Call Me Master Ch. 03


The sounds of a household coming awake woke Raven from a deep peaceful sleep. She opened her eyes and looked around. At first there was confusion and concern as she attempted to determine where she was and how she got there. All was made clear as sunny’s voice piped up from the door “Good morning sleepy head! Hurry or you’ll miss breakfast!!”

Raven smiled and climbed out of bed. She followed sunny down the hall to the bathroom where several other women were preparing to meet the new day. Raven took a moment to relieve herself after which sunny handed her a towel, wash cloth, soap and a razor and led her back to the bathing room. Here things were a little more utilitarian than the bath that she had used last night but she realized that that must be a guest bath. The room had shower heads along one wall and a deep tub that would comfortably fit four adults with ease. It was a deep tub and had a constant stream of warm water pouring in one end, the overflow running into a channel around the top of the tub. Along the wall were benches and chairs, several of the women including the two who had bathed her the evening before and rain were there preparing themselves.

Without being told she began to shave herself smooth and bathe. Having been shaven before coming here cleaning the hair from her pussy took only moments and only slightly longer to remove it from her underarms and legs. When she had shaven, she entered the shower room to bathe herself. She placed her towel and the razor on a bench and chose a shower head nearby and bathed herself quickly. As she toweled herself dry she watched the others go through their ablutions.

One woman in particular caught Raven’s eye. Petite, with long brown hair and dark brown eyes , this woman stood out from all the others in the room. Her body in complete proportion to her height, her skin tone a light tan that accentuated the fine delicate features of her face. There was an aura of authority and yet Raven felt she could approach this woman with any problem and find it’s solution.

“That is rose our alpha. She is in charge of us here and has the Master’s complete trust. You will come to know her quite well if you decide to stay here with us. She handles the training of all the new girls.”

As Raven watched the woman looked up, smiled and walked across the room to join her. “Welcome Raven, I am glad that you decided to visit us.”

“So far, so am I,” Raven replied with a warm smile. She continued looking around the room. The next to draw her attention was a vibrant red-head with an equally fiery personality, if the look in her vivid green eyes was any indication. Raven asked rose, “Who’s that?” nodding in the other woman’s direction.

“That’s phoenix. Don’t worry hon, you’ll be introduced to everyone in due time. Now finish up and come to breakfast.” She signaled phoenix over. “Bring Raven when she’s finished here.” rose followed the last of the women out, leaving the two women to follow behind.

Raven listened closely as phoenix began telling her what was required of all new girls on their first day. According to the other submissive, Raven was to complete all her tasks on her knees and if she’d done a satisfactory job then she would be allowed to eat. Hearing this, Raven began to seriously wonder if this was such a good idea. Nevertheless, she followed phoenix without hesitation to the dining room set aside for the submissives’ use, listening carefully to what phoenix desired for breakfast this morning.

Upon entering, Raven lowered herself to her hands and knees and crawled to the sideboard where a delicious array of food was laid out. Raven’s back was to the room as she began dishing up the requested meal. She missed the looks being passed around behind her. Rose didn’t look up from the day schedule she was reviewing when she said, “Raven, stop what you’re doing and come sit down. Phoenix, see me after breakfast for your punishment.”

Raven was more than a little shocked and surprised but did what she was told. Rose continued after Raven took her seat. “In this house you take orders from only two people, the Master and myself. You were unaware of this rule this time but consider yourself warned. Rules will be explained one time without punishment.”

Raven lowered her eyes and whispered, “Yes, ma’am.”

Breakfast continued smoothly afterwards. The girls talked back and forth, making a point of including Raven and making her feel welcome. When the meal was finished, the girls went to their usual duties, while Raven and phoenix stayed behind with rose. phoenix recieved a stern lecture concerning her behavior and the promised punishment. Raven was told, “Come with me girl.”

rose entered what turned out to be the Master’s office, with Raven following behind. She stopped in front of his desk. “Good Morning Master.”

The Master looked up from his computer screen and leaned back. “Good morning my rose.”

