Holly: My Girlfriend’s Daughter Ch. 03


(This is a continuation of the true story of how my girlfriend’s daughter – my “stepdaughter” – seduced me and then confessed her lust for her Mom. I apologize that it took so long to give you part 3. I finally told Holly that I was writing it, and she helped me with details. We have at least one more chapter after this we want to share. All our names have been changed to protect our identities.)


I believed that I might get lucky again that night – Elise was tipsy and it was relatively early.

She didn’t bother to close the door once Holly went into her room and slid under her sheets, but instead she pulled her shirt over her head and then slipped her jeans down. She grinned at me drunkenly, standing naked basically in the doorway where Holly was apt to see her, even in the dim light provided by the moon through the windows. She had on a white lace thong and bent perilously to extricate it from the end of her toes. i stood before her and slid out of all but my venerable boxer-briefs, then graciously slung the covers back for her. Still grinning, she kissed my ear and whispered, “I want you to fuck me…” then climbed into bed.

She had never left the door open while we made love, and I glanced across the hall to see Holly’s eyes wide open and glistening like a cat’s. I saw her smile. I got into bed and kissed Elise. She pushed my boxers down to mid-thigh with one hand, then used her cold foot to slide it off. We breathed hard but said nothing. I reached between her legs and found her wetter than I ever remembered.

She pulled me over her and guided me into her, moaning noisily as I slid into her sopping sex. I placed my finger over her lips in a futile attempt to quiet her. We moved slowly, breathing hard into one another, her hips and mine in a familiar pas de deux. She was so very wet that I moved easily in and out of her, and the accumulation of her juices matted both of our nether regions thoroughly. She cried out in time with our movements, a kind of staccato “oh…oh…oh…” with the volume rising ever slowly. I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to come, but wondered if Holly’s confession had anything to do with her accelerated path to orgasm.

“oh god baby..” she blurted in a kind of word spurt. “youfeelsogood/iwannacummm..” she held the ‘m’, her upper lip sort of caught on her lower one. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back, holding the ‘mmmm’. I kissed her neck as she came, suddenly, almost shouting “OH!….OH!….OH, ERIC!” her hips crashed into mine, again and again, then she held steady and ground into me, her hands clutching at my shoulders. “MMmmmmmm…” she moaned, her eyes opening and a grin spreading across her face. I was shaking rather noticeably. “Baby, you are SO gooood…” she purred, drunk and sleepy. Her eyelids fluttered and her hips moved in circles below me.

Elise has a rhythm when we have sex, and once she finds her groove, she can cum many, many times. I reached below her and slid the middle finger of my right hand into her ass, and her crescendo came a moment later. Gasping, she came again, furiously grinding up into me, her hips making slow circles then pumping up and down. “OHHH!” she nearly shrieked. “OHGOD!” Smiling, I glanced at the doorway, and there stood – not surprisingly – Holly, just outside the door in the hall, where her mother was unlikely to see her from below me, her view obstructed by pillows. She smiled and shushed me with her finger as I moved slowly in and out of her mother. Her hand was in her orange thong. I looked down at Elise, my face suddenly serious – or determined, or panicked – and I pushed deep inside her, making her catch her breath.

“Cum, baby – it’s alright,” she whispered. I pushed deep inside her while moving my middle finger in her bottom. She closed her eyes and we moved together. “Cum with me…” I pleaded, and soon I felt the muscle of her ass grip and ripple. She moaned, not as noisily, and came, and I pulled out of her, groaning incoherently, my come spilling on her stomach. My head grew heavy and I turned to look at Holly, her head rolling back, her other hand up under her nightshirt. I heard a whimper, and I moaned to cover it. Elise’s eyelids fluttered and she stretched. I rolled off her to the door side of the bed. Holly was gone, and I let out a sigh of relief. I sucked Elise’s juices and the taste of her bottom from my fingers. She pulled the covers up over us and threw her arm over me. “I love you,” she said very quietly. “I love you, too,” I whispered, kissing her hand. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sleep.


I did sleep though, and I woke up feeling a little nervous but very certain my life would never be the same. Before the alarm went off, I ruminated on the events of the preceding day. I stared at the ceiling and wondered if Holly was serious about wanting to have sex with her mother. It was an odd, seductive, strange and powerful notion. I lay awake, thinking about how wonderful both of these women were, how much I loved them, gaziantep escort how much I loved fucking them.

