Her Secret Crush Ch. 03


Katie heard the front door slam and almost knocked her glass over. Her mum and step-dad were at a friend’s barbeque, so it could only be one person. Adam. Ignoring the tingle of excitement in her belly, she twisted the ice tray onto the sink and watched as several cubes plopped out. Scooping them into her glass, she pulled the fridge door open and reached down for the bottle of coke.

She bit off a scream as warm fingers trailed up her inner thigh and pulled on the elastic trim of her cotton panties beneath her skirt. She flinched as the band snapped against her tender flesh.

“Pig!” she cried, slapping the hand away as she brought her knees quickly together. She turned around to face her step-brother, and swallowed hard. One tanned muscular arm was planted flat against the freezer door while the other held onto the fridge door, blocking any escape. The top of her blonde head just reached his shoulders, and she had to tip her head back to look up at him. Devilish green eyes met her narrowed blue ones.

“Stop it.” She tried pushing against his chest, but he wouldn’t budge. A blush rose in her cheeks as his eyes wandered down on her white tank top with a noticeable lack of bra, skimpy denim skirt, long legs and bare feet. He looked as though he wanted to devour her. Would she, could she, stop him?

“Stop what?” His lips quirked as she crossed her arms beneath her breasts and glared at him. For one frightening second she thought she had spoken aloud.

“You know exactly what. You’re my brother. I have a boyfriend.”

“I don’t see him anywhere around. And step-brother, to be precise.”

“Oh, so now we’re being precise.” She rolled her eyes. Her nipples tightened, no doubt from the cold fridge air on the back of her legs. She knew they pushed against the soft cotton of her tank top, and knew that he knew it too. “Go away,” she hissed.

“What will you give me if I do?”

“What do you want?” Then bit her lip at her own stupidity.

He smiled. “To touch you.”


“Let me touch you how I want, then I’ll let you go.”

“You can’t be serious, Adam.” Her voice was husky, her tone almost pleading. He knew she had a crush on him. That she couldn’t resist him. That she secretly liked every thing he and Drew did to her. And he was intent on using it against her!

Adam guided her up against the kitchen bench and kicked the fridge door shut with his foot. Her breath caught as his palms glided up over the sides of her thighs, drawing up her barely-there skirt.

His gaze locked on hers as a finger hooked over the top edge of her panties. Her breath caught as he teased the blonde thatch of curls, a muscular thigh pushing between hers.

“Mum and Dad will be home soon,” she whispered, unable to look away from those knowing green eyes.

“Liar. We both know they will be gone most of the day.”

She squealed as he dropped a melting ice-cube down her panties. She squirmed at the strange coldness against her most secret places, struggling to remove it. But Adam captured her wrists with one hand while a large palm pressed against her mound. Water soaked her panties as the ice melted against her heated skin as she struggled against him, her breath coming in short pants.

Fingers slipped beneath the crotch of her panties, rubbing the ice against her tender flesh until it melted completely. A cool finger stole up inside of her, and she rose up on her toes as her body arched.

His body shifted, his hardness brushing against her as he let her wrists fall. Fingers stroked her wet flesh, tormenting her. Katie twisted, breaking free from him and tugging down her skirt. He made a grab for her, and a gasp of laughter escaped her at his disgruntled expression at her swiftness.

Katie backed around the kitchen table. “I let you touch me, now go away.” Her body throbbed, but she refused to be an easy lay. He could call one of the millions of college girls always ringing up to see if he was around. She had no clue as to why he kept hassling her when plenty of girls would gladly spread their legs for him.

“I lied too.”

“Huh?” she asked, her hand feeling the door to the backyard behind her for the knob.

“I’m going to more than touch you.” He lunged and she squealed, twisting the door knob and tugging it open. She raced out into the sunshine, her golden hair streaming out behind her. He gave chase, swearing, and she giggled at her laid back brother losing his cool.

Her long legs carried her around the pool, and she pushed an upright wooden sunbed in his way. If she could get around the pool and back into the house again, she could lock him out with the safety chain on the back door.

She was looking over her shoulder as he hurdled the bed, and her distraction almost caused her to trip over the hose. Looking down, she didn’t notice the large body looming before her.

She screamed as arms caught her about the waist, using her momentum to swing her around and up off the ground. She mersin escort clung to familiar broad shoulders, frightened he would drop her. “Drew, put me down!”

