Her Longest Fantasy


I knew I had been clocked as soon as we locked eyes. The woman raised her eyebrow curiously, doing mental gymnastics to figure out my gender.

“That’ll be $10.77.” I continued, hoping the panic didnt seep out from the corners of my resonance.

“Thank you…ma’am.” She said slowly, though her harsh form relaxed when I smiled at her to show her correctness. It was always a good day when I was validated.

To be honest, even if the validation had given me a warm feeling inside, my mind was still wandering off to the end of my shift, even as I handed the already forgotten woman her iced something-or-other. I didn’t hate being a barista, not at all. To be honest, I liked it more than my last job; it’s just really hard to focus when you *know* you’ll be fucking someone in a few hours.

I had a date with a former co-worker- no, that was underselling her. I had a date with(to me, at least) probably the most gorgeous woman I’d ever gotten to know. Angela was a little taller and a little thick, but also sweet and welcoming; sometimes I would catch myself staring at her cute brown bob cut or her deep blue eyes. She also had been my mentor during my time as a customer service drone at my last job- I hated every second of it, but I definitely hated it less when she was around.

She quit a year or two into it(and pretty soon I followed suit), but we stayed in contact over Facebook, idly chatting through private messages in our free time. It started innocently enough; she would tell me about her day at work and I would generally vent about life between whatever book or movie happened to catch my attention that week. Soon, we began messaging each other later and later, and then would dance between flirting and fantasizing.

She asked me once, pressing against my sexual boundaries during our late night chats, ‘Do you think of me when you touch yourself?’ I had been laying in bed and about to get myself off anyway, so I simply typed ‘yes’ and hit send without thinking much of it. There was no response on her end, so I had assumed she fell asleep and began to run my fingers across my girlcock. The vibration from my phone made me pause, and when I slid my thumb across him the screen, my eyes widened.

It was definitely her body, but not how I had ever seen it before. She wore a tight tank top pulled above her chest, one hand gripping the flesh of her breasts. Her nipples were pert and full; she had been playing with them before she took the picture. ‘Then I hope this makes it easier,’ was all the message contained.

It certainly had. I cried out in pleasure when I finally came, gasping as thick cream splattered my tummy over and over. When I came down from my high, I took two pictures: One of my cum-splattered tummy, and another after I ran a finger along it and tasted myself. I looked extra sexy with the finger in my mouth, sending her both with the message, ‘this is what you do to me every night.’ That had been the start of our digital relationship.

Leaning against the counter, I bit my lower lip, my girlcock pressing against my panties uncomfortably. Those memories made me wet, and I needed to come again, especially if she was going to bend and break me like she promised the night before, while I stroked myself for her on cam. Murmuring something to my boss about five minute breaks, I swiftly walked into the girl’s restroom and locked the door behind me.

Walking up to the mirror, I took a deep breath and gave myself a once-over. There wasn’t a visible bump on my leggings, so I didn’t have to worry about anyone asking questions. I was a tiny thing, down to my breasts, but Angie didn’t mind. I hadn’t cut my flowing black hair since high school and I intended to keep it that way, pulling away the rubber band that held it into a pony tail and letting it run freely down my back. My green eyes were dull, but still some semblance of pretty; they were the first thing Angie complimented about me when I met her. I was tired, but determined to get through the day.

After checking one more time to make sure I locked the door, I pulled my phone from my bra and turned the vibration off; I didn’t want to be disturbed. Slowly I pulled my leggings and panties below my ass, and then to my ankles. With a hand sliding under my bra, I fondled myself as the other hand slowly stroked my girlcock, denizli escort watching the lewd display in my reflection.

I thought of Angie kissing my neck from behind, one hand wrapping around my waist to stroke me off. Tilting my head back, I exhaled, letting the image of her dropping to her knees to suck me fill my mind. I watched her demonstrate for me on her favorite dildo *exactly* how she would blow me a few nights ago, and I tried to not to moan too loudly as I remembered her sloppily sucking the fake cock until she heard me finish.

Stroking myself faster, I moved a hand from my tit to my mouth, sucking on my finger for a moment before sliding it into my asshole. I thought of her bending me over her dining room table, rimming my tight asshole before taking that same dildo from before and fucking me while I masturbated for her. That was what I really wanted; for her to dominate me, to use me as her slutty little fucktoy and get her off. I didn’t just want her to fuck my tight little ass, I wanted her to *own it.*

I was panting as I watched myself get off in the mirror, thinking of nothing else but being fucked by someone who I fantasized about for ages. In a few more moments, I was gasping, watching short strings of cum splatter sloppily into the sink. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to; I’d been pining for that release all day, and even when I was done I kept going to make sure I had milked myself dry. Stumbling backwards into the wall, I looked at my reflection- a spent trans girl with tits out and a cock in her hand. I was gorgeous.

