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All things much come to an end and so it was with our getaway weekend. Lori and I had shared the relative calm and restive night-life of Santa Barbara for three days, the time had come to pack up and go back to our respective homes. The food was excellent, the dancing exciting, the sex wonderful, and the rest refreshing but it was over, the everyday grind awaited.

I had pretty much finished packing. A guy doesn’t need that much for a weekend and what he brings should be mostly the products that insure he won’t become malodorly offensive. I stood before the wide window, absorbing the impressive view below. We were only on the fourth floor, but that was enough to see the white beach curving away, the waves breaking and rushing in, the gulls soaring on invisible winds, and the somewhat more mundane parking lot below. I idly scanned the multi-colored, chrome brightened vehicles and some movement inside one of them directly below our window caught my eye.

Looking directly through the windshield, I saw two people seated side by side, talking, one of whom was making vehement use of hands to express himself. The woman, sitting in the driver’s seat, wore a halter dress, the hem of which ended somewhere at mid thigh. He was in a floral button down shirt and cargo shorts. In short, a typical tourist couple in their twenties. He was thin and her curves were shown to advantage by the dress.

As I watched, the woman caught the man’s fluttering hands and leaned toward him, speaking animatedly. It wasn’t much, but a little human drama was preferable to the sea gulls trying to stay in one spot in the sky against the wind. Whatever the woman had been saying must have packed some power because the man suddenly leaned forward and kissed her.

The kiss didn’t seem to begin with much, maybe he was just trying to shut her up, but after a few seconds she released his hands and her arms went around his neck. The plot thickens, I thought. From the movement I could make out, the kisses were becoming longer and passionate. His hands had gone around her waist and even though her long curly hair hid the details of what was going on, I could tell they were not taking being idle.

“Are you ready to go?” called my companion from the bathroom where she was working female magic.

“Uhm, yeah, just about…” I answered, not taking my eyes off the couple in the car below. Whoa!

The woman had suddenly leaned back in her seat, her hair flying aside to show that her car-mate had worked the clasp on the halter leaving her breasts fully exposed. Just as I began to wonder if those were real, her seat back dropped all the way down, the shock setting into glorious motion that which had freshly been revealed and reminding denizli escort me of the old song lyric it must be jelly cuz jam don’t shake like that.

I wasn’t treated to the unimpeded view for long. I lost it when Mister Man leaned over the central console in the car, putting his head between my eyes and her impressive bosom. “You fucker,” I whispered, feeling my baggies becoming less roomy. Was he? Her hands went to the back of his neck, then her fingers into his hair. I couldn’t see her face, the car roof cut her off just at the shoulder line. Of course he was, I could tell by the movements of his head and the way her fingers were treating him. I reached down and adjusted myself then started. I guiltily looked around and then made a quick circuit of the parking lot. Lori was still in the bathroom and nobody was in the lot. This little unintended show was a private one.

The thin man had almost climbed over the center divider in his fervor. I saw that while I had been hastily checking the area, he had slipped his hand between her legs, The damned steering wheel was blocking a complete view, but his arm was not keeping still and I realized her hips weren’t either. By then I could have been used as the flag pole of any military base and the need to be touched was very strong. What the hell… I ran my thumb along the line of my fly, right where the plump vein would be seen if I’d been wearing less. Uh oh

She was pushing him back. He was resisting, I could see he wasn’t anxious to get sent back to passenger-seat-land. My suspicion was that she had enough of out-door play and was ready to make a break for the room. Ahhh, crap, well it was good while — Hello?

Mister Man seemed to have other ideas… or maybe she did. She wasn’t trying to get the halter back together and he was definitely getting ready for something. He fumbled at his waistband, tugged downward, dropped his hand beside the seat, BAM, just like hers, the seat went back. She, in the mean time, was working on undoing the buttons of his shirt. This time she leaned over and I lost sight of his chest, not that I was interested in it, when it disappeared under a deluge of curls. His motions were rushed. He pushed his hips upward and pushed with his hands, and bingo Mister Johnson made his appearance. My mouth literally gaped. Even at the distance of four floors I could see that there was extra horsepower in that Johnson. Apparently I was not alone in my appreciation because the woman’s hand was quick to capture the big one before it could get away.

