I Adore Crossdressers Pt. 02


Day One – Part Two

I put on a video and I moved a big mirror so she could see herself and watch the TV at the same time. I sat back in the chair and watched. She was a little slow but as she watched those big dicks she got hot. She was playing with that nice cock, stroking it, spitting on her hand and stroking some more. She pulls her panties down and really starts working her cock. It’s pretty. 6 inches. So hard it’s pointing straight up. Everything shaved and glistening with her spit.

I hand her a dildo I brought. It’s big. BIG. She stares at it. Looks at me. She says “I can’t” but before she says another word I stop her. I tell her show me what a little slut you are. You don’t have to take it all the way – ok. She nods. It’s a lie. She’s going to ride that fucking thing all the way.

I change the video to a sissy riding a big dildo :). She lubes it up, sticks it to the floor, and starts trying to get it in. She moaning. My dick is getting hard now. She’s looking from the TV to the mirror to me and back again. I move my chair closer. I’m talking to her. You are such a pretty little sissy. Look at that pretty little cock. You love dick don’t you. “Yes yes yes”. You want a big dick don’t you? “Yes yes yes.” Little sissy’s ALWAYS want dick.

She’s working on it. I admit it’s pretty big around. I move my dick very close and say baby you can’t have this until you get it in. She kept trying. It took several minutes of working it then she got loud – “Uhhhh, oh god ohhhhhhh oh shit oh god yes oh god oh yes ohhhhhhhh.” That big fucking dildo just slipped in her pretty little ass. And my dick got fully hard!

She’s got this huge dildo just starting in her ass. She’s squatting. Legs spread. Dick pointing at me. Leaning back against the bed. Panties around one ankle. And goddamn it’s perfect!! My dick is engorged now. I grab it at the base and show it to her. Can you see what your show is doing to me? Her head nods yes. Good, keep going just a little more ok?

She kept riding. Now I’m stroking my dick 2 feet from her face. She’s not looking at the TV anymore. She’s entranced by this swollen 8 inch dick that she can’t have. Goddamn she moaning, grunting, and crying. She’s gets about half way down on that dildo. I can tell it’s really getting her. She’s staring at me and telling me it too fucking big. But she is still riding it.

I stand up. I put my dick within 6 inches mardin escort of her mouth. She immediately leaned forward. I stopped her inches away. She looks up at me and I tell her I’m going to rub this dick on your face. Your lips. I’m going to stroke it. And you don’t get to touch it, lick it, or suck it until you take that entire dick. She looks up and moaned “I can’t.” Yes you can. And more important you want to. Say it, say you want that huge dick all the way in. She shook her head. I said then we are done. She literally yelled “NO NO NO!” Damn I loved that!

So I started stroking my dick again. Literally inches from her face. She was meseramized. Staring at it. Wanting it. Then I would stop. And look at how far she’d taken that big dildo. Damn she was trying. And she’s moaning. Grunting. Every time she goes down “Uhhhhh Ohhh fuck Uhhhhhh Oh god FUCK.”

The whole time I’m telling her you have to take that entire big dick. Every fucking inch. You don’t get my dick until you are all the way down on the balls. As far as you can go! She’s pushing herself. I’m rubbing my dick on her lips. On her face. Damn I want to fuck her. But not yet. She opens her mouth. My dick slides in. I look at her. She’s fucking lost. No idea what the is happening. She just wants fucking dick. I back away. She looks at me. I bend down, kiss her, our lips crushing, my tongue down her throat. She’s moaning and groaning. I back away, look at her, and tell her – ALL THE WAY. Watch yourself in the mirror while I record this. She went crazy. Riding that dildo. She’s moaning loud ” Uhhhhh Ohhh fuck Uhhhhhh Oh god FUCK Fucking Dick Fucking Dick.” She’s gorgeous. Leaning back, legs spread and hard dick flopping up and down while she went for balls in. And she did it. This pretty little cunt took a 9 inch dildo all the way down to the balls. She’s grunting and groaning but she looks up at me and says “LOOOOK!!” She had stopped and that damn thing was buried all the fucking way. It was sexy as hell! I get done on my knees look her in the eyes, tell her she’s a good little sissy, and kiss her. Hard. Deep. She’s moaning like hell.

Now I really fuck with her. I tell her to sit. With that dildo buried all the way in her ass. My pretty little girl sat. Immediately. Then moaned hard. That dildo was all the way in her ass and her weight made it go even deeper. She’s looking van escort at me and all she can get out is “uuuhhhhhh uuuhhhhh uh uh uh.”