“I’ve brought Raven as you requested. The only thing i have to report is that phoenix is on cleaning detail.” Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort

The Master smiled slightly and shook his head. “The girl does like to push her limits.”

rose nodded in agreement, “Yes she does Master.”

“I’ll leave phoenix in your capable hands then my rose. You may leave us now.” He turned his attention back to the computer screen.

rose motioned for Raven to sit before leaving the room & closing the door quietly behind her. Nervously, Raven perched on the edge of the chair, waiting. Last night the last thing Raven had been aware of was her nudity. Today that was the first thing on her mind. She felt vulnerable sitting there, waiting without the protection of clothing. A sense of exposure grew in her mind.

The Master’s deep voice cut through the silence, making her jump slightly. “What do you think so far?”

“Of what Sir?” Raven asked in what she hoped to be a properly respectful tone. There was a moment of silence from the other side of the desk. The Master had yet to look up. Raven’s nervousness increased. She had to force herself not to fidget, to appear calm as she waited for clarification.

“What do you think of the submissive feelings you are having?” he asked looking her directly in the eyes.

“They are both confusing and familiar Sir.” Raven replied, her gaze held by the powerful blue one across the desk from her.

“That is to be expected” he stated “In time they will become cherished companions, but for now you must learn to accept them.”

“Yes, Sir, i will try.”

“Tell me a little about yourself. I know you are a writer and have had several erotic short stories published” he said.

Raven wondered how he knew about the stories, but only for a moment. “I design and maintain websites for an internet publishing company. My writing is done on my own time, for my own satisfaction. Romantically, I’m not involved and haven’t been for a number of years.” She wondered if that was what he wanted to know. She felt off balance, unsure of herself.

“Very good, now what of your family and friends will they worry that you have disappeared and what of them, do you think you can leave them? What are your roots?”

“My family consisted only of my mother and father, who passed away a number of years ago. They were the only ones who would have been concerned with my absence. As for heritage, both my parents were Romanian gypsies, and very true to the stereotypical image. We were wanderers, never settling in one place for long.”

“I hope that remaining here will not cause you undo stress or strain, I know that all of us here will do our best to make you feel comfortable and secure if you will give us a chance. Now, I know that you have a talent for writing and web site design, do you have any other talents that might be of interest to me or of use here in our home?”

Raven thought for a moment before answering. She couldn’t shake the sense that her answers were more important than they appeared, that they would affect her future here. “Sir, I am sure that there are many talents I posses but am not aware of yet.”

“We must determine what those talents are. As you have seen each of the submissives in this house have talents that we utilize to both run this household and to keep ourselves occupied and productive. Rose for instance has administrative skills and also has very good people skills. When sunny came to me from the abusive dominant she had submitted to, her sister came to visit her and to se if she was alright. That sister was a Psychiatrist and an expert in traumatic mental syndromes. At first she was very antagonistic towards me, today she gladly serves me and is our arbiter of health care and whatever mental health problems we encounter. Her name is dream and you will be meeting her soon to be evaluated and to deal with any medical situations you have. Now in light of this information is there any other talent that you possess that you think might be of some use to this household and those who live in it? Any talent that you can think of no matter how minor or trivial might well be of some interest and importance to us.”

Raven sat in stunned silence. She had no idea that such an extensive array of personalities and skills had been collected in this house. “I offer my writing & web design skills freely. As well as any other services you might find useful.” She found that the more she talked with the Master, the less she noticed her nudity. Was she becoming more comfortable with this new state? Possibly. “I have a few skills that are more for pleasure rather than usefulness Sir.”

“Any skill is useful whether for pleasure, support or survival. There is more to living here than just serving me and making the household operate. We also have leisure times and activities to expand our mental and physical state.” His eyes moved downward and examined her closely as he continued. “I see that you are fit. Do you work out? If so you will find we have a full gym Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort and weight machines to facilitate physical development.”

“It has been my habit to spend at least an hour every day in some form of exercise Sir, not only for my health but also to keep me fit for my dancing.”