I leaned forward to grab my phone, pointed it at the mirror. *Click.* A few more taps of the screen and it was on its way to Angie: ‘Can’t wait to see you tonight.’ There was something I loved about sending nudes, particularly when I thought I looked good. After hastily cleaning up my mess and sliding my leggings back over my waist, I left the restroom with a smile on my face.

Suddenly I felt these last few hours wouldn’t be *so* bad.


“God, I hated that character.” Angie laughed as we followed the maître d’ to our table. “I’m so glad Daenerys offed him.”

My nerves had been through the roof the entire ride there, from the moment I got into her car to walking the steps into the restaurant. Despite them, Angie had been nothing less than a sweetheart the entire time: she kissed me on the cheek before we departed; listened intently as I prattle on about how boring work had been(though she definitely let a coy smile slip when I talked about my bathroom break) on ride there; and even wrapped her arm around my waist as we walked, just as happy to be here as I. I wasn’t *just* her date. I was her girlfriend, and I loved it.

We sat opposite each other after the maître d’ excused himself, the cozy booth thankfully out of the way of any curious eyes. “You look amazing, by the way,” Her gaze was never distracted or loose; I was the only one in that restaurant for her. “I don’t know if I said that already.”

“You did,” I admitted, pretending to eye the menu to look less nervous. “But I kind of like hearing it.”

“Well, I try to make sure I’m putting in the effort.”

She certainly had, even down to her outfit. She wore a navy blue pantsuit with black pumps, the spitting image of ‘businesswoman’. I was much more formal, having gone full femme with my outfit. It wasn’t often I got to wear my red cocktail dress with the frilly sleeves(it had been designated the ‘fuck me dress’ by my friends), so I spent a little more time doing my makeup and trying not to panic as the clock ticked down. Judging by how she looked at me when my door opened, I had certainly succeeded.

“Can I just say, I was so nervous when I asked you, Talia.” Angie admitted, sliding her menu to the side. She spoke with both her hands clasped together, resting her chin on them. “I’m not usually the one who does the asking, but I didn’t want to wait too long and miss my chance.”

“Do you mind if I’m a little honest, too?” I paused to take a sip of my water, hoping to downplay my nerves. “I was glad you did- I haven’t really, well, been on a proper date in ages. Asking someone out at all, let alone on a date, is nerve-wracking.”

She gave me that same coy smile from the car and said in a low diyarbakır escort tone, “Mm, don’t worry, we can start building your confidence tonight.”

I started to blush, but instead I began feeling something soft crawl along my leg. “Sorry, stretching my legs.” Angie apologised rather hastily. I was about to tell her not to worry about it when I saw her lips curve into the most seductive of smiles. From the pressure I was feeling, my guess was it was her foot; it ran up and down my thigh, just enough to make me squirm.

“I can stop if you want.” Angie offered, but I shook my head. I had been dreaming about her touch, and however small, I wanted as much of it as I could get. After looking around, I whispered, “Higher.” She was happy to oblige, slinking slightly in her chair to let her toes run past my shins and up my thighs, repeating the same tantalizing motion as she did before. This time, however, she was getting painfully close to my girlcock, and I felt it straining against my panties.

She feigned a look of innocence as she teased me, smiling as an older couple walked past us. “You are just positively dripping, aren’t you?” She asked me ever so casually, toes brushing against the edge of my dress. “Been thinking about this all day?”

I nodded slowly, sliding forward to encourage her. “Higher.” I commanded her, fingertips gripping the edge of the table. “Please.” There was no hesitation in the slightest; soon I felt her foot slowly rubbing against the bulge in my panties.

“You didn’t get to be submissive before, did you?” She asked me honestly, letting her eyes wander around the room. “Never got to have someone tell you to get on your knees for them?” Again, I shook my head. I was much too focused on the teasing of my cock to play the bashful game anymore. “Well, today’ll be your lucky day, Talia. I know we haven’t eaten yet, but…the food isn’t the reason you wanted this date, is it?”

I shook my head a final time. I couldn’t sit here and feel her feet tease me any longer without pulling out my dick and masturbating right there. “Take me home. And then take me.” My voice was more calm and clear than it had been all night. “Please.”

Without softening her face, she said sweetly, “You know, I wasn’t a big fan of the food here, anyway.”


We didn’t so much as open the door as we crashed through it.

We had barely been able to keep our hands off each other on the ride home; if she let me, I would have eaten her out right there. By the time we pulled into the designated parking space outside her apartment, I was rubbing myself over my dress.

We didn’t get further than her couch. Pushing her down onto it, we continued our wet makeout session as I straddled her thick thighs, my hands wrapping tightly about her neck and hers on my waist. My small, thin frame contrasted her taller, larger one as I ground my crotch into her, trying to incentivise her into taking me like I had been dreaming of the last few days.