Fuck me I’m ready now. I have an adorable crossdresser with a nine inch dildo deep in her ass waiting to suck my dick. I move the camera and mirror so it has a good view. I move toward her, my cock swollen and purple. She opens her mouth. I’m gentle at first. But that won’t last.

She’s good. She’s has a hand wrapped around the base and is hungry. Taking my cock about 4 or 5 inches in. I make sure she’s looking at me as she sucks it. Damn she’s cute with that dick in her mouth. Fucking turns me on to no end. I tell her to stroke it. Spit on it and stroke it. She’s staring at that dick throbbing in her hand. Then back in her mouth. Now I start working her. Thrusting a little harder. Making her take a little more. She gagged and pulled off. I tell her that’s ok but she has to get right back on it. Now I’m pushing harder. More gags. More choking. Spit starting to drool out of her mouth. I must be fucked up because I TRULY LOVE THAT SHIT.

I pull her off and tell her to squat on that dildo again. Fuck it while she sucks my dick. She pulls up. She rides it. My dick is right back in her mouth. I’m a little easier now because I want to have her ride that huge dick. Up further baby. Now fucking TAKE IT. All the way. Every time she goes down I yell FUCK THAT DICK. She’s riding it hard and she’s loud now “oh god oh god dick fucking big big dick uhhhhhh!” She’s staring at the mirror. This gorgeous little girl riding dick and sucking cock.

Now I start really going. I look down and say baby I’m going to get this dick all the way in your mouth. Her eyes get big and she pulls off my dick and says “I can’t – I’ll choke!!” I answer yes you can, you know why? Shakes her head no. Because you are my good little sissy slut. You took that huge dildo in your pretty little ass and now you have to take my dick down your throat. Now open your mouth really wide. I can see how freaked out she is but she opens her mouth. Wider! I put my cock in. She tries to close her lips around it. NO! Open your mouth!! I start working it. Deeper. Let her breathe. Deeper. Breathe. She’s gagging. She’s choking. And we are NOT stopping.

She’s completely stopped riding that dildo and is completely focused on trying to take my dick. 4 or 5 ankara escort more minutes of me thrusting. She has pulled off gagging a dozen times. But I’m getting close. I finally get in her throat but she still has an inch or two to go. I pull her off. She’s got spit hanging off her chin. It’s all over her lingerie. Her face is red, Her makeup is getting fucked up. She’s breathing HARD. She looks in the mirror and looks shocked. I tell her she’s only an inch away. Look at this big dick! You are going to finish this! And right back in. Then I tell her to open as wide as she can, I grab her head. And I pull her all the way down on it. Keep her on it for 2 or 3 seconds. She’s blowing spit everywhere. The sounds coming from her are perfect – “uguguguguummmpphttt!!”

I let her off. She’s just trying to breathe now. I just look at her. Just perfect. I give her 15 seconds. I think she thinks we are done :). Then it was right back at it and now I was just brutal. I got her all the way down on that dick a dozen times. Down her fucking throat. Gagging. Spit blowing. I pull her off and look at her. She has tears in her eyes. Face red. More spit hanging off her chin and all over her face. Mascara running. Fuck – I’m done. I tell her I’m going to cum and I want her to get all the way back down on that dildo. You are going to have a huge dick buried in your ass and another one in buried in your mouth. She drops on that dick like a perfect little slut. I slam in a few more times all the way. And she does it. 9 inch dildo in her ass and an 8 inch dick down her throat. It’s the hottest thing in the world!! Then I pull out and cum all over her face. She gasping for air. She making sounds I’ve never heard before. I’m growling you fucking little slut over and over. And I’m pumping cum all over her face and hair.

When I’m done my knees buckle and I fall in the chair. I tell her not to move. As soon as I grab the camera, tell her to pull off the dildo a few inches, and take a picture. It’s perfect. Huge dildo up her ass, spit running from her chin, cum all over her face!!

I hand her a wash cloth but tell her it just to clean her ass and not to touch her face. She tries to get up but she can’t. I help her get to the bed and she cleans up. Then after minute I have her stand. I fix her panties, her dress, her wig and get her pretty again. I hand her cash and tell her to go get me a coke from the machine at the end of the hall. She looks at me, looks at her face in the mirror. She says “Look at me!! What if someone sees me???” I just smile and say god I fucking hope so. She looks at herself again. I tell her if she wants to come back tomorrow she has to do this. She looks at me again. Then she goes to get me a coke.

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