Smiling his gaze rested on her legs, “I thought you had dancers legs. What kind of dancing do you do? Ballet? Classical?”

Raven smiled slightly in response as she shook her head. “No Sir. Belly dancing.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, belly dancing the Middle Eastern ballet. I would very much like to see you dance. What do you need to perform?”

“I have everything I need already Sir; scarves, veils, bells.” Raven was thrilled that he seemed pleased by this. Dancing for an appreciative audience was one of her greatest.

“You need all that to perform for me? So you could not give me a sample of what you are capable of right now?”

“Of course I could give a sample if you wish it Sir.” Raven wasn’t about to deny this man even the simplest request.

“Fine then, proceed.” He smiled as his eyes took in all of her as she rose.

There was a flushed under tone her olive colored skin. She had never danced for someone she’d know for less than a full day. Her exhibitionist tendencies only came out after she’d been intimate with the person for some time. She heard the music of the dance in her head and began the slow sensuous movements, her belly undulating, her body moving gracefully. This was a dance of enticement. Harem girls would dance for their masters to gain his attention and favor. Raven had been taught every technique and knew how to use them well. Her eyes closed as she danced, her natural sexuality exuding itself with every move.

His eyes followed every movement of her body. The fact that she was totally nude made her movements all the more enticing and brought his excitement to a high level. As he gazed at her he lifted his hand and gestured to her to come to him.

She walked over to the Master, her hips swaying gracefully, her breath fast from the dance and desire riding her hard. Performing was always a major turn on for her. She came to stop before him, close enough that she was sure he could smell her arousal.

His hand moved almost of it’s own volition, reaching for her and pressing his fingers slowly into her hot, wet pussy. Her juices ran down his hand and dripped onto the carpet at her feet. Her excitement clear to him in sight, scent and feel. The movement of his fingers in and out of her made her moan, the feeling of excitement growing in her to nearly orgasmic levels. Then the sound of his voice cut through the excitement, “Do not come. Hold back as best you can, we will see what you are capable of.”

The most Raven could do was nod, so lost was she in the feel of his fingers. Frantically her mind raced, trying to find a way obey even as her hips thrust against his hand to increase the pleasure. She was barely aware of the soft mewling sounds she was making. God, she was so close and didn’t know if she could hold back. The more restraint she reached for, the less she found. It was maddening.

His fingers continued to move within her stimulating and pushing her closer and closer to orgasm. Her mind fairly swirled with the excitement coursing through her body, unconsciously she leaned towards him and spread her legs slightly to allow him more access to her pussy. Her face when she stopped was only inches from his. In her state of excitement the soft sound of his voice brought an instant response form her. “Cum.”

Instantly Raven spun off into one of the most intense climaxes of her life. She shook, moaned, and cried out, her muscles clenched around his fingers, her juices flowed freely around his hand. It was simply the most mind-blowing experience.

Her orgasm was a thing of beauty to him. The line of her jaw as she clenched her teeth, the pressure on his hand between her legs, the tension outlined on her body all brought out the strength and intensity of her orgasm. His eyes roamed her body examining her response and memorizing all about it that he could for later discussion with dream. As the intensity of her orgasm abated her eyes slowly opened and she fell to her knees between his legs.

Her eyes were clouded, unfocused from the massive orgasm. Raven stared up at the Master in wonder and adoration. She had only one thought, one desire: to please this man. She wanted to ask what she could do, but speech was still beyond her. So, instead, Raven tried desperately to communicate her need to serve by expression alone. She trembled slightly as she came down from the rush of the orgasm and her new submissive desires rose.

He gazed down on her and smiled softly, “You wish to serve me but don’t know how.” It was a statement not a question. “I will guide you in this this one time, rose will see to your training.” With that she realized her decision had been made, he knew of he growing desire to serve Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort him and he knew she had decided to stay now, to join him and the others. He rose from his chair and stood before her, grasping her arm he gently pulled her to her feet. “Undress me,” he said, his voice deeper, more commanding.

