Fare Exchange


She entered the hotel room, exactly on time, her sweet feminine fragrance trailing behind her.

She was beyond what they’d expected, beyond what they’d dared imagine. About nineteen, blond, gorgeous, five foot six and full lipped, dressed in a slight blue dress with shoulder straps that accentuated her natural slenderness and marble smooth skin. A hooker’s dress really, geared to turn heads, or rouse imaginations, in any street or brothel.

Which is what this girl did, day after day, to anyone who entered the red lit passages of her realm.

The group of businessmen muttered their greeting, quietly stunned and made awkward by the unusually beautiful prostitute before them. They could barely believe their luck. It seemed almost inconceivable that this girl, with her air of innocence, could arrive here ready for the acts of blunt and brutal carnality they had in store for her. She seemed so unspoiled, they wondered if she’d actually cope.

The loins of the three men tingled as they gazed at the teenager, each of them fixated on the mystery beneath her skirt, and by how far she’d go.

Their response was one the girl had grown used to. She saw it, day after day, in all the clients who, shocked and aroused by her freshness, would then go on and destroy the illusion in her soft teen cunt.

These men were the same. They were the ins and outs of her trade. Her young eyes, and body, had taken in so many like them in the ten months she’d been working. Still, she appreciated the way they looked at her. She enjoyed this power she had over men, how she could make them helpless and needy and be desperate for her, while they, in turn, thanked the Lord for her naivety and paid hard cash to exploit her in the full bloom of youth.

It was a mutually beneficial arrangement. The money made her life easier and, even on days when she didn’t find the patrons attractive, the unrelenting involvement in her pussy over the eight hour shifts nearly always brought her to orgasm, often with the third or fourth client.

Her months of days and nights at the parlor had taught her all the nuances of being a good whore. She had slowly built her bag of tricks on the jerking hips of dozens of grateful men, their groans and ejaculations teaching her all she needed to know about the opposite sex. The rub of the thumb over a well oiled gland, the spasmodic flick and swirls on a head, the switches in pressure and vacuum on a shaft, the squeezing of the muscles in her cunt or sphincter that made them all moan; the casual, slutty finger up their ass and the cupping of the balls as they came…

She’d fine tuned her abilities on a never ending line of cock. Her touch had become velvet. Her sexual talents were already second nature.

The tone of her work had been set from the very first day at the parlor, when the manager broke her in, insisting he be the first to try the holes about to be put to constant use in his building. He had sodomized her mercilessly in the backroom, a purposefully rough initiation, so she would be in no doubt about the treatment she could expect. He had come violently in her virgin ass, while her first customer, eager to try the new girl, waited patiently in the foyer and plotted the exact same experience.

(Then there was the old man on her second day, straddling her face and shockingly raping her mouth, until his inevitable explosion filled the condom sliding down her throat. He had disgusted her, but it was a feeling she’d soon learned to suppress.)

From those shaky first days she had blossomed. She’d been fucked and used continuously, in hotel rooms, cars, in bars, and on yachts, by cocks of all shapes and sizes, becoming used to the slurp of strangers on her cunt and the pounding of anonymous men in whatever hole they chose, until it all became routine, a matter of course, normal even. She was fully immersed in the world of eroticism in which she now existed.

And here she was now, looking like sugar couldn’t melt in her mouth.


The men had flown in from the north for a three day conference. Their briefcases sat around the room, all alike, except one was blue, one was gray, and the other one was black. The cases lay open, spilling pink and white slips of paper. Business to attend to. The cold hard facts.

They were a nondescript bunch. Men in shirts and ties, vaguely anonymous, as men in shirts and ties on the lower to middle echelon tended to be. It was very important work they were involved in, but people would walk away from them unsure exactly what it was they did. Something to do with cash and graphs and targets and margins and meetings of urgency with other men in shirts and ties.

These men had bonded in their years together, in their long gray office, with the desperation of people forced upon each other, who, as a matter of survival, had to find a way to make it work.