I was already over the taboo part of Holly wanting her mother, but I wondered how it would work in real life. Who – if anyone – could know? What would it mean in the grand scheme of things? Would Holly still go out and get married, or would she want to live with us? If she came out as gay or even bisexual, this would be far less of a problem. But her extended family and even her father were relatively straight laced – not prejudiced in any way, but mainstream. I mean, her father certainly couldn’t know she was in a menage a trois with her mother and her boyfriend. I laughed out loud when I realized how ridiculous the whole thing was – there was really no way Elise was going to have sex with her own daughter! Our lives aren’t an episode of ‘Jerry Springer’, after all.

I realized the ludicrousness of it at the same moment I grasped that I didn’t want to NOT have sex with Holly. Ever. I began a daydream at that moment of her delicious pussy…

“Hey, you,” Elise said, smiling. “Good morning!” She was dozy but awake. My laughter must have wakened her. “What’s so funny?” she asked, kittenish. She threw her arm over me again. I looked into her eyes and grinned.

“I was happy that we had sex for the second time in less than twenty four hours,” I said, which was not entirely untrue.

“I feel sooo gooood…” she mewed. The alarm began its cycle of despair. “Ohhhh…” she said disappointed, shutting it off.

She rolled out of bed, kissing me. “I gotta take a shower…” she pouted, “There’s cum all over me!” She giggled and strode in her inimitable style to the hallway. I heard her wake Holly. “Honey, it’s eight.” I glanced out into the hallway. Elise was standing at Holly’s doorway – naked. I laid back down and let out a long sigh.

“I don’t have to be back in class til noon,” Holly retorted.

“Whatever,” Elise said cheerfully. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. I heard the shower running. In a tiny panic, I drew the sheets up to my chin. Though I wanted Holly to come in, slide into bed and lay next to me, I did NOT want to get caught. I closed my eyes tight and waited.

Soon enough, Elise returned to the room, freshly showered and happy. She practically whistled as she laid out her clothes, returning to the bathroom to get ready. She did not bother to put on any clothes, and strolled through the upstairs naked, which she did all the time, but now, this languidness had a new and rather exciting meaning for me. I pretended to be half-asleep.

Finally, with time running out, she dressed and sat to kiss me. “You better get up, too, sleepyhead,” she joked.

“I don’t have to be at work for another hour – I plan on getting my fair share of sleep,” I protested.

“Suit yourself, babe – I’d love to stay here with you but I gotta go!” She hopped up cheerfully and stopped at Holly’s door. “Leaving, Hon – see you tonight!”

“Bye, Mom – Love you…” Holly answered. Elise started down the stairs but I heard Holly get up. “Wait, Mom – Give me a hug!”

“When did you start sleeping nude?” Elise laughed.

“I was hot – I must have done it in my sleep,” Holly claimed. “Mom, you gotta shave that bush…” she laughed, “No one has hair down there!”

“Alright, alright, whatever – I’m not in college, Holly,” Elise said. They must have hugged. “I’ll see you, baby.”

“Bye, Mom.”

Elise went downstairs and out to her car. I waited in silence.

Moments – or minutes, or an hour – later, Holly slid into bed. “God, that was erotic – watching you fuck her…” she said. She laid on the side closest the door. I felt like I could still feel the heat of her mother beside me on the other side.

“Jesus, I can’t believe you watched us!” I said, exasperated. “What if she’d seen you?”

“Well, I obviously thought of that – but YOU didn’t even see me for, like, ten minutes!” she laughed. We kissed. Her tongue was like silk. I rolled to my side, and we held each other, our hands exploring strange, new worlds. I held her ass in my hand.

“I have to pee,” I said, truthfully.

“Me, too,” she said, nodding.

We got up and went to the bathroom. “I wanna watch,” she said. I looked at her, then aimed and pissed. She watched, her hand over her mouth. “Hot,” she declared, then I lowered the seat. She sat and I pushed her knees open with my leg. I stood in front of her. “Fair’s fair,” I said. She began to pee and I knelt down and took her gorgeous face in my hands and kissed her, our tongues entwining. “Go-o–dd,” she shivered. I backed away and she stood without even wiping, turned and put her hands on the counter, bending slightly. She spread her legs. “Fuck me,” she demanded.

I was hard, and I reached under her, touching her pussy – she was so incredibly wet. I licked my fingers then slid the head of my cock along her slippery lips, once, then again, then i pushed up into the source konya escort of her heat. She gasped, almost inaudibly. I pushed hard against her resistant tightness. I could feel every contour of her young, compliant cunt. She groaned, pushed back and squeezed her muscles, which made me groan with pleasure.