With shaking fingers Raven started at the top button of his shirt. Desire and uncertainty made her clumsy at first. How much freedom was she allowed? Would he warn her first? Or just punish her immediately as she’d seen in the restaurant last night? She focused her thoughts on completing the command, hopefully without overstepping her limits with him. She stripped the shirt off and laid it carefully across the desk. Then, dropping to her knees she worked on the belt and fastenings of his pants. She had no memory of finishing her task. All Raven could think of, focus on, was that hard cock only inches away. What would happen if she were to lean closer and taste it?

He watched her as she stared at his cock, her tongue circling her lips. Her need to suck him was evident, her gaze one of reverence and need. “Suck me,” he commanded firmly.

With a whimper Raven leaned in closer. She swept her tongue over the head of his cock before taking deep in her hot wet mouth. She hummed in pleasure at the feel. Sucking and bobbing her head down, Raven used every technique she’d ever learned in the past to bring the Master as much pleasure as possible. Her tongue swirled and caressed. She relaxed her throat and took his impressive cock completely. Never had giving head given Raven such a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure.

The feeling of her mouth and tongue on his cock was incredible. As she swallowed his cock and hummed he felt himself losing the control he fought to maintain. He allowed her to bring him close to the edge of orgasm and then gently pulled himself from her mouth, sat in the chair and pulled her up into his lap straddling him. His cock pressed lightly against her and slid into her pussy.

Raven grasped his shoulders and began riding him hard and fast. She had no care for commands or obeying anymore. She simply wanted to cum and to feel him cumming. She mindless and maybe just a little reckless in forgetting her position in this household.

His eyes were upon her as they both approached orgasm. His excitement heightened by the abandon he saw on her face, the raw unbridled passion. He knew that her lack of training would allow her to orgasm wildly and without concern for what was normal or done here. She had no real idea of what was allowed or required of one in her position and would not hold anything back. This, to him was a true indication of her sexual abilities and were the key to properly training and molding her for her chosen life as his submissive. Raven was lost, drowning in a sea of sensation. She was completely mindless and focused on finishing what she was so close to achieving. Cumming was the only thing she was concerned with. Her climax was her only thought. She had forgotten where she was and who she was with.

To control others one must be able to control ones self and he had full control of himself the feelings while intense were not enough to push him over into orgasm. He knew that when he came she would and he wanted her as wanton and free as possible. His plan was to take her to the very top of orgasmic delight and then to maintain that level as long as they could. Her body his instrument her mind his slate, opening her to sensations and desires she had never reached or experienced. He knew that with those heights reached she would be open to all that they had to teach her.

The raw look of passion on her face told him she was in another place, another world perhaps even something close to subspace. The power of the feelings was evident in the power that she used to slam herself into him and the moan that built from a purr to a scream. Finally he allowed himself to release filling her with his seed and watching her reaction to it.

The second orgasm surpassed the first by miles. Raven’s pussy clenched and milked his hard cock. Her muscles surprisingly strong. She screamed her release before passing out from the sheer overwhelming intensity. She collapsed bonelessly against her new Master.

He wrapped his arms around her holding her tight then slowly eased her body to the floor. He stood and adjusted his clothing and then bent to pick her up and carry her bonelessly limp body to the couch near his desk. He placed her there and pulled his chair up close to her.

Slowly, awareness came back to Raven. She blinked a few times, trying to figure out why she was on the couch, then she remembered. “Ohhh god,” she whispered as her eyes found the Masters’.

He smiled at her and gazed deep into her eyes, “Yes little one you have many talents.”

“Thank you Master.” For the first time Raven verbally acknowledged who this man was to her now.

His smile broadened at the realization that her words brought. He reached out and cradled her chin in his hand. “You have a future here love, all that you are, all that you can be, all that you will be is open to you. We will give you training that you need and the love that you desire. We welcome to our home and family.” With that he reached over to his desk and pressed a button, “Rose, will you come in here please?”

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