They did this with graveyard humor and their too hard laughs; the end of week drinking sessions where they’d gradually let their secrets slip; the nights out at bars and strip mersin escort joints and nightclubs where they would huddle in a bunch, protecting themselves from the pounding music, and the glowing youth around them who made them feel uncertain of their place. They would cradle their drinks, and guffaw, and sneer, and pretend it was all beneath them.

They were slightly disappointed men who weren’t quite sure they’d ended up where they wanted to be. Salesmen who, deep down, were afraid they had nothing left to sell. They recognized this in each other, and found comfort and solace in the fact.

The oldest of the three was Phillip, who, in his mid-fifties, had been at the company longest. He had made sure to exploit all his seniority over the years and had a well earned reputation as the office bully. Every day he would pick at and harass his underlings, telling himself he was just showing them the ropes, when, in reality, it was the slow and sadistic punishment of a man resentful of their futures and the danger that they could soon leave him for better pastures.

The women who had to work with him soon had his number too, and were uncomfortable in his presence. The way his gaze would linger on them, and never at their faces. The way they would discuss details with him, and he would stare at them, not really there, or even really listening. The young female secretaries would stiffen when he lent in too close, self conscious and pulling at their skirts, or at the buttons on the front of their blouse, as they politely nodded, wishing he would go away. Sensing the rejection, the old man would bark and issue orders, then storm off to his desk like he was mad at their work.

Phillip never quite got it. He exerted all the power he could in his small, contained world because, for a long time now, the wider one had him beaten. The fact gnawed away at him everyday, but he blustered on like the problem lay somewhere else.

His closest friend at the company was Robert – his left hand man, his able lieutenant, his confidante, the second in the chain of command. Vice seemed an appropriate title for Robert, who, with his combed back black hair and comparative good looks, fancied himself as the office lothario. He would delight the old man with his tales of on-the-road conquests and his sordid nights with a stream of loose and traceless women.

“Really?” the old man would ask delightedly, hanging on Robert’s every word.

Robert would buff up the stories for the old man’s enjoyment, but the sexual misadventures, fictional or not, soon became their main point of discussion. Along the way they would tend to their pink and white slips of paper, serious and earnest, plotting and scheming as if the future of the free world depended on it.

As usual, Willem was there in the hotel room with them.

Good old Willem, the eternal third wheel, tagging along like he always did. Curly haired, large, and thickset, Willem was tolerated by Phillip and Robert because he was close in proximity to their age, and because he didn’t present a threat.

An amiable dolt, the lovable lunk, slow on the uptake and eager to follow – he would toddle along with the pair where ever they chose to go.

“Buy us a drink Willem!”

“Bring us that folder Willem!” “Go over there Willem!”

…and he would. The others almost felt sorry for their friend and the effort it took him to navigate even the simplest of tasks, but they admired how hard he worked, and, overcome with sudden rushes of compassion, they would slap him on the back or throw an arm around his shoulder and take pity on him, and then lead him even further astray.

Still, the dynamic suited Willem. Robert and Phillip showed him places that he had neither the foresight or courage to find for himself, and he was grateful for their guidance. He looked up to the other two and aspired to their sophistication. He felt privileged to dine at their table.

The trio traveled together frequently, on sale trips and to conferences, and it hadn’t taken them long to discover their shared taste in extracurricular activities. Their penchant for prostitutes brought a dash of glamor and excitement to their lives, a splash of color that lit up the faceless hotel rooms and the monochromatic crush of their days. It was a pleasant perk of the job, a little cream on top, the bonus of the money chase that sometimes wore them down. Whenever they went out of town, hiring a hooker was the part the trio looked forward to most. By a long way.

They would sit in meetings, in rooms full of formica, impressing their authority on other men in shirts and ties, while, inside, they imagined what the girl turning up later would look like. Where they would touch her, and what they would make her do.

The trio had quickly developed a taste for gang bangs where they could treat their sex with hookers like a team sport: passing the ball around, admiring each other’s moves, trying to get one up. Then they’d sit around afterwards over a few post kocaeli escort match drinks, reliving the magic and the ways they’d got to score.