Pulling at the hem of my dress, Angie yanked the fabric above my waist, exposing my straining underwear. Without pulling away her lips, those same hands pulled my underwear to the side and grabbed my cock, stroking it up and down furiously. As soon as I felt her hand grab me below, I moaned loudly into her mouth, careful not to come on the spot as she stroked me. She wasn’t teasing, no; she wanted me to cum, and soon.

I was soon bouncing and grinding my ass into her, freeing all of the wild thoughts I had about her during the day. A minute later, unable to resist any longer, I tossed my head back and came, harder than I had earlier.She continued to stroke me even as I came down from my high, using her shoulders to steady myself.

“You know, while I’m sure it was satisfying…” She whispered in a silky tone. “…I don’t think that’s the real reason you’re here, is it?”

I shook my head, responded confidently: “No. I want you to fuck me, Angie. Fuck me to pieces.” I ended my command by leaning forward and kissing her, wrapping my arms around neck. She was as confident as ever, just grabbed my ass with both hands and held me tightly as she carried me into her room.

My head was in the clouds as she laid me on the softest bed known to man, but I was firmly grounded as antalya escort soon as I rolled over for her, already hard again as I prepared for what she would do to me. She kissed the side of my neck, breasts pressed into my back, before whispering in a sharp tone: “Do not go anywhere.” She didn’t need to convince me; I wasn’t leaving until she had her way with me.

I heard some shuffling behind me as I awaited her return, Dragging my fingers across the sheets as I stroked myself. After a minute of tense patience, I felt her straddle the back of my thighs. The hands that carried me into the room gripped my ass again, squeezing them firmly and ending with a sharp smack. “Now just relax, babe.” She advised me, softening her tone. “If you want me to stop, say the word.”

There was just enough moonlight for her to see me nod, so she gave my ass another squeeze of reassurance before leaning forward, her hair tickling the back of my neck. My heart was beating out of control when I felt her line the tip of her strapon with my ass. As soon as the tip penetrated me, as soon as so many fantasies became real in a single instant, I screamed her name into the void.

Arousedand motivated, Angie pushed further into me, relishing the sounds I growled into her bed with every inch she pushed inside of me. As soon as her hilt pressed against my ass she held nothing back, pinning my hands above my head and slamming her fake cock into me over and over.

I hadn’t figured myself much of a screamer until that moment, because suddenly I was yelling at the tip of my lungs about how much I wanted and needed her to fuck me. The feeling of my ass shaking each time she brought herself back down and the iron grip she held on my wrists were all I needed to live. By chance, I turned my head to the side and stared- she had s full body mirror next to her bed, and in it I could see her large form looming over my body, the long shadow of her cock disappearing inside me over and over again.

My eyes didn’t leave that mirror. Watching myself get fucked and handled so roughly was a major turn-on, and I needed more, so much more. Angie had to have thought the same way, because after another minute she paused, wrapping her arms around my waist and rolling onto her back. As I felt her chest rising into my back, she whispered, “I could probably stay inside you all night, but just give me a second to-” her words died on her lips, dying me curiously while she watched me prepare myself.

Slowly I sat up, straddling Angie in reverse as her hands slipped onto my hips, holding on tightly while I started bounced on her strapon. This time, I watched the mirror from the start, lewdly watching my cock and tits bounce wildly while I fucked her. She hadn’t been expecting me to return the favor so quickly, her back arched and her face contorted in a visage of pleasure. She had worked hard to make me feel good, and it felt even better to return the favor.

“Lean back, baby.” There was the commanding tone again, and I quickly complied, leaning into her chest. I was grinding into her crotch when she reached around and grabbed my throbbing dick, twisting and jerking it roughly. I had been trying to resist coming for the past few minutes, but the way she was jacking me off, and the way it felt to have her inside me, and oh God, the way she talked to me-

“Come for me, Talia. Give it to me, give it to me, babe-“

On command, I exploded across her fingertips, shooting thick cum strands along her hand and onto my body. My eyes rolled and my body shook, thinking of nothing but pleasing her as a stray drop landed on my chin. She didn’t break her pace for a moment, thanking me and telling me how much of a good girl I was as I gave all of my body to her.

When I was finally, utterly spent, I pulled myself off and into Angie’s arms, exhausted. “How are you feeling, babe?” She asked me with a soft smile, trying to hide her own exhaustion.

“Amazing.” I responded honestly, reaching up and pulling a strand of hair out of her face. “I’ve been dreaming about tonight for a long while, and it was better than I-“

I didn’t recognize the sound that interrupted me at first, but when I did, I frowned- my stomach was growling. We had left the restaurant before we ate.

“…better than the food I wish we ate.” I murmured dejectedly. She looked down at me and laughed. “Don’t worry, I can order something. Though if you’re feeling adventurous…we still have lots of time before they get here.”

I hadn’t waited for her to finish; I had already straddled her again, beckoning her to come closer with my finger. “So we better get a head start then, Miss Angela.”

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