“You know I’m not on the pill,” she whispered, turning to me, “So, if you wanna cum in me, you’ll have to…move…” Then she grinned. I saw her face light up with mischievousness in the mirror. I began moving with purpose, her insides gripping me like a fist, her thighs banging the counter.

“Uhhh!…Uhhhh!…” she breathed. Her hand skillfully slipped down between her thighs, and soon – as with her mom – she came, almost too quickly. “OHHH! ER-RIIIC!” she moaned, banging back and almost bruising my pelvis.

I pulled out and pushed her gently between the shoulder blades, backing us both up slightly. I pulled one of her big, glorious, smooth cheeks aside and with my right hand, I pressed my cock against her milk chocolate star, and pushed hard, popping the head in. “OHw!” she grunted. I kept pushing, feeling the tight band of muscle staving off my invasion, until I was in far enough to pull back out slightly.

Holly kept sucking air, gasping. “Oooo…babe – I’m sore…” she said unsteadily. But she pushed back when I pushed in, and I grabbed her hips, deliriously watching my dick disappear into her ass.

“I…won’t be long…” I confessed. Her head hang down and her forest of long brown hair obscured her face as she pumped back against me, one hand down between those firm thighs.

“Mmmme neither,” she panted.

I came, spurting – dust? cum? – deep into her tight ass, the base of my shaft feeling like I was lodged in bone, involuntarily ramming into her, making her squeal, the sounds of our cries echoing in the confined, hard space of the bathroom. She turned her head and turned my face to hers, and her tongue snaked into my mouth. She half-laughed at her delight. “My ass is going to be sore during class…” she said in a husky voice.

“I wish I could be in your dorm to make it feel better…”

“With your tongue, I presume?”

I held her for a moment, my hands on her pendulous breasts, considering myself – like Lou Gehrig – the luckiest man on the face of the Earth, for the moment.

“I have to go…to school,” Holly said.

“Wellll…” I said, considering, “I have to go to WORK.”

I slid out, my cum dripping to the floor. “I didn’t know I had it in me…” I thought. My well-used member drooled cum and was brown with Holly’s ass. I looked down and smirked – here was my grand opportunity to taste the depths of her luscious ass, and I had no time to test the depth of our mutual depravity. Holly spun around and looked down, also smirking.

“I…wish we had time to explore this…” Holly said forlornly, handling my soggy member. I felt like I had created a monster. “I really have to get a shower – I have to get to school.”

School was forty five minutes away, at a small college once attended by a family member. She had – oddly – joined a sorority during her first year there. Holly had always been independent and self-aware, so the sorority was kind of a surprise to me, but not her mother, who had also been in one during college. Anyway, now I sort of understood why Holly might want to join one, as the proximity to hot girls was one of the benefits.

Holly kissed me and then turned on the shower. “Why don’t we share the hot water?” she asked innocently. We hadn’t shared the shower since she was an infant and I bathed her there, but I was more than willing.

Holly talked to me while she washed her long, thick hair. I was still speechless. “So Megan is coming tonight…” she began while I stood on the back wall of the shower, recovering. “I am gonna be all over her, so Mom can see. I want her to feel the whole girl-girl experience.”

“You want her to be jealous, ” I added succinctly.

Holly smiled broadly. “Yeah, I really do.” She stepped closer. “I’m not a lesbian, you know.” She snuggled up to me. I drew her close, soaping myself. “I just have, you know, an appetite. I want who I want.” She turned and began rinsing. I stared at her round, ample ass. I felt blood rushing to my groin – painfully. “Anyway, I love Megan – she’s an incredible friend. Mom is going to be so turned on.” She looked back at my face, then down at my engorging cock. “You are going to have to wait,” she laughed, smiling at my predicament.

As she got out to towel off, leaving me to my own devices, I slapped her on the ass. “HEY!” she yelped.

“That is the punishment I promised you yesterday,” I grinned.


The rest of the day was a blur. Work came and went like an aspirin commercial. Megan was coming back from school with Holly, and I had no idea what to expect for the weekend.


Elise was home when I arrived. She was cleaning kayseri escort up, putting away groceries. “Hi, honey,” I said.

“Hey, lover,” she answered. It had been years since she called me that. She was all business, though. I opened the fridge – extra beer, extra wine, extra Gatorade – who was going to get dehydrated?

“I guess you’re ready for this weekend…” I said, uncertain.

