as the man got onto the bed. His hands found my cunt… he massaged it in ways that could do nothing but excite me. I tried not to cum… I hated this man…I missed my Master… I would cum for no one else…but I did. I came hard…moaning into the gag as two of his fingers dipped into me and played with my g-spot.

“What is wrong with my puppy? She should have cum long before now.” My Master spoke… it was my Master… I wiggled under his touch as he mounted me and fucked me softly. He kissed my face, nibbles, and earlobes until he and I could cum no longer. He then wrapped his arms around me. He undid my gag and blindfold to my enjoyment and told me to sleep like a good puppy. I snuggled against my Master then jumped up quickly…

“What is it girl? Didn’t I tell you to go to sleep?”

“Yes Master but I forgot something.” I slipped beneath the covers to lick our cum off his cock softly and suck him gently until he came in my mouth. “Thank you Master.”

“Get up here you wanton slut.” He said jovially. I licked and sucked on his cock softly. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up to him “Now!”

“Yes Master.” I murmured quietly as I sniffled and teared up at displeasing him.

“Stop that my baby. Easy. I am not mad. You’re a good girl for me… now be a good puppy and go to sleep for your Master…Atta’ girl.” He kissed me softly as I snuggled against him. “You will always be my slave puppy.” I snuggled closer against him and slept in my Master’s arms. My only Master’s arms.

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