He chuckled against her ear as he carried her toward the pool edge. “What do you think, Adam? Sounds like Katie needs to cool off!”

“No, no, no!” she cried, squirming against him. She wrapped her thighs around him, clinging to him as he stood dangerously close to the water.

“She does sound overheated,” Adam laughed, reaching out and snapping her panties again. To her utter humiliation, her skirt had ridden up over her hips, revealing her pink and white polka-dot panties with green trim to the whole neighbourhood.

“No fair!” she cried. Her traitorous body, though, was enjoying every moment. Her breasts were crushed against Drew’s chest, and the hard ridge of flesh rubbed against the crotch of her panties. Drew held her as walked her over to the sunbed and tumbled her onto the flat mesh cushion.

Katie lay there, her legs splayed over the sides of the bed, glaring furiously at the smug pair with their hands on their hips. Struggling into a sitting position, she swept her blonde hair out of her face. Belatedly she pushed her skirt down to hide her wet panties as best she could. She hated the way her body tingled and warmed, readying itself like it never did for her boyfriend, Pete.

“What do you want?” she asked churlishly. They knew she liked them. She couldn’t hide it. The mere thought of them made her wet. Yet it was so wrong. He was her step-brother; there were laws against that kind of thing. And as for taking both of them inside of her at once, well, her friends had a word for that too.

A look passed between them before Drew answered. “We want to play a game.”

Something about that look made her insides squirm. “What sort of game?”

“Who gets to take your panties off,” Adam answered, a smile curving the edge of his mouth.

“What!” she cried, trying to get up, but hands on her shoulders pushed her back down into a sitting position. She struggled uselessly as Adam pulled something from his back pocket and her heart almost stopped. Hand cuffs! With white fur trim! Heat shimmered between her legs as her wrists were dragged above her head and first one wrist cuffed before it was slipped through the wooden slat before closing tightly about her other with a snick.

Katie tugged on the cuffs, as she sat there with her legs crossed, glaring up at them. She was both amazed and shocked that they had done this too her and at what they clearly intended to do to her. She knew they would soon discover how wet her panties were, and not from the ice. She fought back a blush. “I’m going to cut certain body parts off of you if you don’t uncuff me right now. Both of you. Slowly. With a sharp knife.”

“That’s what I love about you, sis. You’re a feisty one.” Adam chuckled, and she glared at him, secretly pleased.

“Pick a number between one and six,” Drew asked.

“Why?” she asked suspiciously.

“Just pick one.”

Katie rolled her eyes. “Five.” And watched in disbelief as Drew pulled a die from his pocket and rolled it across the cement. “You can’t!” she cried at the same time he called “Three.”

Adam scooped up the dice and rolled. “Six!”

Her eyes widened as Adam came to stand over her, his gaze flickering down over her singlet to her denim skirt. Putting one knee on the edge of the sunbed, he reached over and flicked the top button of her skirt open and tugged down the zip.

A soft moan escaped her as he tugged the denim skirt down over her hips and ankles and tossed it carelessly onto the grass. “Hey, that’s my favourite skirt!”

“Pick a number.”

She thought for a moment. “One,” she huffed.

Adam rolled the dice. “Five.”

Drew rolled. “Three. My turn.” Her heart raced.

Drew came over and eyed her singlet. To her shame her nipples tented the thin fabric. “I can’t get it off with the cuffs on,” he said to Adam. Adam tipped his head consideringly. “I could get some scissors. Or you could rip it off.”

“No, not my Ben Lee singlet!” she cried, kicking Adam in the thigh and uncaring of the view she gave them. “Just pull it up, there’s no need to take it off.”

Adam laughed as he rubbed his leg. “You heard her, just pull it up.”

Drew straddled her thighs on the bed, his knees on either side of her. He ran a teasing finger across her belly just below the hem, watching her all the while. She squirmed slightly, the movement making her breasts jingle. His warm hands settled on her hips, and glided up, his thumbs hooked over the top of the singlet. Slowly he revealed her golden belly and the white triangles with their rosy tips. A whimper escaped her as he leant forward, capturing a nipple between his teeth. His other hand slid up and down in the valley between her thighs, pressing her panties into her dampness. With one last tug on her nipple, he left her, kocaeli escort easing off the sunbed.

“Pick a number,” Adam called.