She stopped and smiled. “I’m sure this is a phase, but, you know, I like Megan, and well, who knows? Holly has only brought one guy home before.” She danced around the kitchen, putting things away. “I thought we might go out to dinner,” she said in an offhand way.

I went up to change. She joined me as I was slipping into jeans. “Hey,” she said, licking her lips, “do you want to make out?”

In my head, I thought, “Wow,” and I said – out loud – “Wow.” Stunned for a moment, I went over to her and asked, “When will Holly be back?” as I unbuttoned her shirt. I didn’t know what had come over her, but I liked it.

Elise gasped as I licked and sucked her nipples – one, then the other. Her perfect, low-slung black pants slid easily over her hips, and my fingers slipped between her legs, feeling the heat pouring out from her underneath her thong. I pushed her thong down and off and let my jeans fall to the floor. I pushed her into the wall and pulled my cock out. She lifted her leg and I shoved myself into her drenched pussy hard enough to take her breath away, crushing her into the wall. She moaned softly, her arms wrapped around my neck, and i held her leg up and had my hands on her perfect ass.

I pumped into her, slowly, the way she likes it. She tilted her pelvis so her clit would grind on me, panting. She almost purred, lapping at my lips. All day long I’d been thinking of this weekend, and my body responded easily to her.

Elise came rather quickly, surprising me. Her whole weight fell into my arms. She made animal, incoherent noises, and stopped moving. She vibrated. Downstairs, the door opened. “Hello?” Holly called.

Elise looked at me. She grinned. There was a long pause, then she said, “Hi, Honey – I’m coming down!”

I slid out of her as she pushed me away. She slipped into her sweats and a tank top while I struggled back into something which would hide my erection. she closed the door, winked at me, and went downstairs.

After my erection subsided, I went down the stairs cautiously, not even certain of why I was cautious. When I arrived at the bottom of the stairs, my knees were shaking. In the kitchen, Elise leaned over the counter, a glass of wine in her hand, and she was laughing. I looked at Holly and Megan, who looked comfortable and laughed easily. Holly placed her hand on Megan’s hip.

“Hi, Eric,” Holly said – maybe too joyfully. She shared a look with Megan which confused me. Did Megan know about me and Holly?

“Hi, Honey,” I said, and I looked at Megan, “Hi, Megan!”

Megan had shoulder length, shiny black hair. She was – is – really skinny, with huge green eyes, ‘b’ cup breasts, narrow hips, slender legs, a firm ass with a sweet split in the middle. She has a pierced nose – a shiny silver stud glittered there. I moved around to hug Holly, and I saw that Megan had on low slung, beige cargo pants. A red thong peeked above the waistband of her hips. She wore a cropped short sleeved shirt and apparently no bra – I could see the outline of her nipples. I gave her a brief hug as well. Holly had on a long skirt with a slit up the side, and tank top and a little cropped white cardigan.

The girls had a “hard” lemonade. I drank a beer while we chit-chatted. Elise had made plans for us to eat at a great Italian restaurant. She had two glasses of red wine. I drove.


Dinner was good – the server was lax, and the girls shared wine with us. The place was dimly lit, and a candle burned in our booth. Elise sat across from me; I sat next to Holly. Elise leaned close, talking in low whispers. “How long have you two been…together?” she asked Megan at some point.

“You know…” Megan answered, smiling, “I met Holly during freshman year. I’m not in her sorority.” This made us all laugh. “But we hung out and we found that we had a LOT in common.” She continued. “One night, after a party, we just…”

“You don’t HAVE to tell EVERYTHING,” Holly protested.

“It was lust at first sight,” Megan said with a laugh. “We’ve had a few adventures.”

Holly placed her hand discreetly on my thigh. Megan’s foot was fairly visible in her lap, and Holly squeezed. Elise’s voice got huskier – she was getting aroused. Holly’s thigh was exposed, and she turned it to me so our thighs touched. When Elise looked away for the server, Holly’s eyes met mine briefly, and her eyes glanced down. I put my hand down on tanned her skin, right at about mid-thigh.

Elise ordered more wine, then turned back to the table. “You two,” meaning Holly and Megan, I hoped, “are so bad…” she grinned as she said it.

Megan leaned sideways to Elise and put her hand on her shoulder – their faces were close. I used the opportunity to slip my hand up inside Holly’s skirt, touching pussy through her thong and finding her so wet it had soaked the crotch. She sort of sat up straighter for a second then relaxed. “You don’t know how bad we really are…” Megan grinned at Elise.

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