They liked the girls young, mainly because they’d nearly always be attractive and because they were also less likely to question the various degradations the men imposed upon them. The sessions with prostitutes gave the men back a feeling of power they sensed was slipping away. It also gave them access to a whole range of women who were entirely out of their league. The sex came without the complications that only confused them.

A business friend, hearing the group were coming into town, had handed them a card with a phone number written in blue ink on the back. It was a high end agency he’d said, where the girls were stunners and, for the right price, willing to do absolutely anything. Anything. The men arched their eyebrows at this and hurriedly checked their schedules.

They’d made Willem make the call to the agency, like they usually did, and he placed their standard order. Young, a teenager, available for groups, and willing to ‘go around the world’.

“I think we have just the young lady for you,” the women on the phone said.

“We can have her there in half an hour.”

“Fine,” said Willem, hanging up the phone and smirking up at his mates.

The men poured themselves a drink as they waited and the mood between them became bubbly and animated.

Half an hour later, to the dot, they heard the knock on the door.


The three men smiled and nodded as the young girl before them told them her made up name.

They seemed to be in their forties, maybe their fifties, respectably dressed in blazers and ties, even though she’d long learned not to trust appearances.

“How are you?” they mumbled.

As if they really cared.

The girl’s cunt still smarted from the attentions of the three customers she’d already seen today. She could feel the patch of stickiness between her legs where their cocks had smeared lubricant as they’d pumped into her and come, one after the other, almost to the hour. She would shower and talcum down there after each session so she would seem clean for the next man, but, at the same time, anyone choosing to take her on the spot – which often they did – would find her slick with the left over wetness and ready for immediate use. She wondered if any of the men here would try that.

She lent up against the fireplace in the hotel room, her right leg raised on the hearth, a casual but entirely deliberate stance that lifted her short dress even higher on her thigh.

The businessmen carried on with their small talk, but the way they stared while they talked betrayed them. In their minds, they were already taking snapshots. It was hard to believe this casually smiling, stunning young girl would soon be working their cocks.

The pleasantries were soon over.

“Well…” said the dark haired one.

“Here?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Robert.

“Perhaps you could show us what you have brought for us today,” he said, smiling, as he pointed to the small, circular wooden table in the middle of the room.

“Sure,” she laughed, understanding his intention.

The three men sat back in the black leather chairs spread around the room, tugging at their zippers, while the teenager kicked off her heels and stepped up to her place on the makeshift podium. Still smiling, and gazing into their faces, the girl began to sway and lower herself, her short dress riding up to reveal her lacy panties, her matching white bra slipping out from beneath the thin straps on her shoulder. She knelt to the table with her right leg splayed, giving the men their first view of her covered mound. It was a cliche pose from a thousand magazines and strip bars she had pulled a thousand time times before, but it always worked. The air filled with a thick sexual tension as the men sat entranced, staring, and kneading their dicks.

She looked directly at the oldest of the trio seated in front of her, with his pale member pointed out, and pulled herself into a full, slutty squat. Her dress was now hiked above her waist, as she reached down and, with two fingers, gently pulled aside the panties to reveal the prize they all so coveted.

This pussy, that had brought pleasure to so many, now sat displayed in all it’s glory for each of the men to see. The generous lips spilled out from above the white fabric as she sat back on her heels, her legs spread, unashamed and matter of fact.

How do you like that?

The men soaked in her cunt and masturbated. She was completely shaven, except for a trimmed triangle of hair that sat pointing downwards towards the parted slit. One could only imagine the sensations this tender flesh was capable of producing.

It was too much. They needed to touch her, and be touched by her, now.

They stood up, as one, and moved towards the young hooker, their shafts protruding obscenely from their pants.

Willem samsun escort and Phillip shifted either side of the table, offering the girl their cocks. Her trained hands curled around them, and she began to slowly pull on their shafts below the rapidly reddening heads, like she always did for starters. Both men gasped, reveling in the unfamiliarity of the young whore’s touch and her expert grip, their pricks thickening with each new jerk. They knew too, it was only a prelude to the sensations they would soon find inside her.