As before, the car roof didn’t allow me to see his face, but I could see plenty. Her hand was returning the favor his had bestowed diyarbakır escort upon her. As she moved her palm and fingers I couldn’t help but think of the treatment a motorcycle throttle got… if it had a knob on the end. My hand started to keep time with her movements. I realized the mass of curls was heading southward, and –

“What the hell are you doing?” Lori asked in a voice only two steps away from a Jerry Springer discussion volume. A cat would have made it to the ceiling and hung there by its claws, me – I barely managed to clear three feet in height from a flat footed shocked surprise. She kept talking as I tried to swallow my heart where it was trying to escape through my throat.

“I asked you if you wanted to bring the car around, and when you didn’t answer,” I motioned her toward me, pointing at the car she couldn’t see “I come out to find you, getting ready to-” she stepped closer and saw. “Oh!”

During that short episode of cardiac arrest, the woman had completed her southward trek. From the motions of her head and the way his hands were stroking the curls, I’d say she found the South Pole on the first try. It wouldn’t have been difficult, it certainly was tall enough. In no time, my frightened turtle had resumed its former heroic proportions. After a few minutes of watching, Lori’s hand took over for mine. That allowed me to unsnap her shorts which inspired her to unzip mine. We kept things in motion while the couple below worked through their difficulties.

Lori twisted me in her grip. “It’s big, isn’t it?” She asked. I pushed her shorts down over her deliciously rounded ass. “It’s huge, how can you tell?”

“She’s moving a lot, she sighed, leaning forward a little. “She’s got a lot of territory to cover,” I murmured, moving behind and then into her.

Lori put her palms against the glass and pushed back to meet me. She kept her eyes locked on the duo below while I held her hips and moved slowly at first, the faster. I couldn’t see from my new angle, but I had other inspirations. Lori moaned and moved with me, her hair swaying with our movements, her breasts bouncing under her t-shirt. I slipped my hand between her thighs, found where we were joined and began to play.

“Ohhhh, my GOD!” she groaned and rammed herself backward. I knew my lover well enough to know that her reaction was due to something other than my touch. I craned forward and looked below. “He’s cumming,” Lori helped.

Yes, he was. Lori rolled her hips against me, allowing me to share the vision. The woman had freed him from her mouth and was pumping as if to salvage a sinking vessel, one whose main mast sprang from a bed of antalya escort brown curls. We watched as she milked him in fast strokes, then slower and longer ones, finally playing eagle claw at the end. I leaned back and started to pick up the pace, replacing the soft sigh of skin on skin with the slap and wet pop of hard cock fucking ready pussy. Lori put her head down but by her faint reflection in the glass I could see she was still watching our players. “Ohhh… ohhh… look, Brandon, look at them now!”

I surged forward, grabbing her hands and spreading them so she was pressed flat against the glass, me sunk deep into her. I looked over her shoulder to see what had affected her.

The woman was back in the driver’s seat, as if she’d ever left. Her dress was pulled up over her hips, her knees pulled up as much as the dashboard and steering wheel allowed. Again, the wheel prevented me from seeing clearly what he was doing, so I was puzzled at first. Whatever it was, it was… fast…?

Lori came to my rescue while she writhed, pinned between me and the glass. “He’s spanking her pussy,” she turned her face to one side, “her clit.” and sunk her teeth into my arm. The woman below began to shake, her hands were between her thighs, presumably helping. She began to buck, her breasts heaving and bounding while her lover continued his rapid one handed clap. I couldn’t tell, but it seemed to me he was intently watching her face as she came.

Lori bit harder, her throat giving off a high pitched keening sound, and I felt her convulse around me. That set me off, and the couple below was forgotten as we in the room rode each other up and over another roller coaster ride. This one, though, was the highest and fastest of our weekend. When I was done shouting and growling, we slid from the window into an undignified, but loving, heap of gasping flesh.

It took us a while to recover, a little more time for Lori to fix the damage done to her makeup, but when we were done I grabbed the bags and we headed down to the desk to turn in the keys. The desk clerk was very bright eyed and efficient, processing us out in short order.

“Did you enjoy your stay?”

“Absolutely,” replied Lori.

“Right up to the last minute,” I added.

We strode for the entry, anxious to get on the road, both smiling. We were delayed for a minute to allow another couple to come in, a thin man in shorts and a buxom woman in a rumpled halter dress. I stood, holding the door, waiting for Lori, who had given the man the once over when he’d walked by and was now eyeing the woman. She noticed Lori’s attention and turned to face her.

“Yes?” she asked politely.

Lori smiled and made a vague motion toward her own dark locks.

“You’ve got a little something in your… uh… hair and probably on the seat, too” she replied in a low voice. The woman’s face first was blank, then went flaming red.

I choked on my laugh and followed my wicked girl-friend just as soon as she had passed.

The drive home took longer than normal.

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