Good Morning, A really Good Morning


We are both lying in bed, naked. We are still asleep from the late night of bondage that I imposed on you. You are spooning me, pushing your marked arse into my groin. Although you are not fully conscience, you can feel my cock pressing into you. Into your arse which is still tender from the last fuck we had the night before.

We do not notice the scantily clad lady come into our room. It is of course, Hayley. You have given her your key so that she might come in anytime and surprise you. She had used it this morning and was standing near the open window. The sun was coming through the lightweight curtains and a cooling refreshing breeze was billowing them out a little. She was wearing a small pair of white cut-offs with a similar cut-off style of tee shirt. She was watching us as we slept. Her mind going back to times when we all fucked in that very bed. She drifted off to those times and soon she had one hand down the front of her pants slowly stroking her pussy lips. She brought her fingers to her mouth, sucked on them and the replaced them to her pussy. This time they easily slid up and down until they found her clit. While her finger and thumb applied pressure, her other hand went up under her top to apply the same pressure to her left nipple.

You stirred and this startled Hayley. She froze and just starred at you. A big smile came across her face as she slowly climbed on to our bed and starts to caress your face and body. You slowly come awake from this attention, and a soft moan escapes from your lips. Hayley works magic and soon you are close to coming without her even touching your pussy. Antep Bayan Escort You want so much for her to go down on you. She hops up and removes her top and now damp pants. She climbs back onto you where she can access your centre of being.

Her pussy is rubbing against your leg and you reposition it for her pleasure, after all she is pleasuring you. I stir and you both stop still. You want this moment for the both of you, my turn will come latter. I open my eyes and reach over to you but you push me away and say, “Watch but no touch, not yet anyway”.

I watch how Hayley slowly slides her tongue up your snatch to where your clit is, pause and then slides back down. I can see wetness glistening in the morning sun and I am sure she tastes it as well. A hand sneaks up your body and plays with a nipple and then makes it way to your mouth. You reach up and hold her hand and slowly suck each finger in turn making sure the last finger you suck remains moist. You push her hand down to your pussy where she inserts that finger and then twists it around. I marvel at the way you continue to look into her eyes, never once being distracted. She knows how to treat you and you certainly enjoy this woman’s touch. When she holds your arse checks, you jump as the welts left from last night are still very tender. She plays with your rosebud before pushing a finger slowing against it. Gradually she works her finger in up to her second knuckle. With all of this going on you climb up to your peak and scream out as you squirt a load of pussy juice directly into Hayley’s open mouth. Your legs clamp tight onto her head and your eyes finally lose contact with Hayley’s when you shut them tight. All moment is stopped and you welcome waves of orgasmic pleasure.

I am now rock hard from watching you come. Hayley slowly slides up your body, kissing you as she comes up. You embrace her tightly as you know she did that just for your pleasure. I certainly got some pleasure watching you but this isn’t why Hayley did this for you.

You look over to me and smile. You grab my rock hard cock and then push Hayley over to it so that she can lick the tip and stroke my shaft. Your pussy juice from her mouth provides the lubrication. As Hayley does this you come up behind her and start your own explorative journey of her pussy. Your tongue glides up and down her slit, when you reach her clit, your mouth forms a small sucking pump taking her into your mouth. This added suction causes her lips and clit to swell up. You can taste her as she really starts to lick and suck my cock in earnest. You can feel her body move as she works on me, this encourages you to really go to town on her. You swivel around onto your back where you can lick her pussy and clit but now also be able to play with her arse. You run your fingers all over her tight arse and think, soon, this arse will be mine. Just as you gave me your arse last night, so shall Hayley give her arse to you. You catch as glimpse of the whips, crops and floggers left on the side table, knowing that you will use them on her soon, very soon.

You feel Goosebumps form on her backside as your fingers wander here and there. You reach up and slowly press one finger directly into her arse. You love doing this to her as this makes her really cum. You lick faster and twist your finger in her bum. Both Hayley and I are close to exploding. She finally does and as she cums, she lifts her head and mouth away from my cock before I reach that point of no return.

She calls out your name as she fully sits down on your face while experiencing a massive orgasm. This is why we have sex, you think to yourself. What fun, what pleasure, what a turn on.

You then embrace Hayley while she comes down and then reach over to me and say now it’s your turn. Both you and Hayley start to work on my cock to get it hard. This doesn’t take long and soon you are lowering yourself onto my rock hard piston. Hayley lowers herself over my face and starts to grind her pussy hard into my face. You reach over to her and embrace her. You play with her boobs while maintaining contact with her mouth. Your combined pussy juice is now becoming just a beautiful sex scent. One that will stay long after our love making and fucking is finished.

As she grinds her cunt into my face, you edge close to another orgasm. I explode just before Hayley. Our combined orgasms sends you over the edge as well. We all enjoy the tastes and smells we have created. You and Hayley roll off me, still embracing each other. I smile.

I drift back to sleep holding both of you in my arms. You watch Hayley as she finally goes to sleep and then you drift off yourself. Your final thoughts before going back to sleep are about having Hayley tied and bound as you apply some pleasure/pain to her body as I applied to your body the night before. You drift off to sleep knowing that when you awake the real sex will start.

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