The girl still smiled as she sat, legs askew, wanking the two men in unison. Her cunt sat pertly, exposed above the white panties, almost begging to be fucked.

Willem reached out and touched her breast through the flimsy blue fabric as she slowly masturbated him, the same way she was masturbating Phillip. The breath of both men was becoming labored.

Meantime, Robert reached around from behind and gently ran his finger along her hairless cunt lips, exploring the soft and yielding center they were all about to enjoy. He wondered how many men had experienced this same thrill, touching her there, so freely and unhindered. The wonder just made him squeeze himself harder.

Now she was surrounded, the blond lent back and casually lifted her legs, and, just as casually, took the top of Phillip’s cock in her mouth. He gasped, and his back stiffened, as his rod slid along her inner cheek and her wet tongue rolled up to greet it’s underside.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned, as tiny jolts of electricity ran through his dick.

Her lips wrapped on the tip that now ached for attention, and her cheeks hollowed as she began to suck. Obviously she’d done this a few times before.

The old man held her head off the table so he could get himself a better angle, and pumped upwards, and inwards, with his sensitive first few inches, quietly moaning as his cock was inhaled, and slurped on, and made even more rigid for his impending fuck. He looked down on the surreal sight of the beautiful girl he’d only just met, swallowing his prick. Who’d have thought!

Willem, meantime, knelt down and began to prepare her for intercourse. He threw one of her legs over his shoulder as Phillip held the other out wide, completely opening her up. The girl lent back further, sucking, surrendered, entirely complicit, as Willem dragged her panties further along her butt cheeks to fully expose her shaved pussy and asshole.

What a view.

Willem bent forward, spreading the soft lips with his fingers, and began to lick around the tender entrance they would all soon invade. Long, loving strokes that savored her pinkness – it was probably the last gentle moment she’d get. The leg on his shoulder twitched as the girl moaned her approval. She could feel her juices starting to seep down her moist passage, and out into the saliva gathering in her slit. For the fourth time today she was completely wet.

Her eyes closed as she focused on the three points of pleasure; the hand kneading her breast, the tongue shooting sparks across her groin, and the throbbing member – the one about to invade her – swelling in excitement as it poked about in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on it more quickly now, her movement more urgent.

Robert stood behind the group, surveying the scene, one hand on the girl’s breast, the other tugging at his cock.

Phillip was ready now. The little cocksucker had made him rock hard and now he needed to fuck her. He handed her head over to Robert, who shuffled around and placed his shaft by her lips.

Robert groaned as he slipped into the very same paradise Phillip had just vacated. The girl reached around and grabbed his hip, encouraging his cock to go deeper as her tongue swished around the top of it, making his butt cheeks clench and tremble. Robert pumped with the ministrations of her hand and became lost in the perfect O of her mouth. This hooker gave a beautiful, and generous, blow job. Robert’s pubic hair brushed against her lips as, almost straight away, she allowed him through to her throat.

On the other side of the table, Phillip eyed the prize.

He reached out and grabbed the girl by the ankles, and, without ceremony, spread her legs wide. Her slick and smooth cunt stared up at him, her panties crudely pushed to the side. He prodded forward, resting his cock briefly on the outside of the slut’s wet center, then he pushed down and in, and the slick lips of her vagina parted as the top of his cock disappeared inside her. He pulled out slightly so his tingling glands could enjoy the moment all over again, then pushed forward once more, a few inches this time, effortlessly penetrating the young whore.

Five minutes with her and already he was in.

Phillip felt the creamy walls of her tunnel encase his cock, and there was a small smacking sound as her cunt wrapped around him. She was tight alright, despite the numerous pricks she’d probably had. God she felt good!

He looked up her slim, prone body, and he could see Robert’s entire erection disappearing in and out of her mouth.

Phillip began the fuck at his end, his hard prick stabbing downwards into the slippery cunt laid out for him on the table. His hands on her ankles whitened as he rocked the girl along the shiny wooden surface to meet each thrust. She placed a foot on his shoulder to let him go deeper.

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