“Don’t,” she begged. Her body ached, wanting to feel them filling her.

“Either you pick a number or you pick one of us. The choice is yours.” Her shocked gaze flew to Drew’s. She moistened her lips as she looked from one to the other. They were both serious.

“If I picked one of you, would the other have to leave?” she asked curiously. Something told her they were talking about more than her skimpy panties.

They looked at each other before Drew answered. “If that’s what you want. Or they could stay and watch.”

Something about his tone of voice made her think he didn’t like where this was heading. Was he worried she would chose Adam over Drew? And then she had to ask herself, could she choose between them? Adam was more demanding, and there was something exciting about her brother taking what he wanted. Drew was more gentle and caring of her pleasure, and she loved how he enjoyed playing with her pussy.

“Come on Katie, stop playing games.” This from Adam.

She knew she would remember the look on their faces for later, because somehow she had stumbled across something she hadn’t expected to discover. They were worried she might choose one over the other. And it wasn’t a competitive thing. What did it mean?

“I’m not. I’m…thinking.” She chewed on her bottom lip, not sure whether she could do this. She sat on the sunbed with her hands cuffed above her, her singlet pushed up over her small mounds, her girlish spotted panties on full display before the two university students four years her senior. Taking a deep breath, she whispered “One.”

Was it relief on their faces? All too soon Drew rolled the dice. “Two.”

Then Adam rolled. “One.” And smiled wickedly at Katie.

Her body clenched. She missed what he said to Drew, but Drew walked back to the house. Then her eyes were all for Adam as he caught her ankles and lifted them high in the air with one hand as he straddled the wooden sunbed facing her. Without warning he hooked a finger through the crotch of her panties. He tugged playfully on the wet material, drawing them down her hips an inch.

“Ad-dam,” she breathed heavily, feeling both excited and extremely vulnerable cuffed to the sunbed.

She heard whistling as Drew strolled back. In his hand he held an object that made her heart race; a pearl pink vibrator.

“Oh, no. Oh, no.” She wriggled on the bed as Adam slipped her panties over her knees, exposing her pale bottom and thatch of curls to their view. She gasped as Drew leaned over and slapped her bottom playfully. “Be still.”

Adam juggled her ankles in his hands as he drew off her panties and tossed them near her skirt. He then let go of her ankles, and her legs fall over his. She blushed as her secret place was exposed fully to his gaze, her hands tugging on the cuffs as his warm hands pinned her thighs open. Drew came to stand beside Adam, gazing down at the glistening pink flesh shamefully on display.

“She’s incredible,” Drew murmured, passing the vibrator to Adam. Katie squeezed her eyes shut as a low buzzing filled her ears, a blush stealing down over her breasts. She’d never tried a vibrator despite the comments of her friends, and now worried she wouldn’t be able to control herself.

“Oh!” she cried as Adam glided it along her folds. Her heart raced, and she was afraid she would embarrass herself. He teased her flesh, making her squirm and buck before them. Soon she was panting, her skin flushed and dewy.

A moan escaped her as the now silent head of the vibrator probed her dewy gate. With little warning Adam began pushing and twisting it against her heated flesh. Her body arched, her pussy gripping the narrow length as it slid up inside of her. Her breath caught and her body stiffened as it began to buzz between her spread legs with a jolt. Pulsing shocks of incredible sensation tore through her. She had never experienced anything so intense, like lightening shooting through her pussy. Adam leaned over her, licking and suckling on her breasts. Drew knelt down beside her, taking the other in his mouth.

Gasping moans escaped her as she felt her orgasm built, her face flushed, her body writhing. She could have cried when Adam reached down between her spread legs and switched the vibrator off. “Pig!” she whimpered. He and Drew didn’t stop teasing her tender breasts. The sight of them both their heads against her breasts excited her uncontrollably.

Katie swallowed hard as Drew rose and untied his laces of his board shorts, her eyes following them as he shoved them down over his tanned hips. His shaft sprang free, thick and long and angry.

“I want you to suck me.” Drew crowded her, pushing the glistening tip against her lips. She opened greedily to him, taking him in. Her tongue flicked at him, tasting him as she breathed in the samsun escort heady musky scent of him.

She almost bit down on Drew when Adam reached between her legs and switched the vibrator on. As it was, he groaned as her teeth scraped him. Her pussy twitched and rippled around the invading plastic, her lungs struggling for air.

Drew began to rock in her mouth, pushing deeper with each thrust. She tried to concentrate on what she was doing, sucking him hard, but her brother was distracting her. Adam teased her pussy with the vibrator but each time she came close, he stilled the vibrator. She was wet, her dewy heat dripping down her thighs. She cried from the frustration of it, her voice muffled around Drew’s cock.

Drew’s fingers tangled in her blonde hair as his muscled belly filled her vision with each thrust. She craved him, taking him in, her lips and tongue teasing along the length of him.

Katie whimpered when Drew pulled from her mouth. She heard Adam say something, then Drew pushed on the sunbed’s side lever. The sunbed went completely horizontal like a bed. She lay there gazing up at the blue sky, stunned by the intensity of sensations rocketing through her as the vibrator buzzed deeply within her.

She tried to clench her legs together when Adam switched the vibrator off and began to tug it from her swollen flesh. She wanted to come so much! Drew held her knees apart as Adam slid it free, her back arching.

Adam knelt on the end of the sunbed and pushed on her legs until her knees touched her breasts. Her lashes fluttered close as he and Drew gazed upon her for what seemed an age. He shifted against her, his hand between their bodies. She felt him then, sliding along her valley. A moan escaped her as he came to rest against the heart of her.

Katie’s breath came in short pants as he pushed against her, stretching her uncomfortably around him as he sunk slowly inside of her. Her body clung to him as he slid deep, filling her pussy with the thickness of his cock.

Her body shuddered as he began to move, slowly at first, then with deeper, longer, more powerful thrusts. The delicious agony and ecstasy of him lodged in her secret place made her crazy. Her whole body clenched as an orgasm rolled over as her brother drilled her wet pussy. She cried out at the incredible intensity of sensation rippling through her, her head thrashing side to side.

Adam gripped her ankles high and wide as he rocked inside of her. “God, you love this don’t you?” he breathed, his green eyes locked on her flushed face. She couldn’t answer, yet her young body’s responses were enough. She felt so deliciously wicked being cuffed and spread before them, their obvious desire for her turning her on all the more. Drew lazily stroked himself as he watched them, waiting for his turn.

Small moans escaped her as Adam plundered her tight channel while his thumb pressed against her tiny pink ring. She moaned, pushing down on him as the quivering ecstasy began to build.

“Oh, fuck!” Adam cried. He grunted and groaned as he furiously plugged her tiny pussy, his head thrown back. He was ruthless, plunging deep inside of her scalding tightness with a forcefulness that made the sunbed shudder. Then warmth flooded her as he jerked inside of her, his body shuddering.

Time passed unknowingly as she lay there dazed. Adam kissed the inside of her ankle as he struggled to catch his breath. “I’ve never met anyone like you.”

His words drew her back to reality, and she gazed up at him, her blue eyes slumberous, a tiny smile curling her lips. He nipped the skin of her ankle before sucking hard.

Adam eased from her body, making her gasp. As he lifted himself from her, cool air rushed over her heated skin. He hadn’t even bothered to undress, and the knowledge that this turned her on should have shocked her.

She lay open before them, her thighs spread. The heat in Drew’s eyes was incredible. Her gaze flickered down to the hard shaft still glistening with the attentions of her mouth, and swallowed hard. Her body clenched in anticipation. Oh boy.

Katie remained silent as Adam fiddled with her cuffs, releasing her wrists. And gasped as Drew scooped her up against him, his arms beneath her knees and shoulders. She clung to him as he swung around.

“No, oh, no!” she cried as he headed for the pool. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, refusing to let go as she remembered his earlier threat. She crued out is surprise as Drew lunged into the deep end, plunging them into the sparklingly water. Katie choked as they twisted beneath the surface, her hair weaving around her. An arm snaked around her waist, dragging her upwards. Katie broke the surface with a gasp, Drew’s laughter filling her ears.

“You dirty toad!” she cried, pummeling Drew with her fists as he held her around her waist, his muscular legs tangling with hers. They moved and rolled together as they struggled to stay afloat.

Drew smiled and kissed her. His hand tangled in her wet hair at her nape, holding her face still as warm lips closed over hers. Water teased at her naked flesh as they struggled to keep their heads above the surface, caressing freely in places it never had before. The contrast of water against her covered breasts and bare pussy was intoxicating in its wickedness.

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